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BALOCHISTAN : "Holistic approach" for development or exploitation ?

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Pakistan exploiting Baloch resources for china by building mega projects , baloch people do not benefit just as they didn't in 60 years (

Baloch Society of North America
Baloch Society of North America

September 17, 2007

These 3 articles point the motivation behind the eagerness of Pakistani government to develop Mega Projects in Balochistan . If one connect them , the main player is China ,these "trade and industrial corridor " from Balochistan to China will not benefit Baloch people in anyway .

Holistic approach for development of Balochistan; PM

ISLAMABAD, Sept 16 APP; Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz Sunday said that government has adopted a holistic approach for the development of Baluchistan and the economic and political initiatives are being made in tandem to expedite growth and development in the province. Talking to Maulana Abdul Bari Provincial Minister for Public Health Engineering Baluchistan at the PM House he said that government is working to bring development, stability and growth in Baluchistan.

He said the Rs. 164 billion allocated by the federal government for 140 ongoing development projects in Baluchistan are manifestation of the government’s commitment to bring Baluchistan at par with more developed areas of the country. These projects will lead to creation of more jobs and better facilities of life for the people, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said that the development of dams, Gawader port, expansion of road network and development of fisheries and minerals programmes undertaken by the government will change the fate of Baluchistan.

He said government is particularly focusing on strengthening of infrastructure and 35% of NHA budget is being spent on building a network of roads and highways in the province which will open up more income generation and employment opportunities in the province.

The Prime Minister said that the Government wants the Pakistani youth to be fully equipped with the religious and worldly education to achieve a progressive, enlightened and Islamic Pakistan as envisaged by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The Prime Minister said that the government is against extremism as it is against the spirit of Islam and Pakistan’s national interests. He said that the government believes in dialogue with all political forces so that a conducive environment for the development, peace and progress can be ensured.

Maulana Abdul Bari Provincial Minister for Public Health Engineering Baluchistan thanked the Prime Minister for taking special interest for the development of Baluchistan. He said that the Mega Development Projects will bring prosperity to the people of the province. He said that as a result of various initiatives taken by the Federal Government tremendous job opportunities are being generated, bringing marked improvement in the living standard of the people of Baluchistan.

He also thanked the Prime Minister for taking personal interest to provide relief and rehabilitation to the flood affected people of the province.

Pakistan to establish trade and industrial corridor with China

By Sajid Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has approved the establishment of a trade, energy, transport and industrial corridor between Pakistan and China and in this regard a 16 member Policy and Supervisory Board has been constituted under the chairmanship of the President Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

The approval for constitution of a more than 10-member Steering Committee under the chairmanship of the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission has also been accorded. The approval for the constitution of board and committee was accorded for quick implementation and proper monitoring of the decision taken during a high level meeting presided over by the President of Pakistan. Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz also participated in the meeting.

The president, in this regard also approved a set of 14 important measures to make this initiative a success, a senior government official told Daily Times on Saturday. The meeting, while considering the proposal of the establishment of trade energy, transport and industrial corridor between Pakistan and China decided that Pak-China bilateral working group would be constituted to prepare and finalise action plan for building the multi-modal corridor. The meeting decided that general attractive concessions would be given for the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs).
Site for China-Saudi oil refinery in the proposed Oil City at Gwadar be identified and terms and conditions be decided on priority basis. Government of Balochistan has been asked to identify state land for development of projects at Gwadar out of which 50 square kilometres be allocated to Chinese developers at nominal rates for establishment of SEZs.
The meeting decided that the Gwadar seaport development programme (Arthur D Little and Chinese Plans) was approved in principle and it was decided to commence negotiations with Chinese counterparts to attract investment in this area. Financial incentives equal or better than Chinese SEZs would be provided to the investors in the said area.

A team comprising Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Minister of State for Investment, Secretary General, Revenue Division and Energy Advisor would finalise investment incentives with Chinese investors within 90 days before the high-level Chinese visit to Pakistan.
The energy advisor was directed to recommend within 60 days the oil concessions for Chinese companies with the objective of attracting Chinese companies to bring in at least 200 rigs to Pakistan. This policy would be open to other interested exploration companies as well.
As an essential first step, a joint venture company comprising Pakistani stakeholders and foreign companies should start coal mining. Suggested Pakistani equity partners were identified as government of Pakistan (National Logistic Cell, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) (PAEC) and government of Sindh (Sindh Coal Authority).

During the meeting the prime minister showed his willingness to resolve the issue of land for economic zones in different parts of the country, in addition to special lease of land at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar for international entrepreneurs including Chinese companies to build 15-20 story offices, business support centers and residency blocks for the perspective investors.

During the meeting the initiative proposed by Pakistan’s Ambassador in Beijing to set-up a consortium for earthquake re-construction using Chinese experience in planning earthquake resistant cities was supported.

The meeting decided that a policy and supervisory board would be constituted for providing strategic vision laying down policy guidelines, ensuring timely decisions and regular monitoring the progress. It was decided that President of Pakistan to head the Board and other members will be Prime Minister, Federal Ministers of Ports and Shipping, Communication, Railways, Petroleum and Natural Resources, Industries and Production, Commerce, Water and Power, Governor and Chief Minister Balochistan, Minister of State for Investment, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, Secretary General Finance, Secretary General Revenue Division and Secretary Foreign Affairs.

Committee set up for mineral project

By Sajid Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD: A 14-member steering committee has been constituted for the development of 12.3 million tonnes of copper and 21 million ounces of gold resource at Rekodiq Copper-Gold Project, a senior government official told Daily Times on Friday.

The steering committee has been empowered to finalise the terms and conditions for the mineral agreement with M/s Tetyan Copper Mining Company (TCMC) and coordinate with federal and provincial government and serve as one window facility the investors and the government departments. The contribution of mineral sector to the GDP has increased on commercial exploitation of Saindak copper-gold deposit. Duddar zinc-lead deposit in Balochistan is in construction phase by a Chinese mining company and expected to start commercial production during 2008. M/s Tetyan Copper Mining Company has proved 12.3 MT of copper and 21 Moz of gold resource in Rekodiq in Balochistan.

The company, owned by M/s Antofogasta of Chille and Barrick Gold of Canada, is preparing feasibility study to commission a project to produce 250,000 tonnes of copper and 400,000 ounces of gold. A junior Australian company; Lake Resources is exploring precious metals in district Chaghi, in Balochistan. Rekodiq copper project is being undertaken by the Chilean Antofagasta Company with investment of $6 billion in Chaghi district of Balochistan which would place Pakistan on the world copper map shortly.

Minister for Petroleum and Natural resources Amanullah Khan Jadoon has been appointed as chairman of the 14 member steering committee which also includes Balochistan Minister for Mines government of, Chief Secretary, government of Balochistan, Chairman Central Board of Revenue (CBR), Secretary Petroleum and Natural Resources, Secretary Board of Investment, Secretary railways, Secretary Water and Power, Secretary Communication, Secretary Mines and Minerals Department Balochistan, Secretary Law and Justice government of Balochistan, Secretary Finance Balochistan, Chairman Balochistan Development Authority and the committee has been allowed to co-opt any other member of the ministries and departments concerned of federal and provincial governments respectively for all or any of the terms of reference.

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