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School for Eco-Warriors Will Teach Teenagers How to Stop Global Warming

Reverend Peter Nichols | 25.03.2013 21:46 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London | South Coast

The eco-warriors in Enfield who recently survived a terrible ordeal at the hands of the corrupt and crooked Enfield council which could have killed them, are planning to open the School for Eco-Warriors to teach young people and everyone else as well, about how to engage in direct action to stop global warming before it drives humanity to extinction this century.

The School for Eco-Warriors will be known as EARTH TRUTH and it will be a university focusing on recruiting and educating the public about the dangers of global warming and climate change, and helping to train a new generation of eco-warriors to fight back in self defence against the planned Bexhill to Hastings link road at Combe Haven Valley in East Sussex, and all the rest of the 190 “zombie roads” that the government wants to build.

The generation that was brought up with the fantasy world of Harry Potter, Hermione, and the Hogwarts School for Wizards is about to be brought face to face with the reality that if they want to be able to have children of their own in the future they will have to learn how to defend themselves and fight back against the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced.
Over the years the global environmental movement has been recruiting young people and helping to educate them about the dangers of global warming and about the genuine solutions that will be possible to be implemented to stop dangerous runaway climate change.

The eco-warriors are desperately trying to help create the sustainable world of the future where the earth will become habitable once again and the human race will be able to survive beyond the end of this century.
However it is a race against time and the danger of the earth being completely destroyed by global warming within 40 years is so real that there seems to be a taboo against the public even being made aware of the catastrophic ecological cataclysm that is fast approaching.
The mainstream news media censors the truth about climate change to help support the capitalist system to carry on with business as usual, and to continue to burn the 27 trillion dollars worth of fossil fuel reserves that are still under the ground, and which will wipe out the entire human race if they are allowed to be burned for much longer.

The working class eco-warriors have been researching and developing solutions to global warming for many years and we have jealously guarded our secrets to prevent them from falling into the hands of the greedy capitalists who try to steal and use our ideas, projects, and inventions to make money and to continue destroying the planet and wiping out all life on earth.
Some of our friends are actually environmental scientists who have perfected the technique of producing Browns Gas (which is one molecule away from hydrogen), by hydrolysis at the point of ignition in internal combustion engines, so that cars and trucks running on petrol and diesel can be converted to producing zero carbon emissions.
Our friends have also built generators that run on pure hydrogen.

Slow Tony is an expert mechanic and a dedicated Teacher of Practical Alternatives who runs the War on Waste charity which is devoted to recycling and reusing second hand vehicles and other consumer goods so that they can be saved from the scrapheap or the landfill and brought back into productive use without contributing to the destruction of the planet.
Jacko is our resident genius who spends most of his time working on producing low carbon computer chips, determining the speed of gravity, researching the production of free energy using Tesla coils, and attempting to harness electro-magnetic energy by transmutation, according to the principles developed by Albert Einstein.

Other friends of the eco-warriors are also developing practical solutions for an alternative way of life devoted to helping create a paradise on earth in the post-Apocalyptic world of the very near future when the coming worldwide flooding will kill billions of people by drowning, starvation, and disease by the middle of this century.
The Indian gurus have been instructing their millions of followers to begin migrating to the mountains to build retreats and ashrams to escape from the worldwide flooding and the wars, to pray for the future survival of the human race, and to offer a welcoming spiritual reception for all the rest of the refugees who are also fleeing to the mountains, especially the wealthy.
The eco-warriors however are planning to stay on the front lines of the World Revolution to attempt to overthrow the entire global capitalist system and to replace it with an alternative political and economic system based on environmentalism, localisation, and environmental economics.

The School for Eco-Warriors in London England will be emulated by our friends and associates in every country on the earth and we will continue the good work that was started during the road protests in the 1990s and which was carried on at the Camps for Climate Action in Britain from 2006 until 2010.
The eco-warriors will hold workshops in direct action, participatory democracy, renewable energies, permaculture, tree planting, protection of the earth's ecosystems, regenerating the environment, and breeding endangered species, in an effort to try to prevent the imminent ecological cataclysm that will soon begin the process of destroying the whole of humanity.

The global capitalist system is dangerously out of control, polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases caused by burning fossil fuels, increasing global temperatures to alarmingly dangerous levels, melting the polar ice caps and raising the sea levels, which will cause the worldwide flooding signalling the beginning of the end of the human race on the earth.
Thousands of United Nations scientists in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have warned that hundreds of millions of refugees will cross national borders to escape from the worldwide flooding, and local wars over oil, land, food, and water will continue to break out all over the world.
The nightmare scenario of the UN scientists is that the violent conflicts caused by the chain reaction of environmental horrors and disasters could very possibly end with a global nuclear World War Three holocaust completely wiping out humanity even before global warming finally succeeds in killing us all.

