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Climate Camp goes back to Heathrow: Conference Sat 26th July

Happy Conference Camper | 19.07.2008 11:19 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles | London

A conference organsied by the Camp for Climate Action, local residents groups NoTRAG and HACA and Greenpeace to answer the question:

“What do we do if the worst comes to the worst and the Government says ‘yes’ to Heathrow expansion?

Climate Camp goes back to Heathrow

Heathrow Conference
Saturday 26th July, 12 noon - 5pm,
Harlington Baptist Church,
High St, Harlington

All Welcome

Last August thousands of people spent a week camping in a field in the village of Sipson, which would be destroyed if Heathrow expansion went ahead, to draw attention to the threat of climate change. The event transformed Heathrow expansion into a national and even international debate on how we respond to climate change.

While this year we are concentrating our efforts at Kingsnorth where energy giant E.ON the Government is proposing to build a new coal-fired power station, we have not forgotten Heathrow. So, we decided to organise a conference to discuss with local residents and environmental organisations the next steps in the campaign to stop Heathrow expansion, titled:

“What do we do if the worst comes to the worst and the Government says ‘yes’?

The conference brings together the Camp for Climate Action, local campaign groups HACAN and NoTRAG (No Third Runway Action Group), and Greenpeace to discuss a broad strategy against expansion. This is the first time that local campaign groups and international environmental organizations have teamed up with the Camp for Climate Action to stage an event. We see this cross-fertilisation of ideas and experience as essential parts of Climate Camp strategy to develop a diverse social movement against climate change and for social justice.

The conference will focus on fusing our different ideas on how to stop expansion, from political lobbying to mass direct action, so we can all support each others efforts. More than that, we hope that we can learn from each other and develop new ideas that can have broad appeal.

The day will begin at 12 noon with short introductory talks on the latest state of play, on the implications of expansion for noise, climate change and community destruction, and around ideas for effective campaigning. After lunch, the bulk of the day will involve more structured discussions around moving forward together, followed by a final plenary session.

We’ve had conformation that in addition to many climate campers and local residents, politicians and trade unionists will be attending, so it looks like being an exciting event!

The following day Camp for Climate Action will set off in 'a climate caravan' on their journey to Kingsnorth in Kent where this year's camp will be held.

Directions to the Conference are:

Heathrow Conference
Harlington Baptist Church,
High St, Harlington

About 8 minutes walk from Bath Road.
Take the 90 bus from Feltham, Hatton Cross or Hayes and Harlington Station;
Or take the 140 from Heathrow or Hayes and Harlington Station
Or the H98 from Hounslow, Cranford or Hayes and Harlington Station.- all stop outside the church.

NB there is only limited parking available.

The event is free but small donations on the day towards lunch and venue hire will be welcome!

Feel free to just turn up but it would be ideal if you could let us know before if you will be coming. Email

Happy Conference Camper
- Homepage:


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Human produced CO2 emissions do not cause climate change!

20.07.2008 11:30

CO2 emissions do not cause climate change, and human activity produces only a tiny amount of the CO2 in the atomosphere. The real cause of climate change is solar activity. Watch this documentary which debunks the conventional view on climate change, The Great Global Warming Swindle:

Climate skeptic

Accept the truth!

20.07.2008 20:27

Bullshit, refusing to believe that one of the main reasons climate change is happening is due to human activity is just an excuse for people who are too lazy too change there polluting habits. If you are really willing too take the risk of millions of people dying due to starvation or drought because of the change in the climate then go ahead, but people who really care for the people and planet will be out trying to stop climate change from happening where ever they can!

Climate realist

Accept the truth?????

21.07.2008 09:47

The theory that human produced CO2 is producing global warming is anything but the truth! Watch the bloody documentary - The Great Global Warming Swindle before you come to such conclusions!

How come during the era of the most industrial expansion from 1940 to 1975 global temperatures fell? How come scientists have found that in the distant past when more CO2 was in the atomosphere global temperatures were cooler.

climate skeptic

to climate skepic

21.07.2008 10:20

Two points - firstly, The Great Climate Swindle documentary has ben largley discreditd - most of the makers and 'sckientists' having been shown to have strong links and funding with major climate criminals. Secondly, even if climate change is not happening, the fact remains that all of the things that cause climate change such as tree felling, road building, fossil fuel extraction, airport expansion (which in this case would concretre over a whole village) are negative and environmentally destructive, Even if you think climate change is a myth, fight for forests, habitats, wild spaces, peoples future etc, which, climate change or not, promote the biodiversity and wild spaces this planet needs to survive.

(A) Sab


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