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Will the Children's Revolution Save the Human Race from Extinction?

Jubal Harshaw | 31.12.2007 20:58 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | London | World

Proposals for the Eco Warriors to try to save humanity from extinction in a global warming catastrophe by lending support to a Children's Revolution in the villages near Heathrow Airport that are being threatened with demolition to make way for the planned third runway have been circulated by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign.

An appeal has been issued for all the environmental campaigners in Britain to come together urgently and work with the local people in the Sipson Harmondsworth and Harlington villages to create a futuristic high tech eco-village to set an example of the way forward to ensure the survival of future generations.

The Children of the Eco Warriors joined forces with children from the threatened villages during the kids' bloc Children's Revolution march at the Camp for Climate Action near Heathrow in August 2007.

Although they were completely surrounded by police on foot and on horseback the fearless children chanted “No third runway” as they marched all the way to the BAA car park where they joined their fathers who were fighting it out with the riot police.
In spite of massive worldwide publicity about the threat of runaway global warming and climate change and the catastrophic consequences to humanity of expanding Heathrow Airport, the Camp for Climate Action failed to stop the decision to build the third runway and a sixth terminal.

The planned third runway at Heathrow Airport will completely destroy the villages of Sipson and Harmondsworth and virtually wipe out the village of Harlington as well.
More than 700 homes will be demolished along with woodlands and natural wildlife habitats and ancient churches and listed monuments and buildings hundreds of years old, and a huge area of historic Britain will be obliterated forever and thousands of people will be forcibly evicted from their homes.

There has never been such destruction in Britain in modern times and the battle to stop the third runway and save the Heathrow villages will probably be the biggest environmental protest campaign ever seen on the Earth.
Many environmental activists are calling for a Revolution in Britain to replace the government with a new political and economic system based on local action and environmentalism and environmental economics.

In his forthcoming book “Sipson: A Village Under Threat” local historian Philip Sherwood writes: “The latest proposal estimates that 700 houses would have to be demolished but this is a serious distortion of the true position.
“It relates only to the houses directly affected by the development and takes no heed of those just outside the airport boundary that would be made uninhabitable.

“In 1992 a previous plan for a third runway made the more realistic estimate that 3000 homes would have to be destroyed and if air pollution considerations are taken into account the figure is nearer to 10,000.
“The scale of the destruction is so enormous that one can only wonder at the state of mind of those who can even contemplate destroying whole communities and forcibly evicting the villagers just to improve the profitability of the aviation industry.”

During the road protests in the 1990s there was always the question of what should the environmental activists be doing while they were waiting for the bulldozers to arrive to destroy everything they were so desperately trying to protect.
As well as digging tunnels and building tree houses in preparation for the final show-down with their Alien enemies the Eco warriors also planted nature reserves with trees and flowers and vegetables in a last ditch attempt to try to save woodlands and forests from being concreted over by new roads and motorways and airport runways.

Not only was the environment being destroyed by big business and big government but the constant flood of new developments was also producing more greenhouse gas pollution and increasing the disastrous effects of global warming and climate change.
Almost ten years after the road protests ended the threat to the Earth's environment from the governments and the transnational corporations is worse than ever before, and the environmental destruction that is now being planned all over the world will probably lead to runaway global warming and drive the human race to extinction.

A collective of creative Eco Warriors who are writers and artists and musicians and film makers and mechanics and computer technicians is proposing that the threatened Heathrow villages should declare their independence from Westminster and transform the entire area into a giant futuristic eco-village.
They are suggesting that the local people should form a Revolutionary Council to take control of their own local affairs and make their own laws and create the eco-friendly projects of tomorrow that will help to ensure the survival of future generations.

The Eco Warriors have written the script for a reality TV show entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?” which is supposed to be a psycho drama acted out and filmed by the local people themselves.
It is intended to be based on the 1949 British satirical film “Passport to Pimlico” and borrowing ideas from Robert A. Heinlein's brilliant science fiction novel “Stranger in a Strange Land”.

