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1 may Day of Climate Action

Network for Climate Action | 22.04.2008 20:52 | Climate Chaos | Globalisation | Technology | Cambridge | Liverpool | London | Sheffield | South Coast

Invasion of the climate snatchers!
Only one week to go!
Contacts, resources and ideas for action, and public actions.

May 1st, International Workers Day, has traditionally been a day to challenge the capitalist system and a celebration of solidarity and workers' struggle for a more just social system.

On this day we are calling on people to make the link between capitalism, economic growth, climate change and social struggle.

As climate change is starting to hit people around the world, a huge number of techno-fixes are forming a new economic sector: from biofuels to nuclear power, carbon-trading to hydrogen fuel cells, carbon capture and storage. Everywhere corporations are seeking the elusive elixir which allows us to continue business as usual. All this whilst our planet is burning and people are loosing their homes, their livelyhoods and their lives to climate chaos.

All of these technologies are a distraction from the root cause of climate change: an economic system based on endless economic growth not only at the cost of the environment we live in but also based on an exploitative social system.

Many of these technofixes are also directly counterproductive to stopping climate chaos and pose new threats to people's livelyhoods and the survival of the planet.

Agrofuels expansion is directly responsible for subsistence farmers being cleared of their land, food shortages and enormous price rises, whilst doing nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Nuclear power is heralded as a green fuel, but the environmental hazards of uranium extraction, radiation leaks during use and storage, the danger of melt-down and fatal applications in warfare are as dangerous as they have always been.

Scientists promise genetically engineered wonder plants to cope with climate changes, but people in third world countries have yet to see any benefits and fight against the patenting of the genes of traditionally used plants, whilst multinationals are lining their pockets.

The real solution to climate change must be a massive reduction in our consumption, the end to economic growth and a society based on equality and mutual aid.

Technofixes are not the answer to climate change - what we need is far reaching social and economic change!

If you need any info or support email us!


TELL US WHAT YOU GET UP TO: email us or phone us on the day (phone no will be sent out in a few days) as soon as your action is underway so we can list it on the website include it in the national press release about the day, and the actions round-up the next day. Our actions are so much more powerful when they are seen on masse!

Lots of information for action/explaining the issues has gone up on our website in the last few days. Check it out and pick your favourite climate red herring: from agrofuels to nuclear power, carbon-trading to hydrogen fuel cells, carbon capture and storage, genetic engineering to nanotechnology. Uncover these techno-fixes for what they are: a distraction from the root cause of climate change and a means to carry on the status quo of endless economic growth and the exploitation of people and planet.

There's also a local press release that you can adapt

15 ideas for action for last-minute action planners!


There are many possibilities, from direct action, publicity stunts, talks and workshops to stalls. Whether you're in a group or whether there's just one or two of you, there are lots of things you can do to raise the vital issues.

Some ideas to get you started!

TAKE DIRECT ACTION. Occupy the offices of you local carbon offsetting company; Blockade your local biofuels refinery; Visit your local nuclear power station or take your cows and veg to a carbon trader and set up a real market ; Protest at your local University's GM and Nano-tech departments; Protest at your local Tesco petrol station against biofuels

SPREAD THE WORD. Hang banners in public places; Hold talks, workshops and film nights about the issues; Leaflet town on your chosen issue; Free Giveaway stalls; Produce and distribute local-based guide on alternatives to capitalism, co-ops, alternative economies, free shops etc. Co-organise events with union members to discuss the issues around employment and climate change; Write articles and letters for papers and websites.

For inspiration check out the write-up of the actions on Fossil Fools Day - Truly amazing!

Although lots of people are keeping their plans under wraps, this public demos have been announced (If you know of a publicly announced action, let us know and we'll list it on the website.):

Critical Mass and Demo at Sizewell Nuclear Power Station Saturday 3rd May, meet at 12 noon at Saxmundham train station for a Critical Mass bike ride to Sizewell nuclear power station. If you don't have a bike, get to Saxmundham station anyway and we'll get you to the power station.

See also the Camp for Climate Action (, Network for Climate Action ( and Climate Indymedia (

Network for Climate Action
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Apologies and clarification

24.04.2008 09:08

First of all sorry for missing out the vital piece of text in the original posting that makes the links between May Day, workers struggle, capitalism and climate chaos. It was accidental. Thanks for people who posted it as addition.

Secondly the Day of Action is in no way meant to detract from May Day and it's history, the importance of fighting for workers' rights and against the capitalist system. What we are saying is that capitalism with its ruthless focus on economic growth based on the exploitation of workers and the natural resources is directly causing climate chaos. This is impacting worst on the poorest around the world and it is vital that we make it clear that we can only avert disastrous climate change if we dismantle the growth economy/capitalism. Just to make it clear: we are NOT promoting green capitalism but its abolition!

Maybe climate chaos feels irrelevant to workers' struggle in this country at the moment, but it certainly is not a side issue for workers in the first world.
People in Mexico, India, Bangladesh are starving right this minute because climate change has diminished harvests and a lot of what's left is used to make biofuels so we in the Western world can carry on driving our cars and feel good about it. There is massive social unrest, hundreds of thousands of people marching, protesting and taking direct action in South America and Asia.

Low-paid workers in the UK are also starting to feel the effects of this: I can see it in my own wallet - food prices have gone up massively over the past few months, and I'm now struggling to afford healthy organically grown food. Yes, rights at work are important, but so is good food on the table and a decent environment to live in.

The response to the climate crisis from Government and industry is to pretend that we can just make a few adjustments to the growth economy, make capitalism a bit greener and then carry on business as usual. This isn't going to work. What we need to do is get rid of capitalism, re-organise society on the basis of mutual aid, a fair distribution of resources and wealth and respect for nature.

Biofuels, new nuclear power stations, carbon-capture, genetic engineering, carbon-trading, carbon-offsets: these are all a smoke-screen to stop us from tackling the root causes of climate change: economic growth, mindless consumerism and a society based on exploitation.

Capitalism and climate chaos are inextricably linked. Join us in fighting them

In solidarity with workers around the world.

Overworked worker

original poster


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