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get involved! - Come to the Stop G8 Network Meeting in London

Stop G8 | 11.03.2013 20:55 | G8 2013 | Globalisation | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements | London | World

StopG8 is organising a week of action, including workshops, gigs and cultural events in June. There is also a major day of action on Tuesday 11 June, 'J11 – Carnival against Capitalism'. There's lots to do and we need more people to get involved.

Hate meetings?! No problem, we want people to come and take on jobs, you don't have to sit around in big groups discussing things. The next national meeting will be in London on 6th and 7th April (venue tba, see, we'll arrange the agenda so you can come along and get involved without spending hours in meetings.

We need: artists, musicians, fly-posters, fundraisers, trouble makers, social media geeks, promoters, kitchen crew, rabble rousers and more.

To propose items for the agenda, request accommodation in London or for more info please contact or see

More info on StopG8:

“There is one common struggle against those who have appropriated the
earth, the money, and the machines.” ― Voltairine de Cleyre

The UK is hosting the G8 conference in Fermanagh on 17-18th June in the North of Ireland. The Stop G8 network has come together to oppose it and to take action against capitalism.

The G8 is a meeting of the leaders of the eight 'most powerful' nations, held annually. It will be used to discuss strengthening international capitalism and as a photo opportunity to give the impression of benevolent leadership. Any real solutions to the problems we face can't involve institutions as undemocratic as the G8. Eight professional politicians could never represent the 7 billion inhabitants of the world. The real problem is capitalism; in order to fight austerity, exploitation and the destruction of the planet we have to challenge the G8 leaders instead of lobbying them.

Stop G8 has already made an international callout for participation in a week of action from the 10th-14th June in London, leaving space for a mobilisation in Ireland at the summit venue if Irish activists call for it, and for autonomous anticapitalist actions to be taken in the run up to the G8 on May 1st. We are also planning a programme of cultural events to coincide with the week of action and convergence space in London.

We are holding a Carnival against Capitalism in the West End of London on J11, under the slogan "One Common Struggle". There are already mass actions planned on the 13th and 14th of June and we hope that affinitygroups will come forward and propose more

We need your help to make all this happen!

Stop G8
- e-mail: stopg8 [at]
- Homepage:


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11.03.2013 23:57

wonder how many undercovers will turn up with recording devices and how many of them will get themselves into 'trusted' positions like mark stone/kennedy did at 2005 G8? i cant believe how much money was actualy spent on anti-g8 2005 when all along it was massively infiltrated. ffs.

personally good luck to anyone who attends and solidarity to you and everything, but im staying well away and will go with the flow during the week of actions.

the police will infiltrate this to death and, as was shown by mark's spying 'efficiency', the movement will get rounded at every step.

and before anyone says anything, no im not a troll or a cop or EDL or any thing. just experienced, thats all.



12.03.2013 04:21

WTF is going on with this G8 organising, I means seriously? J11 - Carnival against Capitalism, are you trying to redo something that's been done already (it wasn't called that BTW) except in a worse, less contextual, and terribly organised way?

There is little to no support for this 'action' (what is even the plan - go to Canary Wharf and shout a bit) nationally and internationally (you can tell by the numbers and people turning up or not turning up to meetings) and there is not enough time to build it - assuming that were even possible.

The people invlved have got themselves caught up in something with no strategic idea, a bad plan with little tactical advantage, and underlying shit politics. Heart of capitalism, seriously...?


At least

12.03.2013 12:31

their having a go.

blah blah

Rock and troll

12.03.2013 14:11

Here they come: "There's no point getting involved", "It's all been infiltrated", "It's all been badly organised" "It'll never come off" etc etc etc, yawn, yawn, yawn. Just step back and ask yourself - if you read something about an action you weren't interested in, would you feel the need to go online and slag it off or would you just go and read something else, more to your taste?
Seems like Stop G8 are definitely doing something right to provoke this rather panicky flurry of comments!
See you on the streets!



12.03.2013 15:10

So... what is your alternative? Do you want to see the summit pass unopposed? And, if so, what do you think anti-capitalists should be putting their time into? What brilliant strategy is it that everyone else has missed?

If your plan involves creating an organisation of ~50 intellectuals who will then spend the next few years debating semantics over email lists whilst doing nothing in the real world, I won't be taking part. Anarcho ivory towers are an excuse to avoid action for the tired individuals who sit at the top of them.

If you're not willing to take action yourself, don't insult others who are. If you're burnt out, accept it and go on holiday - maybe you'll be of some use to the movement when you get back.

another person


12.03.2013 17:14

@ another person.

I really don't know what you're talking about some ivory tower organisation, what's that? I dunno about it going unopposed, if no great plan can be thought up that has widespread support then maybe it's best to let it go unopposed, I dunno, but the choice isn't to do this or nothing anyway.

But the problem is that it seems there are people who just want to do some rote, been done before action, that doesn't have the people enthusiasm or organisational ability to pull it off. Other people have raised suggestions of alternatives but it seems a small number of people had already decided what they WANTED to do, rather than what people collectively think needs to be done.

I seriously hope it is an amazing day that is a step forward for the anti-capitalist movement here in the UK, but the problem is, if it isn't then it will damage the movement (and probably individuals as well) and there will be no analysis, people will distance themselves from being responsible, and then it will all be forgotten and brushed under the carpet until the next time... when it will probably be repeated AGAIN.

Any criticism always gets slagged off as people being trolls or cynics or burnt out or just people not doing anything themselves, which is an easy way of avoiding the issues that have been raised. The people I know that have concerns are involved in numerous struggles, not just 'armchair critics' like you seem to be painting them as.

Anyway, I'll not comment again, and I hope it goes well. But there are massive concerns floating around that nobody seems to want to listen too, so if it's not the day you think/hope it will be, then the G8 organisers need to have a think about why, and could they have done anything to make it better and then take some responsibility for what they planned. But until then I wish you luck, and I hope it's a radical, inspiring day for anti-capitalist politics in the UK and Europe.

And people going on about infiltration are wrong footed as well IMO, that's just weirdos here on Indymedia being odd.


it was well

27.03.2013 23:17

documented that mark stone infiltrated the last g8 protests and it is known that he helped ferry people to and from actions as well as organise resources. he evidently fed info to his handlers whilst doing it. the money used to fund the travel, etc, came from fundraising efforts in the run up to the g8 in 2005. please do not dismiss those claiming it will be infiltrated, as it will certainly be. but that wont stop anyone from doing stuff, it simply means that it is clever to be aware of what is probably going to unfold.

for example, with tip offs, the police are likely to be at every place that is the target of an action, this info will come from those undercovers attending meetings and joining groups in the run up to the g8. this tactic by cops has been going on for almost as long as any resistance group soince the 60's.

it isnt paranoia to note that it will happen again, its actually very sensible.

smash the g8, i say, but dont dismiss those of experience when they are simply posing a question of how infiltrated it will be.

be wise. think outside of the box. keep your face covered and your phone switched off. battery and sim out. change of clothes. etc, etc.

security is key to avoiding heavy infiltration.



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