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Eco-Warriors Defeat Tory Council Thugs in the Second Battle of Enfield

Reverend Peter Nichols | 18.03.2013 17:24 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London | World

A small army of High Court bailiffs, security men, tow truck drivers, and Enfield council officials who tried to steal more vehicles belonging to the children's charity that is building a school in Gambia, failed in their latest attempt to evict the Working Class Heroes from our derelict squatted MOT service station site on Thursday 7 March 2013.

A day of high drama during which the bailiffs kept evicting the squatters who immediately reoccupied the site finally ended when six senior police officers ignored requests to help with the eviction and simply walked away, and the owners of the property decided to give up rather than add to the 60,000 pounds bill for their fruitless efforts.

During the afternoon a large group of young men claiming to be Irish travellers from Dale Farm near Basildon made a determined effort to buy the squatters' vehicles from the owners of the property, their lawyers, and the bailiffs, but in spite of threats and some violence they failed to buy or steal any of the vehicles, and they finally left the battle empty-handed.
Two bailiffs from Marsden and Company in Birmingham arrived at 9.30 in the morning after having given the squatters only two days' notice to quit, which meant that the occupiers had moved only about half a dozen of the 50 vehicles to their new site which was about a mile away.

The owners of the property were accompanied by their surveyor Mr Kenneth Nicholas Clark and their solicitor, and they demanded immediate possession, while hovering like vultures in the background were a number of Enfield council officials with tow trucks ready to seize all the tools, personal possessions, and vehicles that were on the site.
A number of journalists and photographers from the local newspapers were busy reporting and photographing the Second Battle of Enfield, and a camera crew from ITN was also filming all the action from the comparative safety of the other side of the road outside the local shopping centre.

One of the bailiffs told me that he had read my article about a possible “bloodbath” if Enfield council returned to steal any more of our vehicles, and I laughed and I replied “well, it could come to that, couldn't it?”
The bailiff said that he hoped there wouldn't be any violence, but I said that the council officials were not only fascists but they were also dangerous lunatics who could trigger off more riots in the neighbourhood if they continued to abuse people in the way that they had become accustomed to doing.

I told the bailiff that Enfield council had broken into our home with men dressed in black wearing balaclavas over their faces on 13 December 2012, and they had slapped “removal of untaxed vehicle” notices on our cars and trucks, and with threats of violence they had immediately hoisted them onto their tow trucks and stolen them from right under our noses.
Enfield council had also notified the DVLA that our vehicles had been “seen on the road” on 13 December and the DVLA then sent us threatening letters telling us that we had broken the law by using untaxed vehicles on the road, and that we were liable to fines of thousands of pounds as a result.

I told the bailiff that my warning of a possible “bloodbath” if Enfield council tried to frame us for their own crimes again was probably an understatement because I believed that the council thugs could be trying to kill us with their vicious attacks with dangerous heavy machinery, as well as stitch us up for crimes that we hadn't committed.
I said that if Enfield council tried to rob us again I would personally defend myself and my property and the vehicles belonging to my friends and the Brufut Education Project, with my life together with as much violence as necessary according to British law in which the concept of self defence has been enshrined for centuries.

Enfield council had tried to steal not only all our vehicles and tow trucks but also all our tools and personal possessions on the pretext that we were “criminals” and everything we were doing was “illegal”.
They did manage to steal six vehicles together with some of the tools and personal possessions but we had succeeded in fighting them off, and I warned them publicly that if they tried to rob us again we would defend ourselves and there could be a “bloodbath” on the site.

However Enfield council did try to rob us again on 7 March 2013, and one of their tow truck drivers endangered the life of one of our friends by hoisting him up into the air while he was inside a car that was being towed, and they left him dangling perilously swinging inside the car which was held up by a single leather strap.
Fortunately senior police officers ordered the tow truck driver who was employed by Enfield council to release our friend and to put the car back on the road again, and after that the police did not support Enfield council's attempted robbery and they walked away, but if they had helped the council to rob us again there could well have been a tragedy on the site.
Many of the Working Class Heroes who were being evicted were prepared to risk being killed by Enfield council if they threatened, abused, attacked, and robbed us again because being British, we were no longer willing to accept this kind of atrocity being committed against us by the so-called “authorities” in our own country.

The bailiff said they were there to evict us and take immediate possession of the property, and any vehicles or personal belongings would be treated as abandoned by their owners and removed by Enfield council who intended to take our vehicles off the site and put them into “secure storage” for us, and I replied “over my dead body, ha ha ha!”
We refused point-blank to leave the site immediately, claiming the right to carry on removing our vehicles, tools, and other personal possessions under the provisions of the Human Rights Act, and while I was debating these issues with the bailiffs everyone else just took absolutely no notice of them and they just carried on packing their possessions.

The women who owned the property were standing around in front of the shops on the other side of the road with an assortment of Enfield council officials, local residents, and the meekly obedient journalists, photographers, and the ITN television crew who had all been ordered by the bailiffs not to come near the site and film or photograph them.
The bailiffs negotiated with the owners for an extension of time of about an hour which was increased later by another hour during which time the Irish travellers attempted to buy vehicles from Slow Tony of the War on Waste charity, but he refused to sell them anything claiming that the vehicles contained his tools that he needed for his work.

Mr “Ken Clark” kept marching up and down on the footpath in front of the site barking his rabid orders at the two security men standing there who didn't seem to know what they were supposed to be doing, and Mr Clark kept demanding over and over again ad nauseam that the squatters must obey him and leave the site immediately.
Every so often the bailiffs would bleat plaintively “it's time for everybody to leave the site please,” but although they did manage to evict a few people who returned soon afterwards, nobody else took any notice of them whatsoever.

Two of the sisters who owned the property stood in front of one entrance to the site to try to prevent anyone from coming in or going out, while Mr Clark blocked the entrance at the other end of the site to stop the vehicles from being removed.
Mr Clark said “you're not taking anything else,” and one of the friends of the squatters kept asking him to get out of the way which he refused to do, and in the end our friend simply pushed Mr Clark off the site and back onto the footpath.
Mr Clark then pulled out his mobile phone to call the police and he whined and complained that he had been “assaulted” and was being surrounded by angry hostile squatters jeering at him, but everybody just laughed and the police didn't come.

