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On the Fires in Greece

Translator | 31.08.2007 14:17 | Climate Chaos | London

Who is Burning Greece?


Until recently from the post-junta period until now the systematic
burning of woods was blamed mainly on land grabbers and when this
wasn't enough of an argument they produced other variants of the same
theme. Sheep farmers, careless farmers, smokers, electricity pylons,
dumpsites and other such causes. It's pointless to recount events and
the attempt to use logical arguments which would show that all of
these don't have a relationship with reality and the real experience
of all. We must remind all that none of the above reasons
'mysteriously' worked during the fires which never occurred during
2004 the summer of the Olympic games, the summer when foreign agents
with their local representatives 'uncovered' the 'terrorism' of 1997
and the summer of the world games in Athens which became the test of
handing over the Olympic games (by the Yanks) to Simitis (ex-Prime
Minster) Greece. The arsons of this summer have taken on a feature of
a true holocaust which from the extent of it shows that there is a
bloodthirsty and extremely violent foreign enemy who has reasons and
want to provoke the wholescale natural and economic destruction of the
country and at the same time kneel the morale of its peoples.

Events have proven that the lies regarding the myths about 'land
grabbers' was the easy manner with which the true actors remain
unscathed and for the governments to justify themselves in the last 30
years, their cowardice and their deep inability to secure the security
of the country. Not logically from the 'communist threat' but from
'allied America', leader and protector of the 'free' world!

Very correctly the Greek people observe there is either government or
state. There are only 'areas of the Empire' and they are now trapped
in an unbelievable dilemma: on the one hand they see a fire below
their feet and on the other hand their position and their privileges
are dependent on the USA. The fall of the hegemon-USA will be their
fall. That is why the picture they produce is comictragic. Greece is
an aim they tell us. But they don't tell us who is firing the shots,
when most people already know.

Along the same lines does the official Left operate dragging along the
leftists behind them as well. In front of the greatest national
tragedy it circulates from the sidelines the well known myths. From
the logic of its degeneration it has developed into a servant of its
bosses to a servant of the boss of bosses. Whilst it attributes the
fires to a conspiracy of land grabbers it characterises as
conspiracists all those who condemn the secret services of the USA who
are to be found behind this firestorm and are using the fires as they
did before with fake terrorism as a means of pressurising and
politically controlling the country.

They say to us, "Where did the government ever go against the orders
of the USA to blame it?"
In the best of cases those who think that way do not understand from
the world relationships and the role of the USA and the Eurasian

The problem isn't the Greek government but the European Union and the
future of its relationship with the USA. For the moment this
relationship even if it shows some movement has as is described by the
ex-adviser of National Security Brezinski, "The hard truth is that
Western Europe and to a large extent Central Europe - remain to a
large degree a US protectorate, with the allied states reminding all
of the old subjects and servants".

True Europe (and not only it) are subjects with a manner which reminds
all of the areas of ancient Rome. The USA whilst it was the world's
first industrialised country has developed into a world parasite which
imports goods of human labour and exports printed currency. In other
words dollars which it prints ceaselessly whilst it has astronomical
trading deficits which would have made a long time any other currency

But the dollar remains a world currency and today dominates the
exclusivity in the energy market as the Americans imposed it in
agreement with the countries of OPEC. As a result all the countries
which don't have their own energy sources to provide the products of
labour to the USA in return for inflationary dollars. IN the meantime
therefore the subjects of this exploitation, Europe and mainly Japan
support the dollar with injections of the Euro and the Yen.

Consequently this situation is a constant economic haemorrhaging which
Europe cannot cope with for much longer. It is forced despite American
objections to turn towards Russian oil and gas, therefore to the
rouble and the development of relationships with Russia. The marriage
of technologically advanced Europe with the rich in energy and raw
materials and land mass Russia and also its strong nuclear arsenal is
a development which affects mainly US interests and it leads
inevitably to the death of dollar hegemony. It leads the USA into
decline and leads it into a power of the periphery, isolated onto its
continental landmass.

The consequences to its state unity and social stability can be
cataclysmic. As is the stability of its autarchic regimes in the
Middle East and on the whole planet. Alongside all the analysts
predict the possible US collapse will lead to world chaos.

This frightens the oligarchs of all countries but the people have
nothing to lose but their chains. Anyway chaos is already here.
Through this something new may be born. A higher economic and cultural

For the USA it is a question of life and death to maintain control in
the international energy reserves. For the European north they
proposed for the Russian pipeline to pass through Poland so they can
control it. For the South they proposed it passes through Turkey for
the same reason. No one listened to them. Merkel and Putin agreed for
the pipeline to go straight to Germany through the North Sea.
Karamanlis applying European decisions agreed with Putin for the gas
pipeline to go through Burghas-Alexandrupolis and then to Western
Europe via Italy.

The signatures have been made, but the Americans have decided to stop
with every means the application of the agreement. As they cant openly
attack Europe they have declared and undeclared, secret war, burning
Italy, France, Spain and Portugal whilst against our small country in
the European periphery, they have unleashed with particular mania and
vehemeness a war of total destruction, but mainly to show to the more
powerful countries of Western Europe what will happen to them if they
do not obey the demands of the USA to continue to dispute US rule. We
are able to suppose that whilst the firestorm slaughter continues we
have backdoor bargaining's.

The criminal hand of US agents and the fifth flange of their local
collaborators will not leave unless crushed. They are everywhere even
in the Fire service. Let us take into account that high-level officers
are being trained in the USA, not by fire-fighters but by agents of
the ...FBI!

As a first step the USA must be uncovered and be condemned directly by
Greek and foreign public opinion. The derisory political leaderships
will not do it. This must be imposed by the Greek people. If not it
will be liable to its dark fate.



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