The story line suggests that Aliens have taken over positions of power in governments and corporations on the Earth and they are systematically polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases and destroying the planet and turning the humans into their robots and slaves.
The Aliens are planning to expand Heathrow Airport so that they can bring in their motherships for the final Alien Invasion of the Earth, but in the nick of time a new youth movement known as The Martians resists and fights back in self defence against the evil Aliens to save the human race from being driven to extinction.

The following email was sent to the local residents living in the threatened villages near Heathrow Airport by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign on Christmas Day.
It has also been sent to all the major environmental groups and organisations in Britain and to many public figures claiming to be concerned about global warming and climate change.

The Queen was sent a copy of the email after she said we were all brothers and sisters and she appealed for everyone to help the vulnerable and not turn a blind eye to the disadvantaged in her Christmas speech from Buckingham Palace.
It has also been sent to the Pope who appealed for the world to be delivered from out of the darkness of poverty injustice and war, and it has also been sent to the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams who appealed to the people of the world to protect the sacred environment of the Earth in his Christmas message.


Dear Friends,
Somewhere on the Earth there are three small villages that are threatened with being demolished by bulldozers to make way for a third runway to expand the airport nearby.
These villages have been watched closely for more than ten years by a tribe of environmental campaigners known to the news media and the public as the Eco Warriors.
During that time the government and the airline industry have been planning massive airport expansion in Britain whilst simultaneously global warming has been heating up the Earth causing temperatures to rise alarmingly and the polar ice caps to melt and the sea levels to rise.

Towards the end of November 2007 the public consultation for the third runway at Heathrow Airport was announced by a consortium whose members came from the British Airports Authority, the British government, and the trade unions.
They all spoke with one voice and said that another runway was essential to ensure the continued prosperity of the British economy and to provide more jobs for working people.
This was at the same time as thousands of United Nations' scientists were reporting that climate change was accelerating and would result in catastrophic consequences for humanity.

Their stark warning was that unless urgent action was taken very soon to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop the escalating effects of global warming there would be worldwide flooding in the low lying coastal areas of every country causing mass migrations of hundreds of millions of people.
Many environmentalists believe this has already begun to happen and it is now too late to stop the destruction of the Earth and the extinction of humanity.

The United Nations' scientists have also warned that as a direct result of global warming there will be local wars over oil and food and water and land, and that these conflicts could lead to a global World War Three wiping out the entire human race in a nuclear holocaust.
They have said that humanity is facing an Ecological Cataclysm in the very near future and they believe that as many as three billion people will die from drowning and starvation and disease by the middle of the century as the flood waters continue to rise.

The United Nations' scientists said at the climate change conference in Bali in December 2007 that every country on the Earth should work together to try to avert the coming humanitarian catastrophe.
Environmental campaigners say that many of the local wars have already begun and that the brutal war with Iraq is a war for oil and the terrible genocide in Darfur is also a war over the increasingly scarce natural resources of the Earth.

A number of other equally eminent and reputable scientists have also warned that global warming is rapidly becoming irreversible and they have predicted that climate change will probably result in making the Earth completely uninhabitable and in driving the human race to extinction this century.
Dr James Hansen of NASA has said that most of the major coastal cities of the world could soon be under water and Professor James Lovelock has said that the entire cities of London and New York will have to be moved to escape from the flooding from the rising seas.
He has also warned that 90% of humanity will be wiped out by the rising temperatures.

Based on what scientists now knew about global warming the human race faced extinction by the end of the 21st century, Professor Peter Barret the Director of the Antarctic Research Center at Victoria university in Wellington New Zealand said in Christchurch in 2004.
After 40 years of study of climate change in the Antarctic Professor Barret predicted the end of human civilisation in the very near future.
The Worldwatch Institute in Washington has said that the present generation of children will be the last on the Earth.

