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ANTIFA WORLDWIDE | 12.06.2016 14:19 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London | Sheffield

Once more, repeating the pattern of the entire Murdoch reign, the British people have been hoodwinked into supporting Conservative Party oppression by a deceitful and manipulative media hell-bent upon persuading turkeys to vote for Christmas. Brainwashed by racism and xenophobia drip-fed over decades by Britain's shameful rightwing press, gut-reaction racism has swung the #EU vote in favour of #Brexit, the moment when the ghost of deadly Thatcherism is reincarnated into a hybrid of a police state and a sweatshop / workhouse. Instead of immigrants doing the low-paid jobs, it will be the misled British worker crushed into the ground by global capitalism, using the UK as a source of cheap labour once all workers rights have been repealed "to make Britain competitive again".

Boris Johnson will be the first to tell you that American companies are lining up to offer employment opportunities to British workers to make up for jobs lost as European employers move out of the UK to remain competitive. Last month, it was reported by Oxfam that some workers in the US poultry industry were forced to wear adult diapers as they were denied toilet breaks. Spending the whole day with ones crotch, groin and backside coated in diarrhoea is not just smelly and demeaning, turning workers into the human equivalents of battery hens, swamped with their own faeces. When faecal bacteria such as e-coli enter the bladder and vagina, this will result in extremely serious infections, sexual dysfunction, and even birth defects. Let alone the embarrassment of an unpleasant aroma following low-paid workers on the way home.

Other stories from the states report catheterisation, particularly males, to replace visits to the gents' room, which can result in regular UTIs, which if untreated may result in sepsis, kidney failure and even death. Such is the worry of losing ones' job on even a minimal wage, many workers are willing not just to risk their health and their lives to put bread on the table for their families.

#Brexit will result in British workers denied toilet beaks resorting to such drastic measures, but also much, much worse exploitation. Once European health and safety laws are shed, Victorian factory practices such as working on machines without guards, will return to the workplace. Speaking on the Daily Politics show, #Brexiteer Ian Duncan Smith refused to give any guarantee that the Working Time Directive was safe after Brexit speaking on the BBC's Daily Politics show, which is as good as saying, this measure will cease in effect after Britain goes it alone.

A hardline Thatcherite Britain freed from the leash of human rights restraint, is a devil dog ready to go straight for the bollocks, ready and waiting to sink its teeth into all the misguided voters hold dear. The Sun had you scared that bananas would be banned, and you believed it. The Daily Mail scared you into believing crime would rise inexorably if we stayed in Europe, and dumb as you can be, you believed it. Last but not least, Hitler's Own - Daily Express, gave you nightmares that white Aryans would become extinct if you didn't vote out, and so you posted your X in the box - KKK-style.

All those complete numpties who regularly posted absolute rubbish about Europe being "like the Nazis", will be quiet as a mouse when you, your family and your children are persecuted for being poor. Your misplaced patriotism won't save you from poverty, illness, injury and starvation, come the day when your friendly, trustworthy #Brexiteers go the Full Niemoller. You failed to listen to the trade unionists when it mattered, because Union-destroyer Rupert Murdoch brainwashed you into being anti-trade union, and when you are the one suffering, no-one will come to save you.

Human rights vanishing, health and safety laws dismantled, the minimum wage cancelled, zero hours contracts for the vast majority of workers, the NHS deliberately run down to encourage private medicine and health insurance policies to become the norm (Obamacare in reverse), you stupid idiots cannot claim you were not warned not to trust Boris, IDS and Nigel Farage.

Hargreaves-Lansdown boss Peter Hargreaves is a major financial backer of #Brexit and recently spoke to the media, calling for maternity leave to be scrapped. And still women stupidly vote for #Brexit.

Anybody who thinks of protesting against the @brexit Thatcherite oppression, will find themselves unable to do do, as life under a real police state (not a fictional EU one) kicks in, not that left-wingers / humanitarians will have even a couple of seconds to listen to your cries of help, battling constantly against encouraged xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-black racism, anti-Semitism, neo-Nazism, UKIP-style homophobia, and 24/7 hate. Puppies aren't just for Christmas, and UKIP are not solely a party of #Brexit. Even though leaving Europe is a victory of sorts for Herr Farage, himself, his party, and millionaire funder and porn baron Richard Desmond won't stop until there are race riots throughout the UK. Despite being from a Jewish background himself, Desmond does not think twice about using the Daily Express to encourage vulnerable young white people to become full-blown, National Action-style neo-Nazis, like those campaigning on the streets of Leeds for Vote Leave.

Take LEAVE of your senses, and destroy your future and that of your family and loved ones.




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