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Kim Powers ARA in hands of cancer research

Kim Powers | 28.07.2008 09:22 | Animal Liberation | Other Press | Cambridge | London

Kim Powers singer songwriter animal rights activist, gives a short insight into his experiences after the diagnosis 'cancer cup syndrome'.The article comes out soon in the magazine 'albatros' in German, French & Italian.

Kim Powers article albatros magazine animal rights activist in hands of cancer research. Hello i'm Kim Powers, singer songwriter,animal rights activist and since December 13th 2007 a cancer patient.Cup syndrome to be exact (carcinoma unknown primary tumor).Have you ever heard of that?I hadn't. Its the 27th June 08 and i'm sitting with my girlfriend at the swimming pool in Solothurn Switzerland.I don't really share her optimisum that the sun will eventually shine down on me today, but who knows what miracles can happen. When i think back to that chilly November 07 morning , i was standing at 'the gates of hell' Novartis at 7.30am,taking part in a demo for Animal rights and Liberation from the laboratories of the Pharma industry worldwide with a couple of dozen equally determind individuals.I say individuals because today its extremely dangerous to belong to an animal rights organisation.Slowly these organisations are being criminalised as terrorists,and the members imprisoned.USA, UK, Denmark,Sweden and of late Austria are imprisoning members without evidence or trial (enough said).Its enough if there's a threat to the financial security of a company or shop (fur shops, fur farms, factory farming,Animal breeding companies, Research and animal testing labs eg.)... At this demo i had a quick argument with a professor ,he was shouting at me '"you bloody idiot, my wife has just died of cancer and you want to stop research, you bloody bastards if we had done more research maybe she would still be alive". My reply was "if you didn't test on animals maybe you would have had the cure 30 years ago.We are not monkeys, mice,rats,rabbits or any other animal on the planet, we are human ". The police looked on and let the two of us exchange our sympathy for eachother.I felt then that these words came from deep within my heart.But you don't really know how strong your beliefs are until they are tested to the maximum. Who would have dreamed that the next month the shit would hit the fan and i'd be confronted with cancer research myself. Here is a very short account of what happened, for more in depth information you can visit my video diary,which is in English. On the 10th December i went into hospital in Solothurn Switzerland for the first of two planned operations.I arrived wearing my' Animal Liberation Front' shirt, i felt i was walking into the Pharma mafia itself, the nurses were so friendly and offered me painkillers and sleeping tablets for the first night.My instant reaction was to tell them i wasn't there to swallow all of their pharma shit, if i can't sleep a week then i'll sleep when i get home again.I felt that i had to inform them all that they are thoughtlessly taking part in the murder and torture of millions of animals for no other reason as PROFIT,and prescribing drugs that have very dangerous side effects and counter only the symptoms. I wasn't going to let them poison me, it was against every thing i believed, how can a so called medicine be of benefit when its based on such negativity ?If you grow a vegetable in contaminated soil it will contaminate the consumer, maybe it will stop the hunger but you will damage your body. I now realise that if i had taken all of those sleeping pills, i would have been too stoned to be able to think clearly and stand up to the coming events. Three days later ,i was informed that the first tumor was a very bad carcinoma metastasis. My doctor wanted me to go to see the "experts" and professors at the Bern Insel hospital.On my visit there i was in the so called "info hour",where a gathering of professors and doctors go through the whole patient background, then i was taken to a small examination room where around 12 of them stand there while the Professor grabs hold of my head and moves it in different positions.He then takes hold of the tumor to see how easy it can be moved around...At this point i had visions and pictures of how a monkey must feel when its taken from a tiny cage and restrained in an examination stool.I knew i was in the hands of the cancer research myself,and they believed that i would put my life in their dirty hands.After another hour long wait i was taken to an office by one doctor,who then informed me that i have "cup syndrome" and that i should go home and get the information from the internet. My partner tried to ask some questions, but she was basically told by the doctor "its like this ,we will perform a radical neck dissection lymph nodes,veins,muscle,the tumor itself and the tonsils, whatever we think is necessary then he will get radiation therapy and maybe chemo therapy.We don't do anything else,we don't make compromises, this is the standard treatment for all".I asked for time to think it over and the doctor gave me ten days, but i received the op appointment three days later. I'm not a standard person,i'm an individual,i have my own immune system which has done an amazing job for me over the years,and now they want to destroy it..I also have extremely strong spiritual beliefs which they don't consider powerful , and they will use the very chemicals that i despise because of the animal testing,and the op will be performed by an expert in the field LoL. If i agreed to such an abomination i would be betraying myself and my deep love of every single animal ever tortured by these monsters. Back home my girlfriend and i went through the info on the internet,the prognosis of "cup syndrome'" is 1-9 months and only 2 to 5 % of cancer patients have this, only 15% survive the year after diagnosis. Merry christmas! After considering all of the facts,my super immune system and my spiritual experiences that i've had during the whole period,i decided to refuse all of the so called "experts" advice and design my own therapy in the way that i felt it correct. I had to convince my doctor to perform the 2nd operation himself in Solothurn hospital, removing the 2nd tumor metatasis and my tonsils,which he done against his will.The operation was complicated but he done a good job. All tests of multiple biopsies blood tests, Ct ,Mri pictures and the pandoscopie came back as showing no further cancer at this time. Because this experience touches such a wide scope its difficult for me to go into all aspects in a short article. But in a nutshell i can say that because i have no fear of physical death and my love of animals saved my life until today.I've put on weight and feel healthy, the problems and nerve pain that i had for the last 5 months have improved (without the use of pharma painkillers).The doctors and everyone that has taken part in MY therapy are pleasantly shocked about my condition.I have been taking an organic Chinese mushroom extract of the 'Reishi and Coriolus versicolor, both of which i highly recommend (for more info see,( Ps. miracles do happen, the sun has come out to shine on me today :-) Love Kim Powers Download the song "stop the monkey business", the profit goes to Animal Rights campaign against Animal Testing.

Kim Powers
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Re: Steve Discombe

29.07.2008 12:42

What do you mean by if?

Vivisectionits have been trying for decades and are not getting any nearer, only taking two steps further back with every mutilation and sacrifice. Big pharma = big bucks.

PC Bacon


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