When Slow Tony refused to sell any of his vehicles to the Irish travellers who had told us that they were from Dale Farm, they tried to buy the cars and trucks from Mr Clark who told them that they were welcome to take away all of our tools and personal possessions and all of the vehicles that were on the site.
One of the Irish travellers then backed his tow truck rapidly onto the site and he deliberately drove it into my back while I was standing in the entrance to try to stop him from driving through the gate.

Another Irish traveller then physically attacked me to try to make me move while I was blocking the tow truck, and Slow Tony drove his own tow truck up behind the travellers' tow truck to stop it from coming any further onto the site.
Then the Irish travellers tried to make a deal with one of the bailiffs who seemed to be willing to sell our vehicles to them.
In the midst of all this chaos and confusion Irish Sarah started dismantling the metal fence along the front which actually belonged to us, and fairly soon the whole site was wide open for us to continue to come and go as we pleased without the owners, the security guards, the bailiffs, the Irish travellers, or Mr Clark being able to stop us any longer.

Two police cars eventually pulled up and several police officers came out to talk to the owners of the property who were standing in front of the shops on the other side of the road surrounded by curious passers-by, local residents, and all the journalists, photographers, and the ITN television crew.
One of the middle-aged lady owners started dancing bizarrely up and down on the footpath and singing ecstatically to us “I'm so happy, I'm so happy, the police are here, and you are going to leave”.
And then the lady owner sang the chorus “The police are going to throw you out, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha”.
However the two police officers who had arrived didn't do very much apart from standing and watching the proceedings from the other side of the road, presumably trying to work out why they had been called, and what a relatively normal civil eviction of squatters actually had to do with them.

Later in the afternoon Sam, the Elite Events manager, came running back to the site and he said that one of the council tow truck drivers had hoisted Irish Sarah's car up into the air while it was being towed, with Lawrence still sitting in the driver's seat inside it.
I rushed up the road to see what was happening and one of the Irish travellers kicked me savagely on my leg as I was running past them, presumably to try to trip me up, which suggested that they themselves could possibly have been involved with the attempted theft of Irish Sarah's car by Enfield council.

I ran back to alert the police officers to what the council tow truck driver and the Irish travellers were trying to do, and I also informed the ITN camera crew so that they could film Enfield council trying to seize another one of our vehicles.
One of the senior police officers came up and he ordered the council tow truck driver to put Irish Sarah's car back on the road again and to release Lawrence who was still trapped inside it, dangling up in the air on the end of the hoist.

Towards the end of the afternoon the weather was starting to get a lot colder and it was beginning to get dark, and a police van arrived with six senior police officers inside.
The police officers listened to the owners and the bailiffs whining and complaining that we were deliberately resisting them and refusing to be evicted, and then the police came onto the site to talk with us and to get our side of the story.

Slow Tony told the police that his vehicles were full of his tools that he needed for his work and that the owners of the property had no legal right to try to stop him from recovering his tools and possessions or to seize his vehicles from him.
A man named Andy who worked for the Edmonton county court serving court papers, and who was also working for Enfield council to build a wooden wall along the outside of the site, came over and he offered us a deal that if we would let him use our fence he would arrange for us to continue removing our vehicles and our tools and personal possessions.

I immediately accepted Andy's offer and Slow Tony also agreed to let him borrow our fence for a short period of time while he built his Palestinian-style wall, but the bailiff who had tried to sell our vehicles was listening and he objected, “it doesn't work like that, I've got to evict everyone from the site and then sign off on the warrant”.
I said to the bailiff “why don't you just shut up?
“Andy is from the Edmonton county court and we've made a deal with him, and it's got nothing to do with you any more.
“You can't evict us.
“You've been trying to evict us all day and you've failed, and you tried to sell our vehicles to the Irish travellers.
“You're supposed to be a High Court bailiff but you could end up in prison for fraud, deception, and theft.
“So just shut up and go away and stop bothering us with your stupid nonsense, you crooked bastard”.
Nick St Claire of Eo-Tort fame objected to what I had said to the bailiff, and I told him to shut up as well.

Andy and I then walked across the road and he explained to the senior police officers about the deal that he had made with us and the police agreed that it was a reasonable solution to the impasse, but the owners refused to agree with it and they demanded that the squatters must be removed immediately from the site by the police.
The lady owner who had been dancing so ecstatically on the footpath earlier then said to the police “I'm not having it, I want you to throw them out right now”.
The chief inspector took no notice of the lady owner and he declared that the police were about to leave, and he said to me “good luck, I hope it all works out for you,” and the senior police officers simply walked away and drove off in their van.

In the end the owners of the property agreed to the arrangement that had been brokered by Andy, and the lady owner said to us in front of the last remaining police sergeant “we don't need all this aggravation, all we want is our land back.
“We are willing to let you have another 48 hours to remove all your possessions”.
Slow Tony and yours truly solemnly shook hands with the lady owner and we put our fence back up again, and the owners, the solicitor, the security men, the Irish Travellers, and the High Court bailiffs all left as it began to get dark.
Mr Clark started sulking and he threw all his toys out of his pram, but in the end to everyone's relief, he left as well.

The next day the lady owner returned to talk to Andy who was organising the building of Enfield council's version of the Berlin Wall, and she said that she had been employing lots of agents who obviously didn't have a clue what they were doing, and she had had enough of them all.
The lady owner told us that she didn't want to have a war with us and all she wanted was to get her property back, and we told her that when we had finally rescued all our vehicles and possessions we would clear the site of all the rubbish and leave it nice and clean and tidy.
The next day the builders who had been employed by Andy who was in charge of building the wall along the front of the property measured the frontage and they said that it was twice as big as they had been told by Enfield council, and the cost of the wall would be 8000 pounds instead of 4000 pounds.

