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DIY Cultures 2014, Sunday 25th May, 12pm-7pm, Rich Mix

Damtp | 24.05.2014 06:14 | Culture | Other Press | Workers' Movements | London

2nd Edition of DIY Cultures -
A day-long festival of zines, artist books, comics, artists-run spaces, talks, films, animation, poetry, video art, exhibition, workshops - the spirit of independence, autonomy & alternatives.

DIY Cultures 2014, Sunday 25th May, 12pm-7pm, Rich Mix

Programme of Talks (mainstage)

1pm Decolonise It Yourself
with Black Feminists & OOMK zine

2pm Mental Health Zines & Anti-Psychiatry

3pm Prison Creative Solidarity Networks 
with talks on Writers in Prison Foundation, Not Shut Up magazinge, Moazzam Begg and Talha Ahsan  

4.30pm The Poetry Pamphlet & DIY forms 
with Annexe, Happenstance & Verse Kraken

5.30pm DIY Fashion - Fashioning a new world 
with Tansy Hoskins, DIY Couture, Alice Kilroy

Programme of Workshops / Music (venue 2, upstairs, 4th floor)
all day upstairs, free

1pm: Music

2pm Make your own book - We Make Books
2pm Make a needle case - Fine Cell Work
3pm Zoetrope - Natalie Kay-Thatcher and Harriet Cory-Wright
4pm Zine making - OOMK

5:30pm Poetry live mic event, reading from pamphlets

Exhibitions (venue 2, upstairs, 4th floor): 

Artists Book Exhibition including works from staff and students of CFPR at UWE Bristol, MA Book Arts at Camberwell, Raking Leaves among others:
Stephanie Turnbull, Corinne Welch, Charlotte Bizewski, Charlotte Hall, Hazel Granger, Guy Begbie, Charline Giquel, Rebecca Weeks, Stephen Fowler, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Angie Butler, Tom Sowden, Sarah Bodman, Natalie McGrorty, Yoko Nakayama, Yixin Zhang, Haihui Xong, Ziyan Lu, Saemi Jeon, Jinfang Zhang, Rosie Sherwood, Les Bicknell, Susan Johanknecht, Maggie Jingyun Shu, Danqing Huang, Fox Irving, Katarina Kelsey, Carol Barton, Bani Abidi, Thamotharampillai Shanaathanan, Aisha Khalid, Imran Qureshi, Muhanned Cader, Chandraguptha Thenuwara, Jagath Weerasinghe, Annexe Press, Matthew Meadows

Video and Animation
Saara Karppinen, Raking Leaves, Jonathan Kelham, Fay McCloskey, Heidi Stokes, Owen Davey, Ashley Anderson, Rosie Carr

Desa/Kala/Patra/Graph (Trimensional Proletarianist Situgraph)
an installation by the psychic workers union - DAta Miners Travailleuse Psychique (DAMTP)

DIY video game installation

Exhibitors include:

Adi Hollander, Hanecdote, Feline Vomitus, Crumb Cabin, Hannah Prebble, Micheal Adebayo, Mark Pawson, Cool Schmool ZInes, Strike!, Avery Hill Publishing, Neil van der Knutsen, Kirsty Fife, Dead Trees and Dye, Eyeball Comix, No Brainer Zine, two magpies, DUPE, Gareth Brookes, OOMK, Caroly Storey, Julie Kane, Tini Pencil, Diana Stanga, Alex Hahn Publishing, Athemaura zines, Esther McManus, Flamingo Magazine, Interactive Monster Unit, The Well Met Press, Conjunction, Microcosmic Orbit, Monster Emporium Press, Ben Rider, Ryan Humphrey, Rosemary Kirton and Thom Dinsdales, Poems Underwater, Vampire Sushi, Sam Giles, Other Asias, Usman Mohamed, UWE in Bristol, Kingston Make/Do, Bearguts, Shiori Clark, Camino Studio, Steve Larder, Musaraña Libros, Akina Books, John Hughes, DAMTP, Animated Review/Henry Press, Tania MiraisomiA, Becky Kidner, Not Shut Up, Pluto Press, Belly kids, Atiah Z and Rudy Loewe, Numbi, Occupied Times, Dave Lander, Cageprisoners, Annexe, Fine Cell Work, Exploding Cinema, Zine Arcade

There will be a FREE communal table for people with one-off zines to sell. Bring your zines on the day.