A secret report from the Pentagon to the American White House leaked to the Observer newspaper in 2004 said that worldwide flooding would begin towards the end of 2007 and that there would be a dramatic increase in storms and hurricanes and droughts and famines around the world.
Global warming would result in hundreds of millions of environmental refugees fleeing from their countries as sea levels rose, and this would present a threat to America's national security very soon, the Pentagon warned.
However in spite of the urgency of the global environmental crisis the American government refused to agree to sign up to binding cuts in carbon emissions at the climate change conference in Bali.

The Bush administration is known to have been illegally suppressing the truth about global warming and climate change for many years by censoring scientific reports and trying to silence the scientists when they try to speak out about the dangers of continuing to burn fossil fuels.
Russian scientists have warned that the Gulf Stream could stop completely by 2012 and Siberian temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees will bring a new ice age to Britain and Europe.

A group of Eco Warriors in London is working on plans for a Peoples' reality TV show entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?” about how the local people in the small villages near Heathrow Airport resist and fight back in self defence against the proposed third runway at Heathrow Airport.
The British government and the British Airports Authority are threatening to destroy the ancient heritage and tradition of the villages to build the third runway.
Environmentalists believe that unless aviation expansion is brought to an immediate halt runaway global warming is very likely to spiral out of control and the extinction of all life on Earth will be the inevitable end result.

There have been recent reports from scientists that global warming is speeding up and the rate of temperature rise and the melting of the ice caps and the rising of the sea levels is now three times what it was just two years ago.
Many scientists are now saying that the worst predictions of global warming will occur in the next five years and not in 100 years as previously believed.
A worldwide environmental Revolution against the Alien corporations and the corrupt governments that work for them is the only answer to ensuring the survival of future generations according to most serious environmental activists.

The Eco Warriors have decided to offer all their ideas and the broadcast rights to their reality TV show “Can You Save the Human Race?” as a Christmas gift to the residents of the Sipson and Harmondsworth and Harlington villages which are now at very serious risk of being destroyed forever.
More than a thousand environmental campaigners protested against the plans for the third runway at Heathrow at the Camp for Climate Action in August 2007 and they hoped that this would help stop the expansion of the airport.

But unfortunately the government and the airline industry did not change their minds and instead they proceeded with the public consultation towards the end of November.
Many people believe that the consultation is a sham and that the decision to build the third runway has already been made and that the only way to stop it is to close down the criminal British government and break up the monopoly of the British Airports Authority.

The Eco Warriors are proposing that the local residents should transform the whole of their local area into a futuristic high tech eco-village which could set an example of progressive environmentally friendly direct action to other local areas all over the world.
The threatened Heathrow villages could lead the way forward to helping reverse the disastrous effects of global warming and to ensuring the survival of future generations.

To achieve this it is being suggested that there should be a continuing programme of environmental events and projects in the villages and a basic story line that can be filmed by local people for the reality TV show to be broadcast worldwide regularly via a major international mobile phone network.
If the local people take control of their own local affairs and introduce a new political and economic system of localisation and environmentalism and environmental economics they could possibly succeed in changing the entire course of human history.

This is the proposed script for the reality TV show “Can You Save the Human Race?” which is supposed to be a true story acted out and filmed by the local people themselves as it happens:
The local residents of the three threatened villages Sipson Harmondsworth and Harlington decide to hold an emergency meeting in a local church to discuss what they should do about the corporate and government plans to demolish their villages to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

The meeting agrees that there is something very wrong about the way that new road and airport developments are contributing to global warming and climate change by increasing the burning of fossil fuels and that there needs to be a different way of doing things on the Earth to prevent the imminent extinction of humanity.
Nobody wants to do anything illegal but they all want to exercise their democratic rights in a free society and resist the government which many people believe is corrupt, so they consider ways to revolt peacefully and legally.

The residents watch a screening of “Passport to Pimlico” the 1949 satirical British comedy film about how the English traditionally deal with absurd situations, and it shows how a small section of London declares its independence from the rest of Britain.
Wikipedia the free Internet encyclopedia describes the film in a brief synopsis:
“A bomb left over from the Second World War blows up in the Pimlico district of London after some local children roll a tractor tyre down a hole.

