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Has Australia Suffered a Covert Military Coup?

Internationalist Observer | 24.10.2014 15:10 | Analysis | Anti-Nuclear | Energy Crisis | World

The incident was an independent response to the censorship case discussed here and resonated with the description of the self-referential nature of body politics for a group of people whose constellation resembles the human organism: If the Islamic state censors beyond the lines drawn by its internationalist base, it is stealing from the people and the “executive body part” involved in it is to be looked at. The execution of someone wrapped in an IS flag that recently was disrupted by Australia´s military-industrial complex and triggered the largest police state quake in the history of the colony apparently was meant to write with the blood of an easily available victim the comment to Mosul that such behaviour was inappropriate. Yet while the message from the Southern continent got out, it was not implemented since as a result of spying the people involved were taken prisoners by the capitalist state in an unprecedented instance of “victimless crime.” Since then, the Canberra regime has been weighed by the temptation to persecute someone who has not done anything more than a cop who places a bullet into the wrong direction at the wrong time as an alleged terrorist, and as a result thereof such symptoms of internal discomfort could be observed as the threat to imprison people who identify spies by their names or frictions between troops and spies over subordination issues. Already since the sudden cabinet resignation at the peak of the NSA runaway affair, and the ensuing degradation in a conservative cesspool trampled by a surge of Unitedstates occupation troops, Australia has politically appeared like the broken clock that is right twice a day but no one can tell when. Yet since Julian Assange of Wikileaks called health emergency this summer to get out of the London siege, this appears to have changed and the Southern continent presents itself more like a lost watch where total desertification by runaway climate change is likely to be expected earlier than anywhere else.

The full anamnesis should begin with an understanding what Australia is. The third carriage of industrialisation, behind the European and North American ones and in front of the less assimilated colonial legacy, or “Third World” if one comes to look at it from within the “New World” ideology of it, has been built as a colonial prison around an indigenous population whose vulnerability to invasion had only been protected by its isolation. Up to the current day the social divide between the Aboriginal people and the invaders who mentally still have one foot in the first or second class of the industrialisation train but came to outnumber the former is an unresolved matter, and even though some elements of the foreign population relate to social movements in the first two compartments, incoming imperialist military occupation has not been repelled with the same spirit of independence as elsewhere in the region. Even in the Southern half of Korea there was more opposition to the insertion of occupation troops, presumably because the Canberra regime is complicit in the looting of its own territory such as if it still was an appendix of a colonial empire. How deep the head is sticking in the sand can be seen from the rejection of refugees who come as boat people. The ancestors of the colonial Australians though were themselves less than refugees because they were not able to escape their deportation there. The indigenous population is reduced to the desperate condition of perpetuated colonialist siege and at risk of going extinct as in the Caribbean. The defunct watch is on the wrist of industrialists who attempt as long as they can to further plunder the solitary continent as if there was no climate crisis.

Yet the time for looting is limited by the climate impact, and the speculation bubble currently carrying the mining corporations does not hold substance, and can only inflate because the mining corporations are as overrated as the assets in their pockets they can never realistically sell. That means the clock could be easily repaired with a simple accountant trick, or more precisely the deliberate abstention thereof: All it does take to scale the fossil exploiters down to their real size is an evaluation of their assets based on actual transactions. If the access to the reservoirs is not being traded at the accounted price, e. g. because the emissions from burning them may not be affordable, they require to be accounted at the price they were purchased not at some fictional price they can never actually obtain (if they do nevertheless, their former owners can still be re-rated accordingly once they do). The abstention from this little accounting scam is all it needs to give the halted wrist watch the chance to be useful at any time. This patent-free creative commons quick fix to the crisis economy and its accounting bubble malfunction has been deliberately ignored though by a depraved caste of capitalist exploiters clinging to a little more prolongation of their role as oligarchy shopkeepers of a colonial prison economy. Yet industrialism might survive a Southern climate crash that the “Australian trailer” thereof does not, and its inmates know that, but when they got the proposal they chose to whisper to each other for a while before keeping it under wraps. Hence Australia as a nation is not so much like a lost person with a broken watch a broken person with a lost watch.