Andy then asked us if we would do him a big favour and stay on the site for a few more days to give him time to make his arrangements with the builders and to avoid having to employ security guards, and we agreed to stay for a bit longer to protect the site, which of course suited us as well since we still had a lot of work to do ourselves.
Andy said that in his opinion the only problem was that the sisters who owned the site didn't believe that we could be trusted, and I replied that the reason we had resisted the claimants' attempts to evict us for so long was because our loyalty had been to one of the lady owners who had originally given us license to stay on the site three years previously.
Andy said: And nobody else?
I replied: That's right.
I said that none of us knew who Mr Clark was and he had acted like a gangster who was apparently employing Enfield council officials to attack and rob us for no reason that anybody could understand, instead of just going to court to evict us.

When we had originally arrived on the site one of the lady owners told us on the phone that her husband had taken another woman to Spain with him and she was divorcing him, and that we were welcome to stay on the site, and we agreed to provide free security for the owners.
After more than a year without any problems a very strange and demented man calling himself “Ken Clark” started claiming that he represented the owners of the property and the squatters would have to leave, and he ended up issuing threats against us which we just ignored because we did not believe that our license had been cancelled by the lady owner.
Mr Clark eventually sent a demolition crew of builders workmen to the site and they said that they were going to pull the fence down and demolish the buildings, and when they started grabbing at the fence they injured me by jamming my hand in the metal fence and I was left with my right index finger bleeding all over the ground.

One of our neighbours saw Mr Clark's hired thugs getting violent with us and she called the police who ended up saying that the demolition crew could take the fence away since they claimed that it belonged to them, but they could not attempt to evict us or to enter the site and demolish the buildings.
We immediately erected our own fence across the front of the site and we warned Mr Clark's demolition crew that if they returned and attacked us again we would defend ourselves by all means necessary, and if they were going to injure people they would have to be prepared to suffer the consequences, which could include being arrested by the police.
Mr Clark then started sending messages to us to the effect that he was planning to “seize all your assets” to pay his costs, but when we ignored these threats Mr Clark then offered us 5000 pounds in cash to leave the site, but we also ignored this offer believing that we were being stalked by a madman with nothing better to do than to harass us for no apparent reason.

Enfield council officials and workmen broke into our site with a gang of men who were all dressed in black and wearing balaclavas over their faces and driving tow trucks accompanied by two police officers on 13 December 2012, and they started seizing our vehicles, some of which belonged to the Brufut Education Project children's charity.
Enfield council “enviro-crimes” unit claimed that they had the legal right to seize the vehicles because they said they were not taxed and they had not been declared off-road with the DVLA, but the vehicles were on private property and they didn't need to be taxed or registered SORN with the DVLA.

We resisted the attack by Enfield council and we succeeded in stopping them from seizing all 50 vehicles which were on the site, and the council tow truck drivers only managed to steal six cars and vans after an afternoon of threats and violence.
The local newspapers published the story about the attack and the robbery by Enfield council, and possibly as a result the council officials did not return to steal any more of our vehicles which they had threatened they were planning to do.

In the end about three years after we first moved onto the site, solicitors working for the claimants served us with a summons for a court hearing for possession, but the judge at the Edmonton county court ruled that they had not served the papers properly in accordance with the court rules, and the case was adjourned for another four months.
When the case finally got to the Central London county court the judge ruled that since we had not been able to prove to him that we had been given a verbal license from one of the lady owners he would issue an order for possession against us.
Two months later the bailiffs gave us just two days' notice of their intention to evict us and they turned up accompanied by Mr Clark, the three sisters who owned the property, officials and tow trucks from Enfield Council, journalists and photographers from the local papers, and an ITN television camera crew.

After the attempt to evict us had failed Andy who was working for the Edmonton county court and also for Enfield Council to build a wooden wall along the front of the site brokered the deal to bring the war to an end, and he sent his workmen along to start getting on with building the wall.
The chief reporter from the Enfield Independent newspaper phoned me on 13 March to find out what was happening, and Mr Clark arrived at exactly the same time because he also wanted to know what was going on, and I called him “Adolph Hitler” and I threatened to sue him for millions of pounds, but Mr Clark just smiled at me inanely as if he was mad.
The Enfield Independent posted a story on the internet that evening claiming that the police were planning to “storm the site” the following morning and evict us if we were still there, which was not true since our situation was purely a civil matter and nothing whatever to do with the police who had actually helped make the arrangement for us to leave peacefully.

Over the next few days Andy's workmen continued to build their wooden wall along the front of the site while we carried on loading up our tools and personal possessions and towing our vehicles to our new site.
By Friday 15 March most of the vehicles had been moved and some of the old wrecks had been loaded up with scrap metal and weighed in at the local scrapyard, reducing the number of vehicles from 50 to about 45.
Andy who was in charge of supervising the building of the wall showed up every so often to see how things were getting on and he seemed to be anxious that we should leave the site by Friday afternoon.

One of the sisters who owns the property arrived and she politely asked for permission to inspect her own property and I graciously allowed her to walk around the site in the rain and the mud.
She looked around the large area that she had abandoned to become derelict and full of rats, hypodermic needles, and human excrement, and she said that she was planning to build “social housing” on the site because “people need someone to live,” and then she slipped and fell over and laughed and muttered something about “health and safety”.

The lady owner emphasised that she wasn't concerned about the rubbish that we were offering to clear away because she said that Enfield council would come and do that for her.
She didn't even seem to be too bothered about the fact that all the people she had employed to try to evict us had cost her and her sisters a huge amount of money and they hadn't even succeeded in evicting us.

She thanked us for moving out and she said that she wished she had thought about coming and seeing us herself instead of paying so much money to all the agents who had done nothing but cause everyone so much grief.
She also seemed to regret the fact that Enfield council had abused and attacked us for no apparent reason, and she made it clear that it had never been the intention of the three sisters to try to steal our tools and possessions and our vehicles.

