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The Camp for Climate Action Will be Held in Hyde Park Says the Evening Standard

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign | 01.03.2008 05:32 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles | London

"Eco Warriors plan to hold the next climate camp in Hyde Park near Buckingham Palace, according to a leaked memo received by the Evening Standard" was the story splashed across two pages of the first edition of the London newspaper on Friday, 29 February 2008.

BBC London broadcast exactly the same story later in the day, in spite of the fact that the national meeting of the Camp for Climate Action in Nottingham, which is planning to vote on the location for this summer's climate camp this weekend, had not even started yet.

The two notorious Evening Standard journalists who claimed that the climate camp was planning to paralyse Heathrow Airport with “anarchist” attacks in August 2007 claimed that “anarchist sources” had told them that holding the camp in Hyde Park would attract massive publicity, but the only problem was that the location was considered by some activists to be “off subject”.

However some campaigners have said that the answer to the question of what the issue in London is might be the fact that eminent scientists have warned that the whole of central London will vanish under flood waters when worldwide flooding caused by global warming begins in earnest soon.

Dr James Hansen of NASA has warned that London is due to disappear under the rising flood waters along with New York and all the rest of the major coastal cities in the world.

Professor James Lovelock has also said that the whole of Central London will have to be moved to higher ground in the very near future, as sea levels rise and swamp it completely making the entire city uninhabitable.

"Third London Airport - in Hyde Park?" on Plane Stupid's website on 6 January 2008 said that in the 1960s the Roskill Commission was tasked with producing a report into the best location for the third London airport, and anti-expansion campaigner John Adams argued in an essay that the best possible location was Hyde Park, which would be very easy for London's businessmen to get to.

The Sunday Times took the suggestions at face value despite Adam's proposed runway directly facing Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, and published an article by Tony Dawe entitled "How about an airport in Hyde Park?"

More surprisingly the article prompted a letter from retired Air Vice Marshall Don Bennet to the Sunday Times "congratulating those who have had the courage to recommend an airport in Hyde Park" and informing readers that he had first suggested Hyde Park back in 1946.

There are rumours now circulating in London that as a result of the enormous opposition to the third runway at Heathrow from the Camp for Climate Action in 2007 and the recent public consultation, the government has secretly made a deal with the aviation industry to go ahead with a new airport in Hyde Park.

It is being claimed that the government has decided to announce that there will be a third runway at Heathrow destroying the three villages of Sipson Harmondsworth and Harlington, and then they will back down in the face of the expected protests and say they have changed their minds, and will build an airport in Hyde Park instead.

What the Camp for Climate Action national meeting which starts today in Nottingham will make of all this is anybody's guess.

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