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Plans for the Children's Revolution kids' bloc to lead the march for Global Climate Justice in London on 4 November are being considered by environmental activists in Britain.
The young eco warriors who started the youth revolt against global warming and climate change at the G8 summit protest in Scotland, 2005, will possibly once again be seen leading the way with their famous banner, “The Kids Are Revolting!”

The Children's Revolution at the Camp for Climate Action
The Children's Revolution at the Camp for Climate Action

Organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change, the march for Global Climate Justice will start from the US embassy in Grosvenor square and finish at Trafalgar square.
Speakers at the main rally at the embassy at 12 noon will include George Monbiot, Colin Challen MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Norman Baker MP, and Zac Goldsmith, publisher of the Ecologist magazine.
The march will leave the American embassy at 1.00 pm and around 1.45 to 2.00 pm it will join the “I-Count” mass gathering in Trafalgar Square which is expected to last until about 3.00 pm.

“The 4th of November is the Saturday before the UN Climate Talks in Nairobi which will run from the 6th to the 17th of November,” Phil Thornhill, the National Coordinator of the Campaign Against Climate Change, says on his website.
“On this day there will be demonstrations and events, demanding urgent action on climate change all round the world ( see ).
“In Nairobi itself there will be a demonstration a week later on Saturday 11th November, midway through the talks, whilst the delegates are actually present.

“Only coordinated international action has a chance of averting the massive threat posed by climate change, so these talks are a critical opportunity for world leaders to act.
“Their failure to do so, so far - due especially to the spoiling tactics of the US under George Bush’s fossil-fuel industry dominated administration - is something that threatens the lives of billions and even the very existence of life on earth,” Mr Thornhill warns.

“Last year we had 10,000 on the streets of London and demonstrations in more than 20 countries.
“This year we need more people at the London demo and more demonstrations around the world.
“And we need to build the demonstrations - nationally and globally - bigger again each year until we have created an irresistible tidal wave of protest that will push world leaders to take the radical action we so urgently need to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate.”

Many of the eco warriors who as young men and women fought the British government and the police at the road protests of the 1990s will be at the Global Climate Campaign demonstration on 4 November with their children, and it is possible they will be leading the march for Global Climate Justice.
The idea for the Children's Revolution originally began when the kids' bloc decided to hold their own blockade at the Gleneagles protest in July 2005, and they asked the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army and the Rhythms of Resistance to come with them on the day.
Some of the parents were eco warriors from as far back as the Twyford Down and Newbury bypass road protests, and they and their children were also joined by members of the Peace not War group, the European Creative Forum, and the People and Planet students' environmental charity.

There were three legal observers with video cameras including the Stonehenge Prophet Brian from the Global Vision Network (, who filmed the kids' bloc protest to help provide them with as much protection as possible under the circumstances.
All the international news media who were present in Scotland to cover the G8 summit meeting were also asked to film the Children's Revolution, partly because it was an important news story, but mainly because nobody wanted to see the kids get hurt by the police.

To begin with the Clown Army had declined to get involved because they said they tended to attract unwelcome attention from the police, and they did not want to cause the kids any trouble.
After some of the rest of the groups at the Stirling eco village decided that they would accept the kids' invitation to go with them, the Clowns decided that any of their members who wanted to join in could do so as well.
Rinky Dink also signed up to the press release announcing the kids' action, but were not able to be present to participate in the event itself.

On the morning of the blockades against the summit meeting, the Scottish police at first refused to allow the kids bloc to leave the site, even though they were told that all the kids wanted to do was to have a picnic close to where Tony Blair and George Bush were having their peace conference.
After about an hour of arguments with the mothers, the police agreed to allow the convoy to head off in the opposite direction from Gleneagles, with a police escort leading the way.

At the first major roundabout near the motorway, the Make Poverty History double decker bus that was at the front of the convoy managed to take the police by surprise by turning around and heading straight back towards the summit meeting location.
The police caught up with the convoy and halted it and searched the bus for evidence of terrorist activity and tried to get all the eco warriors to turn back again, but to no avail.
They stopped the vehicles twice more but they carried on regardless, and in the end they all stopped on a bridge over the motorway about half a mile from the Gleneagles hotel.

The kids proceeded to have their picnic right under the noses of the lines of riot police blocking the road, and the Clowns provided the entertainment while the Rhythms of Resistance drummed up some more enthusiasm for closing down the summit with their music.
The Reverend Martin Healer piously identified delegates' cars and catering vehicles trying to get past the picnic to attend the summit meeting, and there were spiritual rebukes made to the drivers who did not understand why they were not regarded as being welcome.
After much drumming and dancing and clowning about the afternoon ended with a small riot, and the kids escaped while some of the older eco warriors and peace activists went into battle against the Forces of Darkness.