The private interests dominating Australia in effective continuity since the gold rush more than a century ago and threatening the existence of its already seriously decimated indigenous population are not capable of reasonable argument in the sense that they could be convinced to abstain from certain profitable behaviours because they have the side-effect of killing people. “I can profit though it kills you” is the attitude found in the former prison guards like a stench in the tap water. The Aboriginal public in its dear leniency has tolerated such gross inappropriateness for so many generations that it comes to threaten even its long time memory, and its public interests are degraded to the level of open cast mines, as only slowly the realisation takes room that there are no other colonies to exploit later any more, even though climate disruption might make them want to abandon the “timeless continent” earlier than expected. But the distinction between private and public is itself a tricky undertaking. With all due respect for the precision of the English language and tribute to the fact that these days it is being spoken by more second language users than native speakers, it is to be made clear that it is private as in private parts not private property, and public as in public toilet not public viewing. In other words, the private interest cannot expand infinitely, and the public interest cannot specifically appreciate a certain representation. The throwaway mentality of capitalism that has assaulted Australia in the first place has not been healed by the seeds planted with a fresh influx of “inner-Western” immigrants along the industrial track, and Assanges “labouring assumption” on the helpfulness of the Canberra regime was effectively falsified.

For the better understanding of the atmosphere of perception of the Australian ruing class it must be supplemented at this point that among biological fossils there is a significant share of uranium in the exploitation and the Australian enterprise enables the operation of a large number of reactors and more or less materialised bombing threats across the globe. The negative impact of the current capitalist exploitation of Australia is not merely an Australian issue though the climate frontline certainly makes it one, but a global one because the uranium exports are threatening sustainable economy and peace everywhere. Hence though Canberra is not a nuclear state, it is a significant enabler of a number thereof and therefore in a similar condition especially with regard to the handling of quick fixes. The Australian situation since the unfolding of the Wikileaks case can be compared to a mushroom that is only enjoyable before decay comes into effect, and it comes into effect immediately because the nuclear mushroom cloud is made of nothing but decay. Therefore all choices about it require to be completely pondered before it appears, since there is no time for reflection at all in an incident.

While the conventional mushroom when found can be easily looked up in the book to determine its qualities, this is not the case with the atomic mushroom cloud. Hence it is vital that the knowledge thereof is distributed entirely independent from the matter of it, so it can be weighed free from any pressing necessities and lead to adaptations which are able on their own to immediately respond to the situation of unstoppable decay. Like the sand watch that starts running in the moment it is being turned around, the decay of the unstable isotope and the potential of chain reaction behind it begin with the mining of the raw material, and proliferation can only be meaningfully stopped at that point. For the Australian capitalists that means that the longer they are sitting in front of the quick fix served to them quite a while ago now, the worse their own outlooks are getting, because the credibility of their turnaround is decaying as quickly as a mushroom cloud. And they have received it without advance notice because it is the advance notice of something they need to do by themselves, so the necessary separation of information and substance is properly adhered to. Such as the uranium, once out of the Earth, cannot be conserved in an unbreakable bottle, the quick fix cannot be kept under wraps, and if it is that incarnation of it becomes worse than nothing. As Australia is beginning to feel the pain of climate shock, uranium is not the sustainable cure it appears to be. The Wikileaks idea - to prevent nuclear war with a core dump of the apparatus and the pushing of disarmament measures upon it - is however a remarkable attempt to make the decomposition process of the capitalist system a source of healing the problems in it.

