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Mark Duggan murder: How the establishment did cover up a political killing?

Parliament Square Peace Campaign | 09.01.2014 08:48 | August Riots | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

It takes one very simple sentence, to explain -how- an Inquest Jury in the High Court, erroneously produced the widely reported media headlines, that Mark Duggan was "lawfully" killed by the Metropolitan Police.

The Judge improperly -directed- the Inquest Jury, over what could be called evidence, and the Duggans' lawyers, did not properly challenge that.

Ultimately if the Duggan family had proper legal representation, a European Court ruling, would lead to the proper verdict of unlawful killing.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley challenged by protesters outside the court
Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley challenged by protesters outside the court


Mark Duggan murder: How the establishment cover up, over a political killing, really happens, 9 January 2014

It takes one very simple sentence, to explain -how- an Inquest Jury in the High Court, erroneously produced the widely reported media headlines, that Mark Duggan was "lawfully" killed by the Metropolitan Police.

The Judge improperly -directed- the Inquest Jury, over what could be called evidence, and the Duggans' lawyers, did not properly challenge that.

(We know only too well -see below- both the "lawyer" for the Inquest and the instructing "lawyers" for the Duggan family)

Ultimately if the Duggan family had proper legal representation, a European Court ruling, would lead to the proper verdict of unlawful killing.

Here is how it happened.


The proceedings -inside- the High Court were not filmed, as they should have been -because- they involved the actions of public officials.


It is obvious that contrary, to what the Metropolitan Police claim, not only do they do not want to put cameras on the helmets of their armed police, there will still be a struggle to get hold of any footage.


Our evidence remains, that the Metropolitan Police are still illegally refusing -to hand- over (for example) CCTV evidence, that exists, of six members of the TSG attempting to murder me using positional asphyxiation, at Belgravia Police Station on September 4th 2009 (HQ13X03488).

The Attorney General, Metropolitan Police, mainstream media and courts, still do not want -the people- from our campaign recording or publishing court proceedings...involving civil actions against public officials because such legal proceedings...would -legally- bring down the Houses of Parliament, of all sides, and much else.

District Judge Snow clearly never mentions any arrest or interview under caution before any trial....proving our point that proceedings must be filmed and published, by the people.

It has been the Attorney General, the courts, the police and media who do not want -the people-...recording and publishing proceedings, involving the actions of public officials.

Many people understand that the government and media only want to maintain, "editorial" control, over what the people see.


It is simple to understand, that what happened to Mark Duggan could have happened to us, over 666 (for example) on April 10th 2013, when we left the High Court in what remains an Establishment cover up over High Court actions, that will - legally - bring down the Houses of Parliament, (and much else, that it so happens, is also seen in the Mark Duggan case).

666: the police have been unable to find an example of a single criminal offence -I- would be committing in making a lawful citizen's arrest of all involved, including 666, on April 10th 2013.


We were in a broad daylight... lawfully minding our own business, after leaving the High Court.

The police lawyers still refuse to hand over the "police briefing" from April 10th 2013(and January 16th 2012).

On April 10th 2013, the police subsequently had to invent a fraudulent warrant that had never actually existed, to try and cover up, a malicious prosecution, that had to be withdrawn.

The fact is, at the time of Mark Duggan's murder, police did not have any malicious prosecution, against Mark Duggan, over anything, in any court of law, either.

On the day that Mark Duggan was murdered, the police who had no actual evidence of wrongdoing against Mark Duggan, in any court of law, clearly decided (for reasons that we could not pretend to know) to murder Mark Duggan.

The murder of Mark Duggan still looks like a deliberate state provocation, that was intended to spark trouble.

It was the police who had to take along a gun, to plant, to begin the cover up, which involved the media mouthpieces of the state, smearing, a dead man’s name, all across the media.

The police and Sun Newspaper did it over Hillsborough. The media all did it to the miners.

The Metropolitan Police clearly did not want Mark Duggan to live, because they could not put him on trial, for any...crime.


I have seen the -very same lawyers- who are the players in this Mark Duggan case up close myself, in the High Court, and so could prove before any jury in any court of law, the lawyers on -both sides- are along with the rest of the Establishment, wholly corrupt too.

The corrupt Inquest lawyer, ASHLEY UNDERWOOD QC was the Mayor of London’s QC, while MARCIA WILLIS STEWART from Birnberg Pierce could not run fast enough from "representing" Brian, who was dying of cancer, after I let her go in the Mayor of London’s malicious proceedings against us.


I was illegally imprisoned in Holloway shortly after the murder of Mark Duggan, thanks to -the fact- that this very same law firm, of "lawyers" from Birnberg Pierce, had illegally failed during...two take...the very same institutionally corrupt Metropolitan Police, to the High Court, over illegal police searches.

The Metropolitan Police had never found anything, during their many illegal searches of us, but I could have a) been set up, or b) murdered by the Metropolitan Police during any of those illegal searches, that the lawyers did not challenge in the High Court.

