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Protest Oct. 21 - For a Woman's Right to Choose

Jess Warren | 13.10.2008 22:46 | Gender | Health | Social Struggles | London

Please join Abortion Rights on Tuesday Oct. 21, 5:30pm at Old Palace Yard, outside Parliament, St. Stephen's entrance. Protest has been called to oppose further anti-abortion attempts to drive back women's rights and support the first Parliamentary opportunity in a generation to improve the law for women and extend rights to Northern Ireland. All pro-choice supporters welcome!

Tuesday 21st October - 5.30pm onwards
For a woman’s right to choose
Emergency protest to show the strength of pro-choice opinion ahead of the final abortion votes in Parliament
Old Palace Yard, outside Parliament, St Stephen's entrance

The protest has been called to oppose further anti-abortion attempts to drive back women's fundamental rights and support the first Parliamentary opportunity in a generation to improve the law for women and extend rights to Northern Ireland.

All pro-choice supporters welcome!
Please bring your friends, colleagues and banners

It has now been confirmed that the final votes on abortion at the Report stage of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill will take place on 22nd October. The votes are expected in the afternoon. This protest has been called at short notice to ensure that MPs and the media feel the strength of pro-choice opinion ahead of these crucial votes. Please encourage your trade union, women’s group, student union or other organisation to come along.

Despite a strong vote in Parliament against restrictions in women's abortion rights on 20th May 2008, anti-abortionists will try to impose 'cooling off' delays, counselling on women and severely restrict the grounds for requesting an abortion.

40 years after the enactment of the 1967 Abortion Act, women need improved rights to end current widespread obstruction and delays when accessing services. We are supporting the calls of women in Northern Ireland for rights to be extended there.

Write to your MP
If you haven't already, now is the time to write to, email, phone or visit your MP in advance of the vote on 22nd October. A model letter and information on how to identify and contact your MP is available on the campaign website


Join us or give a donation!
Abortion Rights is a grass roots membership based campaign that relies on the financial support of its members.

Women are relying on us
- will you help?

Please join Abortion Rights as an individual member, give a donation or affiliate your group at
or contact us at 18 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL.


Abortion Rights

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Abortion Rights is the UK's grassroots organisation leading the campaign

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For a Woman's Right to Shag and Kill

13.10.2008 23:07

What's the point? This is not a 'right' nor worth fighting for - its simply wrong to put your baby in the mincer.

Don't tear a smiling foetus from the womb

wake up sisters

The one that got away
- Homepage:

Rights for the voiceless!

14.10.2008 09:15

It makes me sick to see women protesting for their right to have an abortion (murder their unborn baby!), just because their baby/foetus cannot plead for their life - are voiceless!
Millions of babies are legally murdered every year around the world, how is that right? Aborted babies are also used in vivisection (animal testing) - abortion is out & out wrong!!!


Oh dear.*sigh*

14.10.2008 09:22

I've said it before, but its apparently worth repeating. Humans currently number 6.8 billion on the Earth, which is at ecological breaking point. We need to be a bit less sentimental about blastocysts, embryos and foetuses and care a bit more about the planet we live on, which could do with a major downturn in population. We need all forms of birth control readily available and a concerted effort to promote the idea that perhaps having children in these dire environmental times is quite selfish and you are doing your bit for Earth by only having one or none. Some people argue over where does life begin? This is a moot point. It began in the sperm and the egg obviously, before they ever came together. It cannot however, continue reproducing at its current rate without terrible consequences. At most we could afford to devote a third of the earth to agriculture, a third to human housing and we need a third simply left alone, biosphere left to its own devices which in turn means we can breathe on this planet. We cannot ever increase. And may I remind you that contraception often fails. And for those who do not want yet another vicious pink monkey consequence, abortion is fine. Women who regret their decision trumpet their pain from the rooftops, those of us who were simply glad and relieved go home quietly. Perhaps its time to shout about the other side of the coin. Come on girls, stand up for your right not to care! Not to be bothered! I know you're out there but society only wants to here about women who were upset. Lots of us aren't. So I'll start. I had an abortion and I was fine.
There. Join me, get posting, don't be shy anymore!

pink monkey number 6.8 billion

Why proud?!

14.10.2008 11:41

pink monkey number 6.8 billion - you are a murderer!!!



14.10.2008 12:58

if the unborn foetus suffers pain or stress during the abortion then it is wrong wrong wrong!
And i have never heard of a foetus being kept alive for vivisection. No life No pain!

a female

One more time for the hard of understanding,

14.10.2008 17:41

My body, my life, my choice, my right.
Otherwise I'm presuming you consider women to have fewer rights than men, not to be entitled to be in charge of our own bodies and lives? Perhaps you advocate female celibacy? Or sex solely for procreation. If abortion is murder then so are some forms of contraception. I'm begginning to wonder if these posts are from the vatican. Maybe the taliban. Or ignorant, sentimental ladies at the mercy of their hormones? Bless you dears, there now, take up your needlepoint and sit quiet...

pink monkey murderer

to pink monkey

14.10.2008 18:41

it is your right if the foetus doesn't suffer!


Pink monkey

15.10.2008 16:18

I don't mean you suffering pain you fool, but your unborn baby.

Anyway you sound like a bloke taking the piss, so piss off!


No, you are wrong again

16.10.2008 08:18

I'm a woman. Sorry if I am not expressing socially acceptable feminine enough views that agree with your stereotype of what a woman should think. I shall be at the demo if you want to look up my dress to check out my credentials.

pink monkey number 6.8 billion


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