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UK History Newswire Archive

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Chile’s GeneralCheyre arrested for Caravan of Death killings

11-07-2016 03:18

The former head of the Chilean Army, Juan Emilio Cheyre, has been arrested in connection with the extrajudicial executions of 15 suspected leftists in the early days of the country’s 17-year-long military dictatorship, installed through the US-backed coup led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet in 1973.

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8th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair - Building An Anarchist Future

27-04-2016 11:18

Bookfair flyer
The 8th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair – 30th April 2016, 11am to 6pm, at Trinity Centre.

The Radical History Zone is just 5 minutes down the road at Hydra Bookshop, from 12noon to 6.30pm.
You are all invited!

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UG #733 - The Mena Connection (Laundering Drug Profits and Shipping Guns...)

08-04-2016 11:35

Another episode which illuminates the murky doings of the deep state in the US; we hear the soundtrack from a 1995 film which gives an insider's eye view of "The Enterprise". Terry Reed was a CIA spook whose distaste for drug trafficking lead to him attempt to blow the whistle on what the corporate media - misleadingly - referred to as "Iran-Contra". After outlining the drugs for weapons operation that was run out of Mena, Arkansas - including how the money was laundered through the Arkansas bond market with the help of the Clintons' entourage - the show centers on how the Reeds took flight from a rogue US Justice system which had labeled them as "armed and dangerous" drug traffickers.

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UG#732 - A Billion Here, A Billion There, Pretty Soon You're Talking Real Money

02-04-2016 00:24

We look at a new topic on the show - one of the largest frauds committed in the USA in the 20th Century - and why it is that the looting of hundreds of billions of dollars has for the most part not only gone unpunished but uninvestigated. Our speaker is Pete Brewton, author of The Mafia, The CIA and George Bush.

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Hanged for Murder - Pardoned 86 Years Later

30-03-2016 09:50

Colin Campbell Ross, 28, went to the gallows protesting his innocence. He was hanged on April 24, 1922 at Melbourne Gaol in Australia. He was convicted of the murder of a 12-year-old girl. Eighty-six years later, he was pardoned for a crime he did not commit.

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UG#731 - The Global Oiligarchy (Secrets of The Seven Sisters 2)

20-03-2016 08:15

This week, we conclude our adaption of The Seven Sisters and supplement it by the research of James Corbett on the influence of the US "Oiligarchs" over the rest of US society. As he notes, the US oil barons were effective in their takeover of other aspects of US society including the money, educational and food supply systems.

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Callout - Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2016 - Building an Anarchist Future

25-02-2016 20:40

Bookfair flyer - front
The 8th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair is on Saturday 30th April 2016, 11am to 6pm.
At Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW, with the Radical History Zone just 5 minutes down the road at Hydra Bookshop.

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Philippines: Bongbong Marcos is a false prophet of unity

23-02-2016 11:00

Akbayan PartyList today countered Senator Bongbong Marcos’s calls to elect politicians who will push for unity, saying the ambitious scion of the dictator does not fit the quality he endorses.

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Megachurch Fusion Or Solar Encounter?

15-02-2016 20:54

When two men meet whose predecessors turned their backs against each other a millennium ago, does it make a sound? Easy one: If it were two comets passing by the Sun in that frequency, the public anticipation would have been swelling for years at least. But the meeting of the two Christian Bishops – Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox – in a Cuban airport transit area – as secular a territorial status as one might imagine – was a surprise first of all to themselves. By the letter of the law, as activists are familiar with it, it is to be rated as a truly spontaneous demonstration.

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UG#725 - An Ongoing Deep State Clean Up (Dennis Hastert, COINTELPRO 2, Gladio 2)

19-12-2015 16:23

We continue our adaption of Allan Francovich's film about Operation Gladio. However, the majority of this episode is a review of the 1996 New COINTELPRO operation, started under Clinton, which is currently being framed in the US commercial media as the "Denis Hastert case". We sew together 4 recent podcasts from Sibel Edmonds (the US' most classified woman) who has been blowing the whistle on this case for over a decade, and from whom insight is therefore to be expected as to what will happen with this case, and most interestingly, what the controlled media is not informing us about.