“The explosion reveals a buried cellar in which artwork, coins, jewellery, and an ancient parchment document are found.
“Professor Hatton-Jones (Margaret Rutherford) authenticates it as a royal charter that ceded Pimlico to Charles VII ("the Rash") the last Duke of Burgundy when he sought refuge there several centuries ago.
“As the charter had never been revoked Pimlico is legally part of Burgundy.
“Local policeman P.C. Spiller (Philip Stainton) observes: 'Blimey! I'm a foreigner!'

“The British government has no legal jurisdiction and requires the Burgundians to form a committee according to the laws of the long-defunct dukedom before negotiating with them.
“Ancient Burgundian law requires that the Duke himself appoints a council.
“Without one all seems lost - until a young man from Dijon (Paul Dupuis) steps forward and proves that he is the heir to the dukedom.

“He duly forms a governing body.
“One of its members is the shrewd shopkeeper Arthur Pemberton (Stanley Holloway).
“Very quickly Burgundy (followed soon after by the rest of London) realises that it is not subject to post-war rationing and other bureaucratic restrictions, and the district is quickly flooded with entrepreneurs, crooks, and eager shoppers.

“A noisy free-for-all ensues which Spiller the Chief (and only) Constable of Burgundy finds himself unable to handle.
“Then the British authorities close the 'border' with barbed wire.
“Having left England without their passports the bargain hunters have trouble returning home - as one policeman replies to an indignant woman: 'Don't blame me Madam if you choose to go abroad to do your shopping.'

“The Burgundians decide that two can play this game and stop an underground train dead in its tracks. 'The train is now at the Burgundy frontier' explains an agent of the newly formed Customs and Excise department.
“They proceed to ask the passengers if they have anything to declare.
“The infuriated British government retaliates by breaking off negotiations.
“Burgundy is isolated like post-war Berlin and the residents are invited to 'emigrate' to England.

“But the Burgundians are 'a fighting people' and though the children are evacuated the adults stand fast.
“As Mrs Pemberton (Betty Warren) puts it: 'We've always been English and we'll always be English, and it's precisely because we are English that we're sticking up for our right to be Burgundians!'
“Pimlico is cut off from electricity food and water (though there's plenty of gin and crisps).
“The water problem is solved by a covert raid late one night refilling the reservoir with hoses attached to the nearest fire hydrant on the British side of the border.

“Unfortunately the food supply is spoiled when the cellar where it is being stored becomes flooded and it appears that the Burgundians are beaten.
“Just in time three Burgundian youngsters learn about this crisis and toss food across the border setting an example for sympathetic Londoners.
“They begin throwing food parcels across the barrier in an improvised 'airlift' echoing the one that ended the Berlin Blockade.
“Soon others get into the act.
“A helicopter drops a hose to deliver milk.
“Even swine are parachuted in (reputedly) - a reference to the expression 'when pigs fly'.

“Meanwhile the government comes under public pressure to resolve the problem.
“It becomes clear to the bumbling diplomats assigned to find a solution, Gregg (Basil Radford) and Straker (Naunton Wayne), that defeating the Burgundians would be no easy task.
“The sticking point turns out to be the disposition of the unearthed treasure.
“At last the local banker (Raymond Huntley) hits upon a novel solution: 'A Burgundian loan to Britain!'

“With negotiations successfully concluded, an outdoor banquet is prepared to welcome Burgundy back into the fold.
“Just as Big Ben strikes the hour of reunification the Burgundians realise they truly are back in England when the clouds part after a loud clap of thunder and the heat wave is brought to a swift end by a torrential downpour sending everyone scurrying for cover.

“The 1941 song 'I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire' is featured in the film.
“Molly the fishmonger's assistant played by Jane Hylton sings the song to herself at the beginning of the film and then later on aloud to piano accompaniment in the pub while some of the other characters dance to it”.
A lot of other well known comedy actors and actresses performed in the Ealing Studios' film and Sir Winston Churchill appeared as Himself in archive footage from the period.

