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UK Repression Feature Archive

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Not just Bricks in the Wall - Manchester builds Solidarity with Palestine

15-07-2003 21:02


Manchester shoppers came face to face with the apartheid West Bank style on Saturday 12 July, when over 200 local activists demonstrated the impact of the huge Security Wall being built by the Israeli Government on Palestinian land.

Building their own wall across Albert Square from cardboard boxes the WALL DOWN! demonstration raised public awareness about the construction of the Security Wall.

Bigger than the Berlin Wall, the planned barrier is 370miles long, 25feet high and 12feet wide. It is being built on the Palestinian side of the 'Green Line' - the armistice line created after the 1967 war, which divides Israel and the Occupied Territories.

There are more photographs of that action here - Video 56k | Photos | High bandwidth Video

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Carlo Vive!

13-07-2003 22:16

The 20th of July will mark the second anniversary of the murder of Carlo Guilani by the Carabinieri (Italian paramilitary police force) during the protests against the G8 summit of Genoa 2001. In those remarkable days, where Berlusconi's goverment gave orders to stop protesters by "whatever force necessary", the independent media centre was brutally attacked by police, resulting with the arrests, tortures, assaults and beatings into coma of many protesters.

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Baku pipeline protest - AMEC Warrington blockaded

11-07-2003 15:35

Early Morning a group of people from the Earth First! and Rising Tide Baku campaigns closed off the entrance to AMEC House in Warrington, Cheshire in protest against the construction company's role in the proposed Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline.

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International Day of Action for Thessaloniki Prisoners

09-07-2003 10:55

Update Saturday 19: Simon, thessaloniki prisoner, has just phoned and said that letters, which DO NOT have a return address on the ENVELOPE will not be delivered to prisoners.
If you want to send a card Simons 30th birthday is the 24th of july.
This new procedure applies to all prisoners.

Update Sunday 13: The greek government has seized the account at the Pireus bank which had been opened to receive fundings for prisoner solidarity (concerning the last EU summit in thessaloniki). It's important to avoid depositing any money into it, and to wait for more updates before sending more funds. Meanwhile for financial support please contact:

Update Saturday 12: On Thursday, 10th of July Solidartiy actions so far known of, were taking place in London, Brussels, Graz, Athens, Thessaloniki, Madrid, Bilbao, Torino, Rome, and Buenes Aires.

Update Friday 11: Letter received from Simon Chapman from Thessaloniki's prison.

Thursday, July 10, will mark an international day of solidarity with the eight protestors arrested and imprisoned after demonstrations against the European Union summit in Thessaloniki three weeks ago. In London, supporters will gather at 3 pm at the Greek tourism office and the Greek airline, on Conduit Street, to raise awareness about the injustice being perpetrated by the Greek government.

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Noborder Camp in Krynki, Poland

06-07-2003 11:14

On the 30. Juni 2003 a demonstration took place against borders, deportations and the new visa-regulations in Warsaw, Poland.
This noborder demo in Warsaw on June 30 ended with 16 arrests for a short time.
A website with templates for appeals to authorities and more info was prepared.

The demo ended a noborder conference and an International Anarchist Meeting preceding the Krynki bordercamp which started on June 2nd.

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Martin Shaw leaves hospital after one month

06-07-2003 10:44

Aubonne Bridge- Gesine
Martin Shaw, who has been injured during a non violent direct action at the Anti-G8 Protests in Lausanne, near Evian, has been released from hospital.
In a press conference, new video material was presented, which demonstrated the neglicence of the police at the scene.

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Cambridge Day X accused walk free!

02-07-2003 21:48

The three day trial, concerning four activists' actions on the day war broke out (Day X), finished today with all charges against them being dropped. They were arrested in relation to the massive sit-in [1| 2 ] that took place in Cambridge on the 20th of March, the first day of the invasion of Iraq.

The charges of willful obstruction of the highway and assault were dropped by the district judge after the prosecution made its case. Out of the 24 people arrested on March 20th, most were not charged, while other received cautions or had their charges dropped.

More arrests during anti-war actions, with charges dropped in Oxford.