Yet what can be found instead of a credible economic turnaround is more like what socialist writer Christa Wolf once described as a yachting situation: The wind has changed and is now blowing from the other direction, and as the turnpike goes around every one on deck bows their neck to avoid getting hit by it. In the Australian case, that part of the ship or more precisely of the sail is the mass media branch of the capitalist propaganda machinery. The steady flow of commercial advertising poured upon itself by the settler culture does not only represent a synchronous lockstep of misguided imagination and commodities ruling people instead of people ruling commodities, in the information warfare of digital society it also is a weapon that makes people cripple their behaviours out of fear when they cannot avoid being exposed to it. Of course it also is a remarkable lesson on the state of the spirit of capitalist idealism if the drive to promote commodities cannot feed itself from its own earnings and whatever attractions it can buy in exchange, but is resorting to the real thought crime of abusing stolen data provided to it by the capitalist regime apparatus. This internal organ failure thereof can reach several stages at which level the corporations entangled in it may be aware of the thought crime they are involved in. Furthermore, once the commodity dresses up in the mimicry of these who do not approve of it, any argument in favour of it by these who do is rendered entirely meaningless, such as would be a charitable donation by a thief.

The primary purpose of that type of propaganda is covert intimidation, and the business part thereof is merely an easily affordable disguise. But it also expresses an important psychological revelation: The fact of the attempt being made in such a deranged form indicates that its perpetrators, who believe in their own capitalist nonsense, were so humiliated when they found others discover the respective subtext that they aim to compensate it with a revenge attack. This stench of the revenge of mentally incompetent spies on the steroids of their apparatchik privileges quickly permeates the entire commercial culture reducing it to a mere reflection of the institutional narcissism of the capitalist state. The spy target harassment out of the all-purpose mask of meaningless market-shouting gibberish which is a psychological over-compensation tactic of the apparatus to deceive itself against the perception of its predictable decline is of course also a poison to any natural diversity. The vulnerability of the monocultures and the lack of cause and consequence when it comes to the negative effects of the feedback output and the lack of accountability of the perpetrators make it extremely difficult to draw a lasting line against this scourge other than its entire eradication.

Such as the animal that is being declared GMO-free so many months after the insertion of GMO materials into its food was ceased, and therefore fed GMO by its owner until one day plus the prescribed period before the slaughter, any such regulation how much distance would be appropriate to the target is meaningless as long as there is an illegitimate flow of information. Unlike the species abused as GMO donators however, the targets of spying have expressed their unequivocal condemnation of any such fabrication, leaving not even a theoretical doubt. As a settler culture though, Australia falls between the chairs of indigenous Australians and indigenous Europeans and has no defence against such ultimately lethal attempts of manipulation other than seeking refuge abroad. The quest for the origins of the broken watch situation cannot but take a look at that phenomenon of “coloured propaganda” and its recent escalation in volume. Certainly if the commercial advertising, which after all only is the amplification of the caller in the marketplace, grows over all aspects of society as if it was a faith, this is crazy in any medical sense, even to a person who believed in the benevolence of money. But like all craziness that is the symptom of an overheated market; some people only go nuts when the stress-load pegs over the top, while others are it all the time without having to suffer from the involvement of others, and it is the latter who represent the Australian brand of capitalism to the world even after they stored the quick fix away. Nevertheless the escalation of this commercial abuse appears to have triggered the liberal resignation and conservative setback in the NSA affair. It was too much even to some of its collaborators, though the rather reluctant and scared expression thereof did not spare them of the rest of it.

The GMO comparison already serves as the beacon how the confused of good will can reconnect with the indigenous heritage of their hosts and in the best case even friends: When the “Western” discourse talks of the taboo as a negative thing, which was to be torn down, broken and forgotten to make way for a better future, it is in fact talking about the fear of the taboo. The taboo of GMO means that no GMO is to be inserted into the biosphere of Earth, not that the risk of biological contamination or the inner makings of natural evolution were not to be talked about. Furthermore, the taboo chosen by people in freedom of will is the predecessor of spirituality, such as the practical exclusion of GMO proliferation is a precondition for genuine respect of Nature. It is however the precondition for the positive role of that powerful concept that everyone is capable to make their own taboo and get it respected by others the same way they do in the other direction, and if a society is driven by fears and domination the forcible determination of it becomes the first visible indication thereof. In fact the positive taboo is already – or still – a fundamental element of any social exchange as people implicitly expect from each other a myriad of such things, e. g. not having their bones broken, and are profoundly disappointed if that happens only because they never directly rejected it.

