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Carnival Against Vivisection! - German, French and Spanish Translators needed

AnimalAutomaton | 15.07.2008 11:21 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Globalisation | Repression | Birmingham | London | World

A huge thank you to those who are currently translating a polish version and helped with the Italian version below.

English Version
English Version

Italian Version
Italian Version

We are still however looking for German, French and Spanish Translators for the English flyer that is attached below and also the text from one of the previous posts...

If you can help please just comment on this article and post your translation here as we do not have any contact details.

There will be accommodation and food for any people travelling to the march who needs it.

See you on the streets.

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Another poster + info

16.07.2008 13:16

- Homepage: http://it's gone..


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poster template?

15.07.2008 11:36

If there is one it would help...I'm still trying to work out how somebody translated a poster without editing the background...!


ignore me

15.07.2008 11:39

I get it! Just the translation you're looking for...


Polish Version...

15.07.2008 11:43

Here is the polish version of the flyer :)



15.07.2008 11:45

I think you just need to post the text on here and someone else will sort out the poster :)

PC Bacon



15.07.2008 18:20

I have not been able to edit the flyer. If someone could explain how to do it with Gimp, it would be great. Here is the FR text.

Carnaval contre la vivisection!

Manifestation contre les laboratoires de torture Sequani à Ledbury, Herefordshire + bloc autonome...

Samedi 6 sept.
Rendez-vous à midi sur le gazon à l'extérieur de la gare de Ledbury

Amenez de quoi faire du bruit! Portez du vert! Faisons en sorte qu'ils n'oublient pas cette journée de si tôt!


Fermez Sequani

Bourreaux d'animaux


catalan as spoken in Katalalalaland by 10 million real Catalanders.

16.07.2008 06:32

Carnaval en contra de vivisecció!
concentració massiva contra el laboratori de tortura Sequani a
Ledbury, Herefordshire i blocs Autònoms

Fet seure 6 de setembre

Trobant-ne 12 migdia

A fora d'estació de tren de Ledbury al voral d'herba

Porti soroll! Verd d'ús!

Fem això un dia que no oblidaran aviat!

Tanquem Sequani!

Torturadors animals.



Spanish as spoken by more people than English but less people than Chinese.

16.07.2008 06:45

Carnaval contra la vivisección

Concentración masiva contra los laboratorio de tortura Sequani en Ledbury, Herefordshire y los bloques Autónomos.

nos reunimos el 6 de setiembre a las 12 del mediodía.
Fuera de la estación de tren Ledbury en el borde de césped.

¡Traiga el ruido!
¡Lleve verde!
¡lo harémos un diá que ellos no pronto se olvidarán!

¡Sequani cerrado!
¡Torturadores de los animales!

upside down exclamation marks & accents

here's a machine translation to Welsh.

16.07.2008 12:43

Welsh might not be as exotic as Italian, French, Spanish or Katalalalander - but it is a language spoken by millions of people not so far from Herefordshire.

caea 'r labordy. = Close the lab.
chyfarfyddwn am 12. = meet at 12.
am 'r hyffordda gorsaf = at the train station.
6 = 6
September = september.
dreuliwn gwyrdd = wear green.
dyrfwn. = noise
byddwn 'n drystiog = we will be noisy.

Most people who speak Welsh also speak English. Furthermore thanks to almost a century and a half of extended education to the lower orders and poorer classes, most people who can read English can read Welsh. But we're still working on the inter-pronunciability and mutual comprehension thing. Quite. Maybe you don't expect many of them to make it to close down Sequani labs being so given to hounding badgers as they are.

I reckon you could just whack up a flyer with a few words of Welsh as a sort of "nod" to multiculturalism whilst you're waiting on any (((i))) indy-heads about to do the German version for you. I am amazed the polish version came along with only one of their beautiful crossed "l" letter. If I wrote a language like that I'd make golly sure that every third word needed to spellt with a "ł". I really wish the Catalans would put their midway up the middle of 2 "l"s' dot (·) everywhere too.

Now what about a flyer in languages which really are inclusive and not just a Eurobrat flag waving lark?




as we await the German for "torture lab" so we can schließ it.., some thoughts..

16.07.2008 19:05

I reckon having provided a few versions of the flyer I can't be accused of trolling the thread if I ask you to consider some thoughts : "On translation".

If you're preparing flyers for translation it's a good idea to bear in mind that your message may seem simple in your own language but raises loads of questions in the languages to which you want to see it translated.

For example - in the French, Catalan, Italian & Spanish translations above, we can see a mixture of interpretations of the imperative or invitation which seemed so simple in the English original. When you want people to attend a demonstration, carnival, party, political event etc., are you ordering them to do it, speaking to them politely, informally or as friends? English gets around these questions really easily by not using "thou" or "thee" or using snobby accents instead to put people in their place. Otherwise English folk can either use the infinitive without "to" "___ Meet!" or as was used in the original flyer you can use a verbal noun "Meeting" which deftly gets around the challenges of a complete sentence.

But in most other European languages at least there are a variety of options.

Next - as one who was present more than once for dreary IMC discussions of a European collective which is one of the few on the planet to offer Esperanto translations, can I offer the opinion that "word for word" translation of agitprop or political material such as flyers and posters or even IMC pages is a territory fraught with certain sensitivities. Choosing English and Italian, Polish, French and German in the appeal but not including Catalan, Welsh, Urdu or in this G8 year Japanese (or as it is written for foreigners : にほんご and natives : 日本語) sort of implies that Catalan, Welsh, Urdu and the other languages weren't a priority.

¿¿¿ does this mean that there is more chance of Spanish, Italian, Polish, French or German speakers who can't read an English language flyer going to Herefordshire and the other people will just have to hang on till they're gimped ???

The solution we found to these problems which in our local IMC also included very divisive "language political issues" which occur a lot in the real world where languages come along with wanted or unwanted nationalist baggage, was to promote Esperanto.

Esperanto is cool. Hardly anyone speaks it, but it doesn't have the nasty associations that Latin or classical Greek have as a global intellectual type common linguistic interface.

So :-

here is a short Esperanto version of the flyer :-

ferm la laboratorio Sequani. = close the Sequani Lab.
halt vivisekcio. = stop vivisection.
renkonti nin ĉe 12 = meet at 12.
ĉe la fervoja stacio. = at the station.
sur la herbo. = on the grass.
ni portas verdan. = we'll wear green.
brua! = noise

Best o' luck with your Carnival! ;-)

@ translator for my sins

Do, almenaŭ UNU Indimedia-leganto parolas ĝin!

17.07.2008 17:17

Ho, kia plezuro!

Estas almenaŭ DU el ni, kiu amas la belan lingvon de Monda Paco!

Sed ĉu vi povas oferti bonan tradukon por "Autonomous Blok"? :0)

Eble ne renkontiĝos ĉe Barlaston iam - aŭ eble ĉe manifestacio.


(which, ironically for English speakers, actually translates as something like "Down with animal experiments").

Amiko de Zamenhof

French, German & Polish versions

19.08.2008 15:15




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