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DJ Snow is a bent judge and a blithering corrupt idiot

Mrs. Charity Sweet | 12.04.2008 07:52 | SOCPA | History | Repression | London | World

what a tangled web they weave when they lie through their f*cking teeth


Brian W Haw
Parliament Square
Peace Campaign


Ref: Judicial Review/attached DVD no: CO/2550/2008 (filed 13/03/2008)

Addendum 7th April 2008 – In 3 Parts, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3.

Part 1.

Further to Information supplied re the above JR, I/We inform of the continuing compounded abuse of process experienced at COWMC on 17th March 2008, with DJ Snow presiding. This provides further evidence that my associates and I will never get a fair trial at COWMC.

Note Mrs B G Tucker’s JR no CO 2460/2008 of 11th March 2008 was helpfully included in advance disclosure to COWMC and CPS prior to 17th March hearing, along with my JR of 13th March with DVD. We did not have to supply these disclosures, yet did so to encourage authorities to stop their vexatious litigation and perpetual abuse of us as innocent people who speak for the innocents in other countries who cannot speak for themselves.

Note I was informed by my Solicitors on Friday evening of 4th March 08 that CPS have still not viewed the DVD, yet appallingly Ms Sarah Winfield of MPS has written rebutting my/our JR application in the absence of viewing this evidence that damningly shows Police assault and battery on me in the very first instance.
The CPS are thus shown in a bad light, stubbornly pursuing an abusive case against me and Mr Jago, failing in their basic duty of constant review.

As for COWMC, they had the opportunity to consider the JR and DVD, measured this up against the ‘evidence laid’ against me and reviewed whether to withdraw the summons, at the very least it ought to have influenced DJ Snow to accede to the adjournment for review that CPS and Defence requested. Instead, In Brief:-

Refer part 3. Mr Haw, the victim of a crime is further insulted by DJ Snow by being placed in a dock with DJ Snow deliberately intending to further subject Mr Haw to state sponsored humiliation during a day of unnecessary and premature proceedings that went well beyond a simple plea hearing.

District Judge Snow, refuses without reason, the joint CPS and Defence request for a two week adjournment for the CPS to review the decision to prosecute in the light of the Judicial Review including their need to view the attached DVD, recorded by independent media, which starkly shows police violent unprovoked attack on myself and Mr Steve Jago. An attack which preceded the allegations against us that police spuriously made up in order to conceal their crime

District Judge Snow then cavalierly wastes a whole day openly scrutinizing and commenting on prosecution witness statements that have only just been disclosed, that the Defence have not had time to consider, before setting a five day trial in late June, holiday season, involving some twenty to thirty witnesses, refusing an adjournment to seek dates to avoid of any, before trying to set a further hearing for lawyers only to try to avoid the opportunity for this claimant to instruct their counsel.

He also effectively said there will have to be damn good reason for any of these many witnesses not to be able to make these trial dates he set in such a cavalier fashion, without consultation, on the very first appearance, which normally is reserved for a plea and delivery of advance disclosures. Small wonder I asked my counsel from behind the glass screen, ‘what is DJ Snows unseemly haste’?

He dismissed out of hand a request for trial to be moved out of COWMC, despite Mrs Tuckers damning detailed account of abuses we have suffered there, and the fact trials relating to us have had to be moved out of COWMC on fair trial grounds. Snow has featured heavily in these abuses. Woefully so many other judiciary have also, inasmuch as only a lunatic could imagine any of us could get a fair trial at this court.

DJ Snow’s conduct also prevented us from addressing the vital need of getting the court to order the return of my video camera with film, which I need as evidence seeing as I was recording with it at the time the police officer assaulted me. It also provides a record of other police violent conduct on that day. It also has recording of associated incidents I believe on other occasions. It is MY evidence and property, and was wrongfully seized by DC Croucher without stating any lawful power of seizure.

Part 2.

Perverting the course of justice, concealing further crimes, vexatious litigation, re 2 summons against Mr B W Haw using Mr N Cutteridge.

On return from COWMC on 17th March 2008, where I am unjustly charged on 3 counts to cover up a brutal bloody Police assault on myself, I was given at 1800 hrs 2 summons by my solicitor. These relate to 2 charges by Police against me, that I assaulted a man they well know to be drunk, disorderly, guilty of section 5 H.A.D., with a H.A.D. pending at the time.

On the 4th Sept 2007 I delivered this man to POW Police saying “This man is harassing us Officers, do your duty”.
The 2 messages to me/us on 17th March 2008 were, 1) Our Officer can smash you in the face and we will prosecute you for complaining. 2) Our abusive strange violent drunk with an offensive weapon can threaten abuse harass you and we will prosecute you over 6 months later having failed to respond to your complaint which preceded his. In short anyone can attack you at any time and we will take his part. Note this is against us as persons proven for years to be absolutely pacifist.

In brief the facts of this matter are:

Following on from this, shamefully Police, acting on behalf of Parliament, without investigation, but with collaboration from CPS and judiciary, in the latest saga of a vicious campaign of intimidation and persecution by a genocidal executive against our campaign for Love Peace Justice for All, have with further serious procedural irregularities initiated further incredible vexatious litigation using their drunken abusive agent Nigel Cutteridge. The nature of these charges considering the facts defies all belief. If these matters were laid before a jury of my peers appropriately at the Crown Court, it would be laughed out of court at short shrift.

