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UK Repression Feature Archive

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Indymedia photographer arrested by armed officers

30-03-2006 14:22

On Saturday 18th March photographer and serial Indymedia contributor Alan Lodge - or Tash - was arrested after taking photos of armed police in public. Tash denied the charge of wilfully obstructing a police officer at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Monday March 27. Defending solicitor Paul Dhami told the court: "The officers took exception to his presence, and one took it upon himself to physically impede Tash and then arrested him." The arrest came only weeks after Nottingham police issued guidelines to their officers reminding them to respect journalists' rights.

Recent topics covered by Tash include: Council workers on strike 1 + 2, Nottingham's new rinky dinky, the campaign against incinerator expansion, Ashbourne's Shrovetide 'Mob' football and surveillance of Nottingham city centre.

Links: NUJ backs photographer in press freedom case | All articles published by Alan on Indymedia since 2003 | Previous article on Notts Indymedia about the incident | Guidelines for police and media at incidents | NUJ Freelance - May06 Defend the Nottingham One! | Trial Date now set for hearing at Nottingham Magistrates

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Worldwide Anti-War Protests: March 18th Reports

22-03-2006 10:19

Saturday 18th March was an International Day of Mobilisation against the war and occupation in Iraq, marking the three year anniversary of the war (see call from WSF Assembly of the Movements). Over the weekend of the 18th hundreds of demonstrations took place throughout the world demanding to end to the occupation of Iraq, and protesting against a possible attack on Iran.

In London, the Stop The War coalition said 80 - 100,000 people marched through the streets, however as usual there was disagreement over numbers with the police saying the turnout was as low as 15,000 (a figure which was then printed in mainstream media across the world). See reports and pictures from London [1 | 2 | 3 | 4]. The march sparked some personal commentary about the day and the tactics [ Brian B | riot act | Jo Wilding ]. Locally protests also took place in Glasgow, Newcastle and Dublin.

In the US tens of thousands took part in protests across the country (500 demonstrations were scheduled). For news, pictures and video see the following Indymedia reports: Rallies & Marches: Akron, OH 1 2 | Albuquerque | Arlington, TX | Ashland, OR | Binghamton | Boston 1 2 | Chicago | Colorado Springs | Columbus 1 2 | Concord, NH | Connecticut | DC | Eugene | Fayetteville, AK | Fresno | Houston | Kansas City | Los Angeles | Milwaukee | Minneapolis/St.Paul | Nashville | New Hampshire | New York | Olympia | Orange County 1 2 | Pittsburgh | Phoenix | Philadelphia | Portland | Rochester | San Diego | San Francisco Bay Area | Santa Barbara | Santa Cruz | Seattle | Springfield, Mass | Tuscon, AZ | Vancouver, WA | Vermont | Worcester
Civil Disobedience: Boston, MA: Demonstrators visit several ROTC Offices | Eugene, OR: Civil Resistance activists arrested after sit-ins | Lakewood, OH: Arrests at Lakewood Military Recruitment Center | Lansing, MI: Five Arrested at Lansing Military Recruitment Center | Los Angeles, CA: Eight Arrests at Senator Feinstein's Office -1 -2 | Portland, OR: 19 Arrested while Delivering Anti-War Petitions to Senator Wyden's Office | Washington, DC protesters target Halliburton, Bechtel, and Carslyle

Indymedia Centres around the world collected reports of demonstrations from hundreds, to thousands of people. In Germany the demands were often broadened to include protests against repression and or the liberty of political prisoners.

Worldwide IMC reports: Estrecho: Sevilla, Córdoba | Maritimes: Halifax feature and photos, Fredericton | Ontario: London, Toronto, Windsor | Ottawa Video | BC Vancouver | Winnipeg Victoria | Alacant | Barcelona: 1 2 | Bruxelles: 1 2 3 4 | West-Vlaanderen | Bulgaria | Cyprus: Greek English | Euskal Herria: Ermua | Ireland: Dublin | Germany: Berlin, Duisburg, Trier, Tübingen | Italia: Roma, Palermo, Saronno and Gorizia | Nederland: Amsterdam | Norge | Polska: Warszawa English report and photos, Wrocław, Wa-wa, Poznań | Portugal: Lisboa | Scotland: Glasgow | Switzerland: Feature, Ginevra | Brasil: 1 2 3 | Peru: Lima | Puerto Rico | Aotearoa: Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland | Perth

In the Arab world, demonstrations took place in Basra and the Syrian capital Damascus. Smaller ones took place in Beirut, Cairo and other Arab cities. In the Tunisian city of Sfax, police stormed into a crowd of about 3,000 people and beat them with batons and truncheons, injuring at least 20.

