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Camden Town to become "Terrorist Target" MRC/ Wellcome Trust/ NIMR/ UCL

Cordelia | 26.03.2008 21:15 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Other Press | London | World

A new terror site is planned for Camden Town.

A nasty, filthy terror target is to built on my estate. Right outside my flat!!

Police with machine guns. Animal rights Extremist Terrorists. Other terrorists.

......thanks to the MRC / NIMR / Wellcome Trust / UCL bunch of spoilt selfish lunatics and middle class brats who call themselves scientists.

How do we stop this? Anyone know?

The only people I've seen doing anything around here are bunch of SWP / Respect Party nutters who won't do anything off of the estate and who are led by a nutter called Candy who doesn't return my calls. They only seem interested in "The Respect Party Manifesto".

I've heard this another Camden campaign? Anyone know how I can find them and join?

Are there any peaceful vegetarians out there who want to start or join a peaceful campaign?



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27.03.2008 09:18

There has been a number of these emails posted by the same person almost on a daily/weekly basis - this latest one attacks a local campaigner who is also a member of respect party. These "articles" do not contain anything useful in them, they are NOT news and a lot of what is being said is completely untrue.


Foot and Mouth - lab leak from Pirbright

27.03.2008 15:15

Far from "not being news" the situation in Camden is serious. If the lab is built then the people in the area {and their pets} could be at risk of diseases such as Avian Flu etc - As has already been established, Foot and Mouth disease was a laboratory leak from govt facility Pirbright.

The area is desperately in need of council homes and community facilities. Council homes were promised by Gordon Brown....who has allegedly allowed the lab to go ahead.

There is also the very real threat that the site could indeed become a terror risk...although I must stress that local people and businesses are not at any risk from Animal Rights activists at all.

There is the possibility that the laboratory once built will become a fortress and could well be guarded by armed patrols particularly as it will be so close to the Channel Tunnel link.

While I agree that the above article isn't particularly well written, people have a right to voice concerns about issues that affect them or request information on campaigns and yes while there are several postings on the subject it is more likely that more people are finding out about it and posting something than "the same person posting something all the time"...or that more likely like minded people are rewriting previous postings / from word of mouth.

A significant number of local people don't even realise that there is even a proposal put forward by the consortium {MRC / NIMR / Wellcome Trust / UCL } to build the lab in a residential, built up area which is very worrying. I agree that more needs to be done to get info further afield rather than confined to the immediate local area affected. Far from what's in the articles being "completely untrue" - while some of the articles are exaggerated or contain info that isn't strictly factual, the lab is very real.
I should point out that some of people named as "being in the campaign" have signed a petition online {} which isn't quite the same thing as "being in the campaign".

Personally I have no objections to people getting publicity for this very serious and urgent issue that affects all of us whether or not one lives in the area.



Animal rights Extremist Terrorists???

27.03.2008 15:22

What "Animal rights Extremist Terrorists"??? It's abusers that are "Terrorists"! ARA's are not "Terrorists"!


Somers town Peoples Forum : We support them. See contact details below....

27.03.2008 21:07

The Somers Town Peoples Forum have done an immense amount of hard work campaigning and lobbying. We support them 110% and are a support campaign not rivals. We aim to spread publicity for the campaign via our myspace petition and via leaflets available from next week.
While yes some people are part of Respect the Somers Town Peoples forum is cross party group of local people. Candy Udwin has worked hard to achieve publicity and results for the camapign...lobbying in the town Hall and speaking to The Camden New Journal. While we are campaigning differently we back Candy Udwin all the way.

For info on demos or The Somers Town Peoples Forum contact

mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

...having said that, I should add these concerns :

31.03.2008 14:18

I am concerned initially there were concerns that anything to do with the MRC consortium was left off of the Somers Town Peoples Forum petitions and leaflets which contributed to a distinct lack of knowledge locally about plans for the lab. The campaign also appears to be confined to a local area when the lab will affect all of London and beyond. The facility will hold deadly viruses {See Times online / Camden New Journal and Camden council documents} including Avian {Bird} Flu which is transmittable to humans in a transmutable form. Any leak from the lab, either accidental or through terrorism could be catastrophic. Foot and Mouth disease was leaked from Govt facility Pirbright.....

While jokes have been made about the films 28 Days Later / 28 Weeks Later the reality of such a situation is unimaginably horrific.

Not only that the local people urgently need community facilities and council homes. The area is already a crime hotspot....the plans for this lab are ill thought out and will lead to further crime and subsequent cost to Camden.

Mandy in Camden

"untrue"? ana.... The lab is a REALITY.

01.04.2008 15:05

Almost ALL of the postings ARE true. This lab will happen unless we STOP them!!


The big four are : {consortium details}

04.04.2008 21:33

The Wellcome Trust
Cancer Research

Also write to Camden CLLRs and MP Frank Dobson.

Mandy - London Against Camden Danger Lab

London Against Camden Danger Lab {Mandy}
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Is ALL true!

13.04.2008 23:27

ana dyou work for the MRC?


Is ALL true!

13.04.2008 23:27

ana dyou work for the MRC?


Candy Udwin works for UCL and is Union branch secretary!!!!!

12.05.2008 22:21

Well, well, well!



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