The Metropolitan Police did not even approach Mr Haw to suggest that any complaint had been made against him until some two months after the alleged incidents.

At no time at the time of the alleged incidents, did any police officer approach Mr Haw to “investigate” or take any complaint from Mr Haw. At no time have the police made any attempt to impartially investigate, by taking details of witnesses like Gary from Australia, who having been with us 9 months 24/7 has now gone, and so is now lost as a witness who supported my version of events.

Parliament have resorted to trying to infiltrate the Parliament Square Peace Campaign (campaign members repeatedly refused to allow this man to join) using a man the police admit is drunk (and has previous and pending convictions for H.A.D and drunk and disorderly) wielding a cricket bat, wearing badly applied bright red lipstick, face made up like a clown, with underpants over his clothes, that include, wearing the St. Georges flag; a flag commonly used by the National Front, wearing an army jacket and a builders hardhat.

The cricket bat in the hands of a known to be aggressive drunk is alarming enough, without taking into account the repeated occasions the police have stood and watched before police have time and again “disappeared” individuals who have violently assaulted members of the Parliament Square Peace Campaign. Mr Haw has been hospitalized three times by the violent actions of individuals.

Just prior to these incidents involving Mr Cutteridge, Mrs Tucker had been violently assaulted for example, on the 17th August by a particularly violent blow to the head by an unknown male who was “arrested” by the police before being disappeared and the incident covered up, before on 18th August, Mrs Tucker was again violently assaulted, this time, by five unidentified security men working for Ken Livingstone, while ten police looked on, before further assaulting her themselves.

To make these charges against Mr Haw, yet again without proper investigation, displays such contempt for Law and us as innocent recipients of authorities and Mr Cutteridges offences against us. To pursue them to court ‘signed off’ by corrupt DJ N Evans in “summons” that it is contended were created out of date, after we issued an Application for this Judicial Review, is further intolerable mockery and abuse of all that is right and decent.

Part 3.

In rebuttal/reply to MPS acknowledgement of service/rebuttal of my/our JR CO/2550/2008

Please take into consideration the following facts and further evidence, when making the judgement re accepting this application for JR : -

The purpose of the judicial review is to question the malicious acts and omissions by the Metropolitan Police and CPS that led to the corrupt “decision to prosecute”.

Following on from a grievous wrongful arrest, it would be a further gross affront to justice for Mr Haw
to be subjected to unnecessary and onerous proceedings, that only came about because public authorities had willfully refused to follow proper procedures to conduct an impartial investigation and worse, where public authorities actually concealed evidence of criminal acts by their own members.

It is simply not good enough to continue with a ‘legal’ sausage machine at vast cost to the taxpayer just because of an obstinate refusal by public authorities at every stage to follow codes of conduct and the law.

The serious procedural irregularities are quite simply and plainly highlighted by the very plain evidence on the DVD that shows Mr Haw in the first instance, clearly being violently assaulted by a police officer, and whilst with a clearly visible head injury, trying persistently to make a complaint of this. Police are shown on occasion smiling, whilst also heard making disparaging comments.

The state may be cavalier about state sponsored violence but this application for judicial review makes plain that the people do not accept either very clear state sponsored violence, or attempts to cover it up.

The people also reasonably consider it an affront to all common decency that public authorities should use their offices to attempt to prosecute the victim of a crime.

It is also a very serious abuse of court processes involving criminal offences where public authorities subject the victim of a crime to prosecution in essence clearly to delay and obstruct the proper administration of justice.

The claimant’s position is that actions he may take are not civil but criminal.

The claimant intends and can at any time, including without waiting for proceedings against him to finish, take private criminal prosecutions against those who have very clearly engaged in a criminal conspiracy to conceal the commission of criminal offences and the police officer who committed the criminal offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm upon Mr Haw.

It is the Metropolitan Police and CPS decision to prosecute that was more than premature, it is willfully further criminal acts by corrupt authorities in concert.

Should the public authorities be able to use any part of the criminal justice system to promote state sponsored
violence, with the further disgraceful harassment of victims through show trials, the people cannot recognize the legitimacy of courts being used in this way.

There is no legitimate aim convincingly established in criminal law to “prosecute” victims of state sponsored violence.

The truth shown on the DVD goes to the heart of the matter and will not go away.

In light of the incontrovertible evidence shown on the DVD, the public authorities must not be allowed to abuse court processes any longer and the decision to prosecute ruled invalid –before- malicious proceedings unnecessarily continue.

Finally, I will provide evidence of previous false allegations against me of assaulting Police, e.g. a case of 27th Jan 2003, one on 9/10th May 2004. Civil actions for Police assault on me on these dates and on 12th Jan 2008 with other suits have yet to be made. Almost 7 yrs of suffering abuse and assault, without once striking back, it is some record that these wicked false allegations cannot overturn.

Mr Brian W Haw

Witnessed by Mrs Barbara G Tucker

Mrs. Charity Sweet
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12.04.2008 11:59

Nasty little hompohobic bigots camping in parliament square



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