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Children's Revolution March From Climate Camp on Kingsnorth Day of Mass Action

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign | 07.08.2008 17:26 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Workers' Movements | London | World

The Children of the Eco Warriors will lead the Children's Revolution march with children of local residents from the site of the Camp for Climate Action near the Kingsnorth power station on Saturday.

Some of the parents of the children on the site and some of the local members of the Kingsnorth Climate Action group have asked the Metropolitan police for a written guarantee that they will not harass or attack any of the children on the march.
During the Day of Mass Action many of the climate campers will stay on the site to help organise a children's peace festival for families planning to stay onsite, and a large group of former servicemen from Iraq and Afghanistan will also stay behind to provide additional security in case of any trouble.
Local residents will be protesting against the Kingsnorth power station and they are promising a day of music, performances, and entertainment for the children.
The Carbon Town Cryer will be performing during the march and friends of Angel and Sunshine are hoping that they will be present to sing their song "For the Children" which asks the question "What have we done to our Earth, where is the love for our children?"
The Children of the Eco Warriors have issued an invitation to everyone who would like to come and get involved to do so, and they would particularly like to welcome musicians, clowns, samba bands, and other alternative entertainers to join them for a day of positive direct action to ensure the survival of future generations and to save the human race from extinction.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign
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do you just make it up?

13.08.2008 01:15

"a large group of former servicemen from Iraq and Afghanistan will also stay behind to provide additional security in case of any trouble" ?!

i'm finding myself questioning the worth of your 'news' reports

i was at the camp all week, and attended the meetings where we planned our site security for the saturday. i was part of the response team that was subsequently formed in order to defend the site against police incursions.

although the response team might have included a couple of ex-service personnel, i know enough about the vast majority of people i was working with (including their current & former careers) to find your statement utterly baffling. how many people were in this "large group" you mention? and what did they actually do on saturday? cos i didn't encounter them while we were defending the site...

i've read through many of your posts from climate camp, and frequently find myself cringing as i do...

eg "Children of the Eco Warriors"?!
- did the young people in question make that name up for themselves?
or is a case of some random adult (possibly you) giving them that name?
(and at the same time, insulting their parents -and many of the rest of us who protested against roads etc in the '90s- by labelling us 'eco-warriors', which was a problematic term invented by the media in the first place: why not go the whole hog and describe everything at the camp as 'makeshift' while you're at it?!)

needless to say, like many other commenters, i am also offended that you felt the need to put women into some special category when you were describing the police violence... if it had been a heavily-pregnant or breastfeeding woman, then maybe this information would be more relevant.

finally, you published a fairly sensationalist article about a teenaged girl which included the line:
"Photographs of the missing girl have been circulated by the camp legal and media teams and the video of the assault is being shown to all the campers on the site"
so how come i don't know anyone who's seen this video or even heard about it? (and i was there for the week, awake for at least 75% of the time and often on/near a radio). like me, various people commented, asking for more details of this exciting 'kidnapping' story, for a link to the photo and video, basically for more facts. you still haven't responded to their comments, so i'm not expecting you to bother replying to my feedback either.

however, i wish you'd *think* more before publishing (if necessary get another person to read over the text first, and give you some good feedback before you send it), remain factual (if this is something you are capable of doing), and actually provide the level of detail that people need in order to get a clear sense of what's actually happened at the event.

concerned camper


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