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Peaceful Revolution in Great Britain is about to begin in filthy Enfield slum

Reverend Peter Nichols | 21.12.2012 20:19 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London | World

A peaceful Revolution in Great Britain is about to begin soon and the Resistance is right now preparing to march on Westminster with more than one million people who will camp outside the Houses of Parliament and stay there until we have succeeded in arresting the government for all their crimes and corruption, and for declaring War on the Children.
The politicians will be charged with theft, fraud, deception, false pretenses, corruption, crimes against the People and against the environment, for crimes against humanity and for war crimes, in a bloodless coup where the guilty politicians, bankers, and corporate bosses will face trial, life imprisonment, and possibly the death penalty as well.

When the government is so corrupt that bankers and corporate leaders have bought our democracy and pay the politicians to secretly work for them and control the whole country, and even local councils and the police appear to be working for wealthy property developers, the People have no choice but to remove them from office in accordance with the Constitution.

The eco-warriors are planning to overthrow the evil capitalist system and transform Great Britain with a new political and economic system of localisation, environmentalism, and environmental economics to save the human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels, and to ensure the survival of future generations.
The Resistance which used to be known as Network X has succeeded in uniting the eco-warriors with the students, the unions, the churches, the charities, the peace movement, and the one thousand-plus gangs of young people who have been training in self defence to protect themselves from being killed on the dangerous streets by their own government.

In Enfield north London where the rioting began and London went up in flames in an orgy of violence Enfield Council signalled the beginning of the Revolution on 13 December 2012 when they stormed into the secret hideout of the eco-warriors and attacked us without warning and seized six vehicles belonging to the Brufut Education Project. ( UK registered not for profit company number 7363428.
Large ugly-looking men in black clothing and wearing balaclavas came marching onto our site in a highly organised military operation, and like the Cybermen they looted and plundered the possessions of little African children, and they attacked and abused us before leaving with their spoils, threatening to come back and do it again.

In an attempt to justify breaking into our site and violently attacking us the evil cowards from Enfield Council produced what looked like a forged “warrant” with no name, address, or contact details on it, and they claimed that the vehicles they seized might not have been taxed and they might not have been registered “off road” with the DVLA.
However under the law the vehicles which had been donated to the Brufut Education Project children's charity to be shipped to Africa to raise money to build their school for the children in Gambia, did not have to be taxed in Britain or declared “off road” with the DVLA.
A charity that is in possession of vehicles donated by their supporters does not have to register them “off-road” with the DVLA, and the Brufut Education Project would not be shipping untaxed vehicles to Africa if it is illegal for them to do so.

Enfield Council is apparently so desperately short of money now that the banks and the corporations and the government have completely destroyed the economy, that they have been reduced to robbing children's charities at Christmas, which goes way beyond what even Charles Dickens' Scrooge might have done in similar circumstances.
It looks as if the evil aliens who work for Enfield Council will stop at nothing to get their hands on the remaining vehicles which are stuffed full of second hand goods for the children in Africa, including toys and clothing, and no doubt Enfield Council have got their envious eyes on all the little kiddies' goodies.

The right wing Enfield Council red necks are incredibly spiteful people who have embarked on a campaign of violence and intimidation against children's charities and environmental campaigners like ourselves, who are involved with the recycling and reusing of dumped and discarded second hand goods, including motor vehicles.
However it is not only the Brufut Education Project in Gambia, the Church of All Worlds, the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign, and War on Waste that Enfield Council is attacking, but it is also the local charity that is teaching the kids how to defend themselves from being killed on the dangerous streets of this filthy slum which the council can't be bothered to clean up.

This is the banner of the charity that helps protect the children of Enfield and which the Enfield Council “enviro-crimes” unit viciously tore down and tried to steal from our fence:
Supreme Kickboxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Fitness, Self defence, Ground Work and Submission.
Classes for adults male, female, and children.
For more info call 07985783866 or visit
Unit 5, Leaside Industrial Estate, Stockingwater Lane, Enfield EN3 7RL.
Next to Makro and Matalan.