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Fallout From Recent Protests - Solidarity Update

01-07-2003 18:40

warsaw - women on waves
A noborder demo in Warsaw on June 30 ended with 16 arrests. A website with templates for appeals to authorities and more info is prepared. The demo ended a noborder conference and an International Anarchist Meeting preceding the Krynki bordercamp which starts on June 2nd.
A Financial Call for people arrested and injured during the Evian G8 Protests was sent out.
The Uk supporters for people held in prison following the EU summit in Thessaloniki are sending regular updates [Update #2 | Update #3].

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Women on Waves - Fighting for the Right of Abortion

26-06-2003 23:00

warsaw - women on waves
The ship from "Women on Waves" (WOW, polish: Kobiety na Falach), arrived the 22nd of june in the harbour of Wladyslawowo. Polish women organisations celebrated the arrival of the floating abortion clinic. Beforehand the landing of the ship was prevented by the authorities.
At the same time abortion enemies attacked the ship with eggs, bottles and stones. The authorities have searched the ship and sealed all drugs.

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Thessaloniki - 8 Prisoners Remanded

25-06-2003 19:13

On 25 June, a court hearing took place against 8 protesters who were arrested during the demonstrations against the Thessaloniki EU Summit on June 22. A British protester, and 6 other people from Greece, Spain and Syria will be remanded in custody for the next three months until their cases are dealt in Court.
They were charged on three separate counts, all of which carry sentences ranging from 7 to 25 years in prison.

Supporters are calling for a protest at the Greek Embassy in London on Saturday 28th June, 2PM. Reports [1 | 2 | 3].

Update #3 | Update #2 | Support for Simon (UK) and Jonathan (US) | Anarchist Call | Situation in Thess Prison | International Solidarity Group

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Oxford peace activists seem to be winning the legal battle

25-06-2003 13:25

Coming out free...
Update: Charges of obstruction of the highway against Anna and David have been dropped. However, the case of another Oxford activist accused of causing 8,333 pounds worth of damage to the main gates of USAF Fairford has been transferred to Cirencester Magistrates Court.

Toby and Phil, the 'B-52 Two', were granted bail Friday the 20th and finally have their freedom! Charged with conspiracy to cause criminal damage when they tried to disarm a B52 warplane at RAF Fairford in March 2003, they pleaded not guilty as they acted lawfully to uphold international law. The Gloucester Crown Court will make a judgement on the legality of the war on 19 September.

Several other people with Fairford related cases had good news also. Two Oxford activists were offered bindovers in place of charges of aggravated trespass, a citizen from Oxford pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal damage and aggravated trespass - the case was adjourned, and two others had their charges of criminal damage to the main gate of Fairford completely dropped. Mysteriously the gate -related charge of another Oxford activist is still being pursued and was adjourned for the time being.

* The "B-52 Two" WEBSITE
* pictures of Phil and Tobi getting out of jail
* video of a vigil held by supporters of Phil and Tobi outside Gloucester Prison
* Prisoners for Peace website

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Peace activist on trial.

25-06-2003 12:08

On the 10th of march 2003, Danish peace activist and grandmother, Ulla Roder, was arrested for damaging a Tornado war-plane at RAF leuchers in Fife so it couldn't be used in an attack on Iraq.
Other Tornados from Leuchers were involved in the bombing of Iraq using cluster bombs and radioactive Depleted Uranium.
Ulla is currently on remand in Cornton Vale Prison, and her trial will start soon.

More information under these links:
Free Ulla Campaign
Trident Ploughshares
Scottish CND

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Summary of legal update in Thessaloniki

24-06-2003 23:28

Latest reports from the legal team state all 22 accused of minor charges are already or will be released tomorrow.

The 2 Austrians have been released on Tuesday morning, one of the Spanish activists is due to be released tomorrow, the US cititzen has apparantly been released on bail and then been rearrested for deportation, whilst trying to fetch his personal belongings.

However, due to the mainstream media hype and political pressure in Greece, all remaining minor accusations were changed into major offences, with charges constantly changing.

According to reports, all prisoners have been tortured in jail, all of them were beaten up, some had parts of their hair pulled out. One person was treated in hospital because of a leg injury, all others were not allowed to see a doctor, although rips of one person have been broken.

First solidarity actions for the prisoners have been taking place, such as the occupation of the greek embassy in Berlin, a solidarity demonstration in Graz, Austria and an antirepression demonstration in Milan. More solidarity actions in Berlin, Barcelona,Graz, Vienna, London and elsewhere are announced and called for.

