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Harassment - The New Redwatch

R.F. | 03.06.2008 11:55 | World

Another version of Redwatch is in widespread use on the internet. It is being operated by a neo-nazi Satanist and targets a much wider range of victims than the original. Many victims are extremely vulnerable and are being ignored by the police. Cases of serious harassment are being passed off as 'a bit of local trouble', when in fact these attacks are centrally controlled and highly organised.

If you are being subjected to any form of long term harassment, intimidation, vandalism, stalking, verbal abuse, or a targeted campaign of malicious gossip, you should read this.

A disturbing new variant of the old 'Redwatch' system of harassment, is being used on the internet.

The original 'Redwatch' is a neo-nazi racist group, based in the U.K. It operates in the following way:

Using various methods, including hacking of computers and webcams, potential victims have their home addresses stolen and are photographed covertly. Little known techniques of electronic eavesdropping are also used. A method in common use by the extreme Right can be found here:

Victims are then subjected to protracted campaigns of harassment, including intimidation, vandalism, stalking, verbal abuse, character assassination and in some cases, physical assault. The main targets of this criminality are black people, Asians, gays, Jews and anyone who opposes the activities of the extreme Right (Anti Nazi League, Left wing activists etc.).

The new version uses similar methods, but has a more varied agenda. Most significantly, the experiences of victims, indicates that the source of this harassment is confined to one very specific computer hacker. Their testimony also throws new light on the controversy surrounding the man.

1)Much of the violence, previously thought to be organised by several senior members of Combat 18, was in fact exclusively devised by one person. He was the real 'power behind the throne' and the others mere figureheads. When they went to prison, he slipped quietly away.
2)Many seemingly unrelated instances of long term harassment throughout the U.K. - especially those which target disabled people or involve racism - are in fact being orchestrated by this hacker.
3)Despite his protestations, the hacker is deeply involved in Satanism and has been for decades. Many of his victims are disabled people and the terminally ill. It is difficult to imagine any 'committed' nazi wasting his time in this way, but it would certainly be a priority for a mentally unhinged Satanist.
4)He has no conventional religious beliefs of any description. All the evidence from victims shows his real friends are all Satanists. The only other people he associates with are a few particularly gullible racists who don't know about his past and a rag-tag collection of youths and children, who he regularly tricks into carrying out criminal acts.
5)He is notorious for acts of animal cruelty, most specifically strangling cats during Satanic rituals. Many victims of this man have had family pets killed or tortured as part of the harassment they are subjected to. As you will read later, this hacker has been abusing animals for decades.
6)He has set up various fake Afro-Caribbean and Muslim message boards with the specific intent of attracting people for the purpose of I.D. theft. Some of these forums use bogus online 'research projects', to trick black people with psychiatric disorders into giving away details of their condition. These vulnerable people are then harassed by racist thugs, recruited locally.

A defining characteristic of harassment from this source is that it takes place over a long period of time – years in some cases – and that it is very systematic and consistent. It is carefully controlled from outside the community to make sure that the youths involved are able to harass the victim with little risk of detection – or any chance of collecting evidence against them. The internet is the main tool for both trapping the victims and organising the harassment. A few years ago, when the perpetrator was a senior member of Combat 18, he used various other methods to locate and attack targets - he now uses the internet almost exclusively. However, the same basic dishonesty which lead to the destruction of Combat 18, still persists. The people who do the dirty work for this individual, are deceived by his empty rhetoric on patriotism and honour. But beneath the multitudinous layers of falsehood and deception, is the rather grubby truth – the man is a Satanist.

I make no apology for bringing this to public attention and will continue to do so until this dangerous hacker is exposed. David Copeland – the Brick Lane, Brixton and Admiral Duncan nail bomber – was an 'accident' waiting to happen. Even after he had committed three atrocities, including the murder of an unborn child and its mother, it was only the vigilance of a work colleague which ensured his capture by the police. See:

We all need to take heed of the warning signs before people are murdered, not just wring our hands afterwards. This article is a wake up call – please read it carefully.

I became a victim of this hacker a few years ago. I was making posts on an internet message board when my computer was hacked and a large amount of private data – including my home address – was stolen. Shortly afterwards, myself and other victims, began to experience coordinated campaigns of local harassment. The hacker began to post messages on the internet about these events and it quickly became clear that he was organising local youths / racists to carry out various crimes simultaneously against several people on the message board. Shortly after this I was lucky enough to discover the hacker's identity. I have since managed to gather the following information about him.

For some years now, a deranged middle aged Satanist has been involved in a massive campaign of internet identity theft. Current information suggests that the motive is not financial fraud. His activities have a much darker purpose in mind. The hacker haunts internet message boards and is systematically stealing hundreds of people's home addresses from private letters and documents on their hard disks. From this mountain of stolen data, victims are chosen. Selection appears to be based on vulnerability and social isolation. The hacker is particularly interested in black people, the disabled, the terminally ill (he has expressed the need for a human 'cull' in his internet writings) and their carers. He has a very strong presence on U.K. Afro–Caribbean and disability message boards and uses scores of fake I.D.s to pose as a variety of black and disabled people. He also runs his own message boards to attract victims. Other targets include the elderly and infirm, single women who live alone, single mothers, black and white women in mixed race relationships and black people with psychiatric problems. The main criteria in all cases is that the victim must be isolated from the community in which they live, to leave them open to harassment and victimisation. One very worrying aspect of this type of data theft – home addresses, children's photographs, names, schools etc., - on such a huge scale, is the hacker's well documented long term relationships with several convicted paedophiles. At least two of these perverts have made public statements on the internet that 'paedophilia is a good thing' in the context of their Satanic beliefs.