After watching “Passport to Pimlico” the residents of the Sipson Harmondsworth and Harlington villages decide that under the provisions of the Magna Carta and the British Constitution they also have the legal right to declare their villages to be autonomous and independent from outside political control.
It is proposed that the villages should declare their independence from the British government at Westminster and that the local people should agree to establish a local Revolutionary Council to plan their own future without interference from the politicians and the the big business corporations.

They agree that the plans to demolish their villages must be resisted at all costs and that local action by local people in their own local areas to take control of their own local affairs is the only possible answer to the problems of global warming and climate change.
In their own case the problem of being destroyed by corporations burning insane amounts of fossils fuels has come far sooner than in other areas and now they have to work out how to try to stop the third runway from being built at Heathrow Airport.

The local people decide to combine their three villages into one futuristic high tech eco-village which they name “Extinction!” as a constant reminder to everybody of the Apocalyptic disaster that faces the world if no action is taken soon to combat the Ecological Cataclysm the United Nations' scientists say will result from global warming.
The locals decide that ordinary working people like themselves can and must set an example of the way to transform every local area on the Earth into eco-friendly bio-regions capable of protecting themselves from the very worst effects of global warming and climate change.

The vision of the local residents is to create an eco-village that will be so amazing it will become essential to the future survival of humanity itself.
They agree that the children of tomorrow need all the help they can get from the people of today.
The meeting of the Revolutionary Council of the newly created eco-village “Extinction!” decides to make their own flag and passports and postage stamps and to create their own local Peoples' Bank with their own local currency without interest rates or inflation.

They also agree to produce their own local revolutionary newspaper and to broadcast the continuing story of their transformation into an eco-friendly super community via their own local radio and television stations and to film their own reality TV show entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?”
The show will be the true story of the local resistance as it fights back against the destruction of their villages and it will also document the local efforts to save the human race from extinction.
It will be filmed by local people and it will help serve as legal evidence for their lawyers in the continuing court battles with the government and the corporations that are hell bent on destroying their homes to build the third runway.

The meeting also decides to try to turn the entire project into an international tourist attraction that will bring scientists and environmentalists and journalists to the area from all over the world to study and report on what is happening there.
In this way they hope to attract massive publicity all over the Earth to their cause which they believe is a common cause with all the People of the World who are also being threatened with losing their homes when the worldwide flooding begins.

The meeting also decides to declare their eco-village to be a conservation area and to leave Nature and the wildlife alone to grow wild and free with a policy originally pioneered in Hampstead and Highgate known as “benign neglect”.
The local people decide to cultivate millions of trees to share with other areas and to plant a rain forest all around their eco-village so they can breed endangered species to help put a stop to the mass extinction of wildlife now occurring all over the Earth.

The village residents decide to use permaculture in all their homes and offices and businesses and to plant trees and flowers and plants and vegetables on all the rooftops in the area to absorb the carbon dioxide in the air and to produce more oxygen and to help feed the birds and animals.
They also decide to collect rain water on their rooftops to save water.
They will also create a local desert and a local beach so that the environmental research and development projects can be carried out by local students in natural surroundings.
Local rivers will be diverted to run through the eco-village to provide fresh water and to enable further research into better drainage and new waterway systems to be undertaken.

The local people also decide to grow their own food and to produce their own dairy products on their own local farms and to become completely self sufficient in all their requirements by manufacturing everything else they need themselves by using new robotic cad-cam computer technology.
They decide to stop using fossil fuels and to use bio fuels instead including recycling used chip fat.

They decide to conduct practical research locally into producing solar power, ground source energy, free energy, wind power, and hydrogen powered fuel cells, and to make their own wind turbines and solar panels so they can generate their own electricity.
They also decide to convert all their vehicles and equipment that use internal combustion engines to water powered engines which will burn hydrogen as fuel produced by hydrolysis at the point of ignition, which is a revolutionary new way of cutting emissions from existing cars and trucks to zero.

