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imobile | 09.05.2007 20:03 | Indymedia | Technology | London | South Coast

The more observant of you will have noticed the creation of a new link in tne top navigation menu on IMC UK, the link to the new mobile version of the site. You might have also noticed moves towards providing a new publishing gateway to help mobile contributors. This weekend there will be a chance to hear all about these initiatives and have your say...

(((i)))mobile is answering the callout to Brighton for the SchNEWS Alternative Media Gathering 2007 by presenting the new mobile indymedia provision for the first time. It is one of four indymedia related workshops, the others being indy global reports, indybooks and also a look at possible future directions for indymedia and related projects.

The event takes place
May 11-13th at tne Cowley Club, 12 London Rd, Brighton, BN1 4JA

As well as a coming together of those already involved in web, video, print, photography, and radio in alternative/independent media – as well as activists who use this media - this event will also be for new people wanting to get involved. Starting on Friday evening and going through to Sunday evening, there will be a range of discussions, hands-on practical workshops in the various media, as well as stalls and screenings throughout the weekend to showcase what\'s currently being produced. Many of the films being screened are brand new, and will be presented here for the first time.

The event is free/donation.

To see the schedule - as it stands - see below

FOOD - there will be vegan food served during the weekend in the Cowley Club.

For more info email
tel 01273 685 913

Here is the current schedule - watch for updates...
(the timing of some sessions overlap because there will be two discussion spaces plus video projection room).

7pm - welcoming shenanigans, sorting accommodation, creche, equipment etc

7-10pm - Stalls and screenings

SCREENINGS 7-8pm - SchMOVIES – V for Video Activist. The video arm of SchNEWS. Short campaign and direct-action films from 2006/2007.
8-9pm - Reel News 7 – The latest eclectic worldwide round up of actions/events from the London based video magazine
10-11am - Crystal Balls – opening blurb, go-round, forum/discussion about the role and future of alternative media. As organisers, people from SchNEWS will describe what we hope to get from the weekend, while everyone will be welcome to voice opinions about what are the key discussion points.

Screenings - films featured during the weekend will also be repeated at various times, as well as other unannounced short films inbetween, and films which people have brought along. Film listings will be posted up on the day.
11am-12pm - Radio - Pennie Quinton will talk about making Indy Global Reports for Resonance FM 104.4 and radio production in Palestine for (The international Middle East Media Centre), as well as grass roots journalism in conflict zones.. 11am-1pm - Photography – indepth practical workshop in photojournalism looking at use of digital cameras, photography skills, editing and preparing photos on computer and online publishing.
12-1pm - P for Peer2Peer – VISIONonTV talk about the beginning of the end for mainstream media, with high quality people2people TV over the web. How can we make the current dotcom boom into a media revolution?
1-2pm - Lunch
2-2.30pm - Sourcery - Discussion addressing all media: need to improve research methods and looking beyond the usual information sources – eg Indymedia. This is a general discussion, before breaking into two groups:

2.30-4pm - Research Methods and Practice - what can we learn from journalistic and investigative research methods. With talks from journalists, a campaign-based researcher involved in undercover techniques, and Corporate Watch talking about corporate research, and the Freedom of Infomation Act etc
2.30-3.15pm - Talk and Q&A session with Ben & Becca from S2S - who made the film Taking Liberties - about detailed film/video research - how to source information, copyright, and cataloguing it.
3.15-4pm - IndyPhonics - discussing ideas for an Indymedia Audiobook Project. As well as reading and recording books published under free license, looking into ways of making the feature content of Indymedia websites possible to listen to.
4-5pm - Mobile Indymedia - setting up remote media hubs for an event such as the G8 protest in Scotland in 2005, or last year\'s Climate Camp, as well as the role of Indymedia as part of - or as a \'service provider\' for - the protests. 4-5pm - Rice\'N\'Peas Films - Bang Bang In Da Manor -a hard hitting documentry film on gun crime in the black community, described as one of the most disturbing documentarys made in Britain.
5-6pm - Indymedia - a discussion of the future of Indymedia, and what some of the regional groups have planned, as well as a general discussion open to all about how Indymedia relates to other alternative media.
. SCREENING - 6-6.45pm - VISIONonTV - The Future of DIY TV - Some of VISIONonTV’s shows plus the best and worst of internet shows from around the globe
SCREENING - 6.45-8.15pm - Camcorder Guerillas – The Scottish film collective screen two new films: Salud Y Solidaridad (Health and Solidarity) - Zapitista film to raise money for a Health clinic in Mexico, and Those Left Behind - Asylum film focussing on the traumatic effect on local residents after the forced removal of a family in Scotland
SCREENING - 8.15-9pm - Revolt Video Collective - the second video compilation from the Ireland based film collective. With the current news from Rossport.
11am-11.45am - Sex It Up – A critical look at flyers/leaflets and other print media evaluating what works best, from a design and content point of view. Screenings - films featured during the weekend will also be repeated at various times, as well as other unannounced short films inbetween, and films which people have brought along. Film listings will be posted up on the day.
11.45am-12.30pm - Desktop Publishing (DTP) practical workshop looking at page layout, design and software 11.45am-12.30pm - Web Media - tips on web design - a comparative look at several alt media sites, looking at accessibility, maximising Google rating, types of DIY websites and software options.
12-1pm - Video Outreach without YouTube - VISIONonTV show you how to encode and upload screening quality video over the web to 100,000s of people. 12pm-1pm - Setting up a community radio station, from OX4FM, an Oxford-based group who have grown out of sound systems and pirate radio in the area.
1-2pm - Lunch
2pm-3pm - Promoting Campaigns - activists involved in such campaigns as the Titnore Woods protest camp, Smash EDO, and others will talk about how they have generated the publicity needed to raise awareness about the issue in their local communities and beyond - including making their own media, using the usual alternative medias, as well as the mainstream.
3pm-3.30pm - Screening - \'Community Action\' - made by residents associations in Haringey, about how ordinary people in a London borough are organising to empower their communities to improve their lives and the environment.

3.30pm-4.30pm - Mobilising Communities - following on from the screening of \'Community Action\' people from Haringey will talk about ways they work within a broader community, which will follow onto a discussion open to all about everyone\'s experiences with reaching outside political circles.

4.30-5.30pm - Closing discussion - feedback about all the sessions, and plans for the future. Is alternative media getting out to enough people outside the bubble, or are we just an inhouse information service for those in the know?
SCREENING - 6-7pm Undercurrents - Eco Village Pioneers - latest film about how people have come together to build their own homes, grow their own food and create their own sustainable commmunties
SCREENING - 7-8pm - Cine Rebelde - Reclaim Power - Voices from last year\'s camp for climate action, in preparation for the camp this year with a talk about this year\'s Camp for Climate Action

* Undercurrents will be recording a live TV programme over the weekend to be webcast on VISIONonTV

Keep checking this webpage for updates.



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