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Extinction Festival at the Extinction Eco-Village near Combe Haven Valley

Reverend Peter Nichols | 18.03.2013 18:27 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London | South Coast

The eco-warriors in Britain plan to hold the EXTINCTION FESTIVAL this summer at the Extinction Eco-Village on a farm near Combe Haven Valley where the government and East Sussex County Council are now getting ready to build the Bexhill to Hastings link road which the road protesters are turning into the Second Battle of Hastings.

The Extinction Festival will be like an alternative Glastonbury featuring the music and songs of the eco-protesters and the activists, with bands and musicians who support the global environmental movement and the cause of saving the human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels and ensuring the survival of future generations.

No famous “celebrities” will be booked or paid for, but there are likely to be some very surprising guest appearances.
The Extinction Festival will be free for protesters, but the public will have to pay for their tickets to the week-long musical and environmental extravaganza which will be a unique event broadcasting the truth about global warming to the world.
The cost of the tickets will not be expensive and the money raised will help pay the expenses of the farmer who provides the site, and it will also help raise much needed funds for the organisers of the Extinction Eco-Village.

The price of tickets for the Extinction Festival will not be fixed but instead paying for them will be optional and based on peoples' ability to pay so that those who can afford to pay can donate what they consider to be a fair price and those who cannot afford to pay won't have to pay anything.
Food will be available from the kitchen marquees and it will be freely available for everyone and donations will be accepted from those who can afford to pay.

Everyone will be encouraged to bring their own tents and sleeping bags and to stay as long as they like and to get involved with helping to organise the ongoing Extinction Eco-Village and to learn about how the public can implement genuine solutions to global warming.
The main purpose of the Extinction Festival will be to encourage ordinary working people to take a serious interest in joining in with the environmental movement and helping to promote and publicise the cause of saving the human race from extinction and working to ensure the survival of future generations.

The eco-warriors do not have a location yet for the Extinction Festival and we are still hoping that Raga Woods the QUAKER PEACE ACTIVIST and founder of the children's charity Gingerbread will help us to find a suitable site by contacting farmers near Combe Haven Valley in East Sussex very soon.
We are also hoping that Raga will agree to be the media spokesperson for the Revolution to stop the 190 “zombie roads” that are being planned to cut down ancient forests and destroy huge swathes of green belt land and the English countryside.
The eco-warriors intend to arrest the government and charge them with their crimes against humanity and WAR CRIMES.

We could buy a few acres of land from one of the farmers close to the planned Bexhill to Hastings link road or we could even BUY A WHOLE FARM, and we might possibly pay for it from the proceeds of ticket sales for the Extinction Festival.
We still need an organiser for the Extinction Festival and we may be asking the Sunrise Off-grid festival if they will help.
We will also be holding FREE FESTIVALS with the squat party sound systems in the Combe Haven Valley right the way along the route of the planned Bexhill to Hastings link road every weekend all through the summer.

The first publicly published warning about how humanity is facing extinction this century as a result of global warming was issued by Dr Peter Barrett, the Director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand, and he was quoted by the CHRISTCHURCH PRESS newspaper in November 2004:
“After 40 years, I'm part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery, that we know from our knowledge of the ancient past, that if we continue our present growth path, we are facing extinction.
“Not in millions of years, or even millennia, but by the END OF THIS CENTURY”.

Dr Barrett gave an advance copy of his acceptance speech for the Marsden Medal to the Christchurch Press which then proceeded to publish it in full, prior to the actual ceremony where the speech was due to be delivered.
However as a result of a storm of criticism after it was published, Dr Barrett amended his text to remove his reference to “extinction” and he replaced it with the words "the end of civilisation as we know it" when he actually made his speech.

Barrett, the director of Victoria University's Antarctic Research Centre, was presented the prestigious Marsden Medal in Christchurch Wednesday for his 40-year contribution to Antarctic research, the Times of India reported on 20 November 2004.
Barrett's warning underlines comments he made last year that even the KYOTO PROTOCOL on global warming, regarded as too severe by many, would not be enough to avert a climatic disaster.
Two of the world's largest sources of pollution, the US and Australia, have refused to adopt the protocol.