Some of the scientists at the United Nations' climate conference at Doha in December 2012 issued reports predicting that global temperatures will rise by four degrees Celsius within the next 40 years, but other scientists disagreed and they said that an increase of six degrees Celsius was much more likely.
However a rise in the earth's temperatures of TEN DEGREES CELSIUS that will inevitably result in completely wiping out ALL LIFE ON EARTH in the very near future was predicted by some scientists who defied convention and spoke out and revealed the truth about the worst and most catastrophic consequences of continuing to burn fossil fuels.

Capitalism is the cause of global warming because the whole of the financial system depends on the production and sale of the fossil fuels, coal, oil, and gas, to maintain the industrial manufacture of consumer goods and the transportation by vehicles, cars, trucks, aeroplanes, and all the rest of the operations which rely on more and more energy supplies to keep the wheels of industry turning.
However the rapidly escalating pollution by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached more than 400 parts per million, and irreversible runaway global warming is threatening to make the earth uninhabitable and drive humanity to extinction before the end of this century.

The first warning that humanity is facing extinction this century as a result of global warming was issued by Dr Peter Barrett, the Director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand, and he was quoted by the Christchurch Press newspaper in November 2004:
“After 40 years, I'm part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery, that we know from our knowledge of the ancient past, that if we continue our present growth path, we are facing extinction.
“Not in millions of years, or even millennia, but by the end of this century”.

The report “Can You Save the Human Race?” is a set of 14 textbooks produced by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign designed to educate the public and the children about the dangers of global warming, and it will help to set the agenda for the curriculum at the School for Eco-Warriors.
The report is being offered free to schools and universities everywhere all over the world in an attempt to encourage schoolchildren and students to work together to help ensure the survival of future generations.
“Can You Save the Human Race?” contains all the scientific evidence about global warming and climate change for class action court cases on behalf of the children of the world against the Bilderberg Group of banks, corporations, and governments, holding them legally responsible and accountable for causing global warming by the burning of fossil fuels.

Recent years have seen the phenomenon of youth gangs on the streets of most of the big cities of the world where children, teenagers, and other young people have united and joined forces in criminal gangs dealing in drugs and committing other very serious crimes, including stabbing and shooting other gang members to death on the streets.
The youth gangs are replacing the traditional family unit with new communities of young people who live outside the law and who kill each other indiscriminately in gang warfare over territory and control of criminal activities.
Psychologists believe that the rapid increase in the street gangs is being caused by the breakdown of the very fabric of our society that is being epitomised by all the violence and horror and disrespect for so-called “authority” that is shown all the time in the Hollywood films and on television.

A simpler explanation however is that the vast majority of young people in the slums of the big cities all over the planet have nothing else to live for as a result of their terrible sense of despair and hopelessness for the future that they are facing.
The capitalist system offers the hundreds of millions of children and teenagers from poor backgrounds nothing but a vast bleak wasteland stretching endlessly ahead of them, until their imminent deaths when global warming will destroy their whole world forever very soon.
The public is being besieged on all sides by the heartless and merciless global financial system that cares about nothing but making money by destroying the earth's natural resources to produce a never-ending stream of useless worthless consumer products which end up in landfill causing even more pollution of the atmosphere.

The riots and looting by youth gangs and other young people that occurred in London after police shot dead a young black teenager appeared to also be a reaction against the criminal behaviour of the fraudulent banks, the corrupt and crooked corporations, and the dishonest politicians who secretly work for the international bankers in the evil Bilderberg Group.
The eco-warriors are trying to recruit the alienated young people into the global environmental movement to help provide them with real hope for the future and a vision of a better world for the children and teenagers and for future generations.
We are hoping to be able to bring together everyone who has something to offer in the way of providing a free education for young people at the School for Eco-Warriors to help stop all the wars and the violence, and to start the peaceful worldwide Revolution to save the human race from being driven to extinction by the burning of fossil fuels.

Over the years the environmental movement has tended to be preaching to the converted in the sense that we have been sharing our ideas and plans with like-minded people, and the public has not taken as much interest as we would have liked.
However the idea of the School for Eco-Warriors is that experienced protesters and activists should be reaching out to a larger audience, and even attempting to inspire and motivate young people in the youth gangs on the streets to also come and learn about how to peacefully and legally protest against the destruction of the earth and the extinction of humanity.
Rather than showing their concern by looting, rioting, and burning down shops and government buildings it would be better if young people opposed to the government should unite and join forces with the eco-warriors in a Revolution to overthrow the capitalist system and introduce a new political and economic system that will succeed in saving the human race.

In Britain the Tory government has declared war on the poor, the sick, the vulnerable, and the young, in their desperate efforts to screw everybody out of money to pay for the corruption, thefts, frauds, and deceptions of the banks and the politicians who support the crooked bankers and who are in fact secretly working for them.
The Tories are so desperate for money that they have imposed what they call “austerity measures” on the 99% of the ordinary working people to try to steal and cheat the public out of their very last penny if they possibly can.
The Tories have cheated and lied and robbed their way to power which they are clinging onto in the face of the intransigent opposition of the eco-warriors who will eventually succeed in bringing them all to the justice that they so richly deserve.

