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ANTIFA UK | 27.03.2016 13:55 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Migration | London | World

Seven EDLers, one-in-seven fascist no-marks, were arrested in Rotherham after a turn-out tinier than the average EDL member's penis. With no counter-protestors in sight, gone are the days the supposed patriots could blame their blatant disregard of their own country's laws on the UAF, Lenin, or the Tooth Fairy. No matter who counter-protests or not, the idiotic thugs of the EDL just can't help themselves. Looking down a long list of EDL convicted criminals, it becomes clear that many hangers-on within this ragtag organisation get their kicks from their own suffering, which should come as no surprise. Only a sadomasochist would stick with such a car crash of a far right political group. A word of advice for EDL fash - they might as well hold their next demo inside the entrance to a police station, ready to be readily dispatched to the cells at the moment their brains implode, saving local authorities thousands of much needed council tax revenue which otherwise could be put into social services or youth and community services budgets. Small wonder many regions which suffer regular far right demos, are still feeling the effects of the recession.

EDL Bonehead Hits The Pavement Yesterday in Rotherham
EDL Bonehead Hits The Pavement Yesterday in Rotherham

White Genocide - The Girlfriendless EDL Posse
White Genocide - The Girlfriendless EDL Posse

What is it with bald-headed nazis hitting pavements????? Since Liverpool and beyond, most if not all fascist demos have involved fascists being floored courtesy of ANTIFA or the cops, which makes you believe that far right footsoldiers have developed some strange fetish for licking the pavement.

This may seem like a recent far right development, but to be honest and truthful, it has been happening since the birth of the EDL. Four of five years ago, EDL supporters including members of the "Leeds Service Crew" (lol) were running rampant in Leeds train station after a demo, chanting racist filth whilst coursing up and down platforms like imbeciles. British Transport Police were chasing them all around the station, and eventually caught up with several thugs, a blow to the cranium causing one EDLer to hit the deck, out cold. There were pictures on Facebook. As soon as the EDL member hit the cold, hard concrete of the platform, he spontaneously shat himself, a pool of Stella-curdled diarrhoea seeping through the rips in his jeans. Paramedics were observed by passers-by cutting off the dirty dog's trousers leaving his defecated soiled underwear visible to tourists, shoppers and locals alike, as they strode around his unconscious body, holding their noses as they rushed to catch their trains.

Such foul-smelling incidents are all the proof you need that the EDL, and similar groups (Shitain First, Poogida, and the Nappy Wetting Infantiles - NWI), are not merely an embarrassment to society, they are an embarrassment to themselves. The way they look, the way they behave, it's like they just don't care, even though they are meant to be shining examples of The Master Race. Monty Python once did a sketch about a boxer fighting himself - which is a able summary of the self-depreciating mindset of the average fascist moron, wasting their stupid little lives away for absolutely nothing.

Why do they do it, the EDL?

Why does anyone still follow the EDL?

Why did they follow the EDL in the first place? Nobody knows. One thing is for sure, some unlucky local criminals in the Rother Valley must have dreaded the ultimate of punishments, being forced to share a holding cell with stinky EDL racists. Such is a fate worse than death itself.

If only the cops were as ultimately resourceful. Detaining miscreants in police cells alongside members of the far right should be an ample deterrent to dissuade criminals from commuting crimes. Not only would an EDLer in custody be spouting incessant and incomprehensible racist filth whilst laughing at their own "jokes", a nightmare even for drunken white fellow incarcerates, they would be smelling like an abattoir.

Some pound shops who cannot afford security guards, have cardboard cut-outs of policemen in their shop windows, not that this prevents any crime at all, however thick the criminal happens to be. If on the other hand, shops put life-like cut-outs of Dave Coppin looking like the complete dick he is, wearing a pair of handcuffs, with the message that pilferers would be forced to share cells with stinking, mouthy fascist scum like him, that truly would be a deterrent to all crime.




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