"Research on the past Antarctic climate has an ominous warning for the future," Barrett said.
"We need an INTERNATIONAL COMMITMENT to an effective solution, if we are to survive the worst consequences of this grandest of all human experiments," he said.
There have been terrible rumours for years that the evil capitalist Bilderberg Group of banks, transnational corporations, and governments, is deliberately planning a cull of the human race by allowing global warming to wipe out three to four billion of the world's poorest people, which would be the ultimate horror of disaster capitalism as exposed by Naomi Klein.

Since 2004 there has been an ALARMING INCREASE in the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as the burning of fossil fuels has caused global temperatures to increase, the polar ice caps to melt even faster, and the sea levels to rise.
There has also been a dramatic increase all over the planet in natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, storms, cyclones, typhoons, heatwaves, forest fires, famines, and droughts, and global warming is rapidly becoming irreversible.
According to reputable geologists the sudden and unexpected increase in earthquakes is being caused by the melting glaciers in the Antarctic LURCHING FORWARDS twice a day on average, and sending shockwaves through the tectonic plates thousands of miles in every direction, and some earthquakes on the ocean floor are causing devastating tsunamis.

The governments of the entire world failed to reach any real agreement to take urgent action to combat global warming and climate change at the United Nations CLIMATE CONFERENCE at Doha in Qatar in December 2012.
Some UN scientists issued a report predicting that global temperatures will rise by four degrees Celsius within the next 40 years, but other scientists disagreed and they said that it was more likely to be six degrees Celsius, while still others predicted a TEN DEGREE INCREASE in heat which will inevitably wipe out all life on earth before the end of this century.

These latest figures are absolutely APOCALYPTIC, but the governments which work secretly for the corrupt and criminal Bilderberg Group, and the banks and the corporations including the oil, coal, and gas companies, are refusing to do anything other than talk about what they might do about global warming one day in the future.
Climate scientists are very conservative in their predictions but their conclusions are extremely stark and unequivocal, and they are warning of catastrophic consequences for the whole of humanity as a result of global warming and climate change.

The government scientists in America were threatened by the Bush administration that they would lose their jobs or their funding if they spoke out about how the burning of fossil fuels was threatening to drive the human race to extinction.
However the thousands of scientists in the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have warned for years that global warming threatens to wipe out all life on earth in the sixth mass extinction in history, which is occurring right now.
It is no secret that global warming is the GREATEST THREAT humanity has ever faced, but the public is still being kept in the dark because the capitalist system depends on the ordinary working people continuing to do the work that helps to destroy the environment, and on the public spending their money to buy consumer goods in the high street shops and stores.

The Extinction Eco-Village near Combe Haven Valley will be the eco-warriors' SUPPORT BASE for the Bexhill to Hastings link road protests and we will transform a few acres of a local farm with solar power, wind turbines, Tesla free energy, permaculture, compost toilets, earth ships, and a comprehensive programme of tree planting and wildlife protection.
The Extinction Eco-Village will be a CATALYST for worldwide change, a bit like a combination of the Camp for Climate Action, an environmental university, and a second hand recycling market with all the environmental groups and organisations in Britain helping to participate in planning and organising the campaigns, projects, and events.

The entire project will be a very positive experiment in repairing, restoring, and regenerating the global environment, to set an example to the whole world of how it will be possible to combat global warming and climate change and to stop Mother Earth from becoming completely uninhabitable.
There will be a very FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE at the Extinction Eco-Village where everyone will be able to relax and chill out together while welcoming newcomers, providing them with necessary resources, and helping them to establish new protest camps on the front lines of the Second Battle of Hastings as the War on Global Warming continues to heat up.

