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ALERTA #ANTIFA: BIFFERS IN MANCHESTER @misscheeky666 @jlrfb @siegfails @ant1fane

ANTIFA | 20.03.2016 16:42 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London | Sheffield

Ever wondered what happened to the dinosaurs??? Those that didn't dramatically perish after being struck with comets or frozen dead as dodos in a severe ice age, evolved into alligators, lizards and birds. When the dinosaurs of the BNP popped their electoral clogs, a small herd of braindead sheep got religion and left to form Shitain First, a political party cum pseudo-religious cult devoted to viewing all Muslims as extremists while paying homage to Christian extremism. Hallelujah! The god botherers who have never been to church, will turn up in anti-fascist Manchester on Saturday 9th of April 2016, to scream and shout abuse at non-white people, gays and lesbians in the cause of their "crusade".

Having reeled in a diminished gang of disillusioned Northern EDLers into their cult since Dewsbury, the highlight of Feckless Biffers Day Out will be congregating in Piccadilly Wetherspoons for a short goosestomp across the square under the protection of the local constabulary. Crossing the River Nile was a cakewalk compared to what Golding and chums face in Manchester - running the gauntlet of every antifascist in town. Try as they might, the boys in blue won't force back the waves of red and black when it comes to BF trying to claim Manchester as their own.

Bitter and spiteful that they are nothing more than the fetid, unreconstituted bowel movements of last century's cess pit of Nazi hate politics, Shitain First turned up in London unannounced to oppose a mass antiracist march, foaming at the mouth like a pack of rabid dogs on a visit to the veterinary clinic, desperately craving media attention. Whilst the mainstream press erred with caution, right on cue, UKIP's fascist apologists switched on the dog-whistle politics as only Breitbart could. Telling more porkies than the Daily Express and the Mail put together, Farage's attack dogs focussed in on the "evil lefties" waging battle against "fine, brave, outstanding nationalists" with a pro-BF video. Missing from their video was the endless screaming of racial obscenities from Jayda and friends, as fifteen neo-nazi nomarks brought incredible shame upon the white Aryan race on yet another bad hair day for the photogenically-challenged Biffers.

Breitbart claims to be all about "news", however the biggest claim to fame of Uncle Tom Kassam's insight into Islam ends with an admission he hasn't attended a mosque for at least five years. And yet, abracadabra, "Allah-kassam", all of a sudden the former Muslim is backing up Pamela Geller's lies as truth, all across the world of "patriot" television networks. "Big Government, Big Sports, Big Hollywood, reads the header of the Breitbart site" - everything big except braincells. Small wonder this aspiring journalist failed to make it as a national newspaper columnist, stuck as propagandist-in-chief of a UK Independence Party that will cease to exist after the forthcoming EU referendum. Inspired by "Shoebat", Raheem Kassam's lasting contribution to society will be as memorable as dogturd on a beleaguered fascist marcher's shoe. Kassam will do anything for money.

Despite being funded by the sectarian protestant bankroller of the BNP Jim Dowson, who approves every watery pint of Stella swilled by their lumpen pseudo-Christian marchers as holy water, several Odin worshippers have joined the cult, even though racist followers of Norse Gods despise all mainstream religions. Being part of a political minority which almost all UK citizens regard with disdain, takes its toll upon their fascist footsoldiers. Mindful that Odinists must conform to traditionalist Christian ideals to fit in, when in "Christian Taliban Rome" and all that, having emptied their lungs screaming at anti-racists, the pleasure was all theirs, the friendless morons affirming their status as virgins by unzipping en masse and taking matters in hand. Finally, once and for all, racist wankers came clean about the fact they are both racist and wank in public.

Britain First supporters playing with themselves with gay abandon, vocally denied they were anything less than homophobic - claiming they were fantasising about Aryan females rather than each other. Not that anybody had wet dreams about Jayda Fransen. Even white supremacists have standards.

For all the woes of Wodin, worse for wear, a huge turn out for ANTIFA in Manchester city centre on Saturday the 9th of April 2016 will humiliate Dowson and his lumpen lemmings, making the fundamentalist anti-abortion activist regret the day he was born.




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