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Many Reasons McDoanld's To Shut Down 700 Stores This Year...

Mother Earth | 24.04.2015 20:37 | Animal Liberation | Health | Social Struggles | London | World

Animal agony, unionbusting, deforestation, human disease, crime, corruption, environmental desecration, energy waste, litter (biggest corporate British litterer).... some reasons McDonald's
faces 139 stores closing in Japan and 700 systemwide this year.

1.5 Million Underpaid Workers
1.5 Million Underpaid Workers

Hundreds of millions have moved away from animal flesh. McDonald's is one of many chains feeling the change.

McDonald's Has Closed 350 Stores Since Jan 1, 2015 Will Close 350 More This Year

139 McDonald's in Japan, 2nd biggest market, have closed because of a 1 million McNugget recall prompted by blue plastic bits in the McNuggets

McDonald's has been losing customers because of the explosion of vegans and vegetarians, the labor movement, the environmental movement, health conscious doctors etc.

Longest Trial IN British History

It has been 10 years since the European Court of Human Rights in 2005 fined British courts 57,000 pounds for denying free speech to Steel and Morris in London Greenpeace V McDonald's,

Unionbusting, obesity, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, animal agony, deforestation, rainforest destruction, energy waste, crime, litter, employee burns, unusual ingredients continue to be associated with the Western wrold's biggest restaurant chain

Transcript of the longest trial in British history The judge ruled that McDonald's was guilty among other things of cruelty to animals

McDonald's leafleters declared not guilty after arrest

McDonald's lawsuits, a tiny sliver of them

McDonald's lawyers arrange a gag rule re many out of court settlements. Such gag rules are a violation of the 1st amendment which guarantees the freedom of an individual to speak.

"According to the McDonald's Corporation website (as of January 2015), McDonald's has, "retailers in more than 100 countries, with more than 36,000 restaurants serving approximately 69 million people every day." (Quote from above link) Since 2007 when MCDonald's was in 119 countries, it is in 19 fewer countries but still the biggest Western corporate restaurant chain and now serves 47 million rather than 69 million daily.

Labor Links

McDonald's Sues Seattle Challenging Its Right To Raise The Minimum Wage In Its City

The 14th Amendment, an anti slavery amendment, guarantees all persons equal protection under the law. McDonald's argues that corporations are legally people.

When Richard Nixon was president, Ray Kroc, McD founder, gave him 1 million dollars in exchange for Nixon's exempting fast food chains from minimum wage. Nixon did so, but was overridden by Congress.

Employee Burns At McDonald's..workers after seriously burned told to put mayonnaise or mustard on the burn

New York AG Forces McDonald’s Franchise Owner to Pay Up for Violating Wage Laws

McDonald's advises execs on how much to tip their servants

McDonald's lays off 63 at its headquarters

McDonald's Canada threatened with boycott over use of temporary foreign workers

Judge Keeps Flsa Claims Against McDonald's Alive
Law360, New York (February 12, 2009) -- A federal judge has dealt a blow to McDonald's Corp. in its bid to dismiss federal overtime claims brought by a group of Missouri employees.


McDonald's 125 outlets in Israel fire employees if they are found speaking Arabic

McDonald's connection to Aipac and Jack Greenberg

Malaysians call for boycott of McDonald's because of its connection to Aipac

For many years McDonald’s would not allow black franchisers to buy in predominantly white neighborhoods until Charles Griffis, a Los Angeles franchiser, with the help of the Haacp successfully sued.

McDonald's ignored filings re race-based firings, lawsuit says

Community Relations

McDonald's closing stores in Iceland

McDonald's to close hundreds of outlets in Japan

Russia closes 4 Moscow McDonald's... says the products are contaminated

Some of many countries without McDonald's are

Barbados, Bermuda, Bolivia, Ghana, Iceland, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Montenegro, N. Korea, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Australians bring their fight to keep McDonald’s away from their park to US headquarters

In Queens, NY, the Korean community says McDonald's shows disrespect

McDonald's had had 70 legal complaints about hot coffee burns (2nd and 3rd degree)
before someone finally won.

