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ANTIFA | 23.06.2008 18:45 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Birmingham | London | Sheffield

Shut down the BNP festival, August 16th.

Call 07522 034032 for details.

Although the BNP have had their application for a music and liquor license knocked back they are insistent that their annual weird little get together will go ahead.

The Red, White and Blue Festival is due to be held on a farm near Nottingham on the weekend commencing the 15th of August.

The event is an opportunity for the inbreds of the party membership to organise their continuing and devisive assault on the working class people of Britain and beyond.

We at Antifa therefore intend to shut it down.

If you too are sick of the baffling success of these thick twats, their lies and their hate, we urge you join our mobilisation on the 16th of August.

We will be descending upon their farm and wish to encourage as many people as possible to join us. For details of where you need to be, at what time and any available transport from your area please call Antifa on 07522 034032.

We look forward to seeing you there, NO PASARAN!

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AHA you've been rumbled

24.06.2008 08:04

Will you be relying on your football hooligan friends when you descend on the farm, yes we noticed them in London on Saturdays hanging around the demonstration with your own thugs. Thuggery for the sake of thuggery will not replace decent activism with contact and dialogue with the working classes, who are voting for the BNP not out of racism, but out of desperation. They have been betrayed and taken for a ride by the major parties and are not going to be impressed by violence and vandalism.

SWP Felix


24.06.2008 08:43

There's more rebellion and revolution in the little finger of your average footy lad than there is in the hearts of all the organisers of the UAF put together, I know who I'd rather be compared to. Working class, smartly dressed and fucking proud of it.

As an observation, I was just watching the video from Saturdays demo and the commentary over the top near the end says "we'll smash them off the streets". How exactly?


To Rudeboy

24.06.2008 09:22

You're type do not appeal to the majority of law abiding decent hard working people in this country and you are a marginalised sect who appeal to people who like a bit of danger and violence in their life. You will never become a broad church movement and to try and say that football hooligans whose motivations are violence, drugs and alchohol are better than UAF supporters is immature and stupid and speaks volumes about what groups like yourself are all about.

What we need is a real Socialist alternative that brings back fairness, decency and equality back to British Politics, instead of a system that is set up for the needs of a 2% privaleged few. Real politics is all about hard work and commitment, that has little short term reward, but in the end is about achieving a better fairer society. It is not about breaking windows and scrapping in the street.

SWP Felix


24.06.2008 09:27

Contact and dialogue with the working classes? How exactly is your party doing that then Felix? A load of sqeaky voiced middle class idiots wandering around the streets in a daze protesting against the big bad 'nazis', fucking hell the BNP must be quaking in their boots eh?

The SWP are about as revolutionary as Alan fuckin Titchmarsh. Ignore them, and get involved with Antifa who actually know what they're doing.

You say Trotsky, we say Icepick!


At Rudeboy

24.06.2008 09:44

With a lollypop and a copy of 'Socialist Jerker'!


Football Hooligans have feelings too.

24.06.2008 10:02

It's true.



24.06.2008 10:29

...and it wasn't exactly impressive, was it!

It's time to chuck this Trottery to the garbage bin of history where it belongs.

There is no place for either the authoritarianism of the SWP or the BNP. They are two faces of the same poxy coin. Both wanting to shaft the working classes with their oppressive doctrines.

Onwards and Upwards to International Anti-authoritarianism! Lets learn form the anarchists of Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Thessalonikki etc etc etc and kick the anti-working classes on their dictatorial arses!

Go Antifa!

Petra Dory


24.06.2008 11:49

Confronting fascism on a practical level is not thuggery for thuggery sake, nor is it similar in any way to football hooliganism in which groups of fans get involved in prearranged dust ups. It is about preventing fascists from organising in our communities.

As for Rudeboy's remarks about football hooligans having more rebellious spirit in their little fingers than the UAF/SWP do in their whole organisation, i think it was somewhat tongue in cheek but the i think many of them are more likely to follow through on their statements, whereas the SWP may talk of "smashing the BNP" but do very little about it.