The Working Class Heroes worked most of Friday night loading up and removing our vehicles and by Saturday morning most of the site had been cleared and everybody was very tired.
However the workmen who were building the wooden wall had almost finished the job and a truck had been ordered to put concrete blocks behind the wall at 9am in the hope of stopping fly tipping or squatting.
There was a terrible panic when we got a phone call from one of our friends at the new site saying that bailiffs had turned up threatening to come with a digger to break in and evict everyone, and most of us rushed over to see what was happening but it was a false alarm and it was only some leery local security guards winding us up.

Eventually everything was moved out and although I had vowed that Enfield council would never take me alive, in the end Frank hitched my caravan to the back of his truck and I left rather meekly in a bit of an anti-climax, but without my beloved cat, Swampy.
We all settled into our new home right next to a skip that magically fills up with food every single night and we hope to live happily ever after, even if some of us like the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto, will possibly always be looking over our shoulders in case Enfield council is still stalking us like demented vampires.

It seems to have been clear to everybody including the senior police officers that Enfield council and their tow truck drivers from Redcorn Limited, Mr “Ken Clark”, a greedy High Court bailiff, and a gang of Irish travellers claiming to be from Dale Farm, had all been attempting to rob us under the guise of performing an eviction.
This was not the first time that I have observed High Court bailiffs scavenging around amongst the tools of our trade and our personal possessions and trying to make some money for themselves from selling other peoples' property while they have been employed by land owners to evict us from our squats.

However it was a bit hair-raising to actually experience so close up the naked greed, rabid fascism, and criminality of the Tory government and their accomplices in Enfield council, at the same time as Irish travellers and a dangerous lunatic who calls himself “Ken Clark” after the former Tory “Justice” Minister, were trying to rob us of all our possessions as well.
It was creepy and it made me feel like the Jews must have felt in Nazi Germany under the rule of Adolph Hitler.

Being attacked and robbed by Enfield council was one of the most bizarre things I think I have ever experienced.
The sinister Mr Clark had been abusing and threatening us for two years before we finally met him face to face.
I had wondered if I might have been exaggerating when I wrote about this evil man who was a racist, fascist, capitalist bigot who hated us for no apparent reason, but when I saw him trying to command an army of Enfield council officials, tow truck drivers, Irish travellers, bailiffs, and police officers, to try to steal all our possessions I realised I had in fact been right.

Just like Adolph Hitler opening a second front and invading Russia in the winter, Mr Clark failed miserably in his very expensive attempt to ruin us financially and leave us destitute in the street with nothing but the clothes on our backs.
In the end Mr Clark cut a rather pathetic figure standing in the road trying to bark his orders at the police who refused to obey him, and the bailiffs who must have realised they could end up in prison if they actually did sell our vehicles to the Irish travellers, also deserted Mr Clark in what he must have believed was his hour of triumph over his imagined enemies.

Everybody knows that rich people rob the poor and that's how they got rich in the first place, but to see it happening so blatantly right in front of your own eyes is quite frightening, especially when they are doing it to you.
Wealthy property owners employing a rich surveyor cum land agent to pay the rich Enfield council and a rich tow truck company, with a corrupt High Court bailiff conspiring with Irish travellers to steal everything we owned and then throw us into the gutter, seemed like just an everyday story from any third world country, any day of the week.

At one stage we actually thought that Mr Clark and Enfield council had beaten us and we were about to become destitute in our own country, and we prepared for what seemed at the time like Custer's Last Stand until Andy from the Edmonton county court miraculously stepped in and rescued us from the dangerous lunatics who had taken over the asylum.
Pulling down our fence at the height of the Second Battle of Enfield was a stroke of genius on Irish Sarah's part, and the refusal of the senior police officers to obey “Ken Clark” the Madman, was also another omen of good fortune for us.
In the end the tide of battle turned and we won, much to everyone's heart-felt relief.

The Second Battle of Enfield could have raged on for days if not weeks, and there could well have been bloodshed, but the evil cowards who were attacking us like the Orcs from the Lord of the Rings just turned and ran away after the senior police officers left, and suddenly they weren't so brave any more without any muscle to protect them.
If we had been rescuing and repairing vehicles as a business to make money and we had been paying taxes to the government and rates to Enfield council, no doubt these nutters would not have been calling us “gypsies” and “criminals”.

But because we are anti-capitalist and we do not contribute to the capitalist system which is destroying the earth and killing the human race, the Tories have always treated us as if we are their terrorist enemies and we deserve to be abused, attacked, robbed, and possibly even murdered at their hands.
Our way of life is based on helping our friends and neighbours without any thought of reward, and we share whatever we can with our associates in the peace and environmental movements, and as a result we are fair game to be crushed and victimised by the evil Tory fascists who care about nothing else but money, money, and even more money, at any cost.

There is a fundamental flaw in the law which allows for the summary possession of properties which are either squats or rented accommodation where tenants have fallen behind in their rent and have become liable to be evicted.
This law is incompatible with the Human Rights Act which gives everybody the right to own and keep their possessions.

Do the judges in the courts know that after they sign an order for possession against squatters and tenants who fail to keep paying their rent, that the bailiffs sometimes join in a feeding frenzy to try to rip off and rob the people who are being evicted into the street of all their personal possessions?
If the judges do know that this is going on and they themselves are a party to it then they should be arrested and charged with being accessories to theft, robbery, and false pretenses, along with the crooked bailiffs and everyone else who is stealing from squatters, travellers, and other minority groups and homeless tenants.

Just because people are homeless doesn't mean that they don't have any rights and they can be treated like second class citizens or illegal immigrants or Muslims, and deprived of their personal possessions, including the tools of their trade and their vehicles by the legal system.
Fortunately in England it is not the job of the police to evict people from their homes, and the police cannot arrest you if you return to your home after you have been evicted by the bailiffs, because by law the owners of the property have to go back to the court to get an order for restitution of the disputed property.

There is no legal reason for the police to attend evictions other than to prevent a breach of the peace, but in our case the only breaches of the peace were the council endangering the life of one of our friends, and one of the bailiffs trying to sell our vehicles to the Irish travellers who were more interested in stealing them than in buying them.
All this was going on while the insanely half-witted and bigoted Mr “Ken Clark” was standing in the road and pompously attempting single-handedly to re-enact the Charge of the Light Brigade while everybody was laughing at him, and in the end he just gave up and slunk away back to his bunker with his miserable little tail between his legs.

