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Open Letter to Secretary of State (DWP assumed) and Seetec Romford!

Steve Jago | 20.06.2013 17:35 | Public sector cuts | Repression | Workers' Movements | London

Open Letter to SoS DWP and Seetec relating to Mandatory Work Activity. Letter delivered by hand to Seetec Romford.

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Steven Jago
[address removed]

20th June 2013

Managing Director and Secretary of State
Seetec Romford
Universal Music Building
210 South Street

Re: [NI Number removed], Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) beginning 24th June 2013

Dear Sirs,

Further to your letter of 18/06/13, received this morning 20/06/13, notifying me of a MWA with LB Havering-Parks and Open Spaces beginning on this Monday, 24th June 2013, for 4 weeks at 30hrs on-site time per week plus 5hrs total (1hr per day) break between morning and afternoon session.

It seems that, despite the illegalities, I MUST attend or face death by starvation – the result of having my right to unemployment benefit unlawfully removed for 13 weeks.

Firstly, I would like to make my position as clear as reasonable in the circumstances (I have only been properly informed of my starting, today, just less than two working days before I am instructed to start):
• I have not consented, nor agreed to be ‘employed’ as stated,
• I have not been convicted of an offence. And even if I had, it would be illegal and contrary to my rights under the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
• The ‘employment’ is compulsory (Forced Labour/Slavery)
• The ‘employment’ is paying less than minimum wage legislation dictates
• The ‘employment’ is UNPAID in fact
• The ‘employment’ is NOT in any way, shape or form related to my skills, experience or career field
• The ‘employment’ is NOT part of any training that I have, or would have, agreed to
• The ‘employment’ is temporary and affords no employment protection nor guarantee of work or employment at the end of the period of slavery
• The ‘employment’ would otherwise have been fulfilled by a PAID person, employed and afforded employment protections
• The ‘Secretary of State’, whichever one that is (concealment of the person will be treated as evidence of mala fide), has assumed themselves to have power to treat me as a SLAVE of HM Gov
• The ‘Secretary of State’ has, in furtherance of above, ‘given’ me as slave labour to yourselves, Seetec (notably concealing your identity contrary to the Companies Acts, further evidence of mala fide), to be passed around to whomsoever YOU choose
• The ‘Secretary of State’, Seetec AND LB Havering-Parks and Open Spaces are involved in the illegal SLAVE TRADE involving other innocent victims and british citizens

Note: this list goes on for quite some way, but I do not have time to think about ALL these at this time. I am sure that a fuller (but not exhaustive) list will follow in both civil and criminal proceedings against the perpetrators of these, most heinous, crimes.

Sufficient for now, I would draw your attention to the following IMMEDIATE question and statement:

1. Is the ILLEGALITY of slavery considered to be a valid ‘good reason’ for not participating, ie one which would not require me to attend and would NOT result in my death by loss of Jobseeker’s Allowance (already considerably reduced by unlawful Housing Benefit reductions, etc)? (answer required BEFORE I start, latest therefore by end of working day, Friday 21st June 2013)
2. I will be charging you £23.19 per hour, inclusive of time of travel from/to home and place of work AND for time spent in preparation/recouperation (start of day wash, etc and end of day as work requires), and any expenses incurred by me ‘reasonably for the work’ (my determination being final on what is reasonable). As this forced labour/slavery is of a temporary nature, I will invoice you each week and expect payment within 7 days of the date of invoice.

Delays in payment will incur interest of 36.5% pa charged weekly without invoice and a charge of £12.00 per letter/invoice/reminder/etc sent to you while payment not cleared at my bank. If debt remains unpaid after four weeks, proceedings may be instituted to recover the debt and you agree that the debt and all costs incurred in recovery of the debt shall be payable by you, if not they will be charged immediately to your account, as incurred, and interest, as above, will be due.

If you do not consent to this, I MUST have your written confirmation that I DO NOT have to attend this MWA and WILL NOT suffer ANY sanction, threats, harassment, loss, etc. Such written confirmation to be DELIVERED to my address BEFORE 08:30hrs, Monday 24th June 2013.

Should I not have the above written confirmation as stated I will be attending as instructed, and you will have agreed, both on your own account and on behalf of HM Gov, to the above terms/conditions (E&OE). As this ‘employment’ is not voluntarily agreed by me, my rights to initiate proceedings of both civil and criminal nature remain fully intact, available and unrestricted.

Further, I would require full disclosure of identities of those involved, involvement, financial effects and processes in relation to MWA and the Slave Trade. You may consider this, with clarification if necessary, as both Data Protection AND Freedom of Information request.

I look forward to hearing from you and the ‘Secretary of State’ in due course.


Steve Jago.

Steve Jago


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