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UG#724 - Calling a SCAD a SCAD(State Crimes Against Democracy,Operation Gladio1)

17-12-2015 14:57

This week we begin an audio adaption of the best film that will ever be made on Operation Gladio, Allan Francovich's famous 1992 expose. To introduce it, a 90 minute talk from Lance deHaven-Smith on State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADs) - a term which he thinks we should start using as a prelude to prosecuting those responsible.

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Warming Limitation Treaty a Scam, says VCVG

12-12-2015 16:48

In a nutshell, the diplomatic battle between politicians, scientists and activists can be compared to a dynastic inheritance war of the pre-democratic period, in which there used to be four sides: The monopoly clingers, the innovation rivals, the alarmed neighbours and the suffering people. These four sides would then prevail in that order, structuring the feud into four periods: The rebellion, the intervention, the famine and the restoration. In the climate fight, all these ingredients – the fossil lobby, the scientific community, the activist counter- or perma-culture and the war-weary masses – can be found in the set and setting gravitating around the recent diplomatic event in Paris. But a lion´s share of all four also is alive in the Arab Independence Movement – oil administration privileges, cutting-edge counter-intelligence strategy, regional rooting and popular backing. And yet the elephant in the room was not invited to the table in Paris.

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Who Funds ISIS? Bilal Erdogan, Son Of Turkey's President

28-11-2015 01:11

Nuclear treaties quietly binned post 9/11
Series: State Of The City reports
Subtitle: First NATO vs Russia act of war since 1990s and the Cold War
Program Type: Weekly Program

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UG#723 - A US Deep State Event (The Deep Implications of the 9-11 Money Trail)

08-11-2015 15:02

We continue our study of the deep state with a fresh look at what has emerged about the defining 21st century deep event, the attacks of September 11th. While that date inevitably invokes mental images of fireball and collapsing towers, we look instead at the financial implications. These range from Stratesec director Wirt Dexter Walker's $50,000 insider trade through a range of mid level fraud, up to the hundreds of billions of US Bonds which were due on that date and the trillions of dollars which have gone missing from the Pentagon budget. What does this complex pattern of innumerable financial frauds carried out on that day tell us about the interrelationships of the shadowy cabal of deep state insiders who pulled it off? And what about the technologies which may have been used on that day?

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Why Do Labour Keep Getting Iraq Wrong?

22-10-2015 16:12

Hussein Al-alak is the chair of the Iraq Solidarity Campaign UK

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Update - London Anarchist Bookfair - Stalls & Meetings - 24th October

20-10-2015 12:34

Bookfair programme cover
London Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 24th October, 10am – 7pm
Central Saint Martin’s (University of the Arts London), Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA

Welcome one and all to the 34th London Anarchist Bookfair, welcome to the full spectrum of anarchist thought & practice! Here's details of Stalls & Meetings.

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UG#719 - The Processes & Logic of The Deep State(The American Deep State by PDS)

04-10-2015 11:48

Unusually, just a single speaker this week: one two hour interview with the doyen of deep political research, Canadian Professor Peter Dale Scott. He provides not only a lot of details of the evolution of the post WW2 deep state in the USA, but also sketches out its guiding principles, some of the deeper patterns which allow one to understand the superficially confusing and contradictory actions of the US deep state.

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UG#718 - The Deep State'sIncreasing Shallowness (Bombs from Oklahoma to Libya)

25-09-2015 17:12

This week, material from 15 years back through to 5 days back detail continued deep state malfeasance hidden in plain sight. Did you hear the story of the CIA "bad apple" who sold a planeload of military grade C-4 explosive to Libya, together with a course in bombmaking by US Green Berets? Or how the CIA's Inspector General perjured himself to try and cover it up... only to be later granted immunity when the truth emerged? Don't try this at home! Our main piece is James Corbett's review of what has emerged in the last 20 years about the Oklahoma City bombing. We conclude with an open letter by Nafeez Ahmed to "Britain's leading violent extremist" - David Cameron. Why does he ignore the leading researchers (including many in his own government) and surround himself instead with deceitful terror "experts" who have spookily close connections to the arms industry and the deep state? I wonder...

