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Are Gangsters Forcing Child Slaves to Work Illegally in London?

THE CHURCH OF ALL WORLDS | 08.05.2007 16:44 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

Extraordinary allegations that child slaves are being smuggled into Britain by gangs of armed robbers who steal Big Issue magazines from the street vendors at knife point, and then force terrified children to sell them on the streets of London are being investigated by the BBC.
The accusations that international criminals involved with people smuggling and child slavery may have been behind the attacks, were made on the Indymedia UK website by readers commenting on a story about the arrest of a young lady on 27 April 2007.

Abolish Child Slavery - Free the Child Slaves
Abolish Child Slavery - Free the Child Slaves

Police in London have also claimed that there are child slaves working illegally for international criminal gangs in Britain.
The Church of All Worlds which first posted the story on Indymedia is taking these allegations very seriously and has alerted the entire world news media to the BBC investigation.
We are asking them all to investigate the claims that international gangs are smuggling child slaves into London, and to help with the global campaigns to eliminate the atrocity of child slavery from the world.

BBC London television was first alerted to the story on 27 April, and they said they would investigate it, and on 8 May they were provided with copies of the stories on Indymedia UK, and asked to make sure that their investigation uncovered the truth behind the accusations.
It was suggested to them that maybe the whole story about how peace and environmental campaigners in London are working on trying to save the human race from extinction caused by global warming was a project they should also cover.

In an email to BBC London on 8 May 2007 The Church of All Worlds said: “We are alerting the entire world news media to this story and are asking them all to also investigate these claims.
“You do have a head start on the rest of the media, and at the moment you have an exclusive to the story if you work on it quickly enough, and everyone else will have to follow your lead.

“Our colleague Angel Nash has just completed a song entitled 'For the Children,' and she is particularly concerned about the atrocity of child slavery in the Third World and the security of future generations.
“She is willing to be interviewed and filmed for BBC television, and in fact has often done so in the past on behalf of the environmental movement at all the major protests from Twyford Down all the way to the more recent campaign to stop the expansion of Stansted airport.

“We can provide you with more information and telephone numbers so you can make direct contact with some of the key people involved with these campaigns if you like.
“We are not claiming copyright for our stories about the allegations that there are child slaves being forced to work against their will on the streets of London, but if the BBC does decide to go ahead and broadcast these stories we think they should publicly acknowledge that they were first published on Indymedia UK and Indymedia London.”

Peace and environmental campaigners have been horrified by the charge by police and Indymedia readers that there are child slaves from other countries being smuggled into Britain by international criminal gangs and forced to work under duress in London.
The original story entitled “Big Issue Magazine Seller Calls Police to Arrest Young Muslim Girl” was about how a street vendor complained to police that a young lady was illegally selling Big Issue magazines near his pitch.

“These people are doing this all over London” a police officer said just before arresting the suspect outside Sainsburys in Ladbroke Grove, London W10.
He claimed that she was in fact “only a child” who was being forced by a criminal gang to sell the Big Issue against her will, and that her badge was a forgery and she was stealing money from the legitimate Big Issue sellers.

Because she claimed not to be able to speak English and did not answer the questions the police were asking her, they put her in a police car and took her away, crying her eyes out.
She looked to observers as if she was about 21 years old but some agreed that she could have been a teenager of about 16 or 17, but none of the witnesses to the dispute thought she was a child.

The Church of All Worlds which has been campaigning for freedom for the child slaves in the Third World for more than 30 years, stumbled across this alleged scandal purely by accident.
When the police first started questioning the young Big Issue seller several concerned local people stopped to see if they could offer her some assistance, not realising that she was under suspicion of being an illegal immigrant forced into child slavery against her will.

There are more than 300 million child slaves locked up in prison factories in Third World countries forced to make consumer goods for sale on the high streets of Britain and America.
Many of the big department stores like Harrods and and Selfidges sell carpets and clothing made by child slaves, and they buy them very cheaply and make huge profits by putting extortionate mark ups on the goods.

Anti child slavery campaigners believe that many Third World countries are still trying to pay off the fraudulent Third World debts from the 1970s when David Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan bank started offering huge fraudulent jumbo loans to corrupt dictatorships.
OPEC quadrupled the price of oil and thousands of billions of dollars were suddenly being deposited in Western commercial banks which all agreed to work together to make syndicated loans to the developing countries, so that the banks could make massive profits from the Arab nations' money.

Higher than normal interest payments were demanded on the loans because the US and the UK banking laws did not apply to lending to other countries, and very high commissions and fees were also charged, which effectively meant that the loans became unpayable and were in fact what is known in the banking trade as “odious debt.”
In practice this meant that a default by any of the borrowers at any time would bring down the entire Western banking system and cause another World Depression.

None of the loans were ever repaid and US president Ronald Reagan called in the IMF to bail out the banks, which were all technically bankrupt and on the verge of collapse when debtor countries like Brazil and Mexico and Venezuela were about to default on their interest payments.
America was facing financial ruin and possible invasion by Japan and the Middle East nations if the financial system collapsed and the US government became unable to repay the trillions of dollars borrowed from Japanese companies and the trillions deposited in US bank accounts by the Arabs.