See also: [Infoshop] Global Protests Mark Iraq War Anniversary | [A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition] Initial Reports on March 18 Antiwar Actions | corporate media coverage [ 1 | 2 ] | Indymedia UK March 18th Section

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Freedom On Trial

19-03-2006 19:08

Milan Rai and Maya Evans outside court

Thursday 16th March 2006: Milan Rai of the peace group Justice not Vengeance was on trial in Bow Street Magistrates Court for organising the two-person remembrance ceremony at which Maya Evans was arrested in October 2005. See rikki’s video of Milan & Maya’s arrest & a report of Thursday’s trial, as well as a video interview with Maya from Thursday.

The Crime: Milan was on trial for ‘organising an unauthorised demonstration in the vicinity of Parliament’. He notified the police of the demonstration over a week in advance, but he refused to ‘seek permission’ from them as required under a new law, the ‘Serious Organised Crime and Police Act’ , [SOCPA.pdf] Milan and Maya’s lawyer’s are fighting the case by suggesting that SOCPA is incompatible with the European Convention of Human Rights' Article’s 10 & 11, which gives every person freedom to speech, and freedom to peacefully assemble with others.

In October 2005, there was a mass protest against the SOCPA Exclusion Zone by Critical Mass, and many people feel that free speech in Britain is being seriously undermined, [IMC report].

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Festival and talks to rally support for twinning Nottingham with Jenin in Palestine

14-03-2006 17:08

Festival poster Colour

The Nottingham Palestine Solidarity Campaign group have decided to show its solidarity with the people of Jenin by establishing friendship links between the two cities with the eventual aim of twinning. The first step is to send representatives from Nottingham to the UK Palestine Twinning Conference to make links with the University, with schools, with Trade Unions and with local people in Jenin.

There are 2 events leading up to these representatives going out to Jenin , both of which hope to Raise awareness of the issues and realities of Occupation in Palestine – especially in Jenin and to raise funds to make this Link between these cities Possible: There is a ‘Solidarity Festival’ 12noon - 11pm, on the 25th March of Music, films, poetry, art, workshops, food and fun being held hat the Sneinton Community Centre (Old School Hall) and there is a ‘Evening for Palestine’ 7pm, Thursday 30th March being held at the Kashmir Centre – live music – Palestine Dinner and Yvonne Ridley Speaking.

'Building bridges in Palestine' - party and exhibition - Middle East Party - Sunday 19th March, Wax Bar, Broad Street, Nottingham, 4-8pm. An exhibition of drawings, photographs and paintings from Palestine by Paul Gent + speakers. Live music from long Journey Home. Exhibition runs from 5th - 24th march 2006

Links: Download 'Evening for Palestine' flyer (PDF) | Building bridges in Palestine - party and exhibition | Palestine Eye Witness Reports and UK/Palestine Twinning | Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Wikipedia on Jenin | How to get to the Old School Hall

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Swiss Police Acquitted in Aubonne Bridge Trial

18-02-2006 13:21

Martin and Gesine outside Nyon's court with a clear message.

On the 13th, 14th, 15th of February 2006 a court case against two Swiss police officers took place in Nyon, Switzerland. Michael Deiss and Claude Poget were charged with causing bodily harm through negligence. They were in court after nearly killing climbers Martin Shaw and Gesine Wenzel during the protests against the G8 in Evian. On Friday 17 February the verdict of this private prosecution came through with an acquittal of the two policemen [Read verdict press release by Martin and Gesine]. Following this verdict, the activists announced that they will appeal against this whitewash of police violence.

In June 2003, an affinity group blockaded the Aubonne Bridge with a climbing action in order to stop a G8 delegation from reaching the summit in Evian. The police cut the climbing rope. As a result both activists were seriously injured, specially Martin Shaw who spent one month in hospital and sustained irreversible injuries. See video and a Photo strory of the event.

Other recent newswire reports: Report of day 3 of the trial | Statement by the Aubonne Support Group on the court proceedings | Activists walk out of court after verdict | Activists appeal against whitewash of police violence.

More information: Aubonne Bridge Campaign | IMC-UK Evian G8 page | PigBrother Live Show

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Fury grows over suspicious death during police raid

12-02-2006 16:50

Making sure....

On January 10th West Yorkshire Police raided a house in Plumstead, South East London, looking for a suspect in connection with the shooting of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky. Allegedly the robbers who shot the Pc have links to the Somali community in the Woolwich/Plumstead area. When the police raided the house, alone inside was Nuur Saeed who was unconnected to the accused but later found outside seriously injured. It seems he fell head first from a second story balcony. He died on January 22nd from a massive brain injury.