It is difficult at first to see how such widespread criminality could have gone undetected for so many years, but a number of factors are at work here. Harassment of certain 'categories' of people is now seen as such a normal part of British life that, even in the unlikely event of neighbours noticing what is going on, they are apt to dismiss it as something transitory and unimportant. A disabled man in Gloucester commits suicide after years of intimidation, graffiti, vandalism, verbal and physical attacks by local 'kids'. A frail elderly couple are labelled as hate figures by their 'community', have their dog kicked to death and are driven from their home on the Scottish borders. A white woman suffering from cancer has the steering wheel sawn off her car, her front house windows kicked in and is basically bullied to death by local nazis because she has a black partner, in Coventry.

(More detail on this latter case, including information on the comprehensive hijacking of BBC message boards here:

There are many more like this. Most of these incidents would be lucky to reach the local press, let alone the nationals, so it is easy to see how these events would not be tied to one perpetrator. However, once one knows details of the hacker's past, the links between these crimes start to fall into place.

He has a history of organising almost identical criminal acts whilst occupying a very influential position as a member of the notoriously violent Combat18. In light of the fact that he was supposed to be coordinating a coherent programme of political activism within Combat18, the sheer pointless cruelty of selecting the most vulnerable victims he could find, is explicable only in terms of his Satanist beliefs. The carefully planned and very long term nature of much of the harassment. Routine killing of domestic cats and dogs, further evinced by his reputation for strangling cats during perverted Satanic rituals. But most tellingly, the cynical manipulation of gullible young people and children, 'groomed' by this evil pervert to carry out acts of carefully orchestrated harassment, intimidation and violence. These characteristics would be strange enough on their own, but taken together they point to one very particular neo-nazi Satanist. Some readers may be sceptical about the link between nazism and Satanism. However the 'occult - fascist axis' is a very well established entity. The following is an excellent source of material on this subject:

Here is a quote from one of Nick Ryan's articles, indicating the sort of activities the hacker regularly organised (Steve Sargent, quoted here, is currently in prison and is most certainly NOT the hacker):

“Such influence could be seen on Europe’s largest housing estate, Harold Hill, in Romford, Essex.
The local C18 “cell” subjected an Asian family to several months of attacks and racial harassment.
A boulder was thrown through the family’s front door, graffiti was sprayed on the outside of their
house, wheel nuts were loosened, and a corrosive liquid was thrown into the wife’s face. When
asked about this incident, [he] was coy but eventually said with a guttural laugh: “I only heard that the family dog was thrown through the front window – dead.”

( )

Many of the hacker's current victims are being subjected to harassment which contains very specific elements of these earlier attacks and it is significant that the hacker was a major influence on the 'policies' of Combat18 at that time.

Another quote from this same article amply demonstrates the hacker's cowardly tendency to attack the weakest victims he can find – a tendency which he maintains to this day:

“Despite the rhetoric, this was where C18 was most dangerous, attacking individuals and small, isolated groups rather than large “enemies” such as the State.”

More evidence of how widespread this hacker's activities are, emerged in a series of strange postings from a message board which purports to serve the interests of the black community. At first I thought that these were genuine messages from another victim. The main reason for this is that they describe a well organised campaign of harassment, which is almost exactly the same as the one myself and other victims I am in contact with, are being subjected to. The methods used are so specific that there is no possibility that it is a coincidence. These posts were made a few years before my problems started so I am fairly sure they refer to someone else. However, as I continued to read them, it became clear that they were not what they first appeared. Rather than being an account written by the victim, they started to look as if they had been written by the hacker himself. A detailed list of all the distress he subjected his victims to and a series of sick boasts for the amusement of his equally sick friends. Towards the end, the posts mention other instances of harassment, which have all the very specific characteristics of crimes he has been linked to in the past. More significantly, they describe events which current victims are experiencing. In the final analysis, it doesn't really matter who wrote these messages. They are a truthful account of almost identical experiences of current victims at the hands of a Satanist maniac. In this case the 'motive' is racism, but the methods used on lone women, the elderly, disabled people and others, are the same.

The initial message in the thread is significant because firstly, it describes a form of harassment so bizarre that only a very few people would be obsessive enough to be involved in the planning stage. Secondly, it describes exactly, four specific types of harassment which are happening to real victims at the moment. These two factors demonstrate very clearly that this sort of harassment is going on and that these posts are linked to these real events in various ways:

“Joined: Friday March 19th, 2004
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 41
Status: Offline

Click here for your Black Profile

Search for Black Sites
Posted: Friday July 16th, 2004 21:13

Racists are turning to new methods of harassing people now, they are going around telling lies, spreading rumors about people stalking them, and trying to get people to participate in spying and stalking people.”

