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'War on terror' propaganda of the British press is in high gear

endless warfare | 11.04.2008 22:52 | Anti-militarism | Other Press | Terror War | London | World

Although the selected items below are from today's Times and Sun only, the British press as a whole is involved in this massive disinformation campaign.

The Times, 11 April 2008
The Times, 11 April 2008

1) 2007 Glasgow Airport Attack (The Times)
2) 2005 London Bombings (The Times)
3) BAE Systems Inquiry (The Sun)
4) Iranian Threat (The Times)


2007 Glasgow Airport Attack (The Times)

Doctor pleads guilty over role in Glasgow airport terror attack

Muslim doctor plotted terror attacks in London and Glasgow

Glasgow bomber's e-mail: 'About time we give up our lives'


2005 London Bombings (The Times)

7/7 'conspirators' visited London landmarks

CCTV footage reveals moment of 7/7 bombings

One of London's suicide bomber's recorded a fond farewell to his baby


BAE Systems Inquiry (The Sun)

excerpt from "Judges' blow to war on terror"

The High Court ruled a probe into alleged "bungs" by BAE Systems to Saudi Arabia should never have been dropped.

Former PM Mr Blair axed the Serious Fraud Office's probe after the Saudis threatened to stop passing on intelligence about terrorists.

The judges heard investigators were told there could be "another 7/7" with the loss of "British lives on British streets".


Iranian Threat (The Times)

Spy photos reveal 'secret launch site' for Iran's long-range missiles

Bush calls Iran one of two greatest threats to America


endless warfare


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On the short road to 2012

11.04.2008 23:54

In high gear surely
We are being bombasted with new and propably false propaganda
False images and footage may well follow
The precedence to the lock-down is in hand



12.04.2008 01:40

As far as the Iranian threat goes :

On Jan 17, 2008, it has been reported that Israel test-fired a ballistic missile :

"We successfully test-fired a two-staged ballistic missile system today," a senior defence ministry official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Witnesses reported seeing a trail of smoke rising from the reported launch site at the Palmachin air base south of Tel Aviv.

Israel is currently thought to be developing the Jericho-3 ground-to-ground missile that can be equipped with a nuclear, chemical or biological warhead and could have a range of up to 4,500 kilometres (2,800 miles)."

Israel reportedly has in its possession more nuclear warheads than China and the UK but Israel's nuclear program has ever been seriously investigated by anyone. This for a tiny nation of just a few millions that is barely visible on a world map and has no civilian nuclear program and no known uranium ore deposits...

And cherry on the cake : Israel also has three state of the art dolphin class submarines thought to be able to deliver nuclear payloads which means that since Israel has those subs (built and payed for at 50% by the germans), even the United States are under constant threat from Israel's nuclear weapons.

Is this another attempted case of scapegoatism ? Blaming and punishing Iran, after Iraq, for what Israel actually has and does.

As far as the 7/7 alleged accomplices trial goes :

We'd like the public to be able to see the new video and photographic material shown to the jury. From what it is reported about it by the press, it does not appear to actually be what would allay the suspicion of truthers that 7/7 was a false flag op.

Can they prove their case by showing the entire footage they have ?

If there is irrefutable video evidence, why not showing it all and to the public as well, there should be no state secret in it, isn't it ?


The Iranian "Secret Missile Launch Site" Scam

12.04.2008 10:45

RE: Spy photos reveal 'secret launch site' for Iran's long-range missiles

Folks, remember all those photos the mainstream media showed us that were claimed to be Iraqi WMD sites? Then after the invasion they turned out to be rather benign? (In one case, a building marked as a biological weapons lab on a US photo turned out to be a bakery.)
Then there was the photo of an Iraqi nuclear facility that a sharp-eyed Google Earth user recognized as actually being in another country entirely?

With that sordid history in mind, let us take a real look at the photo from this article, which purports to show where Iran is "developing long-range ballistic missiles capable of reaching targets in Europe".

See any launch pads?

See any actual rockets?

See any trucks able to carry rockets?

See any rocket fuel trucks or storage tanks?

See any roads strong enough to hold heavy trucks with heavy rockets?

Read the entire article. The "evidence" that this is a facility to build long range rockets rests solely on the fact that the building is the same size and shape (rectangle) as a building the Chinese use to make a rocket. Talk about a clincher!

Mike Rivero
- Homepage:

Hi Mike Rivero,

12.04.2008 11:52

you never answered the email I sent you around one year ago.

It was about a document I wrote in which I demonstrate, I believe irrefutably, that the Pentagon CCTV videos in 2006 are missing at least one crucial frame that should show the flying object in full view, which is rather significant I believe.

You are not an exception as most other of the twenty or so most prominent websites specialized in 9/11 truth to whom I sent a link to, never bothered to answer either.

Only Eric Huffschmidt and Wayne Madsen answered.

Huffschmidt gave me unsolicited advice on how to piss off other researchers by speaking to them about a moon landing hoax and Madsen, while acknowledging the value of my finding, told me emphatically that his students had no difficulty in identifying my overall document as deliberate disinfo...

Oh yeah, the document is here :

An analysis of the 9/11 Pentagon videos
released by the U.S. Department of Defence on May 16, 2006



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