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Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs in the spotlight over Cleansing

No2SocialCleansing | 28.08.2015 06:57 | Indymedia | Other Press | Social Struggles | London | World

Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs in the spotlight over Cleansing

The Defend the Community in the East End
against Ethnic and Social Cleansing is calling on Tower Hamlets Council
mayor John Biggs to stop the Council carrying out social cleansing.

This is the call by supporters today of the campaign
to halt current county court action to evict an 82 year old
man in Bruce Road London E3.

Last month Tower Hamlets Council was condemned by Andy Erlam of cruelty over the bid to evict the man.

Erlam presented a petition to Tower Hamlets Council in July calling on the Council
to stop being cruel.

The call has been ignored by John Biggs.

So this weekend sees the start of a new mobilisation in support of the
long time resident and his 'family'.

Already over 2500 people signed the petition that Andy Erlam presented to the July Council Meeting.

Please support this campaign



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Links to some recent items as well as Social Cleansing in Tower Hamlets

28.08.2015 08:28

East London Advertiser - contains some revealing evidence of how Tower Hamlets Councillors have been making misleading statements while the Council carries on demolishing the Community base

The TUSH Petition, on the Tower Hamlets Council website

The context of Social Cleansing being carried out in Tower Hamlets, with little notice by the mainstream


The key points for supporting the 62 Bruce Road residents community

28.08.2015 10:37


1.We care for each other and we need to live together

2. Mr Sumesar Rai has lived in Bruce Rd for 30 years

3. We refurbished and maintained our homes ourselves with our money and effort for 17 years

4 Links with local community we serve

5 Letting us continue to share 62 Bruce Rd saves council resources:
A) Save council £150 000 on Refurbishment of 62 Bruce Rd house

B) Save council 3 flats from Tower Hamlets council housing stock
C) Save council problem of having to rehouse our pets as well

D) Save council resources and court costs of eviction proceedings

11.30 Friday 28 August 2015


Thursday 3 Sept 2015 Campaign Letter to Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs

03.09.2015 18:08


Dear mayor Biggs

Urgent We TUSH petitioners ask you to stop our eviction now.

We feel neglected, discriminated against, and that you failed in your duty of care
for elderly and vulnerable 82 years old Mr Sumesar-Rai who lives in Bruce
Rd for 30 years.

60 days ago On 5 JULY you emailed us saying “I have no desire to hide from this matter.
I appreciate that this is stressful for you at Bruce Road, and a resolution is needed speedily.”

We note that the council have failed to comply with its' own petition procedures.

Rule states that the council must give reply within 28 days of receipt of the petition.

Our petition was delivered to the council on 08 July and heard on 22 July,

Now 42 days later we still have no reply.

TUSH petitioners have emailed Tower Hamlets officers on 23June 2015
specifically asking for any possible court application to be postponed at
least until our petition has been heard and decided without any pre-judgement.

Clearly against our wish 2 days later on 25 June Tower Hamlets officers
applied to court for our eviction.

Since 2nd JULY residents of 62 Bruce Rd have repeatedly asked you to stop court proceedings so that the petition could be considered with an open mind without any pre-judgement.

You have declined to postpone eviction hearing even though you were made aware
of deliberate attempt by housing officers to undermine the democratic
principle of petitions to the council. (Yes we can prove it)

Danny Hassell ”I too share many concerns that the petitioners have raised this evening about the treatment of these residents by the officers. I have seen the pressure they been placed under, I have seen the way they've been treated by the officers and the attitude they have given to them. I m pleased to support motion this evening.

Councillor Peter Golds said “My group will be supporting this motion this evening because if anybody can assemble 2500 signatures from residents there is a real concern there and I think an investigation needs to be done and I hope mayor will report to the council on future occasion.”

You as mayor have chosen to ignore very considerable public support of over
2500 local people who have signed petition to keep TUSH house sharing to continue.

Ignoring views of local people shows total lack of respect to views of
community you supposed to represent and be accountable to.

During 22 July petition hearing our local councillors Khales Uddin Ahmed said
This mayor Mr John Biggs is a people's mayor so I urge Mr mayor
look (into) this issue properly and carefully to support local residents I support.

Helal Uddin said Labour mayor to look into this on very compassionate grounds to make sure we are serving vulnerable residents who work for the community and who deserve a better treatment from this chamber not same as before and I will be urging our mayor I'm sure he is more sensible than the previous mayor to make sure that the people we are talking about tonight are well looked after, well respected and not deserving the treatment they received in the past.

Oliur Rahman said “ No 82 years old should be asked to leave their home and to be evicted specially elders of our community.”

Allowing Tower Hamlets council officers to evict 82 year old Indian gentleman from
his community housing where he lived for past 30 years feels to us like
social cleansing under new mayor John Biggs.

Even the judge during 17 August hearing agreed to postpone eviction hearing
until 8 September so that petition could be fairly considered.

Mayor Biggs we urge you to stop eviction proceedings and
let us take care of each other and continue to serve our local community.

If you can support Rich Mix petition you can as well support Mr Rai elderly petitioner.

Thank You

TUSH petitioners at 62 Bruce Rd.



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