Sunday 7th April, 12pm-7pm, Rich Mix
Address: 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road,, E1 6LA London,
DIY Cultures is a day long festival of zines, artists’ books, comics and distros. There will be a programme of films, animation and video art throughout the day as well as exhibitions, workshops and music. We’re celebrating all things independent, autonomous and alternative and everything is FREE to attend so check out what we’ve got lined up and find out how you can DIY!

DIY Cultures is spread over two venues, the MAIN SPACE  (Ground floor) and VENUE 2  (4th floor)
Where: MAIN SPACE, Ground Floor
1pm: We All Can Do It! Black Women in DIY Culture - 
Join Black Feminists in a discussion about how black women
have played a vital role in DIY cultures with Stephanie Phillips,
Aurella Yussuf and Rianna Parker.

2pm: DIY OR DIE: How to Survive as an Independent
Artist- “What is DIY?” opens this film
Film featuring Zinesters Lydia Lunch, Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr. and other artists.

3pm: Unemployment & Creativity Panel Discussion
Sarah Tea-Rex (Graduating in Unemployment Zine), 
Saban Kazim (Gissa a Job Zine), Robin Bale (Dole arts) talk about
unemployment and creativity. Janine Francois. Kieran (Diary of a Jobseeker). Adam Johannes (Unemployed Daytime Disco)

4.30pm: Prisoner Zines, Writing & Creavity Panel
Marek of (Not Shut Up Magazine), Nicki Jameson (Prisoner Fightback )
& Hamja of Free Talha Ahsan Campaign discuss prisoner
writing and creativity. Trenton Oldfield on UK prisons (TINAG)

6pm: DIY Artists Communities - Panel Discussion
Join Pippa Koszerek (Post-Artists / Independent Art School), Craftivist Collective
and from artists-run spaces Gareth Owen Lloyd(Foodface) & Esther Planas  (5 years).  
Where: VENUE 2 (4th Floor)
Workshop Sign Up- Workshops are free but spaces are limited to 10 per workshop, please sign up at the DIY Cultures table on Ground Floor.
How to Make a Magazine- A guide by OOMK Zine
DIY Is…- Posters by various artists 
Window Farms (R&DIY Movement – Neo-Futuristic Stall)
Glue Paper Scissors- Animation and video work
Shape and Situate- Posters on Inspirational European Women collated by Melanie Maddison

1.30-2.30pm: Lunch Music from Extra Bones
Foxout! (violin and electronics) + more
2.30-3.30pm (table A): Workshop 1- Make a Collar with DIY Couture
2.30-3.30pm (table B): Workshop 2- Woahatrope drawing experiment with Extra Bones
3.30-4.00pm: Music from John Trouble
4.00-5.00pm: Workshop 3- Make a Collage with OOMK Zine (table A)
4.00-5.00pm: Workshop 4- Make a Patch with Hanecdote and Girls Get Busy                                    .                     
5.00-6.00pm: Workshop 5- Blindfold Drawing with Dimitr Pieri

6.00-7.00pm: Workshop 6- Needle Felting with Ceri May
Where: MAIN SPACE (Ground floor) and VENUE 2 (4th Floor)
Decadence, Magpie Magazine, Kirsty Fife, Sky Nash, Gareth Brookes, Fliss and Jack, Joe Besford, Dancing Eye, Reena Makwana, Aspidistra Magazine, Lucy Porter, Peter Willis, SW Zines, Cinnamon Buns, Extra Bones, Elbow Room, Girls Get Busy, Crumb Cabin, 10x10, Feral University, Mia Julia Eley, John Trouble, Victoria Grantham, Hanecdote, Project Babe, Group Q, Cool Schmool Zines, Heather Bandenburg, Melon Shrub, Other Asias, Ben Rider, OOMK, Things in Panels, Walrus Zines, Florence Shaw, Ghostwood Press, Rachael Nilsson, Rianna Cox, Sarah Tea-Rex, DIY Couture, Hannah Prebble, Monster Emporium Press, Aloevera Studio, 20x20 Magazine, Avery Hill Publishing, Saban Kazim, Sister Ectoplasma Distro, Feminist Library, Vampire Sushi Distro, Strike! Magazine, Francesca Tuttolani, Peter Lally, Hannah Prebble, Misanthropynska, I am Hip Hop Magazine, Numb, Belly Kids, Mya Munnelly, Indestructible Energy, Craftivists. 



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