The EARTH FAIR will be held on the weekends at the Extinction Eco-Village with direct action workshops, lots of healthy food, family-friendly entertainment, and a second hand market for local people to buy, sell, or exchange their unwanted stuff as part of the CONSUMER REVOLT to educate the public to recycle and reuse second hand goods instead of buying new products from the shops.
All the different environmental groups, organisations, churches, and charities will be able to participate free of charge to help with their own fundraising activities, and to promote their own issues and causes and to recruit new members.

The Extinction Eco-Village will also be known as EVERYBODY'S and it will be designed to help to change the course of human destiny before it becomes too late to save humanity from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels.
Large numbers of elderly people suffer from loneliness according to a new report, but the grannies and granddads of Middle England will NOT BE LONELY at the Extinction Eco-Village where there will be plenty for them to do as they fight to save the human race and attempt to ensure the survival of future generations, including their own grandchildren.

The theme of the Extinction Eco-Village will be the creation of the WORLD REVOLUTION to combat global
warming by causing an historic TRANSFORMATION of the entire capitalist political and economic system with a new alternative system based on the principles of environmentalism, localisation, and environmental economics.
Scientists and environmentalists will work together with the eco-warriors and concerned local residents to help educate the public about GENUINE SOLUTIONS to global warming, and to put them into practice in the towns and villages in East Sussex that will be directly affected by all the poisonous pollution if the new Bexhill to Hastings link road goes ahead.

Our ultimate goal will be to inspire and motivate local people in every town and village and city on the earth to take control of their own local affairs in their own local communities, and to work together to save the human race.
The Extinction Eco-Village will last for AS LONG AS IT TAKES to stop the new road and to start the World Revolution to close down the corrupt and crooked banks, transnational corporations, and criminal governments that are destroying the earth and killing the human race.

The eco-warriors intend to PERFORM A MIRACLE in the Bexhill and Hastings areas of East Sussex with our LOAVES AND FISHES vision of a brave new world living by the principles of the Utopian Ideal where everyone has what they need to survive, and the earth becomes sustainable and habitable for future generations to also survive.
The Working Class Heroes would like to transform the entire region from being a traditional greedy capitalist society to an alternative caring community where everyone shares with each other and looks forward to a brighter future for all humanity.

The resources of the Working Class Heroes are practical things like tow trucks, welding equipment, tools, and recycled computers which we use ourselves, and which we share with other activists who also share their own resources with us.
The Extinction Eco-Village run by WORKERS' COOPERATIVES of eco-warriors will be completely self sufficient, providing us with everything that we need, producing our own food, generating our own electricity, and operating our own Peoples' Bank issuing our own local currency independently of the thieving banks and the fascist central government.

The Activist Media Centre at the EXTINCTION ECO-VILLAGE run by a grassroots workers' cooperative of peace and environmental activists, writers, musicians, artists, photographers, film-makers and journalists, will publish and broadcast the truth about how global warming is destroying the earth and killing the human race.
Our mission will be to promote the cause of saving humanity from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels
throughout the whole of society, via ALL THE MEDIA, mainstream, alternative, and internet social networking sites, and we will try to influence businesses, corporations, councils, governments, and the public to become environmentally friendly.
The story that we will be telling will be all about how the worldwide environmental movement is working desperately to try to ensure the survival of FUTURE GENERATIONS, and we will be attempting to change the narrative that is being told by most of the mainstream news media which supports the capitalist system and censors the truth about global warming.

The alliance of workers' cooperatives that will run the Extinction Eco-Village will be OPEN TO EVERYONE, the young and the not so young, from grandchildren to grandmothers, who will all be able to participate fully in planning and organising and putting into operation every aspect of the environmental campaigns and projects.
We will produce and publish the EARTH NEWSPAPER which will be available free on the internet to be downloaded and printed in every town and city in the world and sold on the streets by the homeless, the unemployed, and the environmental activists who are committed to sharing the truth with everyone about how to implement genuine answers to save humanity.

