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Who Are The Chickenhawks and Henhawks Attempting to Draw the US into War With Sy

Tabulate | 30.08.2013 19:25 | Anti-Nuclear | Anti-militarism | Palestine | London | World

Perhaps the British Parliament can inspire some in the US Congress to have the courage
to stand up to the cartels pushing for war with Syria

George Bush Operative Karl Rove
George Bush Operative Karl Rove

Former US Senator Joseph Lieberman
Former US Senator Joseph Lieberman

The same war profiteers and agents of the
Netanyahu-Sharon-Olmert campaign to involve the
US in war against Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen are now trying to drag the US people into
another unconstitutional, criminally stupid and
violent war against Syria
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Some of them:

L Paul Bremer made unelected "Czar of Iraq" with the help of Henry Kissinger Bremer in the illegal American occupation ended the nickel a gallon gas (gas prices skyrocketed) forbade Iraqi farmers from saving their own crop seeds (they must buy from e.g. Monsanto) and ended free health care to name a tiny fraction of his conspiracies.

Karl Rove... one architect of the criminal fraud in the installation of the unelected Bush 1 and Bush 2 in the White House

Joseph Lieberman repudiated by the Democrats of his state.. who helped Pfizer through 'eminent domain' kick people out of their Connecticut shore homes

Bill Kristol... who kept the $50,000 illegally given to him by Enron

Elliott Abrams... warmonger in the stolen presidency of George W Bush

Paul Berman who got Michael Moore fired from Mother Jones. Moore sued. Berman
settled out of court. The money funded Moore's film Roger and Me.

Matthew R. J. Brodsky Director of Policy for the Jewish Policy Center

Abe Greenwald: editor of the Zionist magazine Commentary

Eliot A. Cohen formerly with the Naval Ar College and Dept of Defense

Robert Kagan, foreign policy adviser to John McCain

Former Senator Norm Coleman whose seat was obtained by vote fraud after yet another
Democrat senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a mysterious plane crash. Coleman was installed by Diebold voting machines though running against Vice President Walter Mondale who was in a double digit lead in the polls.

Tim Pawlenty publicly advocated the US military's staying in Iraq

Michael Makovsky of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affair

Gary Bauer another 'prolife' warmonger

Seth Cropsey worked in Pentagon under Caspar Weinberger and in Navy under Reagan and Bush

Robert J. Lieber, member of the Council On Foreign Relations, a militaristic capitalist
organization which promotes petroplutocracy.

Michael Auslin employed by the American Enterprise Institute, a group which promotes
unionbusting and antienvironment policies.

Max Boot defends the philosophy 'might makes right', writes for the Weekly Standard, a low circulation publication subsidized by Rupert Murdoch. Boot ls a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a militaristic capitalist organization

Paula J. Dobriansky, member of the Bush 2 administration

Lawrence F. Kaplan has written articles promoting continuing the illegal American occupation of Iraq

Eric S. Edelman, a member of Bush 1's administration

Tod Lindberg worked on projects for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and
is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations

Ann Marlowe is a war promoting columnist for Rupert Murdoch's Wall St Journal and
New York Post

Clifford D May served as the Director of Communications for the Republican Nat'l Committee

Mark D Wallace worked with Jeb Bush to stop the recount in Florida and to steal the US presidential election from Al Gore who won the vote. This occurred as Antonin Scalia failed to recuse himself from the Supreme Court decision though 2 of his
sons worked for 2 of Bush's attorneys.

Jamie Kirchick conducted a false propaganda smear campaign against the candidacy of Ron Paul.

Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former case officer of the CIA, focusing on MidEast targets

Ellen Bork

William Courtney

James S. Denton

Paula A. DeSutter

Larry Diamond

Thomas Donnelly

Michael Doran

Mark Dubowitz

Colin Dueck

Nicholas Eberstadt

Christopher J. Griffin

John P. Hannah

Bruce Pitcairn Jackson

Ash Jain

Kenneth Jensen

Allison Johnson

Robert G. Joseph

Irina Krasovskaya

Bernard-Henri Levy

Thomas G. Mahnken

Alan Mendoza

Joshua Muravchik

Martin Peretz

Danielle Pletka

David Pollock

Arch Puddington

Randy Scheunemann

Dan Senor

John Shattuck

Lee Smith

Henry D. Sokolski

James Traub

Michael Weiss

Leon Wieseltier

Robert Zarate

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