IMF austerity programmes to force the Third World countries to pay the loans led to children being sold into slavery by their poverty stricken parents, and many of them were imprisoned and forced to work 18 hour days until they died from either illness or starvation.
If they tried to escape they were murdered, and these atrocities are known to be still occurring today in countries like India and Pakistan where child slavery is still an accepted part of their way of life.

Many of the transnational corporations manufacture their brand name products in fly by night sweat shop factories in the far east where they can get away with appalling conditions and minimum wages.
There is only a very subtle difference between the sweat shops in the Third World which pay their workers only pennies an hour to make t-shirts and trainers and other consumer products, and the child slavery prison factories where the children work for nothing and are kept prisoner often until they die.

What is not published very often in the British and American news media is the fact that the hundreds of millions of child slaves who are kept prisoner in Third World countries are also making a lot of the goods that the public in the West buys in the high street stores.
Many of the exotic carpets that Harrods and Selfidges sell are made by child slaves in India, and many of the components for the latest technology like computers and mobile phones are also assembled by child slaves in Third World countries.

What is seldom mentioned is that child slavery also exists right here in Britain.
“How the new Fagins are bringing child slavery to Britain,” and “Hundreds of child slaves sold into UK every year” were the headlines on stories in the Daily Telegraph on 3 June 2006 by David Harrison who wrote:
“Children as young as six are being brought to Britain in their hundreds every year to be used as 'slave labour' in sweatshops, private homes and cannabis factories.
“The children are transported from all over Africa, Asia and eastern Europe by ruthless and highly organised gangs of traffickers.”

“Many are taken with the unwitting consent of their parents, who pay up to £3000, believing the traffickers' claims that their children are going to a better life - and will be able to send money home.
“The victims are smuggled into Britain or brought in on false passports by adults posing as relatives. They are put to work immediately, live in appalling conditions and are subjected to physical and sexual abuse.
“The scale of the crisis - which has spread from London to Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle - is revealed in a consultation paper presented to the Home Office by a coalition of nine charities including Unicef, Save the Children and the NSPCC.

“Last night, the charities accused the Government of failing to tackle the problem and called for urgent action to end the 'cruel and shocking exploitation of children'.
"They said 'This is modern child slavery' and accused the Government of using 'an unsympathetic and punitive asylum process' to treat the child slaves as illegal immigrants rather than victims.
“Most trafficked children who come to the authorities' attention are deported immediately and then face persecution and re-trafficking,” the charities said.

They wanted the Government to introduce measures to help police, immigration officials and social workers to identify, rescue and protect them, the Telegraph reported.
“Children from China, Vietnam and Malaysia, have been found in sweatshops, restaurants and suburban cannabis factories.
“African children are often put into domestic servitude, working long hours for little or no reward.
“Eastern European children tend to be used to beg and steal - and many more are likely to arrive next year when Romania and Bulgaria are expected to join the European Union.

“The charities urged the Government to ratify the European Convention against Trafficking in Human Beings to allow victims to stay in the UK to recover from their ordeal and receive help so they can testify against the traffickers."
The report estimated that "hundreds" of children were trafficked to Britain each year, but said the true figure could be much higher.

The charities identified suspected victims in all but one of 33 London boroughs and said they were also investigating child trafficking in Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle.
A senior Scotland Yard detective told the Daily Telegraph: "It is hard to believe that there are child slaves in Britain in the 21st century but we are determined to end this appalling practice."

The Anti Slavery Society website says most boys and girls are lucky.
“They live with their mothers and fathers and their brothers and sisters.
“They go to school. They have time to play.
“Many other boys and girls are not so lucky.
“Every year thousands of boys and girls are taken away from their mothers and fathers and their brothers and sisters.
“They are taken by gangsters.

“The gangsters take them from school.
“They take them while they are playing football.
“They take them when they are playing.
“Many never see their mothers and fathers or brothers and sisters again!
“Their fathers come looking for them, but they rarely ever find them.
“If they do find them, the big boss of the gangsters sends his men to beat up or kill the child's father.

“What does the big boss and his men do to the boy or girl?
“They start a lifetime of hard labor in the factories, fields and dingy workshops of Asia, Africa and South America.
“These children are the most vulnerable to cruel, harsh and systematic exploitation.
“It grinds down their hope.
“It denies them their childhood.

“They work in stone-breaking quarries, on construction sites, in brickworks and chemical factories, in chalk and glassworks, on carpet looms, in workshops making brassware, fireworks, locks, shoes and textiles, in transport, mining, ceramics - and in many other sectors.
“Ill-treatment and disease often mark them for life.
“Lungs are damaged by dust and fumes, backs are malformed through crouching or carrying heavy loads, eyesight ruined by working in poor light.

