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UK Bio-technology Newswire Archive

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Any hacker will be able to falsely accuse you starting september 2016

23-06-2016 21:53

The first smartphone of Tango project of Google will be sold out worldwide in september 2016. The Tango smartphone will allow Identity theft and privacy life of everyone even of people who will not buy the Tango smartphone, all reasons to prevent all smartphones of Tango project of Google to be sold ! or Lenovo Tango Smartphones! And in the end, the following Lenovo Smartphones! They will begin to be sold in august 2016 in USA!

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Green light for genetic modification of human embryos

03-06-2016 08:34

A British scientist has recently been given permission by the Cambridge Central Research Ethics Committee to apply a novel gene editing technique CRISPR/Cas9 to surplus human embryos that have been donated by consenting patients undergoing fertility treatment. The Committee’s decision was based on an earlier approval of a fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

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Response to Offensive Post by Phyllis Mervine

25-05-2016 17:54

This is a public response to an offensive internet post made by Phyllis Mervine of , in which she implied that Dr. Alan MacDonald would suffer because of an association with me, Elena Cook.

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Tchnology & Medicine

10-04-2016 20:32

The Brazil after approving the Law of Civil Marco Internet, which served as inspiration for other countries, is advancing in technology and in areas related to medicine.

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07-04-2016 06:19

Polish defense minister decided to verify the claims of Polish citizens, who complain that they are exposed to classified weapons

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The Polski line of control ,lolplopp, plopp, tongue theirfore clinical categore

23-02-2016 09:49

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Archived discussion re cover-up over Alzheimer's - Borrelia link

01-01-2016 16:31

I am attempting to archive here a discussion about the relation between Alzheimer's disease and chronic persistent Borrelia infections of the central nervous system. There is an official cover-up regarding this being conducted by the United States Dept of Defense and its satellite bodies within the public health service, chiefly the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). this is because Borrelia bacteria are of military biowarfare interest.

Countries around the world influenced by the US government are also affected, and the number of people who have contracted dementia as a result of this is unknown but potentially enormous.

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WiFi a Thalidomide in the making

15-10-2015 05:45

WiFi a Thalidomide in the making - Latest Paper by Barrie Trower, on Microwave Safety.

Safer Alternative to WiFi.

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Todhunter's response to Professor Trewavas exposes a prominent fault in the GMO

04-08-2015 10:52

The problem of GMO growth and import is making headlines in British newspapers yet again. Prompted by the publication of an open letter by a pro-GMO researcher, Tony Trewavas, the British public instantly saw a heated response issued by Colin Todhunter, who famously criticised a speech made by a former UK Environment Minister, Owen Paterson, in Pretoria at the beginning of this year. Following the exchange of Trewavas, Todhunter and Paterson, it becomes clear that the debate is still lacking and that the language all parties use to talk about GMO doesn’t allow the public opinion develop proper tools to assess the value or danger of introducing GMOs to any market in the world.

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Monsanto advances from the Eastern Front

05-05-2015 11:26

Prepare to GMO invasion into EU. This time it comes from the East

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World Lab Day comes to Cambridge (pt 2)

28-04-2015 22:19

Second stop, in front of Gonville & Caius College and Senate House, Trinity St.
Second part of World Lab Day story, with more pictures.

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World Lab Day comes to Cambridge (pt 1)

28-04-2015 21:52

World Lab Day 2015.
Last Saturday (April 25th 2015) about 1,000 Animal Rights demonstrators descended upon Cambridge under the auspices of the annual World Lab Day demonstration.

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FoI hearing re Huntingdon Life Sciences

02-03-2015 17:32

The fight for transparency over the government's decision to provide banking and insurance services to failing animal testing company Huntingdon Life Science continues on Friday 27th March in Manchester. Rhonda Moorhouse will again be appealing for a positive response to her request for full disclosure regarding this matter. Her last appeal was dismissed by a tribunal last May.

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#702 - The Temptation of The Technofix 2 (Have We Got Too Much Technology?)

26-01-2015 11:32

We continue listening in on the October 2014 International Forum on Globalization conference "Techno-Utopianism & the Fate of the Earth". Seven speakers with contrasting styles and material manage to paint a pretty consistent picture of an economically justified technological development unhinged from our truly human values, one that is unsettling and depressing humans in ways beyond out conscious comprehension.

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UG#701 - The Temptation of The Technofix (The Quest for "New Nature")

15-01-2015 10:24

We hear a group of speakers from a conference on "Techno-Utopianism & the Fate of the Earth" organized last month by the International Forum on Globalization. A range of speakers offer perspectives on humanity's efforts to improve on nature, including critical looks at GM, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and electrosmog. Geoengineering, as we hear, is setting a new precedent - a technology designed not to improve life on earth but to mitigate the effects of older technologies.

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US Intelligence Mole on Lyme Disease Forum

01-09-2014 18:47

I am copying here the text of a discussion on an internet forum called LymeNet, in which a US intelligence mole calling herself "Marnie", who has been in place on the forum for THIRTEEN YEARS, falls to pieces and outs herself, telling us that the Lyme Disease - biowarfare coverup is necessary and for our own protection (!!!)

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Espionage & Brain-Computer Interfaces - Modern Warfare Series

21-04-2014 13:32

A summary of a four year investigatory series into human medical torture program operated by the US government that seeks to interface computers and human by means of radio.

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Debbie Vincent jailed for six years today for SHAC involvement

17-04-2014 17:39

Debbie Vincent has been the latest in a long line of animal rights activists falsely imprisoned under terrorism laws for peaceful protests.

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Novartis Wins Court Order Blocking U.K. Animal-Rights Protests

17-04-2014 17:34

Novartis wins a court injunction restricting demonstrations to six people or fewer, in designated protest zones, with no amplified sounds, and forbids costumes, face-coverings or “blood-splattered costumes.”

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Vote for the Biggest Biomass Baddie! Take part in the Biomess Awards ceremony!

03-03-2014 12:37

On the 9th and 10th of April a conference bringing together the biggest corporate names in biomass will take place in London. Representatives from key organisations in the global biomass industry will be attending to discuss how to further increase their profits from environmental destruction and social injustice.

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The Merkel´s Actually Not So Sustainable Energy Scam

25-02-2014 11:39

The Merkel´s Actually Not So Sustainable Energy Scam
The Merkel´s Actually Not So Sustainable Energy Scam

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Citizen journalists and video activists beware

31-01-2014 20:26

Citizen journalists and video activists beware of google.
Google patent could have nightmare implications for privacy, freedom of assembly
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