The rioting by disaffected young people in London started in Enfield where the right-wing Tory fascists are still desperately trying to lead the way to crushing all protest and dissent against their crooked and fanatical money-hungry regime.
Protesters who have been dissenting against the Tory policies and the whole capitalist way of life are being subjected to a terrible backlash of oppression and repression just like in Nazi Germany and communist Russia under Stalin, and the undercover police in Britain are like the Stasi secret police using identities that they have stolen from dead children.
There are ten suicides a day in Britain with mothers jumping in front of trains with their babies and toddlers in their arms, or burning their kids to death in their homes because of the brutal draconian policies of the Tory government.

In their desperation to rob the people of Britain the Tories plan to impose a “bedroom tax” on home-owners, and they have also been stealing personal possessions from the citizens, including tools and vehicles from homeless squatters.
The homeless and other vulnerable minority groups in society have been subjected to a brutal violent clamp down, and squatters in residential properties have been arrested and put in prison just for moving into abandoned flats and houses and living in them because they desperately needed somewhere to live in the freezing sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic winter.
Squatters in commercial properties that have been left derelict by their owners and neglected by local councils have been publicly accused of being “criminals” and “gypsies,” and abused and mercilessly persecuted by the evil Tories.

The fundamental argument in favour of allowing squatting commercial sites to continue is that there are more than a million properties that have been left empty, abandoned, and virtually derelict in Britain, and homeless people needing somewhere to live can make use of them and prevent them from continuing to be a health hazard and a danger in the local communities.
Forcing homeless people onto the streets is just another example of the ruthless and heartless draconian behaviour of the bloated millionaires who run the Tory government, and who are dismantling the National Health Service and the human rights of the ordinary working people, and sending the whole country back to the bad old days of the Dark Ages and driving humanity to extinction.
It would be better to have no government at all than to have to continue to put up with a bunch of morons with brains the size of peanuts like the dinosaurs who didn't see the asteroid coming and who ended up becoming extinct.

Enfield council epitomises the plight of the desperate Tory capitalists who are realising that the global financial system is disintegrating and they are losing their wealth and power, and they are fighting back blindly against the poorest people in society to rob them of everything they've got, like a horde of starving rats driven to insanity by their hunger and their greed.
Enfield council acted like the judge and the jury and the executioner when they broke into the home of the Working Class Heroes and grabbed our vehicles off us, claiming that we were not entitled to own them because we did not conform to the high standards of behaviour that they themselves claimed to be upholding.

One of the Enfield councillors who is curiously named “Mr Bond”announced in the newspapers that we were all “criminals” and we were guilty of numerous undisclosed offences against the parliamentary statutes, and then they stole our vehicles on the grounds that it was legal for them to rob the “criminals” who apparently were not entitled to own anything.
If you have a closer look at what they actually did behind their smokescreen of clever words, you will see that Enfield council are themselves the real criminals who are also cunning and deceitful liars, cheats, and thieves, amongst their many other accomplishments, which appear to include bribery and corruption as well as theft, deception, fraud, and robbery with violence.

The way that Enfield council behaved towards us you could be forgiven for thinking that they believed that we were just ignorant Iraqi peasants with thousands of billions of dollars worth of oil under our land, just waiting to be attacked and murdered because we were “evildoers”.
All we actually had were old vehicles, some of which belonged to the Brufut Education Project children's charity which sells them to build a school in Gambia, and loads of scrap metal, tools, and personal possessions, but the crooked Enfield council officials behaved as if our stuff was the crown jewels and they were prepared to risk our lives to get their filthy hands on them.

The madman who calls himself “Ken Clark” after the former Tory “Justice” minister, had sent us a threatening letter claiming that he intended to “seize all your assets,” but nobody really expected him to actually be able to get away with employing politicians, bailiffs, security guards, and a gang of street thieves to violently attack us in the way that he did.
Having a dangerous lunatic barking his orders at an army of council officials, workers, and petty thieves all swarming around us like hordes of starving rats trying to rob us of dozens of second hand vehicles was one of the most bizarre things that I think I have ever experienced.

Senior police officers just walked away and refused to help Enfield council rob us again, but in the end nothing less than the arrest and prosecution of these dangerous lunatics and parasites will be good enough, because as long as they are at large they will continue to terrorise the decent people of Enfield, and the government will destroy Britain one way or another.
In the end the people of the world will have to have a peaceful Revolution to stop global warming and World War Three, and we must arrest all the criminal politicians in the British government and put them on trial for their crimes and publicly execute them before they finally succeed in killing us all.

Possibly the most disturbing thing of all about this whole ghastly experience was the way that a number of young people in the neighbourhood came to see us to offer their support, and some of them even hinted that they and their friends were considering taking direct action against Enfield council as a result of their atrocious and criminal behaviour towards us.
It wasn't difficult to read between the lines and understand what they actually meant by this, but we insisted that violence of any kind had to be a last resort and should only be used in self defence when people are being threatened and attacked, but the reply was simply “well, that's what's happening to all of us, and if we don't fight back they'll kill us all, init?”

