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AIDS: Genocide of neglect

Mary | 24.07.2008 11:01 | Globalisation | Health | Social Struggles | London | World

DAN JAKOPOVICH delves into the rich states' record on HIV/Aids.


Genocide of neglect

(Morning Star, Tuesday 15 July 2008)

Over 25 million people have died of Aids since the first identified cases in 1981. With the advent of antiretroviral therapy, HIV/Aids has become a manageable, "chronic" disease.
But between 2 million and 2.5 million people still die of the disease every year, despite the existence of medicines largely capable of preventing these personal and community tragedies. About 66 per cent of the infected live in sub-Saharan Africa.
Mortality rates highlight stark differences in access to treatment, as well as access to and education about prevention.
Under International Monetary Fund "structural adjustment programmes," underdeveloped countries are forced to service debts rather than concentrate on the development and social services vital to combating HIV/Aids.
At the same time, the epidemic is having a crippling effect on the economies of poor countries. It is wiping out the most economically productive age groups. The sub-Saharan region is said to have experienced a 2-4 per cent decrease in economic growth due to Aids.
"In 2001, only 30,000 of over 28 million infected people in sub-Saharan Africa were on treatment and over 2 million died of Aids," reports South African doctor Shereen Usdin in her No-Nonsense Guide to HIV/Aids.
Only when it became obvious that the epidemic was threatening global security did HIV/Aids become an international issue. Only the goal of preserving the stability of a system which produces so much human tragedy could finally mobilise global elites.
"The Aids pandemic has taken more lives than the Black Death in Europe of the Middle Ages ... HIV/Aids ... has infected over 60 million people, claiming almost 22 million lives. This is the equivalent of 7,000 World Trade Centre 9/11 disasters, four Holocausts and more than 22 genocides in Rwanda. By the time you read this, it will have risen even higher," says Usdin.
The spread of the epidemic has been aided by the catastrophic and callous stance of religious institutions and leaders, most notably the last pope, against the use of contraceptives. The US administration is also perversely exploiting the Aids crisis to promote abstinence and sexual conservatism internationally.
The gains made during the largely inauthentic but nonetheless hopeful African road to socialism era have mostly been nullified.
Average life expectancy in Swaziland is now below 32 years. In Botswana, where 39 per cent of adults are HIV-positive, life expectancy has fallen to pre-1950 levels of only 39 years. The average life span for Botswanans without Aids is 72 years.
UNAIDS estimates that 68 million people will die prematurely due to Aids between 2000 and 2020. The level of suffering is unquantifiable.
The astonishing lack of urgency towards the growth of this epidemic - despite 5 million newly infected people in 2003 alone - is possible only in a system in which profit and power are put before living, breathing human beings.
Even where they are in place, WTO epidemic control strategies have concentrated on cost effectiveness.
"World Bank policy-makers have argued, for example, that poor countries should not consider providing treatment to the afflicted and that prevention programmes should come first even if people were dying in absolute agony," writes health expert Susan Hunter in her book Black Death: Aids in Africa.
Pharmaceutical giants maintain their monopoly on the market through patents which have prevented the production of cheaper generic medicines.
Drug patents and intellectual property laws are enforced globally by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreement known as TRIPS, the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.
The US, along with France, Germany and Switzerland, used its might to close TRIPS "flexibility clauses" and tighten intellectual property rights rules as the epidemic exploded. It also intimidated and blackmailed countries that wanted to produce cheap generics, like South Africa and Brazil.
Recent initiatives for greater accessibility of treatment have been uncritically hailed as a solution to the crisis.
The smug, self-congratulatory stance of the political elite and their corporate media, particularly in the US, was epitomised on Yahoo News recently.
Immediately after noting that a quadrupling of funds would be needed for universal access to Aids treatment, the article concluded in classic Orwellian fashion: "Today, the terror of Aids that prevailed 25 years ago has disappeared."
In fact, as leading French researcher Olivier Schwarz says: "In Africa, not even 10 per cent of the people who need treatment are getting it."
The struggle for access to medicines as a basic human right is still being fought all over the globe. In the context of the Aids pandemic, huge but insufficient price reductions and legislative changes have already been won.
The important steps forward that have been achieved so far, including the concept of freedom of access to medicines itself, would be significantly less likely without civic participation and self-organisation.
Wider demands for debt relief, protection of public services and for the freedom to import generic medicines have to be coupled with restorative elements of community empowerment, promotion of education and gender equality, mutually respectful relationships and early realistic, non-moralistic sexual education.
The stigma, ostracism, hysteria and fatalism have to be overcome through openness and greater determination to fight back, both against the disease itself and the corporate Machiavellians who profit from it.
The indifference of our rulers and the "international community" to the suffering of millions upon millions of women, men and children is a bleeding wound on the body of humanity. But the courage and compassion of those fighting for justice leave hope on an otherwise bleak and brutal horizon.