Already, on Monday, the legal team has issued an urgent call and momentarily still continues to search for witnesses, film and photo material to prove that the police assignes self-produced, fake evidence to the accused.
The other 8 activists, accussed of major offences, were brought in front of the magistrate on Wednesday. It was decided, that 7 of them have to remain in prison. Amongst them are 4 internationals, one Briton, one Spanish and one Syrian, whom awaits the death penality if deported to Syria. All the other 3 activists are greek. In front of the court building an solidarity demonstration including banner drops, took place.

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Amazonian Indigenous Communities Face Violent Military Opposition

07-06-2003 23:00

The Ecuadorian Government threatens to use public force in order to initiate petrol activities in oil concession block 23 and block 24 in the Amazonian region. This is a clear threat against the indigenous peoples that since ancient times inhabit the Ecuadorian Amazon, and specifically the territories of Pastaza and Morona Santiago provinces. Fierce opposition to oil development in the region by the indigenous communities forced the American-based energy company Burlington Resources to declare force majeure in its contract with the host government.

The oil company is required to consult with local population as a condition for its concession contract, but so far, the indigenous communities have refused to participate in such consultations, and prevented the company from moving ahead with exploration plans. A court injunction filed by FIPSE (Independent Federation of the Shuar People of Ecuador) requires the company to engage with the organisation as the authorized representative of Shuar and communities.

Now, the Ecuadorian Government threatens to use military force in order to initiate petrol activities in ancestral Shuar land, in a clear threat against the indigenous peoples and nationalities that inhabit the Ecuadorian Amazon. The governor of Pastaza, Mr. Fernando OrdoÒez, stated to the daily newspaper El Universo that "the decision of the regime is to initiate the petrol activity in the blocks number 23 and 24 even it has to use the public force" (El Universo, page 16, section El PaÌs, May 29 2003). In the same manner, insisted in that "the Government will not take one step back in the petrol policy".
Read entire feature
Click here to send letters of protest to the Ecuadorian Government.

More info and background:
[ | Sarayacu | | CONAIE]

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International Activists Deported - ISM Office Raided - Increased Restrictions To Enter Gaza

15-05-2003 22:00

Over the last few days there has been increased repression towards Internationalists in Gaza. The office of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) was raided on Friday [Reports 1 | 2 | 3] resulting in the arrest of the those present. An American and an Australian activist from Human Rights Watch have already been deported, and Nick, an activist from Scotland is held since Thursday by the Israel Security Forces. He is likely to be deported soon. Alice, an activist from London, is also arrested and might be held for longer.

Nick and Alice are being held as part of the overall execution of a plan to remove the presence of Internationals from the West Bank and Gaza. Both have been deported back to Britain on Tuesady, 13.5.2003. In a new development, activists arriving to the Israeli border controls are presented with a new Visa form to fill out. This effectivly clears Israel of all responsibility in the event of an International activists being injured or killed whilst in the West Bank and Gaza. In addition, the form also forces the International activists to sign away basic human rights and legal protection.

Latest reports and updates:
• Update on the situation on Sunday 11th.
• Nick and Alice being held: Saturday 10th and Friday 9th reports.
• Electronic Intifada article about new document to be signed.
• Increased repression of ISM international activists
• ISM workers arrested; including Charlotte's letter to The Guardian.
• Latest activists reports
• Description and history of ISM.

[IMC-Jerusalem | [IMC-Israel | [Electronic Intifada | [New Profile]

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Pict Defence Force: There Is No Scotland - Only Aberforth!

11-05-2003 22:00

The Latest News From Occupied Scotland

1. Text of interview with Pict Defence Force spokesperson:
May 9th, 2003 (19 Pitn, 2542 in old money)
(Pict Defence Force spokesperson, flanked by members of its political wing, emphasises a point at an interview given to various press agencies at a secure location in Aberforth ("Edinburgh") on May 9th, 2003, corresponding to 19 Pitn, 2542

[ read more.. | picture ]

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Scottish human right observer under arrest and to be deported from Gaza!