The eco-warriors have always helped young people to take part in the environmental protests and the demonstrations against the destruction of the earth and the extinction of humanity being caused by global warming and climate change, but we have never encouraged anyone to use violence without proper legal justification.
Our next major project before the full-scale War on Global Warming against the Bexhill to Hastings link road in Combe Haven Valley in East Sussex will be the School for Eco-Warriors to help educate everyone, including young people, all about the Quaker tactics of direct action to stop global warming and the imminent extinction of all life on earth.

We would rather see the teenagers of Enfield working together with the working class eco-warriors to try to save the human race than mindlessly destroying the whole country just because our government has gone rogue and is full of evil criminals robbing us and trying to kill us to make more and more money for themselves.
There has got to be a better way than all the horror and violence and murderous warfare of the capitalist system, and having a peaceful Revolution to get rid of the Evil Ones and replace them with a new honest political and economic system dedicated to restoring and regenerating the environment has got to be the right way forward for the future.
The eco-warriors may have been shell-shocked by our recent ordeal, but we are not completely insane like the greedy capitalists who don't even seem to be human any more.

There is a bit of a mystery about who called the local newspapers and the ITN camera crew to the Second Battle of Enfield because it wasn't the Working Class Heroes, but it may well have been Enfield council desperately trying to improve their public image by inviting journalists to witness their crimes, and lying in their teeth about why they were robbing us again.
The presence of the news media would appear to have helped reduce the level of violence and kept some of our attackers slightly more honest and less dangerous than they would otherwise have been, and in this way it could be said that the journalists and the press photographers helped provide us with some much needed protection in our hour of need.

However it does seem very odd that the local newspapers published a lot of very negative comments from some of the local people, and no effort seems to have been made to provide any balance by way of reporting anything from anyone in support of our three year occupation of the site.
Some of the local residents were very grateful that we had locked the property up and stopped the problem of alcoholics, junkies, prostitutes, and teenage gangs getting onto the site at night and using it for wild drug-crazed parties and to scatter used condoms, dirty hypodermic needles, and human excrement everywhere.

The filthy rubbish that was left behind by the owners of the property which was also neglected by Enfield council had become a dangerous health hazard and a breeding ground for rats and mice and a haven for foxes, all of which spread out around the immediate area and scavenged for food in the rubbish bins of the local flats and houses.
Children had been coming onto the unlocked site and they had been playing amongst all the filth and dangerous waste, broken glass, jagged metal, and open pits, causing a lot of anxiety for the local parents who kept phoning Enfield council and complaining, but no action was ever taken by the council to prevent the kids from getting injured on the site.

There were a number of local residents who were glad that we occupied the site and made it safe and secure, and when the riots occurred we made a point of letting the local people and the shopkeepers know that we were ready 24 hours a day to help them if there was any trouble again.
It does seem extremely odd that although we told the local newspapers about all of these things none of this was published, and they seemed to prefer to promote the lies and the devious subterfuge of Enfield council rather than to reveal the truth about who we actually are and what we do in the local community where we have lived quite peacefully for many years.
Maybe just like the corrupt and murderous Bilderberg mainstream news media, even the local newspapers would prefer to support the capitalist system and the crooked politicians rather than the ordinary working people who are being victimised by the dangerous evil criminals who are in positions of great power in this country?

The eco-warriors in Britain are a somewhat secretive tribe of environmental activists who are already living perfectly happily in the post-Apocalyptic world of the future when human civilisation has collapsed into the dog-eat-dog devil-take-the-hindmost nightmare portrayed in the Mad Max movies.
Enfield council quite obviously doesn't realise that the eco-warriors are not the sort of people who will take being attacked and robbed by them lying down.
Crooked politicians don't understand our way of life or why we move into properties that have been neglected to become a health hazard and a threat to decent ordinary people, and tidy them up and make them habitable again, and protect the local community from the destruction and corruption of the greedy property developers and the dishonest local politicians.

The eco-warriors recycle, repair, and reuse derelict abandoned properties along with all the rest of the discarded remnants of the capitalist society such as broken refrigerators, television sets, motor vehicles, computers, satellites, and spaceships.
Just like in the Matrix movies we often get abused and attacked by evil robots and aliens circling around us like cowboys and Indians whooping and hollering for our blood and our precious second hand rubbish which greedy avaricious politicians seem to think they can steal from us to sell to the local scrapyards.
In the vicious uncaring world in which we all live these days we know that people like the vultures at Enfield council will kill us all in the end if they get the chance, but we always fight back knowing that the mad staring eyes of the crazed Enfield council officials might very well be the last things that we will ever see before they rip our hearts out and send us to Hell.

The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto knew that the Nazis were going to kill them all in the end, but they still barricaded themselves into their homes and they fought back against the persecution and they all died when the Gestapo broke into their homes and attacked them, but their inspiration and courage still lives on in our hearts to this very day.
The eco-warriors are likewise prepared to die at the hands of the evil Tories but we will also go down fighting and we will take some of the vicious Nazi fascists with us when we go to our heavenly reward, secure in the knowledge that we have not abdicated our responsibility to the future generations who will never be born at all if the Tories succeed in continuing to burn fossil fuels and destroy humanity.