The Revolutionary Council of Extinction! also decides to open a local community centre where local residents can meet each other to plan their resistance to the government and the corporations and to bring their unwanted second hand goods to share with each other.
They decide to call this project the Earth Fair Consumer Revolt because it will mean they can stop buying new goods from the corporate owned high street shops and stores because they already have everything they need.

It will also be a practical demonstration of recycling and reusing goods which would otherwise be thrown away in the rubbish dumps creating an environmental hazard as at present.
Earth Fairs could conceivably spring up in every small town and village on the Earth once this idea is properly understood by the world's public.

The new independent eco-village near Heathrow Airport could in fact become so important to ensuring the survival of future generations that it will hopefully be impossible for the government and the corporations to continue to even consider wanting to destroy it.
The idea of creating local self sufficient eco-villages in all the local areas in the world could spread all over Britain and could succeed in making the central government irrelevant and unnecessary to the lives and future of local people everywhere now threatened with global warming catastrophe.
This new revolutionary spirit could mushroom all over the planet and help to save the human race from extinction because in the end only the People of the World will be able to save themselves from the actions of the politicians and the corporate leaders who are destroying them.

The environmental campaigners known as the Eco Warriors are basically a loose knit collective of ordinary working people some of whom are creative artists and writers and musicians and film makers.
We are offering to help the residents of Sipson and Harmondsworth and Harlington to turn their villages into a futuristic high tech eco-village if they would like us to.

We are prepared to move into the area and work on all the proposed projects including organising the Earth Fair Consumer Revolt and providing other practical back up and support to help make the villages self sufficient in all their own needs.
The idea is that with the help of experienced environmental activists the local people can become independent from the government and the big business corporations and will be able to set an example that can be emulated by other small towns and villages all over the planet.

We have the equipment and the expertise to rescue and repair vehicles for the local residents and also to do plumbing and electrical work and to install and help operate computer systems completely free of charge.
We can also provide free practical help and advice with all the rest of the projects designed to discover solutions to the global environmental crisis.
We can also help with court cases and lawyers and media attention when appropriate.
Our lawyers are the best in the world for environmental and human rights cases and we have the email addresses of all the editors in all the international news media organisations when we feel the need for publicity for the cause.

Essentially our offer is to lend support to the local campaign to stop the third runway from being built by sharing our extensive experience with similar environmental projects and campaigns from Twyford Down to the present day.
The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign is a philanthropic organization which can also help put environmental groups needing funding in touch with the foundations that provide money for peace and environmental campaigns.

We are planning to ask Sony to provide all the local people involved with producing and filming the reality TV show “Can You Save the Human Race?” with video cameras and compatible laptops so that the show can be professionally made with the best equipment available.
We also intend asking Hutchison 3G to provide everyone with the latest Skype mobile phones so that the show can be broadcast on the Three mobile network all around the world every day.

This kind of publicity cannot be bought for love or money and these corporations should be pleased to be asked to help take part in what could well become the most important environmental campaign in human history.
Especially since they are still producing unacceptable levels of carbon emissions themselves and it is time that they got involved with helping to save the human race from extinction.

One of our friends is planning to build a factory in the London area to manufacture the latest eco-friendly cars that run on compressed air and thus produce no harmful emissions, and hopefully he will be able to do this in the villages near Heathrow Airport that are threatened with being demolished.
Another member of our group is designing a low energy computer chip that will help to reduce the amount of electricity used by computers around the world.
He is also working on building a conversion kit for internal combustion engines that will enable petrol and diesel vehicles to run on hydrogen produced from water by hydrolysis at the point of ignition.

We also have plans for household micro generation of free energy that will revolutionise the way that electricity is produced and will help to eliminate the use of the destructive coal fired power stations forever and also make nuclear power plants obsolete.
We are also working on a proposed design for a mobile eco-phone that will use the Voice Over Internet Protocol to enable all phone calls to be routed via the Internet which will cut the price of calls to landlines to about a tenth of a penny a minute and the price of mobile calls to about a penny a minute.