What possible reason could Enfield Council have for behaving like Nazis towards innocent children's charities and the fluffy peace-loving eco-warriors who are simply doing the work that the council themselves should be doing in this dirty disgusting deprived slum neighbourhood of London?
The answer would seem to lie in the pattern of abuse and attacks against the weak and the vulnerable all over the country as the bankers and the corporations and the government declare war on the ordinary working people and the sick, disabled, the poor, the homeless and the unemployed, blaming us all for the collapse of the banking system that they themselves have been responsible for causing.

And hiding in the darkness behind the scenes is the simple reality that when money talks Truth is silent, and when the people with the money order the politicians and the police to attack mercilessly and heartlessly, that's exactly what they do, whether it's against little children in the Middle East or on the mean streets of the filthy London Slum of Enfield.
The corrupt officials at Enfield Council seem to believe that because they are being employed by a powerful wealthy property developer, and the local police also appear to be taking their orders from him, that they can break the law with impunity and get away with it.

However what the crooked local government officials and police officers have overlooked is the fact that there are honest lawyers and judges in Britain, and not all the senior police officers at Scotland Yard are corrupt, and we have exposed the vicious criminals at Enfield Council and set in motion an investigation which will hopefully result in them all being charged with their revolting crimes.
The filthy rich evil property developer who has been barking his orders to Enfield Council officials and the police seems to be unaware that the long arm of the law reaches far beyond Enfield borough, and in the end he will not be able to pay off all the police officers and government employees when they find out about his power-crazed criminal insanity.

In the glorious spirit of Gandhi and General Custer and in the great tradition of the Charge of the Light brigade, I will die for the People and for all the brutalised little African babies when Enfield Council returns screaming like demented whirling dervishes to seize another fifty vehicles belonging to the Brufut Education Project.
My last wish is that the Revolution will be peaceful, operating with the Quaker principles of Non-Violent Direct Action, Civil Disobedience, and Passive Resistance, for the children of the world and for their children, and forever and ever.

The mission and purpose of the Revolution must be to prevent ecological cataclysm by beginning the War on Global Warming to save humanity from the catastrophic consequences of global warming and climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels, and to ensure the survival of future generations for all time to come.
The United Nations scientists say that there will be a six degree Celsius increase in global temperatures within 40 years, and the earth will become uninhabitable and the worldwide flooding caused by the melting polar ice caps and the rising sea levels will kill billions of people, ending with the extinction of humanity by the end of this century.

The plan for the peaceful Revolution in Great Britain is very simple: Enfield Council will once again storm into the Enfield Eco-Warriors' site at 18 Brimsdown Avenue and attempt to illegally seize another 50 vehicles, and in the process they will kill me and declare victory over the eco-warriors, but that will just be the signal for the Revolution to begin.
See also: Enfield Council violently attacks eco-warriors and a bloodbath is possible (Indymedia UK 15 December 2012).
Worldwide Children's Revolution Candlelit Vigil Outside Enfield Council Offices (Indymedia UK 17 December 2012).

Anyone can call me at any time on my personal number 07543770635 (giffgaff) to join the Revolution or to negotiate their surrender on behalf of the government or Enfield Council (give yourselves up before it gets any worse for you because some of your other victims may not be as merciful as us).
Have a nice Christmas and may Christ be with you all on this joyful occasion as the end of the world is about to begin here on our site in Enfield when the evil Nazis return to beat us all to death in a bloodbath of unimaginable proportions.

Only the criminally insane don't seem to realise that I am at my most dangerous when I smile because somebody has got to be prepared to risk their life to stop the madness of the dangerous lunatics in Enfield Council who will destroy Britain if we don't resist and fight back in self defence before it is too late to stop the horrific atrocities that they are about to unleash upon us all.
I am ready to die.
Are you ready to rumble?
For and on behalf of the Enfield Eight, the Church of All Worlds, the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign, the Brufut Education Project, Supreme Kickboxing, War on Waste, and K Ring Technologies, working together for a better world for the children.
May the force field around our site blow your minds away, unity, solidarity, diversity, See You Next Tuesday,

Reverend Peter Nichols
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