All the British and American television channels had agreed to fly in helicopters with camera crews to film the Children's Revolution to provide protection from any trouble that might have arisen, but the bombings in London put an end to any further media coverage in Scotland.
The BBC and ITN and Sky news and the American Associated Press television all apologised for being unable to film the kids' bloc protest, but promised to try to come to any future events that the eco kids might be organising.

The next day the police punished the children by blocking the main entrance to the site and refusing to allow anyone to leave the Stirling eco village without their permission.
The kids' bloc paraded around in front of three lines of uniformed officers and riot police with a banner reading “The Kids Are Revolting!” which Raga the Quaker rainbow lady helped them to paint.
More than a thousand peace and environmental activists followed them, dancing and singing: “When the kids are united they will never be defeated”.

At the Camp for Climate Action protest in north Yorkshire in August, 2006, the kids' bloc led the march to the Drax power station with another banner which also said “The Kids Are Revolting!”
This time they were filmed by the TV cameras and recorded in the newspapers as well.
Whether the kids' bloc decides to do it all again at the march for Global Climate Justice on 4 November in London is of course up to them.
They haven't revealed their intentions at this stage, but some of the older environmental activists would like to see the Children's Revolution featured as the centrepiece of the Global Climate Campaign demonstration.

International scientists say that humanity is heading for extinction this century as a result of the effects of global warming and climate change, which would mean that there could well be no future generations of children very soon.
Professor Peter Barret, the Director of the Antarctic Research Centre at the Victoria university of Wellington, New Zealand, first blew the whistle in 2004 by claiming in the Christchurch Press newspaper that global warming would make the human race extinct by the end of this century.
Dr Barret started the ball rolling by breaking the taboo against talking about human extinction as the likely result of climate change, and he faced a storm of criticism and censorship as a result.
He deserves the credit for his courage in speaking out about the unthinkable, in spite of the official pressure against the international climate scientists to remain silent about the catastrophic dangers of global warming.

As well as Dr Barret there are also the two Hampstead scientists Professor Michael Boulter and Doctor Mayer Hillman, both of whom claim that humanity is likely to become extinct soon as a result of global warming,
Dr James Hansen the director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Science is regarded as the world's leading climate scientist, and he was the first American whistleblower to reveal the Bush administration's censorship of scientists' reports about global warming.
He was banned from speaking out publicly after he revealed that many American cities were likely to disappear under the rising sea levels in the not too distant future.

These are just some of the many eminent and reputable scientists who have been ringing the alarm bells about just how serious and dangerous global warming and climate change really are, and they all say that the earth is rapidly becoming uninhabitable.
Russian scientists say that the Gulf Stream has already slowed down by about 40%, and that it will stop completely by around 2012, and overnight there will be a new ice age in Britain and Europe as the temperatures drop suddenly to lower than minus 20 degrees.
So far their warnings of impending extinction have not been taken heed off by the governments and the corporations responsible for causing the damage to the global environment, and the equally alarming reports from the thousands of scientists in the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have also not been given the coverage by the media that they deserve.

On 17 October, 2006, an Oxford university report said that expansion of aviation in Britain would increase the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to dangerous levels, and the British government announced plans for the people to drink their own sewerage as a result of the drought.
A new report entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?” will form the basis for legal actions in the courts against the British and the American governments and the oil companies and the huge transnational corporations, attempting to hold them all jointly legally responsible and accountable for causing global warming and climate change.

Massive international media attention is expected to begin soon with the march for Global Climate Justice in London, as British activists are about to embark on a programme of continuous long term high profile protest campaigns against the global environmental destruction.
A particular focus of these protests will be the power stations and the plans for the expansion of the airports.
There is a new grassroots youth movement taking shape now all around the world, the like of which has never been seen before, according to reliable sources within the peace and environmental, human rights and social justice groups and organizations.