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Drug Co propaganda

24.07.2008 12:24

This is simply drug company propaganda designed to fool often relatively healthy into accepting lethal AZT and other 'AIDS drugs' - otherwise known as AIDS by prescription. There is no one single causative factor contributing towards the disease known as AIDS, with HIV being a simple harmless retrovirus which exists in our bodies alongside numerous others. Even the deciding factors by which AIDS is classified varies from country to country - what could get you classified as having AIDS in Africa is different, say, to that in Canada.

For a real eye opener read 'What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong', by Christine Maggiore, whilst Martin Walker's essential 'Dirty Medicine' reveals the aggressive marketing of AZT by the Wellcome Foundation and the war waged by the pharmaceutical industry on alternative medicine. Out of print but available as a download at

Whilst people are indeed dying of a combination of diseases, lumping them all together all calling the whole thing AIDS is clearly absurd, whilst the continued promotion of 'anti-AIDS' drugs through the lie that HIV = AIDS = death is itself an inevitable death warrant for many thousands more. As a starter what Africans need is not drugs, but rather clean water and food - something conspicuously absent from the above article.

THE GREAT HIV HOAX by Patrick Rattigan N.D.

"I have known so many people who have died of AIDS ... and all of them - all of them - took the drugs they were told to by their doctors. I have never taken any of them and I haven't gotten sick. Not even a cold. The doctors told me I had 5 years left to live .. these drug companies that produce the medication .. are getting very rich .. everyone I know who has been HIV positive - and that’s a lot of people - has died after taking those drugs." Goldie Glitters - 30 years "living with the virus"

The multi-billion dollar/pound AIDS/HIV fraud is based on two fabrications : that AIDS is a single disease, and that it is caused by the HI virus or the "HIV virus" as some medical/media masterminds call it - perhaps they think the V in HIV stands for volcano.

In Japan "AIDS" was virtually unknown : yet, in random tests, 25% of people were found to be "HIV-positive".

“HIV-positive response” means nothing of any relevance to health. It can be triggered by vaccination, malnutrition, M.S., measles, influenza, papilloma virus wart, Epstein Barr virus, leprosy, glandular fever, hepatitis, syphillis ... : over sixty different conditions.

Dr Robert E. Willner inoculated himself with the blood of Pedro Tocino, a HIV-positive haemophiliac, on live Spanish television. Not something which the US/UK media syndicate thought to be of interest.

The great HIV/AIDS lie was created by Robert Gallo.

"… instead of trying to prove his insane theories about AIDS to his peers ... he went public … then, with the help of Margaret Heckler, former head of Health and Human Services, who was under great political pressure to come up with an answer to AIDS, the infamous world press announcement of the discovery of the so-called AIDS virus came about ... this great fraud is now responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands ... it was no accident that Gallo just happened to patent the test for HIV the day after the announcement ... Gallo is now a multi-millionaire because of AIDS and his fraudulent AIDS test." (Dr Robert E. Willner)

By grouping together 25-plus different diseases and other allied factors - pneumonia, herpes, candidiasis, salmonella, various cancers, infections, vaccine and antibiotic damage, amyl nitrate damage, malnutrition etc.and, particularly in Africa, TB, malaria, dysentery leprosy and "slim disease" - and calling the whole thing an "AIDS epidemic", so a multi-billion dollar/pound "AIDS research and treatment" racket has been created.

The mythical "HIV-induced AIDS plague" in the Third World generates huge sums of cash from Western relief organizations, whilst smokescreening the vaccine/drug boys, responsible for the carnage.

Every death of someone "HIV-positive" is recorded as an "AIDS death".

Periodically, the BBC, ITV, Press, visit Africa, Yugoslavia, Russia etc to report on the "HIV/AIDS victims" and how they cannot afford the “life-saving AZT” . Glaxo Wellcome's lethal drug, in combination with the diagnosis of HIV-positive and the prediction, stated or implied, that - "You will die of AIDS" is one of the great pieces of Medical Black Magic - Voodoo Medicine at its most impressive: People have committed suicide on the basis of the ludicrous diagnosis.

Pregnant women who are HIV-positive have been told to stop breast-feeding, dosed with AZT, have had abortions or have been sterilised. HIV-positive babies who become ill -from vaccination or whatever - are automatically diagnosed as "suffering from AIDS".

"Considering that there is little scientific proof of the exact linkage of HIV and AIDS, is it ethical to prescribe AZT, a toxic chain terminator of DNA ... to 150,000 Americans - among them pregnant women and newborn babies? (Rep.G Gutknecht US House of Representatives)

New Labour "Health" have now announced that all pregnant women in the UK will be "offered" a HIV test. Those who fall for the scam and who are diagnosed as "HIV positive" will be given the chance to have themselves and their unborn child permanently damaged by AZT etc.