09-05-2003 23:00

Nick from Scotland, and his friend Alice, are currently held by Security Forces in Israel.
They were arrested at 8:30 PM on Thursday evening, May 8, 2003.
Their phones were temporarily confiscated, giving them no means of contacting friends, activists, or lawyers.
However, the activists called the British Embassy to inform them of the detention.
No formal charges have been brought against them, but they were told to be under arrest, although there are no grounds for legal action against them.
Nick and Alice are being held as part of the overall execution of a plan to remove Internationals from the West Bank and Gaza.
Another condition to enter Gaza is to fill in a form, which absolves Israel of all responsibility in the case an International is injured or killed and in addition forces the Internationals to waive all basic rights.

[ report on Friday | update on Saturday | update on Sunday ]

For further info:
Palestine Solidarity

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Legal Proceedings About The Murder Of Carlo Giuliani Closed

07-05-2003 22:00

In the afternoon of May 5th a sense of indignation took over Genoa and the rest of Italy, as the Italian judge Elena Daloisio decided to close the enquire against Mario Placanica, the policeman of the paramilitary police force (Carabinieri) who shot Carlo Giuliani - the young protester at the G8 summit of Genoa 2001. The official reasons why this murder won't be prosecuted are because the policeman was allegedly defending himself, and also, under the article 53 of the Italian criminal code, this is a case of "legitimate use of weapons". This will possibly constitute a dangerous legal escape for any member of the security forces that in future similar situations may commit "legalised" murder because of "acting on duty". The closure of the case will not only put an end to the investigation around the murder of Giuliani but it will also mean that the responsibilities of those who were in charge of public order in Piazza Alimonda will be ignored. At the same time, it could also become a touchstone to the remaining open cases against those responsible for the repression, illegal detentions, beatings and torture that took place during and after the anti-G8 demonstrations of Genoa 2001.

After the Carabinieri's acquittal his lawyer happily stated that "Placanica will go on working as a good policeman", noting that "none of the officers of the police forces involved in this enquiry have been found guilty or condemned", even though they have been accused of lying in court or have repeatedly been trying to avoid giving testimony in front of a judge. Meanwhile Heidi Giuliani, Carlo's mother, stated that "It is difficult for us to comment upon this sentence right now. Although we have always expected something like this to happen it still hurts very much. I'd like to say that we are not scared of the truth, although others evidently are". The Genoa Social Forum has called for videos, photos and testimonies whilst stating that "Genoa will not stop here". Different social initiatives in Italy have declared themselves against this unacceptable legal decision, and an international day of protest against the ruling has been called on Saturday 10 May.

• Read entire feature from IMC-Global.
• New photographic evidence of Carlo's murder from Sherwood Comunicazione.
• Read eyewitness account of Giuliani's murder from the Wombles website.
More info: Indymedia-Italy

Full article

Peace Protesters still active!

09-04-2003 22:00

In Scotland anti war actions are still taking place nearly every day, despite the police tactics getting more and more restrictive for the protesters. On Thursday 3rd of april the autonomous demonstration suceeded in blocking an Esso garage for about an hour, following on from the demonstration a week earlier on the 27th of april.
On Friday the school students suceeded in blocking the traffic with a sit-in before marching of in a cordon of police to the American embassy. Friday saw also a mass mave-in of posters and postcards as a solidarity action for a protester, who was arrested alongside with others on the anti-war demo the 22nd of march for his design of the American flag.
An anti-war exhibition by local artists also opened on Friday, to be seen untill the 13th of april, in the Roxy Art House.
On Saturday, activists went to protest in front of the BP headquaters in Grangemeouth, Fife.
Peace Vigils were also held on Monday, 7th of april in front of the US consulate. The next women's vigil will take place on Saturday, 12th of april Night outside City Chambers on Royal Mile from 9-10pm.
More actions are also to take place on Wednesday,9th of april, when Glasgow activists have announced a demonstration, starting off at Kelvinbridge Underground at 5pm to march to BBC studios, Queen Margaret Drive.
On Saturday, 12th of april, another mass demonstration will take place in Glasgow and in London, following on from the one on the 29th of march.

Full article

Direct action against GM crop trials

25-03-2003 23:00

Three anti-GM activists had their convictions for pulling up GM crops quashed in the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Saturday. The crops, genetically modified oil seed rape, were pulled up as part of a protest at Boghall farm in Midlothian. The convictions were quashed four years to the day after the action.
More details

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