“Many children in Asia are kidnapped or otherwise trapped in servitude, where they work in factories and workshops for no pay and receive constant beatings," the Anti Slavery Society says.
“Typically, an agent from the city arrives in the village.
“He shows great sympathy for the child’s parents and a deep understanding of their plight and financial problems.
“He purchases two dresses for the mother and purchases a cow for the father (but the cow is an old sick cow which dies after a few months).

“In due course, the family’s new friend tells them that he could get a job for the child in the city where the child would be properly trained, receive wages and have good prospects for promotion.
“The parents, seeing this as the opportunity of a lifetime for their child to escape from rural poverty, agree.
“The agent gives them a piece of paper with the name and address of a non-existent employment agency.

“In reality, it is all a scam.
“The children live in a den or a squalid shed, with no prospects and no pay.
“Many are beaten with sticks and iron rods and not even allowed to see their parents.
“They are branded with red hot irons, burnt with cigarettes, starved, whipped, beaten while hanging upside down, chained up, abused in an intimate way, and kept locked in cupboards for days on end.

“One child, Shankar, described his experience thus:
“We were poked with burning cigarettes on the back and legs.
“If we cried for our mothers we were locked in a room without air or enough light.
“We were forced to work for 20 hours a day without pay.
“We were kept half fed and beaten up severely by our masters if we were found talking or laughing among ourselves.
“One night I jumped into the nearby River Ganges to kill myself to escape from this painful life.
“We were never allowed to go back to our parents, to our villages.”

“Some, like 14 year old Nageshwar, are branded by their masters with red-hot brands.
“Most sweatshops have windows and doors barred to prevent escape.
“The factory or sex den is guarded by thugs armed with cudgels and occasionally with guard dogs.
“The child’s parents hear nothing more from the child.
“If a parent gets suspicious, he or she may go to the address of the agency, only to find that it does not exist.

“If the child’s parent finally tracks down the factory or den where the child lives and works, the master tells them: 'I paid for his food and medicine' and claims that the child cannot leave until the enormous fictitious 'debts' which he incurred in keeping the child are repaid.
“When, eventually, the police arrive, they throw the parent out."

“I was beaten for even scratching my skin and my father was beaten when he came to see me. Ever since I started working, I haven’t been given either a wage or a single day off”. - Ashok, 8 years, who worked a 21-hour day from 3 am until midnight in a carpet factory in India.
“I was not allowed to meet my parents for the 7 years that I worked, though I would often ask for permission. The only response was more beatings."
“Two of my friends were killed. They were wrapped in jute bags, which were tied to heavy stones and thrown in the river” - Dilip, India.

“These children are the face of the slavery today,” says the Anti Slavery Society.
“The material in this report is based on a Mission to South Asia by the Society's Secretary-General.
“As the governments and police forces in many countries are corrupt, the Society works to rescue these children by organizing and funding rescue missions to rescue these children from sweatshops and dens.”

“The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the United Nations in 1989.
“Almost every country has now ratified the Convention.
“As a child you have the right: to sufficient food, clean water, health care, and an adequate standard of living; to be with their family, or in the best caring environment to ensure protection from all physical, mental and other abuse; to education; to special care or training necessary if they have a disability or handicap; and to play."

The Church of All World regards child slavery in the Third World as one of the greatest atrocities in the world today, superseded only by the slaughter of women and children in the Middle East.
We make no apology for having revealed this scandal to Indymedia readers and we have asked the BBC to investigate, and we have also asked the entire world news media to publish and broadcast the BBC's findings in an attempt to stamp out child slavery forever.
If this atrocity has now spread to Britain maybe it will be possible to inspire the public to revolt against the political and economic system itself that is causing it.

The allegations that there are now child slaves selling the Big Issue on the streets of London appears to be a symptom of the corruption of the capitalist globalisation policies of the Western banks and the big corporations, and the governments which seem to be willing to stop at nothing to make money.
Rats are breeding like flies all over London now because of the cut backs in rubbish collections, and sewerage regularly spills out into the streets while at the same time the banks and the big corporations and the telephone companies conspire together to rob the public with their direct debit frauds.

There is also the question of who “these people” as the police called them, actually are and where they are from, and why they are in London desperately eking out a miserable living by stealing magazines from the equally vulnerable Big Issue sellers.
Could it be that global warming and climate change are creating even more environmental refugees and driving people in other countries to more and more desperate measures?
Or could it be connected to the wars and the poverty and the daily slaughter causing huge numbers of refugees to flee from the horrors occurring daily in the Middle East?

Publication of the story about how a young Muslim girl was arrested for selling the Big Issue outside Sainsburys in Ladroke Grave caused an immediate storm of criticism from Indymedia readers who claimed in their comments that it was a biased report.
Former Big Issue sellers said that the magazines being sold by the suspect had probably been stolen by criminal gangs who were forcing child slaves to sell them for them.

The initial complaint from the Big Issue seller was that the young lady was working with a gang of thieves, her Big Issue badge was a fake, and she was selling on private property and stealing his money by selling magazines to his customers.
The police agreed with him that she was part of a larger criminal organisation and said she was being forced to sell the magazines against her will.
Some Indymedia readers went even further than this and alleged that gangs of armed robbers were stealing the Big Issue from the official sellers and were involved with people smuggling and child slavery as well.