Back in August another young black man died In Bradford in unclear circumstances. Paul Coker died on the floor of a cell in Plumstead nick. His mother and sister attended a large demonstration at the police station where several hundred people gathered to express their anger over Nuur Saeed's death. "They are experiencing the same unaccountable wall of silence that the de Menezes family are so angry about. The family of Nuur Saeed have all this to come." Right now they are still coming to terms with the death of a loved one. His friends and the local community are furious.

Article with photos and report of the demonstration

Links: Police network tracks vehicles [in Beshenivsky case] | Justice for Nuur Saeed | Family wants truth about how Nuur Saeed died | Justice for Nuur Saeed Campaign launched

Other Media: Somalis protest over death during police raid | Somali community demands justice for Nuur Saeed | Scores protest at police station | Protesters demand truth after fatal fall

Related events: Pig Brother Live Show UK Tour - a survey of police violence, weapons, their effects and why they usually get away with it. Live multimedia show pus speakers Ken Fero and Brenda Weinberg, Chris Alexander of the Azelle Rodney Campaign and people from the Jean Charles Campaign. 1st date: 17th Feb 7.30pm 15 rampart street E1 2LA

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Witnesses Give Evidence in Genoa Diaz Trial

05-02-2006 16:00

On 25th January the last out of eight British witnesses (and one from New Zealand) gave their testimonies about the bloody night time raid of the Genoa Social Forum and Diaz schools in Genoa during the 2001 G8 Protests. The trial of 29 police officers (including many senior ones) for various crimes of brutality and fabricating evidence has been running now since April 2005. The first witnesses gave evidence just over three months ago and it's expected that this phase of the trial will last until the early summer. In the raid on the Diaz school over 90 people were arrested. Over 60 people suffered injuries after police savagely beat people, some still in their sleeping bags - 31 people were taken to hospital, three of them in a critical state. Some are still receiving medical treatment. Running in parallel is also the trial of yet more police and others accused of beating protestors who were held at the Bolzanetto detention centre after the protests and the raid.

Reports of British Diaz Testimonies: [ one | two | three | four ]
Indymedia Global feature | BBC witness article | More4 News Video
Witness Video Interviews [ Sam Buchanan | Mark Covell | Hamish Campbell ]
Original Testimonies from Norman Blair, Sam Buchanan and Dan McQuillan
Supporto Legale (eng) | Indymedia Italy Genoa Pages

Meanwhile in Switzerland the trial of policemen accused of cutting the climbing rope of Martin Shaw during the Evian 2004 G8 protests will take place in Nyon on 13th-15th February, with several events focusing on G8 and repression taking place alongside (for more see February 4th saw an Activist Trauma Network Gathering in London. The network was formed as a positive response to repression, to provide support and advice.

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Eviction of Dalkeith Park Bypass Protesters has started

20-01-2006 00:00

top site: taking down the tree house

The first tree-sitters have been cut loose from their oaks on Monday at Dalkeith Country Park, south of Edinburgh, Scotland.
The top site of the four sites strong anti-road building resistance has been cleared by the specialised climbers of the National Eviction Team from Swansea with a 70 people strong team under the lead of the Sheriff Officers, supported by additional 30 policemen to protect the fenced off site from protesters, bystanders and the media.
The other three protest sites inside the Dalkeith Country Park are scheduled to be cleared in the next days, if not weeks - the Scottish Executive plans to spend two to five weeks on the eviction of the protesters estimated to cost £1.4m in total.
[ Imc Scotland | Save Dalkeith Park | pictures of eviction | reports: 1,2,3, | Directions to protest sites | Call for Public Inquiry into A68 Dalkeith Bypass | Interview with Mark Ballard, Green MSP | Interview with Friends of the Earth | Interview with Scottish Natural Heritage | Short film]

other anti-road building campaigns in Scotland:
[Friends of the Earth Legal challenge of M74 | JAM74 - Joint Action Against Motorway 74 | Bilston Woods Protest Camp | No Alignment Action Group NAAG | Road Alert - Scotland ]

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Brighton campaigners to march on US Embassy

15-01-2006 15:41

A BRIGHTON campaign is taking part in a national march on the American Embassy to call for justice for British residents held in Guantanamo Bay, the US concentration camp in Cuba.

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Stop the UN's Plans for a New Massacre in Haiti

13-01-2006 21:36

Reports from Aaron Lakoff and Leslie Bragg on the situation in Haiti in the run up to the Elections .