Obviously you can't beat an ideology into the ground using violence, there has to be an alternative and i think many of the people you criticise are actively involved in creating an alternative at a grass roots level. The difference between class struggle anti-fascists like those in antifa is not simply that they are prepared to back up their speaches with actions but that they organise democratically at a grass roots level, they aren't a recruiting arm of a political party and are thus more effective in underming fascism at a community level.


SWP Felix

24.06.2008 12:21

If a few working class people are voting 'in desparation' for the BNP it's in no small part due to their utter disillusionment with 'lefty' wank so beautifully typified by your own sorry organisation. Your drivel about "contact and dialogue with the working class" clearly shows you see yourself and your crappy party as outside of it. Good, now fuck off.


I would like to point out...

24.06.2008 15:31

...that I was denouncing the organisers of the UAF not it's supporters.

The cynical opportunistic careerists who have bled dry and burnt out many a would be anti-fascist in an effort to prop up the dynasty that is the SWP.

Now let's get down to business and make our presence felt on the 16th of August.


don't worry

24.06.2008 15:41

, Felix will shut up pretty soon when he leaves uni and strolls into whatever high paid job daddy has sorted out for him. The only good SWP member is an ex-SWP member!

(A) Sab x

I Think This Should Stop

24.06.2008 17:42

I don't know who this self-appointed, anonymous SWP spokesperson is. Why initiate a silly attack on fellow anti-fascists? Who cares who was hanging around the London demonstration, and whether they support football or not?

Perhaps SWP Felix is from somewhere other than Nottingham. Predictably it has merely generated a vast number of similar replies. This is not productive

Branch Secretary,
Nottingham SWP,

John Shemeld


24.06.2008 18:41

if you are part of the working class then you do not need to make dialogue with the working class. you could, but that would be talking to yourself would it not. the swp needs to make these dialogues because they are all students, graduates, and professors as far i can tell. antifa don't need to so much because most of them are working class. geddit?

working class lass

Class-less society

24.06.2008 20:01

Since when has defeating Nazism and Fascism been the sole job of the working classes. Surely anyone from any class who feels strongly about the threat from the BNP should be able to do their bit. Talking about working class and middle class is all very well, but the distinctions are becoming very blurred. Instead of talking about who is more working class than the next person all classes and races should work together to smash the fash.

Must go-time for tiffin



24.06.2008 21:00

Simon, i agree that as many people as possible should be working to stop the BNP, however its important to see the class nature of fascism and why class matters in stopping it. Fascism is essentially about protecting the interests of business owners and the state, of maintaining the existing hierarchies in society and keeping the poor in their place. With this in mind it would of course be absurd to ask the Labour government or Exxon Mobil for example to hepl us defeat fascism, because chances are if there was a serious socialist movement in this country they would both support fascist methods in quashing it.

Now if some rich chap or chappess wnats to come join mobilisations for the RWB festival then that is great, get them down there, however this is different from asking the middle/upper class to defeat fascism because if we are going to actually defeat fascism once and for all we will need to undermine the system that creates the conditions that it grows in, that is capitalism and obviously most upper class people have a vested interest in protecting that system and the wealth and power it allows them to have.


"a marginalised sect"

24.06.2008 23:14

Pretty rich coming from someone who signs themselves SWP Felix

SWP Felix: Knock! Knock!

ANL: "Who's there?"

"SWP Felix"

"Felix my lollipop I'll go crying to my rich daddy."



24.06.2008 23:22

SWP Felix is actually a BNP troll - Simon Darby

BNP trolls are more active than ever on Indymedia, to cause in-fighting between anarchists and socialists.




24.06.2008 23:23

SWP Felix is actually a BNP troll - Simon Darby

BNP trolls are more active than ever on Indymedia, to cause in-fighting between anarchists and socialists.