Indymedia censored some of their readers' comments apparently because they considered them to be in breach of their editorial guidelines which specify that inaccurate reports will not be displayed.
Unfortunately there is a distinct possibility that these accusations are in fact true, and that there needs to be immediate action taken to stamp out these evil practices which have no place in Britain, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.
The Church of All Worlds has been campaigning against censorship for many years, and for this reason we have chosen to republish everything connected with this story that has been banned by the Indymedia moderators.

“Get it right. Talk about a biased report !” was the first comment from reader "ex BG seller" who wrote:
“Did it ever occur to you that Big Issue sellers make little enough money without this type of activity?
“Young men and women are transported here to Britain by gangs in their own country to sell copies of the Big Issue that have been stolen from legitimate licensed sellers, often at knife point.
“Perhaps some sympathy with both the seller and the girl (who is obviously a victim as well) before you report next time.”

“Did it make you feel big ?” asked "Wilkie," another Indymedia reader.
“Well done for hounding and publicly identifying a Big Issue seller who was trying to defend his very, very small earnings.
“After all we all know they live rich, comfortable lives don't we ?
“Did it make you feel big ?
“Robberies of Big Issue sellers have been increasing a lot in recent months and it sounds like this girl was selling the result of one of those robberies.
“Not only was she taking money from the seller here but also from the seller who was robbed.”

“Rights and Wrongs” was the heading on a later comment from “Wilkie” who
quoted from the first addition to the original story published in response to the early comments:
"What I saw is not right and there is obviously something very wrong going on. "
“You're right,” wrote “Wilkie” - “Big Issue sellers are being made to lose out by people who steal their magazines and sell them keeping all the money rather than just the percentage a real Big Issue seller does.
“The seller was right to tell the police, the police were right to arrest the girl, the seller was right to feel good about it.
“You were wrong trying to make it something different to what it was”.

Another reader “KellyP” wrote: “Should have been in school. Why do you not specify this girl's age? Why was she not in school if she was a girl? What is your agenda not giving us these important facts?”
“Funny old world” commented “>>>>>>>>” who quoted "Arrested by the police on the orders of Big Issue sellers" from the original story.
“Big Issue sellers clearly have a lot of power in your part of the UK!”
“Muslim?” asked “M”. “Muslim - how do you know, why does it matter?
Did you assume she was Muslim from her colour. Is it possible you are a racist?”

“Bollocks” was the heading on a second comment from “ex BG seller” which quoted this line from the first addition to the original story:
"There appears to be a direct connection between what is happening on the streets of London and what is happening in the Middle East."
“Sorry but that's just bollocks, this is not about conflict in the Middle East and you know it,” wrote “ex BG seller”.

“Troll watch” was the heading on a comment from the “Troll finder general” who wrote:
“Jubal Harshaw seems determined to make this event something it clearly was not.
“He/she may be doing this for a number of reasons none of which we need bother ourselves with.
“Anybody reading the report and knowing even a little of the lives of Big Issue sellers and why they are in that position will understand the truth.
“I would suggest Jubal Harshaw is no more than one of the regular Trolls trying to stir things up (again).”

In response to all these comments and questions there were several further additions posted to the original story on Indymedia, including the following:
“My own agenda is to lend support to the environmental movement in its struggle to stop global warming and save the human race from extinction.
“In this particular case I blundered into something that was none of my business and next time I will look the other way and let the children get attacked by anyone who chooses to do so.

“I am sorry I have caused you all so much grief with my biased report of a perfectly normal and legitimate assault by the police.
“It is also my fault that nobody takes any notice of my warnings that the human race faces extinction this century as a result of rising temperatures and rising sea levels, and that everyone says I am mad for saying this.”

“So would you care to apologise specifically to the Big Issue seller who has clearly done nothing whatsoever wrong, and may have in fact given the police important information into the operation of an international criminal network who engage in people smuggling and slavery?” asked "Sovereign".
A question mark headed the comment from “mmm” who wrote simply: “Shoot the messenger”.

“For once I get to be the voice of sanity,” wrote “Danny”.
“Makes a pleasant change. The Big Issue don't license urchins. If you see a child selling the Big Issue, probably the best thing you can do for that child is report it to the police.
“Whatever or whoever led them to that state of affairs is probably best not handled by anarchists, you'll just get shafted on child-abuse or racism charges yourself”.

“Get back in the gutter scum!” wrote “Rupert Murdoch”:
“Anyone here remember the tabloids trying to fit up Big Issue sellers with fake stories of drug dealing and benefit fraud?
“The level of some people's spite never fails to amaze me.”