The video team that filmed the kids' bloc Children's Revolution in Scotland will not be available this year due to other commitments, and it is to be hoped that there will be other legal observers with video cameras who will be able to do the job this time around.
Anyone who would like to contact the world news media with their views on these matters should consider it to be their sacred duty to do so, and below there are the email addresses that will reach every newspaper, television, radio, and magazine editor on the planet.
They can be fed into your computer all at the same time, and you can send off educational press releases to the heads of all the major media companies simultaneously.;;;;;;;;; associated press ; associated press tv ; press association
; the times ;; sun ; daily mirror ; evening standard ;;; UPI ; UPI news tips ; UPI pix ; UPI press release ;

George Orwell said: “In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act,” and it is now time for the people of the world to come together and join the movement and take a stand for human rights, as John Lennon sang.
The Truth is not just Inconvenient or worthy of being presented merely as a Hollywood film, and the Warming is not quite as Great as some people seem to think it is.
Even God Himself may not be Green, which is the current subject of debate amongst the American right wing evangelicals who have been actively working to help the American government bring on World War Three and the Apocalypse, so that all the True Believers can be transported bodily to Heaven.

The threat of the impending extinction of the human race and the ways that the almost inevitable ecological cataclysm predicted by the international climate scientists might possibly be avoided, are the only real issues that should be exercising our minds right now.
We are hoping that since Al Gore's film “An Inconvenient Truth” is almost entirely composed of the ideas of the global environmental movement, that he will be agreeing to allow us all to download it from the internet and make copies for free distribution to anyone who wants to see it.
Likewise “The Great Warming” produced by Stonehaven Productions of Canada, and “Is God Green?” by Bill Moyers should also be made widely available to anyone who wants to learn more about the global environmental crisis.

As part of the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign's Let's Get Serious About Global Warming project we are proposing that all genuine committed peace and environmental campaigners who might possibly need funding should consider contacting the following philanthropic foundations for some financial assistance with their campaigns.
Money itself is not the cause of the destruction of the planet, and there is no reason why money should not be used to further the objectives of the movement as long as it is ethical and honest and the people using it do so with integrity and honour.

The Peace and Security Funders Group was founded in 1999 by several large foundations in response to a need for greater communication and collaboration among funders working in the peace and security field, as well as a mechanism to encourage increased philanthropic activity in this area.
It is an association of more than 50 private and public foundations, operating foundations, charitable trusts, grantmaking programs, and individual philanthropists who make grants or expenditures that contribute to peace and global security.

They give a portion of their $27 billion in combined assets to alternative organizations and direct their philanthropy to people who seek to address the root causes of war and violence which they characterize as poverty, ethnic and religious differences, social injustices, and competition for natural resources.
“Our purpose is to enhance the effectiveness of philanthropic activity across this broad area of shared interests and commitments,” they say on their website.
“The PSFG does not make grants; please refer to the list of our Members who do.
“Our Mission is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of philanthropy working to promote international peace and security.”

Their funders, whose numbers and investments in the field are steadily increasing, work effectively on a broad range of issues from eliminating and limiting the spread of biological and nuclear weapons, to preventing and resolving violent conflict, to enhancing the capability of cooperative international efforts and institutions to provide international human security.
Their objectives are to provide members with opportunities for education on issues and for sharing information, innovative ideas and best practices, and to foster the development of effective grant making strategies and collaboration on shared peace and security issues to achieve positive results.
They also work to increase the involvement and investment in peace and security work of current members and to encourage new and other existing funders to be active in the field and to join them.

The Peace and Security Funders Group operates as a special project of the Ploughshares Fund, one of its founding members.
“Peace and security issues are at the top of the public agendas in the United States and other countries,” they say.
“The potential spread of nuclear weapons and fissile material and release of dangerous pathogens, political violence between conflicting groups, and the prospect of large-scale attacks on civilians loom as pressing threats to the security of people everywhere.
“In the United States, the attacks of September 11, 2001, and subsequent U.S. military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq have focused attention on critical questions about the use of force, the prevention of conflict, approaches to peace building, and the role of international institutions in promoting security.

“Rapidly increasing global interdependence has brought new choices and opportunities to make the world a safer and better place, but has exposed threats and vulnerabilities as well.
“Advances in communications technology, the ease of travel, and the greater openness of countries to flows of people, commodities, capital, ideas, information, and even dangerous materials have challenged the capacity of government authorities to protect citizens within their borders.
“Regional and international security arrangements that have helped to ensure global stability for the past fifty years need to be strengthened, and in some cases created anew, if they are to provide for safety in these new circumstances.

“In this changing context, the independence and flexibility of private philanthropy takes on added value; funders have greater opportunities than ever to address security problems.
“Through their support of organizations and universities, issue experts and scientists, citizen activists and policy advocates, foundations and individual philanthropists are making significant contributions to peace and security.