24.06.2008 23:27

Smell the trolling coffee!


Don't be fooled by the SWP/UAF

25.06.2008 00:48




25.06.2008 08:21

I am a bit confused. Are you saying that in a society without capitalism that racism would be impossible. I think it is clear to make a clear distinction between Racism and Fascism. You could have a Racist Anarchist/Socialist government that opposes capitalism and a Fascistic Government backed by big business that opposes racism.

At the moment big business in the Western world relies on a steady stream of cheap labour from the third world for exploitation and making money, Capitalism involves the movement of Industry to the cheapest possible labour source or the movement of cheap labour to that industry. This is not motivated by racism (except in the terms of exloitatative terms of foreign workers) but motivated by greed and profit.

I am a member of the SWP and keen to fight against Racism and Fascism, but I do not believe that Antifa are the best solution as the two evils are seperate entities that have to be tackled differently. Fascism has to be beaten by getting the wroking classes motivated to tackle big business, financial inequality and the corrupt Electoral process, whilst Racism has to be tackled through proper education.


To Arthur

25.06.2008 09:58

Arthur wakes up one morning, puts on his black DM's made by slaves in Bangladesh, his black Combat trousers made by slaves in China and goes running down stairs.

Arthur "Mum where's my black hoodie"

"Its in the wash, you never take it of"

"But I need it I'm an Anarchist"

"Wear the blue hoodie"

"How can I be an anarchist in a blue hoodie, you're just a traitor to the working classes you fascist"

"But Arthur you're on the dole, how can you be working class if you've never worked"

"I refuse to be exploited, give me my black hoodie or I'll go and live in a squat"

"You won't like it in a squat, you won't have all your hot dinners, hot showers and me doing your bloody washing"

SWP Felix


25.06.2008 11:52

Like you say Redhat Fascism and racism are not the same thing. While racism may be engendered by an economic system that is based upon inequality and pits parts of the working class against each other, fascism is the recourse of that government when the working class succedes in challenging the government and attempts to build an alternative to capitalism.

It is perfectly possible that in a socialist society you may have people who hold racist views, i expect you'd still have murderers and rapists, i'm not under any illusion that the end of capitalism would create some utopia in which all human shortcomings are erradicated, that would be naive. However with the abolition of the profit motive and the neccessity to pit wokring class against working class in order to drive down wages and maintain inequalities you would expect such instances of racism to become less prevalent.

Its not simply about big business or the shortcomings of the elctoral process. These are both progeny of capitalism itself and breaking up monopolies or trying to make the sham of parliamentary democracy more transparent won't change the core of the system we live under. The driving motives will still remain.

As for antifa, i think their policy of tackling the far right on a practical and theoretical level is more effective than waving placards at them or asking people to vot anybody but the BNP. Such tactics are obviously patronising and do nothing to tackle the causes of the BNP growth, it is the Labour government who have created done so much to create the conditions in which the BNP have grown so asking people to vote for that same government is obviously going to change very little.


just one quick question

25.06.2008 16:37

what ON EARTH would ye swappies know about 'dialogue with the working classes', or the worker s at all for that matter. They are an overwhelmingly m/c organisation that only ever preaches at and talks down to workers, which is why the BNP smile with satisfaction whenever they see the swappies or WESPECK launch an anti-fash crusade in places like Barking. "aha, that's another council seat won" they say.
Like some spot-on person here said; you do not contact with a class you're a part of. it tends to happen naturally, unless someone superglues yer gobs


fair crack

25.06.2008 19:09

SWP Felix is a troll from some far right organisation, anyone in the SWP would know that DM's are not made in bangladesh, they are made in thailand and China!

seriously tho, I think Nottingham SWP should be given a chance to state their intentions in August, maybe the'll noty be the usual? - here's hoping. so, John Shemald, what you sayin?