The whole proceedings subsequently brought by the Mayor of London were clearly for show, to try and cover up by any means, proceedings over the illegal seizure on May 23rd 2006 that were still, and remain, live.

It is -a fact- that because of those still live proceedings, Mr Underwood and Co. lost (no thanks to the lawyers or the lying BBC) their claim for..."costs"... against Brian and I.

In legal terms, the proceedings brought by the Mayor of London against us, were actually null and void because of our existing proceedings against the state, including over the illegal seizure on May 23rd 2006.

The people remember the police state murders of Ian Tomlinson, Jean Charles De Menezes, and so on.

The only reason the Metropolitan Police did not get away with murdering me in police custody on September 4th 2009, is because they would have had to murder Brian, at the same time too.

At the very same time in 2011, the very same Birnberg Pierce who did not go to the High Court over the illegal actions of the very same Metropolitan Police, so I was illegally imprisoned, while the police were free to continue trying to murder me.....went running to... “represent” the Mark Duggan family.

It would be impossible to "reasonably believe" that this same Birnberg Pierce, were ever going to do anything other, than "manage" the grieving Duggan family.

I happened to go to the offices of Birnberg Pierce, only once in 2011, for Brian, over his legal aid, when a man who the lawyers identified to me, as a police officer who was there, and who clearly recognized me, was...very hostile, towards me.

It was of course already clear to me, by then, that Birnberg Pierce, do deals of sorts, with police, and if you do not want to do a deal, Birnberg Pierce will work with the Establishment to cover up what police and politicians, do.

In law, it speaks for itself, that Birnberg Pierce (like Bindmans & Birds Solicitors) could not explain -legally - why they never took the Metropolitan Police to the High Court, over the very many illegal searches etc. by Metropolitan Police of our campaign.

It is the quite deliberate failures of “lawyers” such as Birnberg Pierce, who make their money out of the publicity mill, that involves the very real suffering of others, that, leads to the Metropolitan Police...continuing to murder.

It has been shown that it was Steve Jago and I, who instead of playing the Establishment game that lawyers do, where you have to agree that what you do is called "civil disobedience", we pioneered challenges, to repeal violent legislative frauds invented by Parliament.

Steve Jago and I proved you must challenge the "Act" of Parliament itself, that is violently used against you, while not a single lawyer ever challenged the -Acts- of Parliament themselves.

This deliberate failure of lawyers, is because most of the phoney legislation invented by criminal politicians, would be swept away, along with the many jobs for the boys and girls who masquerade as lawyers, who go along with it all.

In the end you end up like we have, with civil actions that will legally bring down the whole fraudulent, state.


In August 2011, following the murder of Mark Duggan, Holloway Prison was quite literally full of people who had been imprisoned for the first time, through the politically motivated night courts that were used to increase the numbers supposedly imprisoned over the...riots.

I was in a prison cell in Holloway myself, where two out of three of the four other women, in the cell, any lawyer worth being called a lawyer, knew should not be in prison, let alone over the riots.

One woman who had nothing to do with the riots was nevertheless, included as a riot statistic.

This is what just that one working mother had done.

The woman had bought a pair of jeans one night... in the pub, just like people do at car boot sales all over the country, all the time.

The Metropolitan Police had incredibly then...raided !!!! (without any warrant) her home the following day, (which also meant the police had followed her and were not arresting the person selling the jeans in the pub, probably because it was a police officer) and found...the one pair of jeans.

I kid you not.

Before the woman knew it, she was imprisoned for -four months- (she received an eight month sentence) for the first time in her life, through the use of night courts, where a lawyer ordered this working mother, who had never been before and had no experience of the courts, to plead guilty !!

Of course this working mother, who was imprisoned, lost her job too.

Legally -at best- (which is very bad) it was a case of police entrapment, but really what this one example shows was how a working mother with no criminal record, was bounced into prison and lost her job, when she was screwed over by the whole uncaring legal system, who were only interested in...statistics...that will promote bank balances.

Propaganda for the media.

In August 2011, Holloway prison was full of these so called “rioters” who were also told by the authorities they would get a very hard time from...fellow prisoners, which is rather curious, given that prisoners were not much interested in, nor did they believe, the media spin over the riots !!

Prisoners knew that Mark Duggan had been murdered by the Metropolitan Police.

I had to help another cell mate with her lawyer, because this tiny woman who had nothing to do with riots, should never have been in prison, either.

An actual witness statement I read from a man, admitted, that after this tiny cellmate had left her sister’s house, her sister"s boyfriend had come out and had his arms around her throat trying to throttle her, in a dark alleyway, and so when she had tried to escape ...she had then thrown a brick, at him, out of pure fear.

When I explained that crap in writing, insisting her lawyer explain why -she- was remanded in prison, pending trial, the lawyer, finally had to get his act together and challenge that, before the sisters boyfriend finally had to withdraw his phoney complaint.

The woman who should never have been in prison was finally released from prison.