“Members of PSFG have adopted a variety of approaches.
“Some donors support regional activities that try to prevent violent conflict or to aid peacebuilding and reconstruction after war.
“Some support efforts to address the global dangers of under-secured nuclear weapons, fissile material and dangerous pathogens, while others address the budgetary, environmental and health impacts of weapons production, testing and use.
“Some funders focus on underlying drivers of political violence, terrorism, and war, such as competition for natural resources, ethnic and religious differences, poverty and social injustice.
“Still others support the development of broad concepts of conflict prevention and conflict resolution - concepts that apply to tensions within families, neighborhoods, and societies, as well as between countries.

“Steering Committee: Co-Chairs Megan Burke, Program Officer, The Ford Foundation; Dini Merz, Director, Colombe Foundation.
“Members: Naila Bolus, Executive Director, Ploughshares Fund; Donald Ferencz, Executive Director, The Planethood Foundation; Conrad Martin, Executive Director, Stewart Mott Charitable Trust; Stephanie Smith, consulting Program Officer, Compton Foundation; Cora Weiss, President, Samuel Rubin Foundation.

“Director Katherine Magraw became Director of the PSFG in February 2006.
“Katherine has broad experience in national security policy, as a grant maker, policymaker and activist.
“She was program officer for the W. Alton Jones Foundation.
“Prior to that she served as Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of State for International Policy and as a Foreign Policy Specialist for the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency where she was responsible for the negotiations of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
“She also was a Legislative Aide for Senator Paul Wellstone and held several positions in non-governmental organizations. Katherine has a Ph.D. from MIT and a BA from Yale College.

“Our Members: Agape Foundation; Arca Foundation; Ben and Jerry's Foundation; CarEth Foundation; Carnegie Corporation of New York; Colombe Foundation; Compton Foundation; Educational Foundation of America; Flora Family Foundation; The Ford Foundation; Funding Exchange; The German Marshall Fund; Global Resource Action Center for the Environment; The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation; The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation; HKH Foundation; Hunt Alternatives Fund; Janelia Foundation; Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation; Milton Lauenstein; Lippincott Foundation; Livingry Foundation; John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; Mertz Gilmore Foundation; David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation; Stewart Mott Charitable Trust;

A.J. Muste Memorial Institute; Network for Social Change; The New-Land Foundation; Open Society; Institute Park Foundation; Peace Development Fund; Peace Conflict and Development Program Initiative; The Planethood Foundation; Ploughshares Fund; The Prospect Hill Foundation; Public Welfare Foundation; Rockefeller Brothers Fund; Rockefeller Financial Services; Rockefeller Foundation; Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust; Saga Foundation; Samuel Rubin Foundation; The Scherman Foundation; The Schooner Foundation; The Secure World Foundation; The Simons Foundation; Alan B. Slifka Foundation; The Stanley Foundation; Threshold Foundation; Tides Foundation; Town Creek Foundation; Turner Foundation; United Nations Foundation.

“Working assets: Access to an email network and assistance in obtaining information, materials, suggestions for speakers, and contacts with peace and security organizations around the world.
“Working groups of donors to develop more effective grantmaking in selected areas of peace and security.
“Contact Peace and Security Funders Group, Katherine Magraw, 7 Elliewood Avenue,Third Floor
Charlottesville, VA 22903, Tel: (434) 989-1514. Email: kmagraw (at)
“Affinity Groups: Consultative Group on Biological Diversity Lynn Lohr, Executive Director; Environmental Grantmakers Association, Dana Lanza, Executive Director; Grantmakers Without Borders, John Harvey, Executive Director; Health and Environmental Funders Network, Kathy Sessions, Coordinator; International Human Rights Funders Group, Andrew Park, Coordinator.”

As well as trying to help other groups and organisations with their fundraising, the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign is itself a minor philanthropic organisation which helps provide legal and media assistance for worthwhile peace and environmental causes and projects.
In view of the fact that a lot of very sincere and dedicated people will probably be needing some free legal help soon as a result of their peace and environmental protests and demonstrations, we would like to draw your attention to the British Planning and Environment Bar Association.

“PEBA is an association of barristers who specialise in planning, environment, compulsory purchase, highways, housing, rating and other aspects of local government and administrative law,” they say on their website.
“We all qualify for membership by devoting a significant proportion of our practices to these fields. Membership of PEBA is therefore a sign of expertise and experience in these fields.”
The association invites potential clients to read an introduction from their Chairman and Vice Chairman and to view the details of their Members, their Chambers and other information to assist them in selecting representation and advice in these fields.

