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Open statement and invitation to the trade union movement from the Climate Camp

climate camp - networking group | 14.07.2008 17:50 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London

An invitation to the trade union movement to engage in a dialogue with the Camp for Action.

As you may be aware the Camp for Climate Action will be happening near Kingsnorth in Kent, august 3 -11th 2008.

The camp is an open event to which all are welcome to attend and debate issues about how we can stop climate change. We will also explore practical examples of how we can live, work and take decisions together, in truly democratic and sustainable ways.

We aim to shut down Kingsnorth power station on the 9th of August for one day. We want to clarify that this action is not against the workers at Kingsnorth, nor does it mean we think the UK coal industry should be shut down overnight. It means we want to show the seriousness of the threat both to humans and our environment, now and into the future. This crisis affects the world’s poorest people first and hardest and is a social justice issue. We feel that we must take collective, political direct action to address it.

We recognise the history of political attacks on the miners and the union movement and we firmly resist that. We recognise the need for jobs, viable communities and a strong trade union movement, and we want a decent, fair and long term deal for all, including miners, energy workers and their communities. We believe we face a common enemy of short-termism, capitalism and the exploitation of people and nature that capitalism inevitably brings.

Coal is currently the dirtiest of the fossil fuels and it is an industry that is going to have to respond to the climate crisis. We are against any proposal that would increase our carbon emissions, as a new power station at Kingsnorth would. Extremely rapid reductions in emissions are necessary if we are not to watch millions suffer and die in the most preventable disaster the world has ever known.

We know much hope surrounds ‘clean coal technology’, but we see a lot of ‘greenwash’ there too. ‘Clean coal’ means many different things and is an idea not a single technology. We know many within the coal industry are pushing carbon capture and storage – CCS – and this is proposed for one part of the new Kingsnorth plant. It may offer solutions but on the scale required it is still only theoretical and will no doubt have many costs. Like many technical proposals its impact will depend on the political context it is used in. We are concerned that it does not marginalise solutions that could have a real impact today, like energy efficiency, renewables, local production, public transport etc. All of these could provide thousands of new jobs immediately, and help make our society healthier.

We don’t have a blueprint for the future but we do have a clear sense of the values which will guide it – environmental sustainability and social justice for all. We locate the roots of climate change within the ideas and practice of capitalism. Consequently we know that we cannot ‘solve’ climate change without addressing the way our world is run for private profit rather than social gain and for endless growth rather than satisfying needs.

We have adopted the model of ‘Just Transition’, in which the needs of workers are paramount within the transition to a new economy: their views are central, there should be adequate retraining where required, there should be no loss incurred. An increasing number of trade unions are adopting this model internationally. There will be ways we can make this transition protect, and benefit, workers and communities worldwide.

Climate change poses a question about our economic and social system. It is in fact an opportunity. The theft of resources, the inequality, the destruction of nature, the abandonment of communities unwanted by big business, the injustice, the poverty, the lack of a real say in our lives – all these can be addressed when we address climate change. As prices rise and people question the reasons for the instability, we will have welcome space to talk about capitalism, social justice and real democracy. It will be an opportunity for groups who were previously unaligned to work together. It will be an opportunity for us to realise the importance and excitement of collective action. It could and should offer the opportunity for the trade union movement to re invigorate itself.

We know we should have made greater efforts to communicate with workers and unions at an earlier stage, and we apologise for that. We hope this opportunity is now here and we warmly welcome a dialogue with all sectors over how we can move forward both fairly and sustainably.

We know there is a proposal for a counter demonstration against the camp. We are concerned that this proposal could give the impression that we are on different sides and be seized upon by government and media to avoid talking about the real political issues we could be addressing. Such a division, real or not, could damage us both, whereas mutual respect and aid could help. We need to engage in a constructive dialogue about the way forward.

To that effect we warmly offer to come to your branch or group to discuss these issues, and invite you to the Camp to do the same.

In solidarity,

Networking group – Camp for Climate Action 2008

Contact us via

climate camp - networking group


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Any attempt to shut Kingsnorth power station is a criminal offence.

14.07.2008 18:41

On behalf of Kent police I would like to warn everyone taking part in the camp for climate action that any attempt to stop the normal working of Kingsnorth power station will be considered a criminal offence and any persons taking part in such an action will be liable to arrest and prosecution.

Spokesperson for Kent police

To Kent Police

14.07.2008 19:19

We know - we don't care about being arrested and prosecuted. See you down there


Any attempt to interfere with the climate camp is criminal

14.07.2008 19:25

On behalf of those of us concerned for the future of humanity I would like to warn Kent Police (and anyone else threatening to interfere with the Camp for Climate Action) that any attempt to stop the normal working of the Camp for Climate Action will be considered a criminal offence and any persons taking part in such an action will be liable to arrest and prosecution in the court of public opinion.

A N Other
- Homepage:

What? Shutting down a power station is a criminal offence?

14.07.2008 22:56

Genius! I am definitely coming now!

By the way CCS is NOT proposed at Kingsnorth. It is NOT in their planning application at ALL. They are entered into the CCS competition. IF they won, the people of Britain would pay them to put 300 MW of CCS on a 1600MW plant. It would capture 15% of its total carbon emissions, leaving 80% to the atmos, and it would REDUCE the plant's energy efficiency (it is only 30% efficient now). It would pump out around 6.5 million tonnes of CO2 a year... instead of the 7 it pumps now (as the new one is bigger than the old one).

So that'll stop catastrophic climate change then- I DON'T think.

Now I'm a camper

Some history about joint action between Earth First! and the NUM

15.07.2008 09:18

It is quite possible that Climate Change may result in an unresolvable opposition developing between some trade unions and ecological resistance groups. However in the 90s during a wave of actions from South Wales to Derbyshire there was some informal co-operation between the NUM and Earth First! in the campaign against the expansion of Opencast sites. For more info on the actions as well as discussion of the issues and possible contradictions see:

'No Opencast! : History - Direct Action - Analysis - Contradictions'

Taken from Do or Die 7 - Voices from the Ecological Resistance



@ Kent Police

15.07.2008 13:17

I believe the cops are known to take a fairly dim view of impersonating a police officer as well.

I also don't believe that they can just "consider" something to be an offence unless it is an offence in law. So drop some statute or GTFO.

MonkeyBot 5000

Kingsnorth layoffs

19.07.2008 13:06

Given that they're laying off the maintenance workers without pay for the week'"Climate Camp" needs tocondemn this move loud and clear. If all this pro-Union taslk means anything.



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