The police officers who helped Enfield council rob us of some of our tools and our personal possessions, Punk Kaf's living vehicle, Ginger Martin's car, and the vehicles belonging to the Brufut Education Project children's charity on 13 December 2012, gave their names and numbers as PC Seth 346YE and PS Hawkins 547E.
However it is quite possible that they did not give us their real names since they had been informed in no uncertain terms that what they and Enfield council were doing was illegal, and that we were the victims of a serious robbery with violence.

Enfield council officials gave their names as JO Falzone and Elaine Barnes of the “Enfield Highway Safer Neighbourhood Team,” and the men in black wearing balaclavas covering their faces were from Redcorn Limited of 44 White Hart Lane, Tottenham, a notorious company that is well known for removing citizen's vehicles with no legal right or justification.
The registration of the vehicles involved are as follows: Redcorn EU58 LTF.
` The vehicles stolen by Redcorn on the orders of the Enfield council officials were: Ford Customline Turbo H534VV, LDV 400 K498 NME, Russel's car 07857 P667 DNU, 62OSDI Rover M170VUD, N594 KWV, Alfa Romeo RJ52 LJK, Transit Custom M274 YHK, Ford Escort black.

Soon after the robbery by Enfield council and Redcorn Limited of the ambulance belonging to the children's charity the Brufut Education Project on 13 December 2012, Slow Tony received a letter from the DVLA threatening him with prosecution and a fine of 1000 pounds if he did not reveal who was in charge of the vehicle at the time:
From the DVLA, Sidcup Enforcement Centre, 12-18 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent DA 157DA, phone 0208 302 9331.

Our reference 550 H534YVV, date 03 10 2013.
Dear Mr Boble,
We have received an offence report alleging that at 16:05 hours on 13 12 2012 a motor vehicle, registration mark H534YVV was seen in Brimsdown Avenue, Enfield, Greater London EN3 being used/kept on a road whilst unlicensed and our latest information shows that you were the keeper of the vehicle on that date.
This remains an offence even if the vehicle is subsequently licensed.

You are required by law to give information about who was using or keeping the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence.
Therefore, would you please complete the statement overleaf and return this letter to the above address by 20 01 2013.
Failure to provide this information is an offence and a court may impose a maximum fine of 1000 pounds if you do not supply the information requested.

You should also be aware that if your vehicle is still unlicensed and being used or kept, you must relicense it immediately.
Should you need to contact us, please quote the registration mark of the vehicle.
Yours sincerely,
DVLA Enforcement Officer.
On behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport.

This statement is our reply to the DVLA for information about who was in charge of the ambulance belonging to the Brufut Education Project on 13 December 2012, and the answer is that Enfield council employed Redcorn Limited to steal the vehicle and then they reported us for breaking the law and using it on the road, which was a lie.
Enfield council stole the ambulance and took it out onto the road and framed us for the crime they committed themselves.

We would like to know what Enfield council and Redcorn have done with some of our personal possessions that were in the stolen vehicles, the living van, tools, and the other vehicles belonging to the Brufut Education Project children's charity.
If they have sold them we would like to know who has got the money which could amount to many thousands of pounds.
We would also like to know who gave the orders for the robbery with threats and violence in the first place.

Was it by any chance someone who is calling himself “Chris Bond,” Enfield council's cabinet member for the environment, who told the Enfield Gazette and Advertiser (published on 13 March 2013): “The squatters and their vehicles have been there illegally.
“They have been living on someone else's land while using it to store untaxed vehicles, all of which is against the law.
“The council is assisting in this eviction by clearing vehicles off the site”.

None of what the rather oddly-named “Bond, Chris Bond” told the local newspaper is in fact true, because we were originally given license to stay on the site by one of the lady owners, and even if we had been squatting as he claimed, that would not have been “illegal”.
We were not “storing untaxed vehicles,” some of which were being repaired for friends to get MOTs so they could go back on the road, and some were being dismantled for parts, some were used to store our tools, and some belonged to the Brufut Education Project for export to Africa to build a school for deprived children, all of which is perfectly legal.
Enfield council was not “assisting in this eviction” because they were hanging about on the other side of the road like a bunch of greedy vultures waiting for the chance to attack and rob us again which they ended up being too afraid to try to do, apart from cowardly hoisting one of our friends up in the air while he was sitting alone in a car that was being towed.

Mr Bond's statement “The council is assisting in this eviction by clearing vehicles off the site” is a lie, and it sounds more like a euphemism meaning “using the eviction as a cover to rob the squatters while they are vulnerable”.
This is also known as a distraction robbery where thieves work together in a gang to rattle their victims and catch them off guard and rob them like a team of shoplifters who distract the shopkeeper's attention while stealing goods from the shop.

It is also well known to be a typical tactic of crooked politicians like bent Members of Parliament and greedy local councillors who take back-handers from corrupt property developers to help them get away with their shady deals.
What Enfield council tried to do to us was a slightly downsized version of the ruthless and heartless technique used by bankers and corporate bosses that is explained by Naomi Klein in her book “Disaster Capitalism, the Shock Doctrine”.
Naomi Klein clearly describes the way that the capitalist system takes advantage of natural disasters caused by global warming to rob ordinary people and to make money from disasters while the victims are still suffering and are in a state of shock as a result of losing their homes, possessions, and loved ones in earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and hurricanes etc.

Enfield council tried to do something very similar to us in a very carefully planned and coordinated criminal operation which didn't succeed because we knew exactly what they were trying to do and we defended ourselves and we fought back, and they did not have corrupt police to help them the second time that they tried to rob us.
The attack and attempted robbery looked like a conspiracy to rob us organised by the insane and evil “Ken Clark”.
It was an example of the insanity of this obsessively crazy man who believed that he could spend large amounts of his clients' money to command a loony para-military operation on his own by employing a small army of crooked politicians, self important council officials, security guards, a corrupt bailiff, and a gang of well known violent petty criminals.