The reality TV show for the children entitled “Can You Save the Human Race?” will be filmed, edited, and streamed live every day to the whole world via the internet in an attempt to save the earth from the ECOLOGICAL CATACLYSM that is imminent, and which will destroy humanity very soon.
The show will also be broadcast on TV stations in every country on the earth to counteract the CENSORSHIP of the evil corporate media which conceals the truth about the CATASTROPHIC DANGERS of global warming and climate change.

Everybody will be welcome to get involved with the alternative Activist Media Centre at the Extinction Eco-Village which will be a training camp for CITIZEN JOURNALISTS, and which will also be available for all the rest of the journalists, photographers, and TV camera crews from the mainstream news media to make full use of as well.
Alternative and mainstream media journalists from all over the world will be working from the Activist Media Centre publishing and broadcasting the truth about how global warming is destroying the earth and killing the human race.

The children's charity Gingerbread which was founded by Raga Woods, and the Brufut Education Project run by Jimbo and Rob are being invited to become part of the eco-warriors' cooperative that is organising the Extinction Eco-Village and the EXTINCTION FESTIVAL on a farm near Combe Haven Valley this summer.
The eco-warriors are helping create an alliance with Middle England, peace and environmental groups and organisations, churches, charities, workers' unions, student groups, children, teenagers, and their grandmothers, and the eminent Indian gurus whose millions of followers are building retreats in the mountains to escape from the imminent worldwide flooding.

As John Lennon sang all those years ago: COME TOGETHER, join the movement, take a stand for human rights.
War on Waste, K Ring Technologies, Elite Events, World Peace Builders (Charity number 803200).
The Brufut Education Project (UK registered not for profit company no. 7363428).
The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign and the Church of All Worlds. (Spiritual philanthropy).
Free environmental help and advice service 24 hours a day.
Phone: 07883242168 (UK). Skype: EARTH AID. Email:

“Can You Save the Human Race?” - A master plan, instruction manual, and strategy for the survival of humanity.
Everyone is welcome to download the complete 14,000 page report “Can You Save the Human Race?” which is in the form of 14 textbooks for schools and universities, containing all the scientific evidence proving global warming is killing all life on earth, together with the true story of the eco-warriors in Britain and the worldwide environmental movement.
“Can You Save the Human Race?” was created on Open Office and it is FREE to download from:

Reverend Peter Nichols
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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Division of Labour and the Trouble with "Activism"

19.03.2013 15:01

I was quite excited by this event. The idea of holding a music festival near to the proposed Bexhill-Hasting Link Road seems like a brilliant way of reinvigorating a important campaign. However I can't help but feel a little put off after reading this article:

"The Extinction Festival will be free for protesters, but the public will have to pay for their tickets to the week-long musical and environmental extravaganza..."

How will you decide who is a "protester" and who is a member of the "public"? Surely anybody who opposes the new road is a "protester" by default, otherwise they wouldn't be at the event, or by "protester" do you just mean the "professional activists" who have the time and resources to commit to their "activism"?

Why even make the distinction? Why do we have to set ourselves apart from the "public" as some sort of "environmentalist vanguard" responsible for saving the planet? Surely that goes against a lot of what our politics about (unless we're all secretly Leninist SWP members).

"The main purpose of the Extinction Festival will be to encourage ordinary working people to take a serious interest in joining in with the environmental movement..."

Again, why this distinction between "ordinary working people" and us? It is as if you believe that "ordinary working people" cannot become interested in environmental issues unless there is somebody there to hold their hand and guide them through the door. The Environmentalist Vanguard is there to lead the masses of barbaric working class people towards a green, ecological future which they OBVIOUSLY wouldn't be able to achieve without the guidance of their middle class peeers!

This is the problem with "activism". Activists set themselves as somehow different from the rest of the population thus causing alienation and a division of labour amongst the "professional/career activists" and the rest of us who just want to see a living planet for our children.

This entire article seems to be talking about something that is nothing more than idea. An idea that isn't even in the early stages of planning. Though if this idea carries on with the same ill thought out concepts of activism and class analysis as the article above, then it's definietly one festival I won't be attending.



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