For me personally being abused and threatened and attacked by Enfield council, spat upon and rammed in my back by Irish travellers in a tow truck, and physically assaulted and thrown around, was actually more like a Sunday school picnic compared with what I have experienced over the years at many of the environmental protests and demonstrations.
The G8 protest in Scotland in July 2005, the climate camps at Heathrow and Kingsnorth, and the government-sponsored riots in London were extremely bloody and violent, and a lot of people have been seriously injured and even killed by the police, apparently on the orders of the government which cracks down violently on dissenters at every possible opportunity.

During the road protests in the 1990s it was common to be woken in the middle of the night by masked men carrying crow bars and screaming for blood, or to have our tents and buildings set on fire while we were asleep, or to face vicious riot police with metal batons injuring everyone in sight, including women and very young children.
Thatcher's children are now back in control of Britain once more and all the horrific Nazi fascism is on the rise again, and protesters and dissidents will be arrested and brutalised in the night, and the poor, the sick, and the vulnerable will go to prison for being homeless and starving in the streets, as if these terrible misfortunes really are the crimes that the government accuses us of committing.

The nightmare world of the concentration camps, the salt mines, the Gulags, the slave camps, and the torture chambers has come back with a vengeance to haunt the people of Britain once again.
Innocent people will get injured and some of us will die defending freedom and democracy and the the right to live as we choose in peace and dignity with malice towards none.
More women facing a hopeless future will commit suicide with their young children in their arms in front of trains or by gassing themselves to death or by burning down their homes, before the persecution is over and we can finally see the light of day again and breathe easily in the new dawn and the New Age of liberty, equality, fraternity.

The Tory terrorism has returned to stalk us in the night and nobody will be safe from the Stasi who steal the identities of dead babies and little children to try to hide from the questioning gaze of decent people who are forbidden to know the truth about how capitalism is killing humanity which the press can no longer publish to protect the guilty.
It is time for the Children of the Revolution to rise again to save humanity from a fate worse than death which will inevitably end with the annihilation of everything we hold most dear to our hearts, including the entire human race itself.

When the Enfield council tow truck hoisted one of our friends up into the air to dangle dangerously on the end of a single leather strap it actually looked as if this was the beginning of the violence that we had been expecting from the idiots again.
If the police hadn't put a stop to Enfield council’s atrocity of endangering our lives while they were trying to steal our vehicles, the attacks could very easily have escalated into far more serious violence drawing in the local teenage gangs who may very well have reacted in unpredictable ways which could have resulted in a backlash right across London and even engulfing the whole country.

The Tories are quite likely to bring down on their own heads a very violent and bloody Revolution against their evil criminal regime which is asking for retribution way beyond the control of concerned folk like the eco-warriors who only want to see the peaceful downfall of one of the most disgusting and despicable governments that this country has ever known.
The Tory politicians cannot defeat us because they are just evil cowards who try to hide behind the police who they think will carry on doing their dirty work for them, but the police are working class like most of the rest of us and in the end they are more than likely to join the Revolution and help the eco-warriors arrest the government on behalf of the people.

During the Second Battle of Enfield the council officials and their hired thugs were hiding across the road from the eco-warriors, skulking in the shadows too afraid to come anywhere near us while they were bad-mouthing us, sneering and lying about us to journalists, local residents, and the police who didn't want to know, and who simply walked away in disgust.
The politicians at Enfield council and in the British government don't seem to understand anything except their own greed for money at any cost, and their selfish greedy lust for other peoples' possessions which they try to steal and sell to fill their own pockets and their secret bank accounts in offshore tax havens.

The integrity of enlightened people like the eco-warriors who are incorruptible and who have very strong beliefs, principles, and a genuine commitment to freedom, democracy, and justice, is beyond the experience or understanding of the crooked politicians who ridiculously accuse us publicly of being “criminals” and “gypsies”.
The alien politicians probably don't even believe that the eco-warriors really are going to succeed in overthrowing their evil capitalist system and bring back the death penalty and sentence them all to death for their part in slaughtering all those innocent women and children in Iraq in their illegal war to steal the Iraqi oil reserves.
The bible says “they who live by the sword will die by the sword”.
Maybe it is time that the politicians who work secretly and illegally for the murderously insane Bilderberg Group looked in the mirror and became very afraid of the disgusting depraved monsters that they are seeing looking back at themselves?

The capitalist system has helped to create a society where many children and teenagers have nothing left to live for except their own community of gangs where they learn how to stab other children and young people to death on the streets.
The politicians are in denial and they try to pretend that the “gangsta rap” youth culture is nothing at all to do with them, but it is obvious that capitalism is responsible for the breakdown of the very fabric of our once decent society.
The capitalist system is also responsible for the corruption in politics at Westminster and in the corrupt local councils, and for all the frauds in the banking system that have led to the collapse of the world economy, and for global warming and climate change which has left humanity facing a very bleak, desperate, and hopeless future.