“Indymedia's murky depths” was the heading on a comment from Karen Elliott who quoted from another later addition to the original story:
"I don't know who I am more afraid of - the police or the anarchists who all see me as a legitimate target for their wrath."
Karen Elliott replied: “Unfortunately some ugly things live in the depths of the Indymedia comments section - I'd be surprised if those comments were by more than 3 people - and I'd be even more surprised if one of them was an anarchist.
“Sadly - anonymous posting means that you can't take the comments very seriously.”

“Well done for putting this up... our struggles are one” wrote “SHAME”.
“It is bad...and shameful...we must and will stand together in the end...isn't what the police have done also...child abuse??
“I would say it is a form of such....”

Another reader “James” simply asked:
“At one point you say the police did not arrest her, then you refer to the 'Arresting officers.' You also explain that she did not speak English so, why would the police tell her she was under arrest if she does not understand?
What makes you think the police weren't taking the child into police protection?”

The big question that has not been answered yet is whether there is any truth in the stories about international criminal gangs robbing Big Issue sellers and forcing child slaves to sell the magazines on the streets of London.
The Church of All Worlds which first published this story on Indymedia would like the news media to ask the Big Issue for an explanation about all the accusations against young Muslims that have been apparently made on their behalf.

In particular we would like to know the truth about why a young woman was arrested by the police at Sainsburys Ladroke Grove on 27 April after a complaint was made to them by a Big Issue seller that she was selling on private property, and that her badge may have been a fake.
We would also like to know why the Big Issue organisation has not publicly revealed the fact that their vendors have been regularly robbed of their magazines by international gangsters forcing child slaves to work for them, if this is in fact the case.

The Church of All Worlds helps to arrange legal representation for environmental campaigners, and we will be asking our lawyers to look into this question of whether there actually are child slaves in London who may be in urgent need of legal assistance which can be provided to them free of charge.
The Planning and Environmental Bar Association specialises in handling pro bono cases for anyone who needs their help at any time and in any circumstances.
In particular the family of the young woman who was arrested by the police outside Sainsburys Ladbroke Grove on 27 April 2007, is invited to let us know if they need witnesses and lawyers as a result of what happened.

We are not yet prepared to accept the claims that this lady was guilty of anything at all in view of the fact that she was quite opening selling the Big Issue for two weeks before she was arrested, and because so far no evidence appears to have been produced against her.
If she is in fact a child slave then obviously she will be needing all the help she can get, and our lawyers are the best in the world for environmental and human rights cases, and they have had many spectacular successes especially with fighting the government's plans for the expansion of the airports.

The Church of All Worlds is preparing a class action legal case on behalf of the children of the world to attempt to get court judgments that will help to save the human race from extinction, and help ensure the survival of future generations.
Our upcoming report “Can You Save the Human Race?” contains all the evidence for court cases against the US government and the oil companies and the other transnational corporations and the banks and the Bilderberg Group, holding them all legally responsible and accountable for causing global warming.

We are attempting to get the judges in London, Washington, and Strasbourg to agree that the children of the world are legally entitled to lead a world revolution to overthrow corrupt governments and corporations so that they can introduce a new political and economic system to the Earth.
Environmentalism in action should be the practical application of environmental ideas, theories, and techniques, and it could possibly save the human race from extinction caused by global warming and climate change, but presumably not be able to save us from World War Three as well.

The Church of All Worlds works very closely in association with the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign, Free the Child Slaves, and the Children's Revolution group, which was started by the well known eco warriors Angel and Sunshine who were responsible for inaugurating the kids' bloc Children's Revolution at the Stirling eco village during the Gleneagles G8 summit protest in July 2005.
The children of the eco warriors confronted the Scottish riot police who were keeping them trapped on the site, with a banner reading “The Kids Are Revolting!” and they were followed by 1000 activists singing “When the kids are united they will never be defeated.”

The kids' bloc also led the march to the Drax power station with the same banner at the first Camp For Climate Action in August 2006.
Hopefully the Children's Revolution will carry on again this summer, and the eco kids will continue helping to raise awareness of the desperate plight of the children in the Middle East and the hundreds of millions of child slaves in the Third World.
Not to mention the very obvious dangers now being faced by the present and future generations of children all over the Earth, who will have very little chance of surviving at all the way things are going.

The children's charity Kids' Company offered to pay the Church of All Worlds to open squats for the homeless children and teenagers living on the streets in London, but we felt this should be the collective responsibility of all the environmental activists at the new social centres.
This is an ongoing project and Britain's abandoned kids could well become an important part of the growing worldwide youth movement to save the human race from extinction caused by global warming and climate change.

London was named by the United Nations' scientists as one of the major world coastal cities that will be flooded as a result of rising sea levels caused by global warming.
Almost two million people will be at risk from coastal flooding in Britain alone, the Guardian newspaper reported on 3 February, 2007.
In Britain environmental campaigners are planning massive opposition to the expansion of the airports and to the 2012 Olympics, both of which will bring the threats of runaway global warming and the extermination of humanity even closer if they are allowed to go ahead.