AZT began as a "cancer drug" but was withdrawn for being too toxic. Like being thrown out of the Gestapo for cruelty. Its effects include - cancer, hepatitis, dementia, seizures, anxiety, impotence, leukopaenia,, severe nausea, ataxia, etc. and the termination of DNA synthesis. i.e. AIDS/death by prescription. AZT eventually kills all those who continue to take it.

"WARNING : Retrovir (AZT ) ... has been associated with symptomatic myopathy, similar to that produced by Human Immunodeficiency Virus ... " Glaxo Wellcome literature!

None of which stops the medical trade from pushing it on every trusting sap who is not ill to start with but is labelled with the "HIV-positive" nonsense and then destroyed by AZT; with "AIDS" getting the blame - and more billions pouring in for the drug boys, vivisectors, animal breeders and the rest.

The latest stunt is to give a "cocktail" of drugs - including AZT, of course, and at £12,000 per head, per year - to all homosexual men who are "HIV-positive".

A particularly good scam is to haul into court someone "guilty of deliberately infecting the victim with the 'HIV-Virus which causes AIDS' " which then develops into "full-blown AIDS" - no mention of vaccine, antibiotic damage etc or full-blown AZT.

Over 2000 - and rising, of the world's scientists are now disputing the HIV hoax, their efforts being continually suppressed by the AIDS establishment, the pharmaceutical/vivisection syndicate and their political and media lackeys..

"Regarding the only type of HIV antibody test routinely used in the UK since 1992, called an ELISA, manufacturers, Abbott Laboratories, say : “ELISA testing alone cannot be used to diagnose AIDS".

Likewise Roche Diagnostics say of their genetic 'HIV testing kits' : "The Amplicor HIV Monitor test is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection." (Continuum Magazine leaflet Dec 1998)

“The techniques of the HIV test have not been standardized, and the magnitude and the consequences of inter-laboratory variations have not been measured. Its results require interpretation and the criteria for this interpretation vary, not only from lab to lab, but from month to month." (New England Journal of Medicine 317:238-241)

"Positive tests do not prove AIDS or pre-AIDS disease status nor that these diseases will be acquired." Manufacturers of Western Blot (HIV) test kit)
" ... in the general population, which the CDC estimates to have a prevalence of HIV infection of 0.006%, using a test with a specificity of 99%, the result is that 94% of all positives will be false positives." (Christine Johnson, Continuum Magazine, April 1994)

"A study last month, by Congress's Office of Technology Assessment, found that HIV tests can be very inaccurate indeed. For groups at very low risk - people who don't use IV drugs or have sex with gay or bi-sexual men - 9 in 10 positive findings are called false positives, indicating infection where none exists."
(US News and World Report Nov 23 1994)

"HIV tests are notoriously unreliable in Africa. A 1994 study, published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, concluded that HIV tests were useless in central Africa, where the microbes responsible for tuberculosis, malaria and leprosy were so prevalent that they registered over 70% false positive." (Sacramento Bee October 30 1994)

"It was the first time a scientist had ever run away from me. Typically scientists are bulldogs. They fight for their position. But the HIV guys don't. They run." (David Rasnick, on his doomed attempt to get answers on awkward questions from HIV-fantasist Martin Markowitz)

"The story of AIDS is deeply connected with the vicissitudes of the theory that viruses cause cancer and the failure of the cancer research programme. Michael Verney-Elliot put it most acidly when he said 'From the people who didn't bring you the virus that causes cancer, it's the virus that doesn't cause AIDS’”.'(Jad Adams The HIV Myth)
"It's not even probable, let alone scientifically proven, that HIV causes AIDS. If there is evidence ... there should be scientific documents which. … demonstrate that fact ... There are no such documents” (Dr Kary Mullis Nobel Laureate)

"If you think a virus is the cause of AIDS, do a control without it ... . it hasn't been done. The epidemiology of AIDS is a pile of anecdotal stories, selected to fit the virus/AIDS hypothesis ... ” (Peter Duesberg Member, National Academy of Sciences)

"Nobody wants to look at the facts ... I've sent countless letters to medical journals ... they simply ignore them. The fact is, this whole heterosexual AIDS thing is a hoax." (Prof Gordon Stewart Public Health, University of Glasgow)

"The cause of AIDS is multiufactorial ; HIV is neither necessary nor sufficient." (Dr Lawrence Bradford biologist)

"I am well convinved that HIV is harmless" (Dr Fabio Franchi, specialist, infectious disease)

" ... AIDS is not a disease at all - it is a government program" (Tom Bethel Hoover Institute researcher)