Many communities have banned McDonald’s for a variety of reasons.


It took the competition of a Canadian chain offering 69 cent soda drinks before McDonald's recently cut its own cola prices from nearly $2. to $1.

Coca Cola

Coke has had an exclusive contract with Coke in many areas. Why has Coca Cola not exerted its power to make changes in McDonald's treatment of animals, workers, etc.

Contaminated Food

McDonald's Pink Slime

What's in a chicken nugget

1 million McNuggets recalled in Japan. They contained blue plastic bits. See link above

19 Ingredients in McDonald's fries instead of just oil, salt and potatoes

McNuggets contain skin, blood vessels, etc.

Doctors fight to ban fast food from hospitals

While Mr Easterbrook has made some of the produce more fresh in England, it is still substandard in the US.

ALL Animal AND Fish Flesh, Eggs AND Dairy Cause Disease

McDonald's has resisted fresh fruit juice, fresh vine products such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans, avocado, hummus, tofu, falafel nonanimal icecreams, vegan sandwiches since its inception.

The link is to Why I Don’t Eat Meat by Owen Parrett, MD, author of Diseases of Food Animals

Over 1000 toxic disease engendering ingredients in animal and fish flesh.


It is virtually universally known that McDonald’s high calorie foods cause obesity. Dairy products are designed to produce a 1000 pound cow in 1 year. Isocaloric studies reveal in many studies that vegans weigh an average 23 pounds less than nonvegetarians and 11 pounds less than dairy vegetarians. The participants were given the same number of calories daily for 3 months.


Why Do Fast Food Outlets Have Higher Crime Rates?

In a San Ysidro California McDonald's, 21 were killed and 19 injured by a man.'

Annie Besant, founder of the Theosophical Society, wrote that places involving murdered
animals attract violence. The San Ysidro California McDonald's massacre

McDonald's ordered to pay 27 million to families of 2 teens who died after severely beaten in McD parking lot

McDonald's ordered to pay 6.1 million in stripsearch hoax

Federal agent shot a man to death in McDonald's


There is corruption in state employee pension funds invested in McDonald's in violation of the public trust.

National Public Radio has 200 million dollars in McDonald's stock which holdings cancel any claim it might have to honest reporting.

ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Clear Channel (now Iheart Radio), etc have each taken in tens of billions of dollars from McDonald's advertising. They have for years censored news

which would harm corporate holdings.

Goose Gossage, former pitcher of the San Diego Padres, was suspended for saying publicly that McDonald's was poisoning the world with cheeseburgers.

McDonald's has an unethical relationship with its suppliers and has looked the other way in regards to heinous treatment of slaughterhouse bound animals.

McDonald's is more dovetailed with the meat industry than any other fast food chain and has ignored Americans' requests for a vegan sandwich. Burger King has a vegetarian veggieburger, Taco Bell a bean burrito, Chipotle more than 1 alternative. McDonald's is the dinosaur of fast food chains.

Wall Street has been a major partner in crime with McDonald's in conspiracy against the earth itself, the animals who live on it, the health of human beings, the rights of workers etc.

McDoanld's unethical marketing to children has enraged millions of parents.

Richard Berman's Center For Consumer Freedom is funded by McDonald's and other fast food chains, as well as other corporations involved in animal suffering.

It was revealed in the course of the trial of McDonald's V London Greenpeace that McDoanld's had hired London policemen to do undercover informant work and to infiltrate London Greenpeace, whcih was at the time leafleting McDonald's customers.

Animal Agony

Is McDonald's the world's biggest butcher of mammals?

Cargill, the largest private equity firm in the US (little public supervision) is one of
many slaughterhouse operations McDonald's employs.

Environment: Deforestation, Ocean Islands OF Plastic, AIR Pollution

A UN environmental panel was awarded the Nobel Prize for its work in proving that cattle ranching is more harmful to the environment than cars.