World temperatures are rising at an ever increasing rate, and the polar ice caps are melting even faster than ever before, and the sea levels are rising at an alarming rate.
El Nino has already become virtually permanent, bringing droughts and famines to many areas of the planet including the Amazon rainforest which is burning up and dying out completely.
All the world's rivers are running dry, the deserts are all expanding, and global dimming is masking the effects of global warming and reducing the amount of sunshine, causing agricultural food supplies to be wiped out.

This year is already being said to be set to be the hottest year in human history, and this summer's killer heatwave has already started in Britain, according to all the news reports in the mainstream media.
The Independent newspaper claimed in a front page story on 28 April 2007 that temperatures as high as 40 degrees could be expected soon, and that huge numbers of people were likely to die all over Europe once again as a result.

Australia is said to have become the first major victim of climate change with the worst drought in 1000 years drying up all the rivers and leading to the whole country becoming virtually uninhabitable in the near future, according to some reports.
“The first refugees of global warming - Bangladesh watches in horror as much of the nation gives way to sea,” was the headline on a story in the Chicago tribune on 2 May 2007 about how the monsoon flooding threatens the 140 million people in Bangladesh with imminent disaster.

Some island nations in the South Pacific have either disappeared completely or are slowly vanishing beneath the waves as the locals rush to evacuate, and the Innuit Eskimos in Alaska are also moving away from their ancient lands as the ice and snow melts under their feet.
Runaway global warming appears to have take over all around the planet as the polar ice melts three times faster than was previously believed.

Most serious environmentalists think that the United Nations' scientific reports are deliberately understating the scale of the global crisis on the orders of the American White House and the oil industry, which appears to be in control of the American government.
The UN report on 5 May 2007 proposed market-based solutions to global warming which are unlikely to have any effect whatever on slowing down greenhouse gas emissions, other than to fool the public into believing that real action is being taken by governments and big business.

The chain reaction of environmental horrors and disasters is about to escalate very soon according to a secret Pentagon report to the White House which was leaked to the Observer newspaper in 2004.
The American military high command said that heatwaves and natural disasters would increase substantially in 2007, and the anticipated worldwide flooding would begin in earnest towards the end of the year.
Hundreds of millions of people would be fleeing to higher ground, and many of them would die from hunger and disease and drowning.

International scientists predicted mass migrations on this scale in their “nightmare scenario” published more than ten years ago when they said that wars over oil, land, food and water were likely to break out, and that a global nuclear Third World War destroying all humanity could very well be the end result.
Billions of people will die this century as the Earth becomes uninhabitable and all life on Earth faces extinction, according to the United Nations scientists in January 2006.

Russian scientists who have been monitoring the Gulf Stream say that it has already slowed down by more than 30% and it will stop completely around 2012, the same year that the Olympics are being planned for London.
There will be a new ice age coming to Britain and Europe for about 100 days a year very soon, the Met Office Hadley Centre reported on BBC television.
Temperatures will drop overnight to minus 20 degrees because the Gulf Stream conveyor brings the warmth of about a million power stations with it, according to the BBC Horizon programme.
In the summers there will be killer heatwaves with extremes of temperature rising to above 40 degrees Celsius, and this looks like it is about to start happening very soon this summer.

London was named by the United Nations' scientists as one of the major world coastal cities that will be flooded as a result of rising sea levels caused by global warming.
Almost two million people will be at risk from coastal flooding in Britain alone, the Guardian newspaper reported on 3 February, 2007.
In Britain environmental campaigners are planning massive opposition to the expansion of the airports and to the 2012 Olympics, both of which will bring the threats of runaway global warming and the extermination of humanity even closer if they are allowed to go ahead.

The human race will become extinct before the end of the 21st century, Professor Peter Barret head of the Antarctic Research Centre said in Christchurch New Zealand in 2004, and there was an immediate storm of abuse hurled at him from the global warming deniers who have their own reasons for wanting to destroy all life on Earth.
Professor James Lovelock predicted in December 2006 that the Earth would become uninhabitable this century, and that 90% of humanity would be wiped out completely by the ecological cataclysm that is rapidly looming on the horizon.
Global warming was irreversible and the only thing that Britain could do about it was to attempt to protect itself by making sure that the country's food supplies were secured, he claimed.

The 2500 scientists of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned on 2 february 2007 that irreversible runaway global warming is likely very soon unless urgent action is taken immediately to curb the huge rise in greenhouse gas emissions.
The rapidly rising temperatures caused by the burning of fossil fuels are melting the polar ice caps, drying up all the world's rivers, and causing droughts, famines, heat waves, forest fires, tornadoes, the expansion of the deserts, and the destruction of the rainforests.

"Final Warning" was the Independent newspapers's front page headline on 3 February, and they wrote: "One third of all species on the planet face extinction with a temperature rise of 2.4 degrees.
"The Amazon rainforest will burn in a firestorm of catastrophic intensity, covering South America with ash and smoke with a rise of 3.4 degrees, the UN scientists predict.
"At 4.4 degrees the melting ice caps and sea level rises will make much of the sub tropics uninhabitable and displace more than 100 million people," the Independent said.
"More than half of wild species are wiped out, in the worst mass extinction since the end of the dinosaurs."