Capitalism breeds dangerously insane lunatics like filthy disease-ridden rats in the sewers who are heartless, ruthless, and nihilistic, and who have lost their humanity and sold their souls to the Devil for a mess of potage and thirty pieces of silver.
The kids are not as stupid as the bankers and the corporate bosses would like to believe that they are, and the children must know only too well that they are being abused and neglected by the capitalist system that doesn't give a damn about whether they live or die, and which is destroying their very lives and their futures to use them like slaves to make money.
However one day soon the Children of the Revolution will rise up once again and bring the Evil Ones to justice to save themselves and to help ensure the survival of future generations, because the kids do care about what is happening to them even if it appears that nobody else does.

The eco-warriors believe in treating everyone with decency and respect, including the children, the elderly, the vulnerable, and the dispossessed, which is something that the Tories know nothing whatever about, and they never will because they have no humanity or compassion in their hearts.
If the capitalist bankers, corporate leaders, and politicians really think that they can get away with slaughtering huge numbers of women and children in the Middle East and causing the genocide of the entire human race by driving us all to extinction as a result of the burning of fossil fuels, they are sorely mistaken and they have another think coming.

One day very soon the eco-warriors will succeed with our Revolution to overthrow the corrupt and murderous corporations and governments and we will hold the Climate Nuremberg trials and publicly execute the Enemies of the People before they succeed in killing us all.
The German generals at Nuremberg after the Second World War pleaded not guilty to charges of genocide but the judges ruled that following orders was not a defence in law, and they sentenced the German High Command to death and they were all hanged, apart from the one general who had pleaded guilty to the charges against him.

This should serve as a stark and chilling warning to the evil capitalists of the Bilderberg Group which controls the global financial system, that they are not going to get away with destroying the earth and killing the entire human race by burning us all to death at their hands.
Adolph Hitler only murdered six million Jews, and he was responsible for killing another 40 million people altogether, but he didn't escape justice in the end even if he apparently sentenced himself to a gruesome death, and there will be no happy ending for the capitalist bankers, corporate leaders, and politicians who will all be tried and executed according to law.

After Enfield council broke into our home on 13 December 2012 and brought tow trucks driven by large brutal-looking men wearing balaclavas over their faces I didn't leave the site for nearly three months, right up until the day that the bailiffs finally arrived with more of the Enfield council thugs and thieves.
I slept every night fully clothed with a sledge hammer beside my bed and with one eye open, always ready to jump up and defend myself in case Enfield council broke into my home and tried to violently attack me again.

If Enfield council drove their tow trucks through our fence again I was determined that they would not be able to steal any more of our vehicles because I was prepared to smash their tow trucks to smithereens with the sledge hammer.
The most wonderful thing about the British legal system is the right of the ordinary working people like myself to self defence that has been enshrined in British law for centuries ever since the days of the Magna Carta, and everybody has the legal right to defend themselves and their property against being attacked and robbed by anybody, even by our own government if and when necessary.
God bless Great Britain and God help us get rid of the most evil government this country has ever had the misfortune to rule over us, and to pervert and destroy all our most cherished and precious traditions, rights, and freedoms.

Nobody should have to live in fear of their own government or to put up with being abused, attacked, and libelled by crooked greedy local politicians whose main preoccupation appears to be to rob the citizens and to sell their personal possessions to the scrapyards.
These despicable people belong in prison and they must no longer be permitted to walk freely in the community amongst decent people who deserve better than to be bullied and robbed by the criminals at Enfield council and in the Houses of Parliament.

The eco-warriors are seeking a court order to seize as many vehicles as possible belonging to Enfield council to compensate us and the Brufut Education Project children's charity for the vehicles, tools, and personal possessions that they stole from us on 13 December 2012.
We intend to pursue Enfield council with official requests for investigation and prosecution by senior officers at the Metropolitan Police at Scotland Yard, and also through the courts until they stop libelling us publicly and physically attacking us, which could prove to be a very long time indeed the way things are going.

After the Tory Enfield council robbed us the the first time I clearly remember lying awake at night and wondering why am I living like this?
After all I'm not an Iraqi with vast quantities of oil under my land.
When Britain and America invaded Iraq the soldiers went straight to the oil fields and they surrounded them and then they started filling up their oil tankers with oil and shipping it straight back to America to fill up the federal government's Strategic Reserve tanks, and the right wing news media described this operation as “the spoils of war”.

Robbing the Iraqis of their oil reserves may have been one of the greatest robberies in history, but how has the capitalist system come to this sorry state of affairs where Enfield council felt that they had no choice but to storm into the private homes of the citizens to seize vehicles belonging to a children's charity in Africa to sell them to the local scrapyard just to make ends meet?
Maybe Britain should stop calling itself Great Britain and change its name to Not So Great Britain After All?
Has it really come to this that the Tories believe they have to steal from poor deprived African children, or are they just trying to crush and destroy the protesters and the dissenters who fundamentally disagree with the filthy disgusting way that they kill people without mercy and destroy everything natural to enrich themselves and get fat at other peoples' expense?

