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ANTIFA INTERNATIONAL | 18.06.2016 17:18 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London | Sheffield

COLD-BLOODED neo-Nazi murder suspect Thomas Mair appeared in court today, and instead of giving his name when asked, by the judge, he ranted "DEATH TO TRAITORS, FREEDOM FOR BRITAIN.....", combining the taglines of both Anders Breivik and #Brexit. Whilst everybody is innocent unless convicted, Mr Mair's statement was most definitely pro-murder and strongly indicative of British independence. Log onto the internet, and search Twitter for "death to traitors", and you will come across thousands of far right, neo-Nazi and white supremacist posts along the same line from EDL, BNP, Britain First, NWI, NEI, SEA, National Action, NF posts, and all the other worldwide white nationalist organisations including not forgetting the KKK. As expected, Mair is not charged with terrorism offences, and neither with a racially-aggravated crime, not does Brexit come into the realm of the criminal charges, thus it is fair, legal and justified to rationally make reference to the facts and allegations ALREADY in the public domain, whilst the #Brexiteer camp tries to turn public attention away from far right links to #Brexit, scared witless people will vote for #Remain out of sheer disgust at #Brexit's links to the toxic far right politics of hate, Mark Collett and friends, seemingly the tip of the iceberg.

The BBC reported that a police search on Thomas Mair's house discovered nazi regalia.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre revealed printed information which they say confirm that Jo Cox's murder suspect Thomas Mair was a subscriber to far right propaganda and terrorist information, including instructions on how to make a home-made firearm.

Richard Cohen, president of the SPLC, told the BBC that Mr Mair had also subscribed to a variety of white supremacist, neo-Nazi literature that the NA put out. "The material presents this view that Aryan, white people are superior, that they need to separate themselves from other races and they need to do so violently if necessary," he added.

Prof Matthew Feldman, an expert on fascist ideology from Teesside University, said the receipts "appear to be genuine, appear to be in the weeks after the first neo-Nazi bombing spree that had been inspired by the internet in 1999".

It has emerged that the gun used to shoot Mrs Cox was not homemade, but was a real weapon shortened in some ways. there is an additional unanswered question as to who supplied the gun used in Jo Cox's execution-style murder.

Suspect Mr Mair (the police are not looking for anyone else) had been examined by "two specialist medical practitioners who have determined that he is both fit for detention and fit for interview", the statement added. Sometimes suspects are immediately been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, but not Thomas Mair, who was found to be well enough (mind and body) to face trial, which is such an important development in his trial.

Witness reports claim that the suspect Thomas Mair had shouted the words "Britain First" before the killing.

Internet anti-hate campaigning organisation the London Black Revs have released a photograph ripped straight from Britain First's twitter account, originating from the Britain First website, reportedly showing suspect Thomas Mair in Dewsbury Town Centre, West Yorkshire (just a short bus ride away from Birstall), campaigning for British neo-Nazi group Britain First. Shortly after London Black Revs released the photo, BF deleted the tweet from their account, as if they had something to hide.

Well aware that a far right political motive would spell curtains for #Brexit, as when not being lied to buy tabloid newspapers, the UK public don't appreciate the white supremacist politik. Accusing #StrongerIn of using fear in their campaign, the hypocritical UKIPers and Tory hard-rightists of #Brexit have been targeting the two decades-old fear of immigration slow-cooked by many thousands of anti-immigrant headlines from the world's most bigoted dog-whistle media. Project Fear Writ Large - and yet, the lunatic far right Kipperati fringe of Thomas Evans, David Jones and Lawrence Brewer, continue to play the EDL, in painting immigrants as rapists, following in their footsteps of their hallowed fuhrer, Nigel Fuhrage, the repulsive #Brexiteer-In-Chief who has resorted to German Nazi WW2-style billboards designed to appeal to the dark side of human nature.

In a climate of hatred, fear, scapegoating and loathing, many people have for a long time feared violent nazi thugs and murderers will latch onto the anti-immigrant fervour with deadly consequences. The language of National Action, EDL and BF thugs online supporting #Brexit gets more confrontational by the day, not just threatening harm towards minorities, but promising to kill not only antifascist campaigners but anybody opposing Britain leaving the European Union - #Brexit, Anders #Breivik-style.