The point was, the whole system had remanded this tiny woman who had been violently assaulted by some sick man, to prison for effectively, as long as anyone else felt like it -because- she could neither read, nor write.

What I saw, was that the whole prison system primarily survives as a PR exercise -because- it exploits women it locks up -because- the women cannot read or write.

Prisons only exist to make lying, thieving, murdering politicians, police, media and so on, look good.

I was bemused how one woman was in prison because somehow she had slipped through the system, because she was too poor to pay 300 pounds in...Council Tax !! This woman could not understand what she was doing in prison because she was too poor, while lying, thieving, murdering, politicians were milking the system for duck houses. Some miserable Judge had just sent her to prison, because he could, despite her having no means to pay.

The public paid more for than 300 pounds for the whole miserable system to put her in prison, because she was poor.

The list goes on, and on.

All the time -the business media- play the propaganda line, the prisons are full of...criminals !!

I knew while I was in Holloway Prison, because I had been illegally refused legal representation and a trial, that the biggest violent criminals remain -on the loose- in the Houses of Parliament.

Prisoners did agree with me.

One prisoner with a broken leg who had been kept in solitary, was put in our cell because the prison was full, and so we were all kept locked in our cell at all times, because she was still being refused privileges as though she was in solitary.

The purpose was so we would be angry with her. We were not, and when the prison officers refused to give her medication, I checked what the number of the prison officer was, before repeating her number to her, telling her I would report her, for refusing to get a doctor so the prisoner could get her medication, which resulted in both the doctor and the medication suddenly appearing.

In August 2011, the police stupidly even put one of their own drug dealers in Holloway prison to hang around me, to try and cause me trouble.

All I had to do to blow the whistle on that one, was point out to prisoners, this person who was hanging around me, who was also well known amongst a drug dealer...actually worked for the police.

The prisoners all knew -I- was telling the truth and protected me.

Our campaign was well known amongst prisoners, because of all the media over the Mayor of London and Westminster Council’s phoney cases against us, around that time.

In fact, it turned out, that the best I could do to help out other prisoners, was reading and writing for other prisoners, which I soon discovered gets you a very long queue of people, to help, who have mostly been screwed over by a whole system.

My point has always been, the people can do law, while the whole filthy, dirty, rotten and corrupt Establishment, are the ones playing the...system.

We have always brought -law- into all we do.

It is the lawyers who have never been able to "manage' our

I told the corrupt Governor at Holloway for the benefit of the CCTV when I was leaving, where she could stick her piece of paper I refused to sign when I left, when the Governor of Holloway tried to get me to sign to say I had no -claim- against Holloway for -illegally- holding me !!

What a jury in our High Court civil actions will also see, is that the same drug dealer who was in prison working for the police, was also working with an agent provocateur called Gallastegui who was working with the police...too.

This video is of itself -evidence- of Gallastegui acting as an agent provocateur who is working with the police.

The agent provocateur, Gallastegui clearly films and keeps silent about her -“colleague”- handing her the camera so he can try to destroy Brian’s property...

The video shows the purpose of handing the camera to Gallastegui is so that her “colleague” can, with her knowledge, make false and malicious allegations against Brian, that she saw, did lead to Brian being unlawfully arrested, falsely imprisoned and maliciously charged, before the malicious prosecution against Brian was dropped, when -I- show this video.

No “lawyer” wanted this video shown to anyone.

What that all tells you, is the police do -murder- whoever they want, for whatever reason, at any time, with the help of agent provocateurs and lawyers, who will all work together, to cover up...murder.


The only way a jury could possibly have reached their verdict of lawful killing in the inquest into the murder of Mark Duggan at the High Court, is through being improperly directed by a Judge (and...the lawyers not properly challenging that)

It is a matter of record that lawyers in the High Court spent a whole day arguing over a back injury the police did to Brian, while ignoring the fact he had cancer, which it took a member of the public who stood up in the public gallery to point out. The instructing lawyer was Marcia Willis Stewart from Birnberg Pierce.

Ms Stewart could never convince any member of the public, that she reasonably believed she was properly representing Brian.


The very same group of entirely evil lawyers dragged Brian through the High Court when he was already fighting a battle against... cancer.

The police “reasonably believing” anything, is not the same as, and is a million miles away from, factual evidence, of something.


A man who was not on trial, before any court over anything, was murdered in broad daylight in a -busy- public place, by armed police who the courts, lawyers and media, of all shades and sides, claim, could say anything they like, simply -because- they are police officers.


In all the circumstances, the horrific murder of Mark Duggan in broad daylight, by the Metropolitan "Police", could only have been intended, as an act of deliberate provocation, by the U.K business state.

The European Courts could eventually rule that the inquest was improperly directed.

Long before that, and while both Houses of Parliament continue to brutally murder whoever they like, anywhere around the world, the Houses of Parliament should -legally- be brought down, in existing proceedings that must be recorded and published.


Parliament Square Peace Campaign
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