"Electron microscopy reveals retrovirus-like particles in 90% of enlarged lymph nodes from AIDS patients but the identical particles can be found in 90% of enlarged lymph nodes from patients who do not have AIDS and are not at risk from developing AIDS. If the particles seen ... in AIDS patients are, as the AIDS experts assure, HIV, what are the particles seen in patients.who are not at risk ... ?" (Dr Valendar Turner, Australian Broadcasting program 1994)

"A major problem with the new AIDS definition is that it ignores the man-made environmental causes of immune suppression. Exposure to toxins, alcoholism, heavy drug use or heavy antibiotic use all can cause onset of the list of 'diseases' indicative of AIDS." (Los Angeles Weekly Dec 18 1987)

"I have seen the constant terror and the programming to get sick and die ... as long as we imply that 'AIDS' itself exists we are operating within the AIDS group fantasy." (Michael Ellner medical hypnotist)

"We've all seen them. Stars, disc jockeys, sportsmen and women with a red ribbon pinned onto white tuxedos, black dinner jackets and spaghetti-strapped evening dresses. These are the compassionate celebrities who, with a sad expression, don the mantle of corporate grief for 'AIDS victims and sufferers ' and feel they are 'doing good'. Granted they are doing this with the best of intentions. But far from doing good they are actually doing damage - they are using their celebrity to raise funds for AIDS research that is entirely misdirected and orchestrated by a profit - oriented and commercially-blinkered pharmaceutical industry. They are perpetrating the myth of the ... friend who was unlucky enough to get AIDS through one unfortunate sexual encounter. They are colluding in a dangerous cult of death-worship. They are diverting attention away from the high-risk lifestyle factors including recreational and intravenous drug use that accompany 'acquired immune deficiency' ... .

When Celia Farber interviewed the late Michael Callen (author of Surviving AIDS ) for Spin Magazine in 1988 he said, “I have gone to a great deal of trouble to find these people who claim to have only one or two 'unlucky' sexual contacts. I found ten of them in all and each one ended up telling me they had been lying ... in the support group setting they would regale us with tales of bathhouses and promiscuity and lovers on the side and drug use ... “

“But there are those who prefer to cling to the 'single simple cause'. They have something to cling to in their grief ... It is this ignorant, if innocent, collusion, both by ordinary mortals and celebrities, with the orthodox virus-AIDS hypothesis ( that has failed to save a single life ) which continues to fill the pharmaceutical industry's pockets, continues to perpetrate the myth that HIV causes AIDS - that HIV exists at all - and continues to prevent dissident scientists from exploring new avenues of research." (Joan Shenton, Meditel Productions - Continuum Magazine Jun/Jul 1997)

Taking the ’HIV test’ is of no use whatsoever to anyone other than drug companies and governments ever eager to increase their control. Those who have had their immune system damaged by vaccines, antibiotics, antipyretics, analgesics, amyl nitrates etc. need to detoxify and to build up immune strength with raw, vegan, organic foods, homoeopathic and herbal remedies : and, above all else, to stop swallowing the 'HIV' causes 'AIDS' rubbish and the lethal AZT ‘medication’.

Sources/reading Green Anarchist - 38. Times April 3 1994. Deadly Deception - Willner. The AIDS War - Lauritsen.

On Dec 1 1998, Channel 4 News, after commissioning an ‘AIDS Virus’ expose - from Meditel, declined to broadcast the 9-minute piece. The C4 editor, Jim Gray, succumbed to pressure from 'AIDS' virologist’, Jonathan Weber et al.

David Lloyd, the C4 Head of News and Current Affairs, refused to overrule Gray. The public-funded BBC, in gross contravention of and contempt for the requirements for balance and impartiality, continues to promote, unchallenged, the AIDS Establishment version.


Some confusion here...

25.07.2008 11:05

The drugs cocktail actually stops people from dying, Mike, as it stops the virus from reporducing. Nobody who is on medication dies any more, after the right combination of drugs has been discovered. Or do you know somebody who has? Homepathy or a natural diet may help but they don't stop people from dying. Conspira-loony theories that the virus does not exist and is a capitalist invention have no basis in reality. I have no doubt the drugs may be administered unnecessarily in many cases, for profit's sake, it happenes with all other drugs and especially methadone. The real scandal is that, for profit's sake, the price of the life-saving drugs is kept so high that most HIV + people in Africa and all countries impoveirshed by imperialistic exploitation cannot afford them, whether they need them or not, and are therefore condemned to death in the name of profit. HIV+ sufferers from 'developing', countries who are reciving treatement here, are deported back to they countries and to a slow death. (The European Court of Human Rights has recently ruled against the suspenson of deportations of HIV+ people). No doubt that condoms could help preventing the epidemic, as Mary points out, but to forget the role of multinational drug companies is a huge omission.



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