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Natalie Bracht, more reported sightings

mum on the run | 15.07.2008 08:58 | Health | Other Press | London

On the run for two months now with her five daughters, the police remain hot on the trail of fugative Natalie Bracht. The latest statement from the police say she has been sighted in Devon on a bus from Exeter through Dartmoor. She has previously been reported to have been in Yeovil, Glastonbury and Bristol since originally hiding out in London after abandoning her home in Sunderland. Other reports place her in Holland or Germany.

Natalie Bracht is accused of being mentally unstable and a danger to her kids and the state has issued a care order which means that her five daughters will be taken from her if she is captured. However, Natalie has done a remarkable job for the last eight weeks, managing to stay one step ahead of the cops the whole time.despite being let down by some of those involved in sheltering her. A few weeks ago there were a series of arrests and police raids on properties in London, Bristol and Yeovil which suggested that the police had her in the net but somehow she evaded capture even as the heat seeking helicopters were deployed. Now it looks like the police might have another lead.

* Police investigate sighting of missing mum

POLICE are investigating the possible sighting of a woman who has been missing with her five daughters for two months. Natalie Bracht from Sunderland is believed to have been spotted in the Dartmoor area of Devon.

Ms Bracht, 34, left home with her girls on May 17 after she was told her children - aged between four and 13 - were to be taken into the care of their local authority.

* New lead in missing mother hunt

The search for a woman who vanished from her Sunderland home with her five daughters has switched to Devon.

Natalie Bracht, 34, who suffers from a personality disorder, fled Wearside on 17 May when she found out her children were to be taken into care.

Recent sightings have been reported in London and at a commune near Yeovil.

Police say evidence suggests she may have travelled by bus with her children - aged between four and 13 - to Moretonhampstead near Dartmoor.

Officers said she had made up a series of stories about her past. Her parents John and Heidrun Brown have appealed for her to return home.

During her time on the run, Ms Bracht has approached a number of organisations, fabricating stories to gain support and shelter, Northumbria Police said.

'Abandoned belongings'

A force spokesman said a woman matching Ms Bracht's description and accompanied by five children bought a bus ticket from Exeter to Moretonhampstead, arriving on the evening of 27 June.

Det Ch Insp Roger Ford, who is leading the investigation, added: "We have real fears for the welfare and safety of the girls and our number one priority in this case is to get them home safe and well.

"We know that Natalie and the girls were at a commune near Yeovil, but then abandoned some of their belongings and fled.

"Now we have reason to believe that they may be in Devon. Once again the girls are alone in an area where they have no links or means of support, hundreds of miles away from their home, friends and school.

"We are now working with our colleagues from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary to try and find Natalie as soon as possible."

mum on the run


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that can't be right

15.07.2008 11:26

I was told she had been smuggled out of the country after glastonbury


not much of a lead

15.07.2008 11:55

If the police have only just released this news to the papers then it obviously led them nowhere. The article below from the local paper in Exeter says that somebody matching her description was spotted over two weeks ago at Exeter bus station. Moretonhamsptead is known as the gateway to Dartmoor and having got there from Exeter or Newton Abbot, you can then head up further into the Moor towards Cornwall or up toward North Devon. Even if it were her it sound's like she is long gone.


Police searching from [sic] a mentally ill woman and her five daughters think the family may have travelled through Exeter.

A woman matching Natalie Bracht's description was spotted with five children, aged between four and 13, at Exeter bus station, in Paris Street, on Friday, June 27. She bought a ticket to Moretonhampstead and police believe the the family is now in the Dartmoor area.

Ms Bracht, who suffers from a histrionic personality disorder, fled her home in Sunderland on May 17, after she was told all her children would be taken into care. The family was initially traced to the Harlesden area of London and from there officers traced them to a commune near Yeovil.

Mrs Bracht's father, John Brown, appealed for his daughter to return home. "My wife and I are very worried about Natalie and the girls," he said. "Natalie is unwell and urgently needs help. We want her to know that we love her very much and we will support her through this. We would urge Natalie to make contact with us or the local police. If anyone has any information about where she is we urge them to pass this on to the police so that the children can be brought home safely."

Detective Chief Inspector Roger Ford, of Northumbria Police, said: "We have real fears for the welfare and safety of the girls and our number one priority is to get them home safe and well. Moretonhampstead is a small community and I am sure a woman speaking broken English with a German accent in company with five children would stand out. Once again the girls are alone in an area where they have no links or means of support, hundreds of miles away from their home, friends and school. We are working with our colleagues in Devon and Cornwall to try to find Natalie as soon as possible. The bottom line is that these kids should not be in her care."

old news

Dawn raid in Dartmoor

15.07.2008 15:08

At least twenty police officers with a helicopter made a dawn raid on a property in Dartmoor a few days ago. The fact that police have released the info about the Exeter bus to the press must mean they've been barking up the wrong tree or the trail has gone cold on them again and they're hoping for further info from the public.

but no Natalie

please stop

16.07.2008 09:04

all the speculation doesn't do her and her kids any good. Best keep this all to yourselves - no doubt the relevant police authorities (as well as the State) are reading this


Message to Natalie

17.07.2008 13:59

If you can read this Natalie its JAK and KATEs friend BOB. Lots of people here worried about YOU and girls.You have done well to get as far as you have, it cant have been easy, time to come home now. i and im sure many others are willing to help and support you.

bob child
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