Urgent Action Alert from the Haiti Action Committee As UN's Brazilian commander is found shot dead on his hotel balcony…New UN massacres in Cite Soleil could come any day now. Be on the alert. The situation in Haiti is dangerous and moving fast. There is the realistic fear that a repeat of the massacre which left 23 dead in July 2005 is imminent.

For background on the UN Massacre in July 2005.

Read a report from political prisoner So Anne Auguste, a Haitian folk singer imprisoned since the UN Massacres July 05.

Read about the UN oppression of the people of Cite Soley.

Listen to an audio report from Cite Soley of relatives of people murdered this week by the Ministuh.

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Japanese Whaling Ship rams Greenpeace vessel

09-01-2006 11:23

After three days of obstructing the whale hunt by placing inflatable zodiacs between whales and the harpoon, the Nisshin Maru rammed the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise. The whalers are counter claiming their ship was rammed by Greenpeace. The collision ocurred in the Australian Antarctic Territory in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The Nisshin Maru has continued north at full speed, with three conservationists ships in pursuit, including the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel, the Farley Mowat.

Article with more photos: Japanese Whaling Ship rams Greenpeace vessel in Southern Whale Sanctuary

Links: Previous feature article on Global Indymedia | Melbourne Indymedia | Sea Shepherd website | Greenpeace website | Video of Greenpeace statement | Sea Shepherd News Release

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Police escalates offensive crackdown culture poster drive

09-12-2005 14:05

Nottingham Police, allied with authoritarians at the local council and the Home Office, have been wasting taxpayers' money on a wave of offensive posters intended to terrorise dissidents and the socially excluded. This campaign has escalated with attempts to terrorise those involved in subvertising the posters.

Recent instances have included the return of the especially sinister anti-begging campaign, where the state spreads slanderous accusations accusing beggars of bankrolling drug dealers. This campaign has been connected in previous years to deaths of homeless people in cold weather, and to physical assaults on homeless people due to incitement by the posters. The campaign even led to violence and reduced revenue for Big Issue vendors who are engaged in an entirely legal activity.

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Colombian union activist speaks out about Coca Cola

28-11-2005 18:26

death in a can

Euripides Jance has worked for Coca-Cola in Colombia for 21 years in Barranquilla, a major city on the Caribbean coast. He also works for Colombia's food and drink union Sinaltrainal and is coming to Nottingham on the 1st of December to do a talk on the Boycott Coke Campaign.

Barranquilla is a city under paramilitary control. In 2002, a Coke worker and Sinaltrainal member was assassinated there, and in July 2005, 4 students who were involved in a protest outside the Coke plant were kidnapped and tortured by paramilitaries. Like all Sinaltrainal activists in the city, Euripides works in the constant shadow of violence. Colombia is the most dangerous country in the world for trade unionists. In 2001 at least 160 trade union leaders and activists were murdered, including two key colleagues from UNISON’s sister union - the municipal worker’s union SINTRAEMCALI. Many other trade unionists were abducted, ‘disappeared’ or received death threats.

PUBLIC MEETING: Thursday 1st Dec, 7.30pm, The Mechanics, 3 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham

Links: Boycott Coke Campaign | Colombia Solidarity Campaign | Map to The Mechanics | Previous Indymedia feature article on Coca Cola and the situation in Colombia | Colombia Indymedia

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Dalkeith Park Tree-Sit Under Eviction Threat!

23-11-2005 19:40

Update 25.11.2005: The judge granted an immediate eviction order in the court case "Occupiers of Dalkeith Country Park vs. Scottish Ministers" in Edinburgh's Sheriff Court on Friday.
Eviction is anticipated to take place anytime from now on. Campaigners pledge for more people to come now to help them. .

Report, 23.11.2005 Nearly three weeks ago, protesters set-up a tree-sit in Dalkeith County Park near Edinburgh to protest the creation of a new A68 bypass through the park, an important wildlife habitat and tourist attraction.
Yesterday, authorities cut five trees down before being stopped by protesters.

For more information:

[ Original Call for Support | Press Release and Directions to Treesit | Pictures of Tree-sit in Dalkeith | october feature | Save Dalkeith Park! website | Bilston Woods Protest Camp]

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Justice vs Revenge: the failure of the CJS

16-11-2005 11:10

Sea Lane Ingoldmells
Last week the driver of a bus which killed 5 people from Nottingham and Leicester was sentenced to 5 years in prison. The driver was quilty of no more than being human and the judge's verdict fails leaves us all vulnerable.