Just as today's rant by the suspect Tommy Mair in court tore to shreds that the murder was without political motive, so should all terrorist-style death threats by #Brexit twitter trolls be treated by police forces as legitimate death threats, especially as it was revealed after MP Jo Cox's death that many other MPs opposing @Brexit have had death threats waged against them, by the cowardly extremists of the British (unpatriotic) Far Right.

Despite Twitter's sinister hijacking of #Brexit by the deadly thugs of the BNP, the EDL, and other groups, Vote Leave campaigners continue to hide their heads in the political sand, ostrich style. Whilst many brazen Kippers don't give a damn, especially those championing the EDL or Pegida, Conservative "Leavers" have well and truly become overly paranoid that they might get tarred with the same brush as the extremists that the base ethos of their unpleasant political campaign is helping to nurture.

Like an arsonists' accomplice, pleading ignorance when their best mate standing yards away, sets fire to a house, everybody in Vote Leave was well aware, even before Leeds, that they were openly working with violent, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic neo-nazis. When it comes to #Brexit, a vote is a vote, no matter who or where it comes from, or what the inspiration is behind the vote, be it a trivial worry about Brussels banning straight bananas, or a lust for starving, war-stricken refugees to be drowned at sea. White supremacists or little Englanders matter not, when it comes to remaining or staying in the European Union. Claims on social media, originating in the Independent newspaper, disclosed an extremely alarming link between the suspect Thomas Miah and a white supremacist, pro-Apartheid secret society, the Swinton Circle, and its sister org - Springbok, shadowy organisations that need to be investigated further, with assistance from Anonymous. If such groups have stored data lists, names and addresses may make interesting reading, and could reveal some very influential Tory and UKIP members consorting with hardcore neo-fascists.

Even though the defendant has been deemed by court doctors as "fit for trial", and yet, slimy #Brexeteers are already banking on him being sectioned before the trial ends, so as to put pay to all talk of far right collusion in the #brexit campaign, as if the cat is not already out of the proverbial bag. As it being to any degree - mentally ill, would disqualify a killer from any political motive. Groups like ISIS prey upon vulnerable people with mind problems. More than half of people feared at risk of being drawn into terrorism may have mental health issues, a report claimed, last month, and one of Lee Rigby's killers was diagnosed as suffering from a mental illness, however he was still deemed a terrorist, something that white neo-nazi killers from a terrorist background are never labelled, throughout the Western World since 9/11, even though the FBI have warned that white power groups pose the greatest domestic threat to safety and wellbeing, stateside.

Whether it's NATO, or MI5, the NSA or the CIA issuing guidelines to news agencies and media outlets only to call black or brown-skinned terrorists - terrorists, someone, somewhere is setting an agenda which no newspaper or television station dares to contravene. Surely some editor, journalist or political correspondent would let the T-word slip from time to time, if no guidelines were in place, but it never happens. Let's not kid ourselves. We are not saying there is a definite conspiracy in place to target only non-white people because of one particular faith - it could just be one massive coincidence, right and leftwing media players all singing to the same narrow hymn-sheet, but there are too many unanswered questions for comfort. Bush and Blair's so-called "War On Terror" is still underway, a "war" targeting only Islamic extremists, but with a mounting far right worldwide threat, you would think global security forces would keep an eye on white terrorism, and at least occasionally tell it like it is.

Since Jo Cox's death, #Brexiteers everywhere have been crawling out of the woodwork to unreasonably condemn anyone honest enough to dare to suggest that racists, nazis and white power nuts are behind #brexit, and are campaigning on the streets for Britain to leave Europe. When the only suspect in a murder trial is found to have a house full of neo-nazi paraphernalia, subscribed to extremist newsletters, and speaks chillingly in support of killing (race) traitors instead of giving his name in court, referring to "freedom from Britain", this pure evil crime cannot be detached from the cesspit of politics from which everyday discourse has descended into. Jo, like anybody, would be incredibly thankful of every genuine tribute sent her way, however, indisputably, the greatest tribute of all - let's make no bones about it, would be for all those people who she inspired - to take to the streets and fight back against #Brexiteer doom, gloom, hate and fear, with the true spirit of international friendship and hope.

Jo Cox's sister "She will live on through all the good people in the world".

An accomplished campaigner for #StrongerIN, a firm advocate of the European Union, and an affirmed anti-racist, Jo Cox would like nothing better to see the divisive British Far Right fail for-evermore, rejecting everything they stand for, and the septic pool of #Brexit xenophobia in which hatred flourishes.





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