Britain has become very like Argentina during the Dirty War of the 1970s when young people who protested and dissented against the evil dictatorship were simply kidnapped and they just “disappeared”.
The evil regime of right wing Nazi fascists herded 30,000 young men and women into aeroplanes and dropped them over the ocean to die far out to sea never to be seen again.
The Tories in Britain have started the process of making the poor, the sick, the disabled, and the elderly vanish from sight by driving them out of their homes, robbing them of their possessions, leaving them to die in filthy disease-ridden hospitals, or simply abandoned to starve to death on the streets.

Beware of the Tory fascists who value your possessions and your money more than they value your life.
Beware of the knock on the door in the middle of the night and the faceless aliens coming to take you away.
Thank God that some of us are able to see these evil bastards for what they really are, and we are willing to risk our lives to fight back in the name of decency, integrity, and honesty, because in the end these bullies are nothing more than evil cowards who will run for their lives when we issue our summonses for mass murder and come looking for them in the night.
Let's hope that it won't be too much longer before we can throw the Tory murderers into prison to await their execution, and also toss the whole rotten capitalist system into the dustbin of history before the Bilderbergers succeed in committing the ultimate horror of the genocide of the entire human race as a result of global warming.

To the people of Great Britain I would say beware of your own government, and beware of Enfield council and all the rest of the evil Tory councils who have an army of right wing redneck fascists working together in a criminal conspiracy with the greedy money-hungry capitalists ready and waiting to attack and rob the weak, the defenceless, and the helpless.
Enfield council might look harmless enough as they go about their daily work picking up rubbish off the streets, but if they start staring at you with their crazy hate-filled eyes and you see their fangs dripping with blood, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
The Tories are liars and thieves, as cunning as rats and as merciless as the pitiless spiders that suck dead the flies that they catch in their webs, and unless the ordinary working people are prepared to fight back in self defence against these evil monsters they will steal everything they possibly can from you, and they will even kill you if they get the chance.

The Tories have been murdering elderly people in the hospitals by refusing to feed them until they have starved to death, and there have been well documented cases of old folk in care homes being brutally abused and even tortured to death.
Last Christmas elderly grandmothers were protesting in the trees against the building of the Bexhill to Hastings link road, and the Tories in the East Sussex County Council were responsible for having the old grannies assaulted, dragged out of the trees by their hair, arrested, strip-searched, thrown into the police cells, and charged with aggravated trespass.
One old granny even suffered head injuries and she had to go to hospital for emergency surgery.
The real crime of the elderly grandmothers was that they were protesting against the policies of the Tory government which they claimed threatened their grandchildren's future survival on the earth.

Do not turn your backs on the evil Nazi Tories because they will sneak up on you when you least expect it and they will stab you in your backs like the dirty evil little cowards that they really are.
Fight back in self defence if you want to survive, help the eco-warriors start the World Revolution to overthrow the capitalist system, arrest the government politicians for their crimes against humanity, put them all on trial, sentence them to death, and execute them publicly, and do it for the children, the grandchildren, and for all the future generations yet unborn.
The Terror has got to stop somewhere at some time, and the sooner the better because after our corrupt and evil government has terrorised and murdered all the women and children they will come and murder the rest of us as well, and that would be just too distressing for words, would it not?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the police decided that instead of continuing to brutally injure and even kill people on the orders of the government, they changed their minds and arrested the politicians for all their crimes?
Most of the politicians in the parliament at Westminster have stolen money from the public by cheating on their expenses, and even the prime minister himself lied about some wisteria that he bought for his conservatory, and he charged the 600 pounds that it cost to his “parliamentary expenses”.
However that is nothing compared with all the rest of the corruption, frauds, deceptions, crimes against humanity, crimes against the environment, war crimes, and the ongoing genocide of the entire human race by global warming, all of which are extremely serious criminal offences indeed, that are far too important to be just swept under the carpet and forgotten.

Adolph Hitler in his final days in his bunker in Berlin has been famously quoted as asking “where is my air force?” as the British, the American, and the Russian armies were closing in on him in the closing stages of the Second World War.
Apparently nobody liked to tell Mr Hitler that his air force had loaded up the Nazi gold, the stolen oil paintings, and bags full of money, and quietly flown off to South America to escape from the clutches of the enemies of the Third Reich.
Could you imagine David Cameron, George Osborne, and Nick Clegg sitting in a cabinet meeting at Number Ten Downing Street and Mr Cameron asks “where is my police force?” and someone replies “they are coming to arrest you and your cabinet for crimes against humanity and for war crimes, because you are all mass murderers”.
How are the mighty fallen?

This is a message to the British police:
Your allegiance is to the Crown and to the law, not to the corrupt British government.
Your duty is to uphold the law and to protect life and property, and when the government is riddled with corruption and no longer acts in the interests of the British people you have an obligation to arrest them all and charge them with their crimes.
It could be your grandmothers who are being attacked on the orders of the government for protesting in the trees.
It could be your children and grandchildren who will not be able to survive as a result of the crimes of our government which works for the illegal Bilderberg Group destroying the earth and killing the human race by burning fossil fuels.