Mobilising against the RWB

25.06.2008 23:05

Antifa are already mobilising for this. We won't be working with the SWP.

- Homepage:

individual members

27.06.2008 06:13

some individual members, and not the leadership of the swp might want to mobilise for this, It is possible that they disagree with the party line on this, what about individuals who happen to be in the swp, but are coming in a sense as individuals antifa?



27.06.2008 16:49


- Homepage:


28.06.2008 14:22

antifa is the only answer
the swp are regarded as a joke ,,waving their lollypops shouting a load of crap and selling their swp mags that are regarded as a comic .
also its true that 90% of their membership are just inpressionable students and a few teachers .the students only turn up to carry favour with the teachers to get better grades. sad but true
we on the left have to move from outdated idiot groups like swp and the only answer is antifa look at what we do in other countries.


swp tossers

29.06.2008 22:29

you have to admit everyone ,apart from the swp teachers and sucky up kids , else laughs at them they are regarded s a laughing stock /joke. the nazis use them as an example of how bad the (we) are. whenever they turn up its a few old teachers ,some idiot selling the socialist worker comic and kids sucking up to teachers ,,,,,,its a joke like said already antifa is the answer........i would be embarresed to be a member of the swp. old fashioned suspect teachers and young inpressionable kids mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm makes ya think


truth 2.0

30.06.2008 10:13

tbh antifac are also a bit of a joke to most of those on the left, regardless of your position RE: SWP.

truth 2.0

Touche Brute

30.06.2008 23:23

Isn't it wonderful we can laugh about these things!


Fuck the BNP, Fuck Authority and Fuck The Social Workers Party

15.07.2008 13:18

All there is on here are SWP/UAF etc. going on about how Antifa are middle class or whatever and aren't going to acheive anything by smashing up the RWB. If we did nothing except wave placards what have we acheived, got the backing of a few lefty Labour MP's and look like a bunch of middle class twats to the rest of the working class on the housing estates whether it's true or not. I am working class and live on a housing estate just like my family always have so I'm speaking from experience. If on the otherhand we go in there and smash the bastards up, we get condemned by the Daily Mail etc and we get the interest of a few working class chavs, the very ones who might be ripe for the picking for the BNP. The very ones that realise that mainstream politics has nowt to do with them and see the fash that live on their housing estates as the same as them. The BNP are never gonna get voted into power, they're gonna get a big enough support base and fight there way in. Griffin's said it himself. If we're prepared to fight back or even poach there "Streetfighters" first, then that's already half the battle against fascism.

Coming out with all this "we need to work with the working class" etc. is bollocks. We are the working class and we know what's best for us and it's not the fucking middle class and the SWP. If it wasn't for the middle class getting inolved we wouldn't have the problems of fascism.

Fuck the BNP, Fuck Authority and Fuck the Social Workers Party.

Northern Antifa Anarchist

You are all stupid

17.08.2008 00:06

I dont even know why im bothering to post as it seems i will most probably be sworn at but you have created a monster.
I live close to the red white and blue event and all this rubbish has got more people noticing the bnp as a result of the protests.
Utter stupidity in my opinion.There will most probably be a divide in my community as a result.Senseless violence will follow as there are a lot of impressionable youngsters who will be entertained by all of this.
A lot of hard work has been done in these areas to combat racism and these areas were coping quite well,until now that is.
Apparantly the festival was held at the same place last year.
This suprised me as i didn`t know it was held in Codnor,but this year due to all the free advertising i was well aware.As im sure many others were,clever move.
Police are absolutely swarming local areas and sirens going off constantly.
What have you created?
A new race war in another area that`s what.

I wonder sometimes if you protesters are actually the devil in disguise.
Protesters never used to be terrorists,but you are fast becoming that way.
Or maybe you have terrorists working in amongst you.
Communicating with the working class?
Dont make me laugh,more like brainwashing them to do your bidding.
Well i have had enough now but i will depart stating that problems have been created where there were none.



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