Mr Clark seems to have had no other purpose than to pursue a personal vendetta and to exact his revenge for his imagined grievances against people that he didn't even know, but his madness was doomed to failure because Mr Clark's mercenaries were all cowards and the police were watching them and refusing to support their mean and spiteful petty crimes.
Mr Bond was lying in his teeth when he told the Advertiser newspaper that Enfield council was “assisting in this eviction by clearing vehicles off the site” because there was no eviction since we left voluntarily of our own accord, and the council did not succeed in stealing any more of our vehicles even though they acted like starving vultures fighting over dead rats.

Andy who works for the Edmonton county court and who brokered the deal to end the war that was raging in Brimsdown Avenue Enfield told me that these people don't see personal possessions, they only see monetary value in other peoples' belongings that they think they can profit from by stealing them and selling them.
Andy also told me that he had read my article on Indymedia UK warning Enfield council that they could very easily trigger off more riots in the neighbourhood and a possible “bloodbath” if they attacked and robbed us again.

Andy said that he thought my article which had been circulating in the Enfield council area had “put their noses out of joint” although their subsequent attempt to rob us again suggests that they haven't got the message yet that we are deadly serious about pursuing them legally until they get arrested and charged with their crimes.
If anyone else had attacked and robbed ordinary working people in the way that Enfield council violently attacked us they would have been hunted down and arrested by the police by now, but the lack of response from the cops does not mean that we will not get justice in the end, because we intend to carry on until Enfield council gets their just rewards.

While Enfield council was trying to steal our vehicles on 7 March 2013 there was an ITN crew filming a documentary entitled “Neighbourhood Heroes” which was all about Enfield council's enviro-crimes unit heroically fighting all the environmental criminals like us in the area.
This appears to be Enfield council's answer to my accusations that they themselves are in violation of the Environment Protection Act by neglecting abandoned properties, leaving serious health hazards rotting and festering with rats, broken glass, hypodermic needles, human excrement, and open pits a danger to children, all over the Rotten Borough of Enfield.

Enfield council seems to have offered ITN the opportunity to film a documentary about their “heroic actions” presumably to counteract the bad publicity from the Working Class Heroes who they despise so much, for no apparent reason other than that we are ideologically opposed to everything that the evil Tories and their accomplices stand for and believe in.
The capitalist system is based on destroying the weak and vulnerable and robbing people like us of everything we own.
It's all about competition to the death against the ordinary working people, minority groups, the vulnerable, the sick, the disabled, the homeless, the unemployed, squatters, travellers, gypsies, and anyone else the Tories can victimise and rob.

Enfield council is in league with the Tory government and the capitalist banks and corporations that are hell-bent on destroying all dissent and protest against them by any means possible, including violence, threats, abuse, robbery, lies, slander, and libel.
As far as the Tories are concerned it's quite clearly a matter of the hell with the poor and the under-privileged in their insane stampede to spin their lies and rob everyone in any way they can, including stealing tools, personal possessions, vehicles, and anything else of any value that they think they might be able to sell to make money.

This incredible and unbelievable desperation on the part of the apparently wealthy Tories to steal vehicles from a children's charity and from squatters who do not subscribe to or support the capitalist system seems to stem from the bankruptcy of the global banking system and the spending cuts and austerity measures.
However it is difficult to see how a few thousand pounds made by stealing and selling vehicles and several tons of old scrap metal stolen from squatters will stop global capitalism from collapsing into the black hole caused by global warming.

As far as the atrocious behaviour of the Irish travellers who claimed to be from Dale Farm and who had come to see us previously apparently proffering their friendship to us is concerned, it does need to be said that Slow Tony and Irish Sarah are in fact both Irish, and many of our very close associates are also Irish.
In fact, strange as it might seem, most of us are Irish, which could account for why the English Tories hate us so much.
We ourselves helped and supported the resistance to the eviction of Dale Farm by Basildon council and the riot police, and Punk Kaf was there on the front lines of the Days of the Terror, and our friend Minty famously posed with a crucifix in front of the burning homes of the Dale Farmers, and the amazing photographs were front page news all over the world.

So what the hell is going on with the Irish travellers who claimed to be from Dale Farm and who came and abused and attacked us and tried to buy our vehicles from the evil Mr “Ken Clark” and the High Court bailiff, and who also rammed me in my back with their tow truck and tried to steal our vehicles while we were fighting off the evil Enfield council?
Is it possible that the man who offered us 5000 pounds to leave the site also offered lots of money to Enfield council officials and to the Irish travellers to help him in his private war against us, and could this be another ghastly example of the systemic and endemic corruption of the capitalist system in the Enfield area?

If Enfield council had driven their tow trucks onto the site and attempted to seize any more of our vehicles I think I might have commandeered one of them and used it like a tank to drive the evil bastards screaming in terror out of the Rotten Borough of Enfield never to return to darken our door again.
If they're going to turn our home into a war zone and try to kill us we might as well give them a good run for their money.
It will probably be only a matter of time before Enfield council does kill someone in their insane onslaught against vulnerable minority groups, and trigger off more riots in the area which could result in London going up in flames again.

Some of us are still in pain as a result of pulled muscles in the back from all that heavy lifting, but I personally am only suffering from having been kicked and punched by Irish travellers and having their tow truck rammed into my back.
Lawrence could have been dropped on his head by Enfield council's tow truck and he could have died in agony but he didn't suffer apart from being terrified and traumatised, so it was a happy ending all round as usual and we won again, but how much longer before the evil fascists terrorising us finally succeed in stealing everything we own or murdering us?
The loonies at Enfield council are still out there watching us with envious eyes and making their malevolent plans against us like demented zombies in the night thirsting for our blood.

The Working Class Heroes in Enfield have experienced at first hand the lies, the greed, and the racial hatred and discrimination of the despicable Tory government and their bully boys at Enfield council which will quite clearly stop at nothing to crush the poor and starve the common people into submission to their will.
The Tory Enfield council stole our vehicles under false pretenses and they robbed the children's charity the Brufut Education Project which is raising money by selling vehicles to build a school for deprived children in Gambia in Africa.