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Peaceful Land Occupations Violently Attacked by Colombian State Forces

15-11-2005 19:57

Project "Freedom for Mother Earth" was started this year on October 12th, when indigenous communities occupied idle farms in Cauca, southwest Colombia, accusing the far-right government of breaking promises to provide them with land. The State responded by refusing to negotiate until they leave and for over a week now have been attacking the occupied El Japio farm with hundreds of troops and at least ten tanks. 16 year-old Belisario Camallo Guetoto was killed on November 10th and many more have been wounded and arrested. Solidarity emails have been called for to help prevent further violent attacks.

12th October is traditionally celebrated in Colombia as "Columbus Day," but has been renamed "Day of Indigenous Resistance" by social movements across the continent. This year there were massive mobilisations across the country against President Uribe and his proposed "Free Trade" agreements, and solidarity actions also happened internationally, including a picket in London. Naomi Klein recently wrote about the Cauca indigenous communities (who reject both sides of Colombia's long-running civil war), describing the land occupations and how they are protected by the Indigenous Guard, who "patrol their territory armed only with sticks."

Updated info (in Spanish) | Colombian Embassy contact info

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Police threat to woodland protest

25-10-2005 10:32

SUSSEX Police have mounted what looks like a politically motivated campaign against protesters fighting the 875-home housing development and road widening at Titnore Woods, Durrington.

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Successful Anarchist Bookfair Marred by Police Attack

24-10-2005 16:02

Thousands of people crammed into the London Voluntary Resource Center in Holloway Road for the 22nd annual Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 22 October. As usual people came together to buy and trade books, films, t-shirts, stickers, gossip, and new directions for the anarchist movement in Britain and beyond. About three dozen meetings and seminars took place throughout the day, on subjects such as precarious labour conditions, no-borders and migration issues, anarchism in film, housing co-operatives, and the proposed National ID card scheme.

After the bookfair had ended, a small incident took place in a pub nearby. As a result, large numbers of police arrived at the scene pushing and kicking anyone that was in the street, thus escalating the situation. Additional riot police quickly moved in, closing off to southbound traffic for more than 40 minutes, which caused huge disruption in the area. During the fray, an Indymedia photographer taking pictures was knocked to the ground, handcuffed, and arrested. He and the other 6 detainees were finally released on bail on Sunday evening after spending around 24 hours in police cells. [Call for eyewitness statements, video and photographic evidence]

Reports, photos and comments: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Full article | 5 comments

Successful Anarchist Bookfair Marred by Police Attack

23-10-2005 17:32

Thousands of people crammed into the London Voluntary Resource Center in Holloway Road for the 22nd annual Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 22 October. As usual people came together to buy and trade books, films, t-shirts, stickers, gossip, and new directions for the anarchist movement in Britain and beyond. About three dozen meetings and seminars took place throughout the day, on subjects such as precarious labour conditions, no-borders and migration issues, anarchism in film, housing co-operatives, and the proposed National ID card scheme.

The after-bookfair drinks at the Coronet pub down the street, were abruptly terminated just before 7pm. After some people started playing their own music in the pub, the management closed the place on police advise. Leaving the pub, people were confronted by police officers. One person was arrested. Some attempted to de-arrest the person. More police vans arrived, baton-charges down Holloway Road followed. [ Reports & pics 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

Seven people, including an indymedia journalist, were detained or arrested. All of them were released on bail on Sunday evening [report]. A call for evidence including eyewitness statements, video and photo footage went out.

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Derbyshire police go over the top again

23-10-2005 08:32

It would appear that Derbyshire police is going to use the usual tactic of over policing a peaceful event and hamper anyone who tries to have a lawful protest. Despite the organisers liaising with the local police authority over the anti-Trident work being carried out at Rolls Royce factory, this Monday, Derbyshire Police have applied and got a Section 14 order from the local council. See police statement.

Previously Derbyshire police used Section 14 to control protests at the G8 ministerial meeting in March. According to the local rag there were "A thousand officers from 23 forces" and "policing the event was expected to cost between £1m and £2m", since there were perhaps 100 protestors it cost around £20,000 per protestor...

Photos of the event: [1] [2]

More Photos: [Protests at Nottingham University careersfair [inc Rolls-Royce, CAT etc]]

Links: East Midlands CND | Invitation to join blockade | Previous blockades at Rolls Royce: January 2003 - February 2003 - June 2003 | Rolls Royce Blockaders Found Guilty | Previous protests in Derby: M17 Section 13 and 14 Notices - G8 Clampdown in Derby - Abuse of police powers in Derby

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