Capitalism however has deliberately chosen to break the bone, in this case the backbone of the Aboriginal population, and the attempt is going on since generations. This constellation renders it absurd to talk of different social systems that could be put into open competition. Capitalism, in the condition that is to be found at least in the “loot and shoot” economy of its third carriage, is not a social system at all but rather the current stage of its decomposition. The prison that once consisted of colonial warfare now has taken the form of an aggressive economy, of which it is noteworthy to say that it reproduces its old appearance in some spots – in the form of the Unitedstates military sites threatening the region – as if it was intending to warn of its own prototype and destination. Yet it has never intended to peacefully coexist with the indigenous inhabitants of the continent just because that is the logical interest of the non-aggressive share of its inmates. The native population there can only live in peace again once that apparatus is dismantled in its entirety. This continent, where capitalism from its first appearance onwards had always been sort of an excretion of the earlier capitalist centres, all the more so as it only was installed as the negative side-effects of industrialism kicked in and the reactionaries felt a need to rid themselves of the surplus population of the rebellious workforce, is the most striking case proving that the term social system is an euphemism for the capitalist mimicry thereof. The only possible remedy to cure this has neither been accepted nor rejected openly in real time, but instead stored away as if it could be meaningfully conserved. The principle of transaction-based accounting, which is so self-evident that it is difficult for the non-businessperson tom realise how far off the mark the speculative economy actually is when it is trying to weigh the juggler by measuring the height of the balls he has up in the air and harvest nothing but erratic numbers, instead of simply checking in the moment he enters or leaves stage.

The question over the diagnosis of Australia, given its recent faltering is merely a part of a lacking response to the quick fix for the broken market economy, therefore is to be answered with yes. Apparently in Australia since the regime assault against the emerging Islamic state there, the spy agency owns a regime rather than that the regime has a spy agency. The liberals may have thrown in for the conservatives out of cowardice, but the current regime is intimidating the people as if it could be accounting that as its own courage. The question posed herein only appears surprising because the positive answer does not mean that Australia would be in a worse condition than Europe or North America. Rather, it now is in the same miserable condition that these cultures already achieved with their recent insertion of military occupation troops into Africa. While Australia lost its moral integrity to a campaign against abolitionist movements on its own continent, Unitedstates and Europeanunion experienced the same in Libya, Mali and Central Africa. In this sense, the covert military coup in Australia has “levelled the playing field” and it is now obvious that the Canberra regime is equally reckless and rotten as its accomplices in Washington and Brussels. But the lockstep of propaganda irrigation is not as much of a lockstep of suicidal militarism as in the earlier industrial compartments, it is more like a geological looting scam. Consequentially, it is to be expected that once the global military balance has permanently turned against imperialism it will be, since pinched with the quick fix years ago already, the first “Western” culture coming out of its collective illusion of perpetual growth. Already now the deliberate oil spill by which the Arab throne is desperately attempting to drown the fresh uprising is escalating into a “coal spill” by means of which the industrial looting of the heritage of that timeless corner of the Earth was lifted to a degree of absurdity that is so far over the brink of good relations that even for the untrained eye it is easily identifiable as the despicable mockery of the Aboriginal leniency it is. If such profound loss of restraint cannot indicate a covert military coup then it remains unclear what would. The remedy is out there to grasp, but again going to decay as quickly as an uranium explosion if not immediately reacted to as it appears.

* * *

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