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Thousands Of Yahoo Groups Hacked Week Of Sept 8 by Yahoo

Internet Critical Mass | 14.09.2013 20:20 | Anti-militarism | Other Press | Repression | London | World

Daniel Loeb, a Wall St. billionaire
involved in private equity, a former
vice president of Citigroup,
whose wealth is estimated by Forbes
to be 1.5 billion, in a hostile takeover
wrested Yahoo with the help of 3 of his
Wall St. cronies from Jerry Yang in 2011 and 2012. But this week
he has accelerated the slashing of Yahoo Groups

Bill Gates gave 3 months notice before he totally eliminated Microsoft Groups, as he
broke his contract and word.

Daniel Loeb, Hostile Takeover Operative
Daniel Loeb, Hostile Takeover Operative

Thousands of Yahoo Groups have been hacked by the new owners....
... millions of messages deleted... pictures changed..
Is Daniel Loeb doing anything to reverse the hacking?

There have been a number of service downsizes
since he took over.

But this week, untold numbers of Yahoo Groups have had
1 thousands or tens of thousands of posts hidden,
2 pictures on their group changed, sometimes with those of demons
3 have had their ability to delete spam ended,
4 have had the original date and time and message hard to find,
5 posts are being delayed
6 the expand messages (30 to a page) have been made inaccessible
posts must be accessed one at a time
instead of 30 at a time...
7 there is no scroll option to download all posts...

Yahoo, return what we had.

Many of these are peace, environment, human rights,
civil liberties, animal rights and other groups
opposed to the move for a military strike against
Syria promoted by the Zionist community, Obama,
the foreign minister of France, and Israel.

Before this week,
Wall St takeover of Yahoo in 2011 and 2012 has meant
1a. censorship,
1b inability in some cases to post messages
1c some antiwar messages are put into the spam folder
and are deleted unless the moderator sees them in time
1d black question marks are sometimes inserted into people's posts
1e Muslim vegetarian, Muslim pacifist posts have frequently been censored
2 promotion of war,
3 sensationalist tabloid journalism,
4 removal of some Yahoo Groups entirely and unilaterally
5 a decline in free Yahoo email services
6 Some on Yahoo groups are told their group is 'invalid'.
7 Some are unable to add
new contacts to their email lists.
8 Phone support has declined and email has slowed down
9 Email clients have been informed of a 25 minute wait.
10. Though Yahoo Groups is international and involves 24 time
zones, support is available only 40 hours a week in times convenient
to the US
11 Yahoo help online has also declined.
12 Yahoo has begun to do more data mining, requiring in some cases
a mobile phone for new accounts, eliminating the poor.
13 In addition there is more linkage to the datamining, facial recognition
software, and other violations of Zuckerberg's Facebook and to Sergei Brin's
Google, a joint operation of the CIA and Brin, developed at Stanford using
half of the bandwidth at that university
14 advocacy of hunting and meat,
15 the forwarding function of posts on Yahoo Groups has been removed
16 Mailing to those in an address book has been seriously curtailed
17 pornography ads have been inserted into religious and other groups
18 black question marks are inserted into copy at times
19 Muslim vegetarian and Muslim pacifist posts are total
20 There is virtually no phone support for most Yahoo Groups' clients
21 The site is ineffective
22 The current running of Yahoo is a violation both of the original contract Yahoo made
with Egroups when taking it over. Daniel Loeb successfully
kicked out cofounder Jerry Yang. See also:

Picture from

Internet Critical Mass


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Loeb Still Has 20 Million Shares... Made 1 Billion In His Hostile Takeover

14.09.2013 20:38

Loeb Still Has 20 Million Shares... Made 1 Billion In His Hostile Takeover of Yahoo...
as he slashed Yahoo Groups, email, added new censorship etc.

He is reminiscent of James Goldsmith who put many in an Akron Ohio rubber factory out of work
and required Akron's Goodyear to spend 95 million to keep the company which Goldsmith was
trying to leverage out of the people of that city. July 2013

"Loeb’s Third Point hedge fund will sell 40 million shares back to the company for a total of $1.16 billion and will for now be left with another 20 million shares, meaning the combined current value of Loeb’s investment in Yahoo is worth more than $1.7 billion. Loeb paid much less for those shares when he started buying them in August 2011 and the shares were trading hands for some $13. Loeb’s average costs basis for his entire stake in Yahoo is about $13.50 a share. Yahoo is repurchasing Loeb’s stock for $29.11 a share, the closing price of Yahoo’s stock on Friday, meaning the stock has returned 124% since Loeb has been involved in the stock. In the end, Loeb’s investment in Yahoo has more than doubled and his hedge fund, which also sold some Yahoo shares earlier this year, has made about $1 billion on Yahoo in less than two years."

Internet Critical Mass

One thing missing here

15.09.2013 11:16

Great analysis - well done - but what we really need to know is where can one find another system to download all those email addresses to and move the groups?
Even if it's to put all the subscribers into a BCC field please give us some idea how to jump ship without lists dying off.

Compost Mantis

no tolerance.

15.09.2013 22:23

Do not use Yahoo, Gmail or Facebook. These are US corporations that are funded to provide signals intelligence to the Pentagon.

If you use deserve everything you get.

There can be no solidarity shown to groups that knowingly set up accounts with these clowns, just to steer people toward surveillance technology whicg danages all our interests.



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