The eco-phone will be a combination of a hard drive video camera and a laptop and a mobile phone capable of streaming live video around the world instantly, and hopefully it will become the ultimate tool of choice for environmental campaigners.
We are also working on plans for ordinary people to produce solar power in their own homes by the magnification of the sun's rays and by storing the energy in portable batteries.
Obviously we cannot complete all these projects by ourselves but we are hoping to inspire other people to join in and get involved and to help share their own eco-friendly ideas and projects with all the local people in their own local areas all over the Earth.

The Children of the Eco Warriors may be willing to hold another Children's Revolution event in the Sipson and Harmondsworth and Harlington villages in the summer of 2008.
The crew of the Rinky Dink bicycle powered sound system did express an interest in helping to organise this again after the successful kids' bloc march at the Camp for Climate Action in August 2007.

It is suggested that the local school children could consider having their own Children's Revolution in the local schools where they could learn about renewable energies and permaculture and other subjects essential to an understanding of the problems of global warming and climate change.
As well as watching the film “Passport to Pimlico” local residents might also consider studying Al Gore's film “An Inconvenient Truth” and other educational environmental material as well.

The Children of the Eco Warriors will possibly be leading a Children's Revolution march with their friends and families and their lawyers from the Heathrow villages to parliament to arrest the government some time in the coming summer.
We believe the British government should be put on trial for war crimes and for corruption and for helping the transnational corporations destroy the global environment before they manage to succeed in killing the human race.

There needs to be a new revolutionary system of localisation and environmentalism and environmental economics to replace the outdated capitalist globalisation and the ever increasing destruction of the Earth and all the life on it.
The best possible location for all of these ideas to be put into practice would be in the three little villages that are now being threatened with extinction.

Our report “Can You Save the Human Race?” contains many thousands of pages of scientific evidence that we hope will prove that the governments and the banks and the transnational corporations are responsible for causing global warming.
We are intending to take civil and criminal action in the courts this summer against the US and the UK governments and the oil companies and the rest of the corporations, and we will be asking the judges in Britain and Europe and America to hold them all legally accountable for driving humanity to extinction.

Our lawyers handled the judicial review against the decision to expand Stansted Airport for the local councils and the Stop Stansted Expansion campaign, and they will probably also be involved with handling the judicial review against the plans to expand Heathrow Airport with a third runway.
But in the meantime we should all be aware that there is still plenty of very serious work to be done while the consultation and the public enquiry and the judicial reviews are all running their course, and we should never let our guard down because the politicians and their paymasters are very rich and very powerful.

Under their so-called leadership humanity itself appears to have gone backwards in recent times.
When accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in raising public awareness of global warming Al Gore said that mankind is in fact waging war on the Earth which sounded like a bit of an understatement.
In the Middle East it looks like the Wild West all over again and we all seem to have lost our humanity and become proxy killers for the American government courtesy of our corrupt prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who have helped the Bush administration commit war crimes and numerous other atrocities.

When terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre in New York the British government sold our country out to the Americans and went to war against Iraq to fight and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians including women and children who have been slaughtered for their oil.
These people had nothing whatever to do with the terrorist attack on America and the war with Iraq is illegal and our government is corrupt and its support for the oil companies and the aviation industry and all the rest of the Alien transnational corporations is also obviously illegal.

George bush has brought great shame on our great nation but our government has shamed us even more and we have shamed ourselves by not speaking out enough and by not taking our own action against them.
Burning the stolen Iraqi oil will help the governments and the oil companies kill the human race which actually gives us the legal right to overthrow the British government in a peaceful Revolution to help ensure our own survival.

The American constitution gives the People the legal right to overthrow their government when it acts against their interests and the British have exactly the same rights under the Magna Carta and the British Constitution.
A peaceful Revolution in Britain could be accomplished by local people taking control of their own local affairs and dismissing the corrupt central government when their services are no longer required.

The kids' bloc Children's Revolution started at the Stirling eco-village during the protests against the G8 summit in Scotland in 2005 and the Children of the Eco Warriors led the march at the first Camp for Climate Action at the Drax power station protest in 2006.
There is a new youth movement emerging on the Earth dedicated to saving the human race from extinction and its most recent incarnation was at the Camp for Climate Action near Sipson village in August 2007.

