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Monday Love Crew | 05.11.2006 13:48 | London

MONDAY LOVE the free weekly film & music night at The Good Ship, NW6

March 26th, at 8pm - Robert Newman's 'History Of Oil'

Comedian Robert Newman brings this innovative history programme placing oil centre stage as the cause of all the wars and politics of the last hundred years.

Discussion after film with activists from Platform & Price Of Oil Performance from Paz, Lee Harris & more!

History Of Oil
History Of Oil

Monday love at The Good Ship
Monday love at The Good Ship

Caiomhe Butterly at Monday Love
Caiomhe Butterly at Monday Love

Resident DJs Smallmoney & Carlos 'till 2am

8pm - 2am, The Good Ship, 289 Kilburn High Rd, NW6, nearest tube is Kilburn Jubilee line, or Brondesbury BR.

Watch Caiomhe Butterly Speaking at Monday Love Palestine night.

Every Monday, Monday Love brings you the finest in uptown, underground, raise your spirit and blow your mind live music, film and real life grassroots media, welcoming those who still believe in something more than money and fear.. to watch, listen, chat and chill.

"I’ve had Monday Love twice now as an antidote to my current, drab, corporate nonsense" - a world to win

Watch comedian Jeremy Hardy review Monday Love

resident DJs Smallmoney and Carlos

Free entry all night, donations welcome to cover costs.

+ Open Deck Every Night at The Good Ship, 289 Kilburn High Road NW6, bring along your own politically inspired short films on DVD.

Film, music, and discussion.

Monday Love Crew
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Good Ship Spring Program

04.01.2007 14:04

January 8th - Launch Night Pirate Party

'Steal This Film'

Music from El Crisis

January 15th - Movimientos S. American Night

‘Hasta la última piedra’

January 22nd - Corporate Power=Climate Chaos

‘End Of Suburbia’

Reasoning from Rising Tide and Carbon Trade Watch and A World To Win

Music from Dubuddah urban nomads

January 29th - South Korea and East Asia

Environmental and political films from South Korean project MediAct and award winning Malaysian film 'Alice Lives Here’

Music from resident DJs Smallmoney and Carlos

February 5th - Palestine

‘The Sun Doesn’t Shine In This Camp’ offers a unique view of Balata Refugee Camp shot during the 2003-2004 New Year's invasion.

Eye witness Speakers and filmmakers, please come along for a full night of reasoning

Music supplied by DJ Geshe & The Rub

February 12th - Love Night

An evening of films and music inspired by Reclaim Love including the mighty Michael Franti’s ‘I Know I’m Not Alone’.

Music from Milli Moonstone and Sarah Bears new band, Black Sheep Central.

February 19th - 4th Anniversary of invasion of Iraq

‘Sir!, No Sir!’ shows how in the 1960’s, an anti-war movement emerged that altered the course of history. A movement that took place in barracks and on aircraft carriers, penetrated elite military colleges, and spread throughout the battlefields of Vietnam.

Music from Princess Emmanuelle and resident DJs Smallmoney and Carlos

February 26th - Global Resistance

‘Fourth World War’ and Arundhati Roy, author of The God of Small Things, in ‘WE’.

Music from The Hey Chinaskis, plus resident DJs

March 5th - Debt & International Financial Institutions

Set in Jamaica, ‘Life & Debt’ shows how foreign economic agendas can be understood in the context of the day-to-day realities of the people whose lives they impact.

Live performance from footsoldier of the underground, Lee harris and music from Virgo-Verbal Assault

March 12th - End The Occupation

The powerful film ‘A Letter To The Prime Minister’, follows peace activist and circus performer Jo Wilding during the bombing campaign of Iraq and subsequent neglect by Occupation forces, and forms the Boomchucka Circus to work with school children and refugees.

Music from River Styx and Resident DJs

March 19th - Immigration

Michael Winterbottom’s ‘In This World’ follows two young Afghan refugees who try to escape to a better life. Their dangerous journey leads them along the "silk road" through Pakistan, Iran and Turkey towards London. Also screening shorts from Camcorder GuerillasVisit Dungavel

Discussion with activists from the No Borders campaign, & music from Pop & M.A.D. Scientist

March 26th - OIL

‘Rob Newman’s History Of Oil’

Music from MonoSabilick, and Resident DJ's Smallmoney and Carlos

+ Every Night is Open Deck at The Good Ship, bring along your own politically inspired short films on DVD.

Monday Love Kid


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