Eating meat is the biggest factor in global heating

The litter McDonald’s if it makes it to a trash bin rather than cluttering the countryside generates clogs landfills requiring further deforestation

It is not just the deforestation of cattle ranching but the the billions of trees cut for McDonald’s napkins, the plastic islands swirling in the ocean which give McDonald’s the world’s worst environmental footprint.

McDonald’s is UK’s biggest litterer

Both Prince Charles and his father Prince Philip have made public statements, the former
that McDonald's should be shut down, the latter that McDonald's was destroying the rainforest.

Air pollution by drive throughs in general.... McD average wait time per customer has gone from 2.5 to 3 minutes

US Senator Stafford of Vermont worked successfully to stop McDonald’s use of Styrofoam


McDonald's ordered to pay 1 million for having put lard (sheep tallow) in their french fries
Lawsuit by Hindus and other vegetarians

Other Lawsuits

On April 30, Steve Inskeep of NPR reported that a Kuala Lumpur appeals court has
ruled McDonald's has no standing to prevent another restaurant from naming itself
McCurry. As millions of Scots have said, McDonald's doesn't own the prefix Mc

Annie Besant, founder of the Theosophical Society, wrote that places involving murdered
animals attract violence. The San Ysidro California McDonald's massacre

Both Prince Charles and his father Prince Philip have made public statements, the former
that McDonald's should be shut down, the latter that McDonald's was destroying the rainforest.

Unconstitutional court gag orders which violate the 1st amendment prevent the public
from knowing the results of the tens of thousands? of lawsuits against McDonald's
for food poisoning and many other situations.

National Public Radio was the recipient of 200 million dollars from Joan Kroc, Ray Kroc's
widow. Unfortunately several times a week the NPR staff work in product placement
ads for the chain. Marketplace, Morning Edition, All Things Considered etc. How can there
be unbiased coverage of news when such a financial incentive to promote a company is

Pitcher Goose Gossage of the San Diego Padres was suspended for saying McDonald's
was poisoning the world with cheeseburgers.

The fried head of an innocent chicken was in an order at a Hampton Roads Virginia McDonald's

Cargill, the largest private equity firm in the US (little public supervision) is one of
many slaughterhouse operations McDonald's employs.

The Consumer Freedom group is funded by multinational corporations. Its CEO subsidizes
attacks on animal rights activists.

McDonald's had had 70 legal complaints about hot coffee burns (2nd and 3rd degree)
before someone finally won.

Is McDonald's the world's biggest butcher of mammals?

Hygiene: admittedly it's hard to make the serving of cadavers a clean business.

Animal flesh is the world's biggest cause of annual deaths, from heart disease, strokes,
food poisoning, many kinds of cancer, kidney breakdown (carnivores have 5 times our
kidney size per lb.


Animal flesh is an addiction
The trioxypurine or uric acid or preurine in animal muscle cells is more addictive than
caffein, dioxypurine (3 oxypurines to 2). You can break the chains which cause animal agony.
The link is to Why I Don’t Eat Meat by Owen Parrett, MD, author of Diseases of Food Animals

While McDonald's has accommodated many different cultures with McFalafel in some Arab countries, no cow flesh in India, beer and veggieburgers in some German outlets

never yet followed Burger King and several other fast food chains in offering a vegan burger
in the US. It has no soy icecreams.

More links

Doctors fight to ban fast food from hospitals

. fast food chains unethically market to children
. fast food chains' advertising budgets shout down good nutrition
. fast food chains create litter
. fast food chains add to global heating
. fast food chains spread obesity
. fast food chains generate millions of food poisoning incidents veg dining around world

Fast Food Nation
Supersize Me

9306 1017 63

Footnote from Wikipedia:

The original case (McLibel London Greenpeace v McDonald's) lasted ten years, making it the longest-running case in English history. McDonald's announced that it did not plan to collect the £40,000 that it was awarded by the courts. Following the decision, the European Court of Human Rights (Echr) ruled in Steel & Morris v United Kingdom that the pair had been denied a fair trial, in breach of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights (right to a fair trial) and that their conduct should have been protected by Article 10 of the Convention, which protects the right to freedom of expression. The court awarded a judgment of £57,000 against the UK government.

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