An increase of 5.4 degrees would cause the West Antarctic ice sheet to break up, adding five metres to global sea levels.
"If these temperatures are sustained, the entire planet will become ice-free, and sea levels will be 70 metres higher than today.
"Super-El Ninos spark global weather chaos," the paper said.
"Most of humanity begins to seek refuge away from higher temperatures closer to the poles. Tens of millions of refugees force their way into Scandanavia and the British Isles. World food supplies run out."

"Most of life is exterminated" was the scientists' worst case scenario with their prediction of a possible increase in global temperatures of 6.4 degrees Celsius this century, according to the Independent.
"Warming seas lead to the possible release of methane hydrates trapped in sub-oceanic sediments: methane fireballs tear across the sky, causing further warming," wrote eco journalist Mark Lynas.

"The oceans lose their oxygen and turn stagnant, releasing poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas and destroying the ozone layer.
"Deserts extend almost to the Arctic. 'Hypercanes' (hurricanes of unimaginable ferocity) circumnavigate the globe, causing flash floods which strip the land of soil.
"Humanity reduced to a few survivors eking out a living in polar refuges.
"Most of life on Earth has been snuffed out, as temperatures rise higher than for hundreds of millions of years," Mr Lynas concluded.

There are too many predictions about the imminent extinction of humanity by reputable scientists for them to be ignored, and the only real question that needs to be answered now is “Can You Save the Human Race?”
So far nobody seems to have come up with any sensible ideas that will have even half a chance of taming the forces of Nature that are fighting back against the sustained attack on the Earth's eco systems.

The world famous British scientist Professor Michael Boulter from Hampstead, says in his book “Extinction: Evolution and the End of Man” that the human race is heading for extinction as a result of burning fossil fuels, and that what the world needs now is a “green Hitler”.
"Nobody would accept that, so humanity will die out," Professor Boulter told the Camden New Journal when they reviewed his book several years ago.
To stop global warming and save the human race would require closing down all the world's airports immediately, another Hampstead scientist, Dr Meyer Hilman wrote in his book “How to Save the Planet.”

The Church of All Worlds maintains that as well as closing down all the airports, all the banks and the governments and the international organisations like the IMF the WTO and the World Bank and all the transnational corporations including all the oil companies, must also be closed down if humanity is to have any chance of surviving for much longer.
There needs to be a worldwide Consumer Revolt against the entire capitalist economic system, and local Earth Fairs in every town and village on the planet, and Peoples' Banks owned and operated by the local people themselves.

Instead of the capitalist economic system, the Earth will have to be returned to its natural state as soon as possible by introducing a new alternative worldwide political and economic system of environmentalism, localisation, and environmental economics.
Local action by local people taking control of their own local affairs in their own local areas is the only way forward, in our opinion.
Big business and big government must be driven out of all the towns and villages where all they do is pollute, and destroy, and kill.

All the military forces of every nation on the Earth will have to work together on vast global infrastructure projects, such as dredging new canals and creating new inland seas to help drain off the rising sea levels.
At the same time new rainforests will have to be planted in the deserts, and there will need to be huge irrigation projects and fresh water restored to all the rivers on the planet, with an integrated global waterworks network.

Our report “Can You Save the Human Race?” contains all the very best ideas of all the world's most eminent scientists, professors, doctors, and environmentalists, and the answer to the question “Can You Save the Human Race?” is very simply: “Yes you can.”
The report will be available free on the internet as soon as possible for everyone who wants to read it or to make copies and circulate them to other people.
There will also be some films and music offering new ideas about how to save the human race from extinction, also available free on the internet.

Environmental campaigners have been survivalists for a very long time now, and they do have many of the answers to the seemingly impossible questions about what do you do when your planet's life support systems are dying.
We have all become strangers in a strange land now, and only by looking to the future and ensuring the survival of the children will we be able to save ourselves, so maybe it is time to unite the tribes and join forces to resist and fight back in self defence against the evil Aliens destroying the Earth.

The Bush administration and the oil companies have been conducting a very vicious war against the people of the world for a long time now, deliberately falsifying and censoring important scientific reports about global warming, and attacking protesters.
Environmental campaign groups like the eco warriors and the Wombles and the Black Bloc are constantly under surveillance and attack from the police, operating on orders from the governments, and from the security guards employed by the big corporations with a vested interest in continuing to exploit and destroy the natural environment for their own private profit.

Even the Indymedia UK website is being attacked virtually every day now by “trolls” and even more sinister unseen enemies with their own evil agendas.
On Mayday 2007 someone calling themselves “MI5” wrote:
“You revolutionary anarchists are so revolutionary it almost hurts me to criticise you. You could just join the SWP with all the other freaks and scum (but you already are).”
“Stop or I'll come round and burn your communications out” was the very simple threatening message from another admirer, or possibly the same one.
Another post from “Old Technology” said: “Today marked a landmark shift in mainstream media reporting. Indymedia is now, to put it politely is fucked.
“Panorama went out on 7/7. BBC 4 is doing MI5, though slightly edited, we in the know can correct it. Your days are over. The mainstream are back on the ball. And why? You will never know.”

