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Enfield Council violently attacks eco-warriors and a bloodbath is possible

Reverend Peter Nichols | 15.12.2012 18:39 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London | World

A terrible atrocity occurred at our site in Enfield north London England, on Thursday 13 December when a small army of Enfield Council officials, police officers, and large men wearing black clothing and balaclavas stormed into our home and started dragging thousands of pounds worth of vehicles out into the street.

Without any warning whatever our attackers chopped the lock off the gate, ripped the fence down, and in spite of our efforts to stop them they rushed onto the site and were rude, abusive, intimidating, threatening, and they even physically assaulted some of us who ended up injured and bleeding.
Enfield Council officials who did not give their names presented us with a "warrant" to enter the property to "fully ascertain the untidy state and environmental impact of the said premises," but there is no name or signature on the warrant, no address of the court, and no court stamp, and we believe the "warrant" IS A FORGERY.

We are living in fear, alert and ready for another attack and hardly sleeping, on our site in Enfield now that Enfield Council has threatened to seize up to FIFTY MORE VEHICLES many of which belong to a children's charity which ships them to Africa to help build a school in Gambia.
Enfield Council claims that they have the legal right to seize all our vehicles without warning, and with masked men wearing balaclavas, because some of the cars and trucks have no tax and have not been registered as "off road" with the DVLA.

The Enfield Council "warrant" has no signature apart from a scribble above the words "JUSTICE OF THE PEACE" and on Monday my barrister will phone the "North London Local Justice Area sitting at Totten ham (c2572)" IF SUCH A PLACE EXISTS (no address or phone number) and ask if the "warrant” is genuine.
The Enfield Council "warrant" authorises entry to the land "on one occasion only within the period of one month from the date... for the purposes set out above," but this has been CROSSED OUT and there are scribbled initials WHICH ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE INITIALS OF THE "JUSTICE OF THE PEACE"

If my barrister, one of the most respected, eminent, and reputable barristers in Britain, discovers that the Enfield Council "warrant" is a forgery I will ask him to immediately report this as serious crimes to senior police officers at Scotland Yard and make an accusation of fraud, deception, breaking and entering, theft, and assault, against Enfield Council
If the "warrant" is genuine then I will ask my barrister to file an immediate appeal against it on the grounds that it was not served on us, and it is not stamped with a court stamp, and it has been altered by an unauthorised person who is NOT the Justice of the Peace who signed it with scribbled initials and NO NAME, ADDRESS, OR CONTACT NUMBER!

Enfield Council officials accused us of committing "criminal offences" and they said they would charge us with our "crimes" if we did not obey them and agree to their demands, which they say they will present us with on Tuesday or Wednesday, BUT THEY ARE NOT THE POLICE!
The alteration to the "warrant" means that Enfield Council COULD RETURN AT ANY TIME and attack us again, and there is a risk that this could escalate into a BLOODBATH OF VIOLENCE never ever seen before on sites occupied by peaceful working class eco-warriors, and I am doing everything I can do to try to stop this from happening.

Where we live in Enfield is where most of the stabbings of teenagers on the streets occur, and where the TOTTENHAM RIOTS BEGAN and there is an uneasy sense of anger and horror building up here again as word spreads of the recent suicides and other tragedies being blamed on the Tory government and the Tory Enfield Council.
Personally I could not live with myself if I stand by and let Enfield Council abuse me, assault me, intimidate me, and humiliate me again in front of friends, police officers, and staring passers-by while they laughed in my face and STOLE VALUABLE VEHICLES from a children's charity which is building a school in Gambia.

We have strengthened the fence on our site and we are ready for another attack AT ANY TIME BY ENFIELD COUNCIL, but next time I will stop them from illegally breaking into my home BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, including sacrificing my life if that is what happens when I defend myself in accordance with the law.
On a lighter note I have been working on promoting a proposal that there should be CANDLELIT VIGILS THIS CHRISTMAS all over the world in every town and village and city everywhere on the earth, in loving memory of all the WOMEN AND CHILDREN who have lost their lives in wars and other atrocities committed by the evil Bilderberg Group of banks, corporations, governments, and local councils

Reverend Peter Nichols
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