“Pro Bono work is work done without charging a fee,” they explain.
“Many of the barristers who are members of PEBA are registered with organisations and charities whose aim is to help people with problems in the town and country planning and environmental law fields.
“PEBA encourages and supports members’ involvement in pro bono work.”
The association's Handbook refers to two of the many organisations for which their members undertake pro bono work, the Bar Pro Bono Unit and the Environmental Law Foundation, (email:, web:
The website for the Bar Pro Bono Unit is

“In addition, eight of our members are legal volunteers for the charity Planning Aid for London,” PEBA explains.
“Work for all these organisations can range from giving legal advice by telephone or email, to appearing at public inquiries.
“Planning Aid has several branches around the country and always welcomes any new legal volunteers.
“If any members would like to know a little more about what is involved in volunteering for pro bono work they should contact our PEBA committee member responsible for such work: Megan Thomas, Landmark Chambers Tel: 0207 430 1221.
“Megan would also like to hear of any pro bono work done by members.

“This website enables you to find the information you require about our Members on line and enables us to keep that information up to date so far as possible.
“It also provides links to other websites including those of our Members' Chambers.
“Our handbook which has been published for many years will continue to be available. We also publish a regular newsletter.
“The core practice of our members continues to be high quality advocacy and advice in our specialist field of planning and the environment and related public law areas.
“We believe, on the basis of experience, that these skills can be of critical importance to the interests of our clients.
“This belief is supported by the continuing strong demand for our services.

“Planning law continues to develop. The Courts have clarified to some extent the relationship between the Human Rights Act and planning law, and they have continued to attach weight to European law when interpreting our environmental legislation.
“We are now faced with the changes to the planning system brought about by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.
“We have been in close contact with PINS and other professional bodies as to the basis on which the new procedures are to be implemented.
“Our clients can look with confidence to members of this Association to be able to advise upon the implications of all such matters.

“The Association strongly supports representation for those unable to afford professional representation and for that purpose maintains a register of those prepared to undertake such work as well as links with Pro Bono schemes.
“We continue to liaise with other professional bodies, Government Departments and Agencies as well as our clients and we respond to consultation on many topics relevant to our specialist fields of practice.
“The views of this Association continue to play an important role in the modernisation of planning and environmental law, policy and practice.”

As well as helping environmental activists with their legal work, the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign also works on attempting to bring into being all the ideas and projects for a new alternative system of localization, environmentalism, and environmental economics to replace the out of date capitalist globalisation system.
The existing money system could be transformed by the introduction of local Peoples' Banks which would phase out capitalism completely and replace it with the concept of sharing of all the stuff that everyone throws away in the rubbish dumps.
This would eliminate the need for people to buy any more garbage from the high street shops and department stores.

We are proposing a worldwide Consumer Revolt against all the transnational corporations and the governments that work for them, and we want to help to create permanent local community Earth Fairs in every bio region on the earth.
Local action by local people taking control of their own local affairs in the end will be what the Revolution is really all about.
Localization and environmentalism and environmental economics should become the new political and economic system for the world if the human race is to be able to survive into the next century.

We would like to be able to help to encourage all the military forces of all nations to join forces and work together on massive global infrastructure projects that will drain off the rising sea levels into new inland seas and oceans in the deserts and the wilderness areas of the planet.
New rainforests should be planted in all the deserts and the sea water should be desalinated and used for irrigation.
There is an urgent need for direct action now to stop the global environmental destruction and to slow down the very worst effects of global warming and global dimming which together are driving humanity to extinction.

We would also like to be able to free the 300 million child slaves who are locked up in prison factories in Third World countries and forced to work making goods for sale in British and American stores to try to pay off the fraudulent Third World debts.
Full information about all of these ideas and the upcoming court cases against the US and the UK governments and the oil companies and the transnational corporations, will be available to everyone soon in our report, “Can You Save the Human Race?”

We will be appealing for large numbers of witnesses and whistleblowers, and our lawyers will be working on sorting out all the legal details to try to make sure that nobody else gets declared extinct by the British and American governments and the corporate aliens that they work for, or is forced to drink their own sewerage against their will.
This brief synopsis of “Can You Save the Human Race?” comes to you in memory of all the innocent women and children who have been mercilessly slaughtered by the dangerous lunatics who are running our governments for us in our name, but no longer with our consent.
(Note to the newsmedia: No copyright is being claimed for this article, which is the result of collaboration with many different people, and no payment is expected from anyone who might want to publish or broadcast it.)

Viva la Children's Revolution!

Thank you and good luck,

The EARTH AID Environmental Campaign
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- Homepage:


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