The legendary Eco Warriors Angel and Sunshine started the anti aviation expansion campaign by squatting Mole Hill Green next to Stansted Airport several years ago and they led the Children's Revolution march on the day of mass direct action at the Heathrow Camp for Climate Action with the banner “The Kids Are Revolting!”
Angel and Sunshine now have a new song entitled “For the Children”:
“What have we done to our Earth?” Angel asks in her song.
“Where is the love for our children?”

As a matter of extreme urgency we should all be declaring a State of Emergency on the Earth and doing everything necessary to try to stop global warming and World War Three to save the human race from being driven to extinction and to ensure the survival of future generations.
Together we can create a futuristic high tech eco-village with zero carbon emissions and a new kind of community that is self sufficient and self sustaining producing its own food and electricity and that is dependent on nobody else other than the local residents themselves.

Could you imagine forging an alliance with the Eco Warriors that results in your villages becoming capable of surviving the extremes of temperature and storms and flooding and hurricanes that global warming is threatening?
Could you imagine the Sipson and Harmondsworth and Harlington villages being able to lead the way forward to a brighter tomorrow and to a better future for all humanity?
Will we be welcome to move into your area and is there a suitable piece of land or are there unused buildings that we will be able to use?
Is it possible we could all work together to help to offer real hope for the survival of all future generations to come?

We are proposing that we should not just be protesting about what we don't want but we should also be making a very positive statement about what we really do want as well, and it's got to be an act of faith and it's got to start somewhere and somebody has got to do it.
The reality TV show “Can You Save the Human Race?” could be a bit like a science fiction time travel story where we fight the evil aliens and change the future of the Earth and save humanity from Ecological Cataclysm.

Our films “The Children Are the Future” and “The Kids Are Revolting!” tell the full story of the Children's Revolution at the Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow in 2007 and they will be edited soon and available on the Internet free of charge.
“The Martians Have Landed” inspired by Robert A Heinlein's classic satirical science fiction novel “Stranger in a Strange Land” will be our next film about the ongoing Children's Revolution and the making of the reality TV show “Can You Save the Human Race?”

The scientific evidence is very clear and the most reputable and eminent scientists in the world are in no doubt whatever that humanity is facing extinction this century unless very urgent action is taken immediately to stop the greenhouse gases caused by the burning of fossil fuels.
To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: To lose billions of people this century will be a tragedy but to lose the entire human race would be just carelessness.

Or it might be more appropriate to quote the late great John Lennon who inspired his generation to fight back against evil and injustice when he sang: “Come together join the movement take a stand for human rights”.
Let's all come together again soon and see if we can answer Angel's questions for her:
“What have we done to our Earth?”
“Where is the love for our children?”

The answers are simple – we have been plundering the planet and neglecting the children and allowing the politicians to murder people in other countries for their oil, but there has got to be a better way and we have got to find it soon otherwise they will wipe us all out.
There is an evil Alien presence on the Earth that is driving the human race to extinction, and the People of the World are beginning to wake up to what is actually happening to them and to their children and to the precious Earth that is being suffocated to death by greedy monsters.

Let us hope and pray that it is not too late to take some real direct action to resist and fight back in self defence against the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.
“Can You Save the Human Race?” might sound a bit like a game show with a grand prize of a nice new Green Earth for the winning contestants to live on, but in reality it will be the latest incarnation of the alliance of Middle England with the Eco Warriors which started during the road protests of the 1990s.
The road building programme ended but ten years later the menace of new road and airport developments has reared its ugly head once again, and if our government is going to continue to try to kill everybody we might as well all go down together fighting.

This land is our land.
Another World is Possible.
Merry Christmas and a happy New Earth,
Jubal Harshaw.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign.
For and on behalf of the ancient tribe known as the Eco Warriors.
Telephone: 07964226736. Skype: Earth Aid.

Jubal Harshaw
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