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London ARA | 29.01.2008 18:54 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | London

WEDNESDAY 30TH JANUARY - Foie Gras Demo, Chez Gerard
THURSDAY 31ST JANUARY - SHAC Demo, AstraZeneca (press conference!)
THURSDAY 31ST JANUARY - PETA Fur Demo, Burberry Head Office
THURSDAY 31ST JANUARY - Anti-McDonalds/Meat leafleting
FRIDAY 1ST FEBRUARY - Foie Gras Demo, Chez Gerard
MONDAY 4TH FEBRUARY - Horse Abuser Demo, Aylesbury Magistrates Court

AR Events:


There is going to be a foie gras demonstration against Chez Gerard on Wednesday. We're meeting at Chancery Lane tube station at 12 midday. We shall leave the station to go to the restaurant at 1215. We shall probably stay at the restaurant for about 2 hours.

We have started a sustained campaign against the Chez Gérard chain of restaurants. We have had a really positive start to the campaign, and we need to keep it going. Your support is very important for these demonstrations. Let's keep up the pressure on this chain of restaurants who continue to profit from this torture food.

Contact on the day: 07900420971. Please call if you are late and we can give directions to the demonstration.

Please note that we will be handing out PETA leaflets for this demonstration as I am still awaiting the VIVA ones through the post. We may have the VIVA ones in time for the demo, in which case we will not use the PETA ones. You can always ring the above number on the day if it means that much to you. These organisations are just helping us out with leaflets, as it would be too costly to print our own. This campaign is not linked to either of them.


There is a press conference for AstraZeneca, multinational pharmaceutical company and HLS customer, on Thursday. We intend to demonstrate this conference and let the world's press know what a filthy company they are by continuing to poison and torture animals inside Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We are meeting at 11am at Liverpool Street Station, and will be leaving at 11:20am because it is essential that we have arrived and have started to demonstrate by midday. Please attend this demonstration if you can. If you are late, ring the contact on the day: 07900 420971.

Thank you and hope to see you there.


At PETA we need your help in stopping Burberry from using fur. Want to stop animal abuse? Then here’s how you can help do it:

Join us this Thursday evening, 31st January, at 5pm at the Burberry Head Office, 8-22 Haymarket, near Piccadilly Circus Underground Station. PETA campaigners continue to maintain a presence at Burberry’s Head Office in order to greet the workers out. Everyone from assistants and buyers to designers and directors work at the offices, and we need to remind them they have the influence to save the lives of countless 1000’s of suffering animals.

If you can spare an hour this week then why not join us? We need as many people as possible to help us speak up for those who cannot. Together we can win this campaign but we can’t do it alone, the animals need you. With posters, flyers and our unmissable BodyScreen Television we are making it impossible for Burberry to ignore the suffering of millions of animals. It’s important that Burberry is not allowed to forget the animal cruelty they are helping to support by using fur.

Please contact Nico at PETA if you want to help the animals and find out more about PETA's Burberry demo's, email address

Together we can win and for the animals sake we must win.


This Thursday 31st Jan (and most Thursdays)
Anti-McDonalds demo and anti meat Leafleting at McDonalds, 25-27 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1. Tube Piccadilly Circus

From 6 to 7.30pm. Contacts on the day: 07890 136 663 or 07960 036 044 or email


NEW MEETING POINT: Chez Gerard, 64 Bishopsgate (nearest tube/train station: Liverpool Street). Meet at the restaurant at 5 o'clock. We're not meeting at the train station from now on, because it's a real hassle getting everyone down to the restaurant and we just waste valuable demonstration time.

Demo will probably last until about 8, so if you can please join us at any stage. This is a prime time to catch people coming out of work to drink at this bar / restaurant and we can really affect them at this earlier time.

We have started a sustained campaign against the Chez Gérard chain of restaurants. These Friday evening demonstrations have been really popular and we need to keep them up. Your support is very important for these demonstrations. Let's keep up the pressure on this chain of restaurants who continue to profit from this torture food.

Contact on the day: 07900420971. Directions: if you come into Liverpool Street Station, take the Bishopsgate entrance and walk south towards London Bridge. It should only take you five minutes and the restaurant will be on your left hand side. It doesn't matter if you can't be there for the whole three hours plus, any time is much appreciated.


Demo against horse abuser at 10am, outside Aylesbury Magistrates Court, Walton Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 7QZ. Please bring your own placards if at all possible. Local press expected.

Please contat Naomi on 01494 778880 for further information.

The local council and local residents reported cruelty at this farm - Spindles Farm, owned by Jamie Gray - five years ago. The RSPCA spokesman said conditions had been at "legally acceptable levels" during previous visits and they did not have the power to remove the animals any earlier. They eventually removed them on January 4 this year. A resident from Hyde Heath (where the farm is situated) said: " I had rung the RSPCA on a regular basis, but whenever I called, they said that they were aware of the situation. I'm angry that the horses were allowed to suffer for so long. It was a concentration camp for them. It's just horrendous." More than 110 animals were removed from Spindles Farm in Chalk Lane, Hyde Heath on Jan 4. Three had to be destroyed on the spot. The Horse Trust in Speen, Bucks said, "All the animals were grossly emaciated and very, very scared. They were in a digusting condition, quite unbelievable. We have a donkey that does not have the strength to stand up and a blind, deaf mare who is just terrified " The Horse Trust has taken in 14 of the animals. They went on to say: "We would certainly call for whoever is responsible for the condition of these animals to be sent to prison for a long time. Everybody is truly shocked."

Jamie Gray was apparently buying the horses for £1 each and selling them for £5, mostly for the Italian meat trade.

Another villager said she's also found dogs owned by Gray's family in her back garden clearly suffering malnourishment and terrible leg inuries whimpering in her garden. "He would come to my house to pick them up at two in the morning screaming abuse at the dogs."

Apparently the maximum he can get is 6 months prison or a £20,000 fine.

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