Every Indymedia website in the world is getting the same kind of treatment from rednecks and agents of the state desperate to try to silence them.
The volunteers who run the sites say that there is a war of information and disinformation going on, and the fact that they are constantly being bombarded with lies and threats means that they must be doing something right.

Fluffy hippies get the same treatment as the spiky anarchists, but they don't usually know how to fight back and defend themselves, because they believe in peace and love and universal brotherhood, but it just doesn't work anymore.
Nobody knows who or what The Church of All Worlds actually is because we don't really want to be at war with the rest of the world every day, especially not at Sainsburys, where trying to rescue child slaves from the clutches of the police is apparently frowned upon even by the anarchists.

The Church of All Worlds is a pagan religion devoted to promoting deep ecology and conservation biology, and the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign is a philanthropy which helps the eco warriors with their legal cases, police liaison, fund raising, and media publicity when appropriate.
Free the Child Slaves is a very good idea that we have been talking about and promoting for more than 20 years, and the Children's Revolution is another good idea that hasn't really happened yet, but which we are working on.

There appears to be a huge emerging global youth movement developing, but unlike the hippies in the 1960s who were concerned about world peace and the environment, today's youth listen to the murderous “gangsta” rap music and wear hoodies, and some of them carry knives and guns and kill people on the streets.
One of their stated objectives is to make the older generations paranoid, and no doubt this ghastly psycho drama is deeply rooted in the current world situation with the wars and fear and hatred, and all the environmental destruction as government policy.

Women and children are being deliberately targeted and violently attacked by police on the orders of their governments all over the world, as can be clearly seen in the video of the Mayday shootings of innocent civilians in McArthur Park in Los Angeles.
People in the video can be heard talking about rising up in revolution against the American government as woman and children flee from the rubber bullets being fired at them by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The children of the eco warriors have a different more peaceful agenda and a more positive message for their own generation, and hope that they can succeed in changing everything for the better, by helping to bring everyone together in the common cause of saving the human race from extinction.
Angel and Sunshine started the Children's Revolution at the G8 protest in Scotland, and since then they and their friends have been lending support to the eco warriors' kids' bloc with their plans to lead more marches with their banner “The Kids Are Revolting!”

We squatted Mole Hill Green several years ago to protest against the planned expansion of Stansted airport, and we spent a whole weekend trying to fend off the attentions of dozens of police armed with machine guns who thought we were terrorists, and the BBC and ITV and Sky News who all thought we were mad.
Local teenagers joined in the campaign, and our lawyers were responsible for the judicial review of the decision to expand Stansted, and so far Mole Hill Green and the Three Horseshoes pub are still there, and the airport has not yet been able to build another runway.

Angel participated in all the road and airport protests during the 1990s including Twyford Down, the M11 link road campaign at Wansted and Claremont Road Leytonstone, and the opposition to the Newbury bypass.
She was also involved with most of the other environmental protests including the “pure genius” land rights campaign at the Wandsworth eco village, the Big Willow eco village at Crystal Palace, which succeeded in putting a stop to a multiplex development on the site, and the campaign against the Nine Ladies stone circle quarry which was also won by the eco warriors.

Sunshine was born on a protest site in Ireland, and she was known as the Solar Power Kid when she was younger.
Angel and Sunshine are currently traveling around visiting their friends at festivals and gatherings and environmental sites in different parts of the country, networking and helping with arrangements for some very interesting events that are being planned for later this summer.
If anyone who needs to know wants any more information about their concern for the children of the world and particularly the children in the Middle East and the child slaves in the Third World, they are welcome to arrange to contact them directly by contacting us at, at any time.

We have been preparing to make some public announcements about our work for some time now, and there is obviously an urgency to reveal the full extent of the atrocity of child slavery if young child slaves are now being openly abused on the streets of London, and nobody seems to care particularly.
By some strange and mysterious coincidence Angel and Sunshine have just completed working on polishing up their new song which has not yet been publicly performed (apart from at the Inn on the Green by Portobello market where Indymedia have been holding regular film nights).
Angel's song is aptly entitled “For the Children.”
“What have we done to our Earth?” Angel asks.
“Where is the love for our children?”

(The Church of All Worlds accepts that the original report entitled “Big Issue Magazine Seller Calls Police to Arrest Young Muslim Girl” was biased in favour of the young lady who was described by police as being “only a child.” The purpose of the story was to try to mobilise support to help rescue her, not to entertain the Indymedia readers. In the event it appears that very few people agreed that the police were in the wrong.)

No copyright is being claimed for this story. Anyone may republish or broadcast it in any form, as long as it is correctly identified as having been first published on Indymedia UK. Our lawyers are watching.

Jubal Harshaw,

for and on behalf of
Free the Child Slaves,
the Children's Revolution,
the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign,

- e-mail:


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