Enfield council tried to rob us again but fortunately we were able to resist and fight back in self defence, and senior police officers refused to help them the second time around, so the council failed in their attempt to steal any more of our vehicles.
Enfield council called us “gypsies” and “criminals” and they tried to steal everything we owned for no other reason than sheer greed, spite, and racial hatred and discrimination bordering on criminal insanity and an obsession with their draconian belief in their own supremacy and superiority.

Some of us risked being killed by Enfield council and their tow trucks while protecting our tools and possessions, and now that this kind of desperate fear of our own government has become common it is obviously time to have a peaceful Revolution to get rid of the Evil Ones who are destroying the very fabric of our once great country.
We must evict the government and put the politicians on trial for all their crimes and introduce a new alternative system to capitalism, and set an example of the way forward to stop global warming and World War Three before it becomes too late to save the human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels.

The environmental movement needs to learn from the lessons of the recent past and we must move on to bigger and better things by returning to grassroots campaigning and protesting, without any leaders or middle class hierarchy trying to control and dominate the ordinary working people like ourselves.
The Camp for Climate Action ended up like George Orwell's Animal Farm after it was infiltrated by undercover police officers using the identities that they had stolen from dead children.
It is hard to imagine anything more disgusting than impersonating little children who have died and causing distress and misery to their families, and it clearly demonstrates just how evil the British government and the capitalist system really is.

The climate camp was taken over and destroyed from within, not just by the secret police but also by the liberal reformists and the green capitalists who took advantage of the genuine protesters to beg for money from the public under what were effectively false pretenses.
Towards the end the middle class climate campers actually spent 4000 pounds of the donation money on air flights to the Rights of Mother Earth climate conference in Bolivia, while the real protesters who had campaigned against the aviation industry at the Heathrow climate camp were struggling away as usual on the protest sites.

The public had been fooled into believing that they were contributing their money to the grassroots protests on the front lines of the environmental movement, but the climate camp hierarchy were actually living very high on the hog on the cash that they were begging for from the gullible public.
The donation money for the Occupy London protest at St Pauls' cathedral ended up in a climate camp bank account and there were more allegations of corruption and embezzlement because the climate campers were riding around in taxis and buying new mobile phones while the real protesters were eating dry bread and thin lentil soup and getting very ill as a result.

Occupy Wall Street has also become embroiled in controversy with allegations from protesters on the front lines of the demonstrations claiming that the middle class activists have started fraudulent websites begging for money in complete contradiction to their claims to be anti-capitalist and anti-globalisation.
Even as far back as the G8 protest at Gleneagles in July 2005 the Wombles organised the “suicide express” from London's Victoria station to Edinburgh, and they hired a train and sold tickets to protesters for 50 pounds each, but they didn’t pay for the train and they spent all the money living in hotels while the protesters were on the front lines facing the riot police.
The Wombles were infiltrated by undercover police officers who effectively took over and controlled the organisation which is why it disbanded in the end, which is exactly the same thing that happened to Reclaim the Streets, the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, and the Camp for Climate Action.

The ordinary working people all around the world are suffering terribly as a result of the corruption, criminality, and greed of the evil capitalist system which destroys the earth and enslaves the people so that the wealthy 1% elite can continue to make even more money riding on the backs of 99% of the population.
The people of the world are finally approaching the last days of our life here on the earth and the desperate greedy attitude and behaviour of the Tory councils, the corporations, and the governments who all work secretly for the capitalist Bilderberg Group is an indication of the pathetic response of the so-called “authorities” to the plight of the working class.

Billions of the poor in the deprived third world countries will die from drowning, starvation, and disease when the coming worldwide flooding swamps all the low-lying areas of the world, and the sea levels rise by almost 200 feet in a catastrophic Apocalyptic ecological cataclysm that will spell the beginning of the end of the human race on the earth.
Global temperatures are escalating out of control with scientists predicting an alarming increase in heat of between four and ten degrees Celsius within 40 years which will melt the polar ice caps, flood the world, and exterminate humanity.

There will be no “chosen few” who will survive the coming ecological cataclysm because only the enlightened ones who rescue themselves will possibly manage to live on beyond the 21st century when 10% of the human race may be able to eke out a precarious existence in the ever-warming Antarctic region.
In the end even the last few survivors will succumb to the searing heat when the earth's atmosphere becomes sulphurous like the planet Venus as a result of the melting methane hydrate gas in the polar regions which will eventually explode with the force of 10,000 nuclear arsenals and wipe out all life on earth.

Someone once said “to live in quiet desperation is the English way,” and this has never been more true than it is today, and it is time for the World Revolution to save the human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels.
There may still be a chance to stop global warming and World War Three, but there isn't much time left to take action, and hardly anybody seems to actually care about the terrible consequences of climate change and what will happen soon to the children or to the future generations who will probably never be born at all the way things are going.

The road protests in Britain have now started again with a vengeance as the government prepares to spend billions of pounds building 190 new roads through the ancient forests and the green belt land in the English countryside.
However this time around the eco-warriors are determined that we will not allow ourselves to be abused, manipulated, and robbed by the middle class liberal reformists again.

The revival of Margaret Thatcher's mad dream of covering Britain with motorways, hotels, casinos, shopping malls, airports, and her never-ending “roads to prosperity” is a nightmare for the ordinary working people and for all of us in the environmental movement, but it is also an enormous challenge which must be faced at all costs.
Rather than fighting hundreds of battles all over the country the eco-warriors are focussing on having one big fuck-off War on Global Warming to stop the Bexhill to Hastings link road on the site of the original Battle of Hastings near Combe Haven Valley in East Sussex, and to overthrow the British government with a peaceful Revolution.

The British government and the East Sussex County Council are currently building a fortified compound like a military fortress for their security guards, diggers, and workers at Combe Haven Valley where they are planning to start work on the Bexhill to Hastings link road very soon.
Maybe the politicians have finally woken up to the fact that the working class is finally uniting and joining forces in a Revolution to overthrow them, arrest them for their crimes against humanity and their war crimes, and put them all on trial and publicly execute them?
However just building a fortress for their heavy machinery will not stop the protests against the destruction of the site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066, because the eco-warriors are mobilising a huge army of homeless people who will descend in their thousands and together with the residents of Middle England we will block everything that they try to do.