There have been rumours for many years that Bilderberg is planning a massive cull of the human race by deliberately leaving billions of poor people to die in the worldwide flooding which they know they are causing themselves by continuing to produce and sell fossil fuels and by refusing to stop polluting the earth's atmosphere.
There is an old saying “they came for the Jews but I did nothing because I was not a Jew, then they came for the gypsies but I did nothing because I was not a gypsy, and then they came for me, and there was no-one left to help me”.
The Tories were not elected by the people of Britain and they are mass murderers who belong in prison or on death row.

This is a fatal message for the British government (your cheerful little death warrant in other words):
You are not going to be allowed to build the Bexhill to Hastings link road in East Sussex, or any of the rest of the 190 “zombie roads” that you are planning in your madness, and you are not going to be in power for very much longer either.
You are all going to be arrested very soon for all your corruption and your crimes in the same way that Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France, will soon be charged with defrauding an elderly woman out of millions of French francs.
You are all going to be charged with very serious crimes indeed, and if you are found guilty you will be sentenced to death and executed, because the Revolution intends to introduce new laws providing for capital punishment for mass murderers.

Some people call me the Terminator because I want to see a quick end to all the bloodthirsty horror and violence which starts on our television screens and then spills out onto the streets of London with young children and teenagers screaming in fear and panic as they get stabbed to death or shot dead by other children.
Strangely enough some people refer to me as Judge Dredd (maybe because it rhymes with “how would you like a bullet in your head?”)
Hopefully the Evil Ones will find out for themselves very soon why I am widely regarded as being an extremely dangerous lunatic who is finally willing to chop off their heads or pull the hangman's noose tightly around their necks until they all drop dead, screaming in agony like so many of their innocent victims who did not deserve to die like that at their hands.

There has been more than enough killing of innocent women and children by our putrid government in the good name of the people of Great Britain, and like Jesus Christ said, it would be better for those who offend these little ones for a millstone to be placed around their necks and they be thrown into the sea.
I would not expect anybody else to do my own killing for me.
Once the people of Britain have arrested and tried the evil politicians and sentenced them to death in accordance with the law I will be perfectly happy to kill them all myself, even if the thought does not exactly please me, but it's a tough job and somebody's got to do it.

While the Christians are preparing to hide in the mountains and pray for Christ to come and save them from the worldwide flooding and the Apocalyptic end of the world, to the guilty politicians that I absolutely and unequivocally loathe and despise I will say very simply:
I've got a little list.
You never will be missed.
And don't think that I am joking because I'm not having a laugh at your expense.
I am deadly serious.
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
With what measure ye mete will be measured to you, and again.
So goodbye and good riddance to the evil Tories in Westminster and the filthy despicable scum at Enfield council.

We'll stick the politicians' heads on spikes along the fence
The eco-warriors are starting REVOLUTIONS
So we can implement environmental solutions
To save humanity because we all face extinction
And to ensure the survival of the next generation

We can leap tall buildings at a single bound
We're the Working Class Heroes and we don't make a sound
We're fighting war criminals and all of their crimes
To save the human race in these ever-changing times

I'm not a peace-loving hippy, I'm a violent man
And I fight against evil whenever I can
I'm ready for REVOLUTION against all the nations
Because we must ensure survival for future generations

I'm a keyboard warrior and I fight the good fight
And I criticise everyone with all of my might
I sit in front of my computer but I've got the right solution
Let's all get off our arses and join the REVOLUTION!

The kids are revolting because they have no choice
They're fighting for justice but they have no voice
The way things are going we're all going to die
Let's support the young people before we all fry

And when our so-called leaders kill people in our name
They'll go bravely to their deaths, isn't that a shame?
Cos we'll give them all fair trials before we hang them in the tower
They'll get their just rewards at the hands of People Power

We'll stick the politicians' heads on spikes along the fence
If that's the only way to make them all see sense
Comes the REVOLUTION our “leaders” will gloriously die
To save the human race and surely we all know why?

I sang this little ditty somewhat tunelessly to my assembled comrades after we had successfully escaped from Enfield council and parked ourselves up at our secret hideout about a mile away from Brimsdown Avenue, and they all clapped politely.
Then I launched into one of my famous sermons about the evils of capitalism and how it would be necessary to erect a guillotine in Parliament Square and bring tumbrils full of evil politicians to have their heads chopped off after the Revolution had succeeded in bringing back the death penalty for mass murder.
Punk Kaf smiled indulgently as usual and she said “you know you're as mad a hatter, don't you?
“Keep taking the tablets.
“More tea vicar?”.
(The mainstream media is invited to publish and broadcast this article in the public interest, free of charge).

Reverend Peter Nichols
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- Homepage:


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For fuck sake...

26.03.2013 01:27

These posts get longer and weirder every time. You're like some kind of environmentalist Citizen Smith.
It's truely beyond parody. Please stop this bollocks.

South Coast Sab

For fuck's sake!

26.03.2013 03:14

Do you seriously expect anyone to read all of this. For fuck's sake!

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