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UG#717 - One video, Posted On Youtube (Iran-Contra, Drugs and more Drugs)

18-09-2015 10:26

Wikipedia, that Internet Guardian of the official narrative, does not admit that drug trafficking played a part in the bu$ine$$ of Iran-Contra. In our first hour, first hand testimony about the flying plane loads of cocaine into USA, and how this was connected in a young man's mind to arms dealing, money laundering, serving one's country. In our second hour, a vintage episode of Radio Free America centers on the assassination of Barry Seal, and its relationship to Iran Contra, revealing that even as it was unraveling, some commentators had grasped the relevance of drug smuggling.

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UG#714 - Sowing Dragon's Teeth -The Jerusalem Conference on International Terror

28-08-2015 14:05

Unnoticed and unreported at the time, the July 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism was a seminal event in the history of the "War On Terror". Organised by Benjamin Netanyahu, speakers included George H. W. Bush, Brian Crozier and some of his friends from Le Cercle, academics and deep state actors met to discuss and spin the yarn of the "global war on terror". We begin with a speech on the USA's sponsorship and conscious radicalization of terrorist groups by Nafeez Ahmed and read the first half of an article by Brian Bogart, entitled Sins of Statecraft: The War on Terror Exposed.

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UG#713 - The Deep State in Western Europe, 1972-1986 (The Vicious Cercle...)

13-08-2015 18:50

This week, a range of materials from scholarly articles to YouTube videos sheds some light on the murky world of post-WW2 deep political intrigue in Europe. The NATO run Operation Gladio is our point of departure, but False Flags are just the most dramatic of many forms of psychological warfare. In our second hour we look at an even now relatively little known group called "Le Cercle" which appears to have been actively engaged in similarly Machiavellian political manipulation carried out in many of the self-styled "democracies" of Western Europe.

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Ireland and the Privatization of Water

09-08-2015 16:16

Anti-Water Charge Campaigners’ Victory

Anti-water charge campaigners had a major moral victory over government plans to make the people pay for the financial crisis when Eurostat determined that Irish Water had failed the Market Corporation Test.[1]

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UG#712 - Facing The Failing Culture Of Control - 5 (Deep State Control Freakery)

07-08-2015 15:16

Our series on the failure of control returns to Unwelcome Guests core topics - trying to make sense of deep events and the shady dealings of deep political insiders. Although we cover a wide range of malfeasance, all the material we cover relates more or less directly to various actions by the Deep State. We hear Sander Hicks on a range of Sep. 11th related topics (many of them new to the show), followed by Russ Baker on the Boston Marathon Bombing. We conclude with a recent overview of the deep state from Peter Dale Scott and a short segment from commercially-controlled media noting that even 6 years after the event, no explanation has been forthcoming of the E-4B that flew over the White House on the morning of 9/11.

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UG# #711 - Facing The Failing Culture Of Control - 4 (Sickening Modern Medicine)

28-07-2015 14:23

We review the infamous Tuskeegee syphilis experiment and its even more murderous offshore equivalent, noting that the US government's apology to those affected did not stop it using "sovereign immunity" to block their class action lawsuit - since the deeds occurred outside of the USA. The lead attorney, Piper Hendricks shares her frustration. We conclude with an interview of Toni Bark, host of "Bought, The Movie" on regulatory capture by big pharma of CDC and the difficulty of assessment of the health risks of vaccines in light of the huge amounts of money involved.

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05-06-2015 17:40

Clutton Parish Council is urging developers who want to build in the village to work with it to find suitable sites that will benefit the local community following news that Curo Housing is pulling out of a scheme to build new homes.
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