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Road Protest Info Night. Monday 1st April 7.30pm. Pogo Cafe, Hackney, London

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Free Screening of Wars of the British Tree People. Followed by Discussion with Combe Haven Defenders. Monday 1st April. 7.30pm

Wars of the British Tree people is a picturesque documentary and daring tale of British anti-road protest, told from 50m up a majestic pine tree!

The documentary is followed my a discussion lead by Combe Haven Defenders, who are opposing the proposed Bexhill-Hastings Link Road.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is refusing to release its recommendations on whether or not to fund the £100m Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (BHLR) – the ‘first and the worst’ of over 190 new road projects. If it fails to release these documents by 5 April, then the Combe Haven Defenders and friends will attempt to enter the DfT on Mon 8 & Tues 9 April to peacefully search for, copy and distribute these documents themselves.



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30.03.2013 02:00

Odds on you all drive. Bunch mid class wannabe working class cunts.

go cart

fried burger joint

30.03.2013 07:40

From the new Baring Teeth AR website:

''The products that we promote are often expensive, unhealthy and unnecessary aspects of a vegan diet. There is too much focus on promoting a “mock omnivore” diet when the bulk of a healthy vegan diet should consist of fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains and pulses. Instead people are encouraged to eat processed fake meat instead of processed real meat. The change to their life is superficial at best.

This also leads to the most common argument against veganism: That it is too expensive or middle-class. Which is true if you look at veganism as it is promoted by capitalism (or animal rights groups). We perpetuate this argument by serving up nothing but expensive fake meats and cheeses instead of cheap, affordable dishes made from real vegan food.''

Pogo, please stop selling meals for six pounds or more which consist of lots of fake meats and fried nonsense.


yes please pogo

30.03.2013 17:05

drop the fake meats, increase the amount of dishes you serve that are well-cooked and reflect the heritage of most of your neighbourhood - ie caribbean, vietnamese, etc. Lots of food from these places is traditionally vegan anywhere or can be adapted easily. Move yourself out of the white ghetto, and sort out your menus so that it is healthy and edible. I want to support you, I really do, but I can't eat that stuff you serve and I don't feel comfortable as the only non-white in the place. Engage with the tenants of the Pembury ffs!

ex-pumpkins customer

Response to critique

03.04.2013 10:24

Some interesting and often relevant points have been made in the comments. A few I would like to respond to:

Fake meats are usually used in a small percentage of Pogo meals. These are used to demonstrate that alternatives to meat and dairy can taste very similar to products some claim they cannot do without. As vegan outreach is one of our main goals, we have justified this decision, as it helps people transition to a plant-based diet. I agree that this is problematic to consume these processed products, and personally do not use these when I cook.

The white ghetto that is present can be acknowledged, and is one which exists in the animal rights movement and many "activist" circles in general. We have recently been discussing ideas for working with Pembury residents on a food garden scheme. Unfortunately these talks recently fell through.

The fact that some meals cost £6 is due to increased costs such as rent. There are several options for £3 or less, including soup and what we call a "squatter's" option - a filling, healthy meal which is suitable for some limited budgets.

As a rented space we are forced to make compromises. There are many things that can be improved, and constructive critique is always welcome.


Pogo volunteer's response to comments

04.04.2013 09:24

the meals are generally under priced and Pogo runs at a loss.

I'm surprised at the vitriol in some of the posts. we're not paid for working at Pogo and anyone can volunteer. the movie or talk you can see on Monday nights is free, when the projector bulb goes again, you won't get the bill

you can also use the internet for free, request to ask to use the space for an event, hang your art on the walls. we've had free yoga classes, a cool exercise workshop with vegan bodybuilders, gigs, etc., etc.

anyone is welcome to join the collective and can leave marked changes in the way Pogo does things

volunteers at Pogo are actually trying to do things differently- working towards and for something they believe in.

I hope you'll reconsider your views

Justin Francis
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