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OccupyFS Site Update Day 3 (Meep) | 25.10.2011 00:55 | Occupy Everywhere | London

It's been a very successful 3rd day at Occupy Finsbury Square

It was really inspiring this morning talking to people going to work all throughout the morning. Was amazed to see so many people coming up and saying they supported us. The info front tent does need more people to do shifts, but I'd really recommend people do the morning just to experience how much support there is. One problem though, is that this level of support we're getting from people just isn't coming across in a lot of the mainstream press reports about the occupations. We've also been giving out flyers with the statement printed on it to passers by.

One nice story was a chap in an armani suit being quite critical of us this morning, then another person going to work stopping and beginning to argue with him, and before we knew it there were like 10 people having their own debate about the issue right infront of the camp.

Media wise we had CNN, Bloomberg, Sky and AFP all down today doing pretty fair and positive pieces and interviews. All saying how well organised and peacefull this camp is.

We also talked to lots of investmant bankers today, some with negative views on us some with positive. Because of this we're organising a discussion in the yurt on saturday with some investment bankers and invite participation.

There are now over one hundred tents set up at Occupy Finsbury Square - so many in fact that we need to discuss plans for allocating new areas. Some tents are free for new arrivals to use - see shelter group to find out which.

There were visits today from Islington Borough Council, Parks and Green Spaces, Health and Safety, and London Fire Brigade, who all toured the occupation camp and had nothing but praise and positive feedback for how organised we are. We're getting wheelie bins delivered for recycling and general waste. As regards toilets it looks like we will come to an arrangement with the council - there's another meeting tomorrow and we hope that the situation will be resolved then.

One of the main things people were saying was, 'We know things have gone wrong but what's your solution?' and 'we agree with you but we need to know the alternatives'. So we're encouraging them to come here and discuss their views of the alternatives.

Tomorrow (tues) at 12.15pm we've invited people to come along and debate or critique the occupation's statment and on Wednesday there's a banker coming to run a sesson 'Confessions of a City Banker'. The Yurt if available for scheduling workshops and talks - contact the free university to propose a session.

Blackboards are bing sorted out to put up daily schedules and updates. There's a load of art materials that have been donated so there's plenty of stuff to make placcards and banners. Pallets are available for making walkways, esp given the forcast of rain we now have. A new group is also forming for workshops to teach useful community tools and skills, as well as a new process working group.

The Kitchen crew have been doing a great job, and say that they welcome help from people who have experience of cooking for large numbers. Each day a few people are needed to do the washing up after meals (rather than everyone washing their own dishes). Donations have been flowing in as well as people offering money too. Also some local businesses have been supportive and some restuarants have even offered to cook for the camp on some future dates to show their support.

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(notes taken from the General Assembly held this evening - mon 24th) (Meep)
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