EARTH TRUTH, the School for Eco-Warriors, in central London will be the next major project of the Working Class Heroes before we finally move to the front lines of the Second Battle of Hastings in the Combe Haven Valley in East Sussex.
A number of environmental groups intend to work together to open a direct action university to help recruit concerned people into the environmental movement, and to offer the experience and expertise of the veteran eco-warriors from the road protests of the 1990s in Britain, so that everyone can learn the basic principles involved with direct action protesting.

The protest against the Bexhill to Hastings link road will build on the experience of the past and we will all move forward together into the future in the spirit of the peaceful protests of Jesus Christ, Gandhi, and Che Guevara.
There will be no violence at the road protests this time around because everyone involved will be acting strictly in accordance with the law, and the peace-loving hippies and their children will be completely safe in the company of the old grannies from Bexhill.

Unfortunately environmental campaigns, protests, and demonstrations in the past in Britain have not always been peaceful and there has been a tendency to actually exclude large sections of the population.
The Camps for Climate Action for example were a very good example of how not to have a protest against global warming while claiming to be opposed to prejudice, snobbery, and discrimination, and then to do exactly the opposite of what you are preaching about.

A lot of the climate campers were extremely judgemental about working class people and about vulnerable people who had problems of various kinds, and some of the vegan fascists at the climate camps actually got into physical fights with the Socialist Worker Party for example, because they did not agree with them.
The climate campers also invited journalists, photographers, and television crews to the climate camps and then they abused them because they did not like everything that was being published and broadcast by the mainstream media.

The Camps for Climate Action became essentially part-time middle class protests deliberately designed to stir up violent confrontations with the riot police to get publicity and to raise money from the public for the liberal reformist and green capitalist agendas supporting corporate and government policies.
However the climate camps were originally started by some of the road protesters from the 1990s with connections to Peoples' Global Action and the Zapatistas in the Chiapas region of Mexico, and they were always intended to be part-time grassroots anti-globlisation and anti-capitalist protest events.

The road protests that are just beginning again in Britain after all these years however will be full-time occupations of the threatened ancient forests, green belt, and the English countryside.
The eco-warriors are mainly working class people with an ongoing programme to have a Revolution to overthrow the government and change the system and save the human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels.

The Extinction Eco-Village will be all-inclusive and we will show understanding, tolerance, love, and a warm welcome to all our brothers and sisters, regardless of age, colour, race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation.
The environmental movement is supposed to be for everyone and not just for the undercover police officers, corporate and government spies, and environmental entrepreneurs trying to make a fast buck by jumping on the latest trendy bandwagon.

Unlike the white middle class climate camps the Extinction Eco-Village will welcome ethnic minorities, the Indian gurus, Africans, Muslims, peace activists, the homeless unemployed, and members of all religions including the Catholic church, and together we will make an appointment with destiny to work to stop runaway global warming and save the human race.
We intend to practice what we preach.
There will be no hierarchy, no leaders, and no domination or control of anyone by anybody.
The police will be welcome to get involved and to join the Revolution to help arrest the government and to change the system, and journalists will also be welcome to publicise the greatest cause that has ever existed in the history of this planet.

The eco-warriors are planning to organise the Extinction Eco-Village as a support site for the protest against the Bexhill to Hastings link road near Combe Haven Valley, and we intend to hold the Extinction Festival on a nearby farm during the summer.
Farmers in Britain are now struggling to survive and some farmers need social security benefits to feed their families, and the Extinction Festival will help to raise money for the farmer who provides us with the site for the Extinction Eco-Village.

We plan to set an example of how local communities can unite and join forces and work together to solve their problems in a practical way without the corrupt and crooked banks, corporations, and governments robbing the people and destroying our lives, our planet, and ultimately the future for the children and the grandchildren.
The Second Battle of Enfield is now over...
Roll on the New Model Army for the Second Battle of Hastings and the Revolution to march to parliament and arrest the government for crimes against humanity, fraud, theft, deception, false pretenses, corruption, and for war crimes, and to get rid of the Bilderberg Neanderthals and dinosaurs once and for all, before they drive the whole of humanity to extinction.

The human race now has the potential to spread life throughout the universe and the two great challenges of the New Age are to stop global warming and prevent the destruction of the earth in a World War Three or as a result of climate change, and to migrate to the moon and Mars to plant the seeds of new life in our own solar system.
The fundamental stumbling blocks to stopping the increasing temperatures, the melting polar ice caps, and the rising sea levels are the determination of the fossil fuel industries to carry on burning the 27 trillion dollars worth of reserves of coal, gas, and oil that are still under the ground, and which will burn the earth to death and wipe out humanity this century.

This present generation must save the human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels and we will have to do it immediately if not sooner, for the children, for the grandchildren, and for future generations.
What other reason could there possibly be for us to finally close down the corrupt and crooked Bilderberg Group and all their greedy, evil, murderous accomplices in the banks, the corporations, and the governments?

There was a feral cat that was living on site with us in Brimsdown Avenue Enfield, which was probably born right there where she lived, and she used to come into my caravan and sit for hours waiting for the mice to come out so she could catch them and eat them.
Unfortunately I haven't seen my cat since the day of the attempted eviction.
She is black and white and she wears a little mask on her face, and she answers to the name “Swampy”.

After we got the notice from the bailiffs that they intended to evict us I had decided that I wasn't going to leave the site until I had found Swampy, but in spite of searching high and low for her I couldn't find her.
Maybe losing Swampy as a result of all the threats, violence, abuse, attacks, and aggravation caused by the evil capitalists who must have scared her away, is a good enough reason on its own for us to close down the capitalist Bilderberg Group, but it is hard for me to even imagine being able to achieve this miracle without my beloved cat.
Has anybody seen Swampy?
(The mainstream media is invited to publish and broadcast this article in the public interest, free of charge).

Reverend Peter Nichols
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