The writer then goes on to give more details, including the location of the harassment:

“I know this as it has happened to me and is still going on, the sad racists in my area, I have experienced this in my home town, Tunbridge Wells in Kent, and also at Uni on my final year in Hull Humberside, though I had lived in Hull for three years I hadn’t had any harassment until I moved into an area where there were BNP activist, then the same thing happened again with getting strange looks from people and people muttering stuff as I walked past, it turned out that they had been told I was supposed to be a pervert, or supposed to be gay, I am neither, just typical lies that these type of people like to say, because the reality is that they are the perverts for wanting to stalk and harass people.”

I am aware of the location of the real person in this case and it is not Kent – he was actually in Wales. So it looks as if the lies have started already and the hacker is just ridiculing one of his victims.

Then another detail of a real victim's experience, but again not from the Kent area:

“When this situation first started I spoke to the Citizens Advice Bureau and the person i spoke to confirmed that they had received similar complaints mainly from Black men.”

Followed by one of the hacker's main tactics, both on message boards and in the 'communities' he turns against his victims.

“..........then trying to make you out to be mad to people and that you are apparently paraniod.”

Then another fragment from a real case:

“but it went further than that with them though, one of their dogs was kicked to death, they
eventually sold their house and moved.”

Another oddly macabre reference:

“a while back in the news there was a guy and his nephew in Scotland who apparently hung themselves after years of abuse by racists, the guys son was investigating why his uncle had killed himself as he didny believe that he had just committed suicide, he was later found dead.”

Now the message which clearly explains the hacker's very specific technique of attacking victims - it protects his own identity and ensures other mugs take the risks. This hints at the cynical manipulation of a deranged young man who committed a series of horrific mass murders and maimings, which were reported in the national press a few years ago.

“if you are being lied about by racists its only a matter of time before vigilantes attempt to attack you on this false notion, so the racists aren't directly involved or accused of racially aggravated assault, thats the real danger to people.”

After this a 'different' poster says that he and his 'friend' have had exactly the same experiences. He then goes on to describe more strange events. It seems an incredible coincidence that he has stumbled across someone who is having exactly the same weird problems, on the same message board as well. It doesn't sound as if he is a real victim at all.

The next message hints at the real purpose of these postings and points to the central role of message boards in organising harassment:

“.............but also brought another issue up though, these racists are reading what is posted on forums for minority poeple, and acting upon this.”

Of the many higher profile nazi organisations the hacker could have selected, he just happens upon the tiny and emasculated Combat 18 – the remnants of the outfit he was associated with:

“.......some of these people are very evil and not to be taken lightly, if anyone is in doubt go to www combat18.*** and click on N****rs forum, they are very serious and have every plan to eradicate us and it is a source of pride to finish off black people/jews e t c. they teach it to their sons like a religion, they boast about how many black men, they have finished off and they wear it as a badge and with pride...............................................”

For much of the time, the hacker doesn't make any attempt to hide the fact that he has set up internet message boards, with the sole intention of luring victims for the purposes of I.D. theft. This makes it easy to spot the bent ones. Posting a fairly innocuous message suggesting that people should not store documents containing their home address on the same computer that they use for surfing the net, often results in an extreme reaction from the 'moderator' on message boards owned by the hacker. Basically you are told to shut up and go away and that re-formatting a hard disk is an 'insane' activity. Before you can reply, the thread is locked and if you persist you are banned. Subsequently, the offending post is quietly deleted from the board archives so there will be no chance of it ever being seen (I have screen-shots that prove this). The idea that anyone would work them self up into a rage over such a trivial matter is inconceivable. Yet the hacker regularly lets force a torrent of abuse if you pick one of his boards to broadcast security advice. These fake boards cover a wide geographical area and are set up to trap various sorts of victims. For example, I discovered an Australian forum which purported to be for anti-racists and left wing activists. I asked a very polite question concerning the hacker's current 'religious' writings and was banned immediately. Every instance of the hacker's name in my message, was then carefully overwritten with random characters by the 'moderator'. Even if my message had been a little 'undiplomatic' (which it wasn't), surely an instant ban without prior warning was a little extreme to say the least. The hacker's name is all over the internet, so obliterating every last trace of it seems strange behaviour as well.

Only time will tell as to whether the hacker is caught. If his previous more serious crimes are anything to go by, I suspect nothing will be done and he will just carry on. However, one can see a dilemma for him here. In any real political sense, he has failed in his well publicised intention to create a race war and de-stabilise society. If he becomes more 'successful' in his attempts to promote the widespread use of harassment against vulnerable people, his methods of attacking the innocent will become common knowledge and in consequence, will no longer be effective. I suspect there never was any serious political intent in this man's heart. It looks rather more like an old Satanist's swan song.

If you, or someone you know, is being harassed in a systematic way, you can help hasten the hacker's demise by simply telling as many people as possible about the source of these crimes. Writing a blog about your experiences of harassment, might be another good method of informing people as well.


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