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UK WSIS 2003 Newswire Archive

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APC Special Round-Up Report on WSIS

13-01-2004 17:15

APC Special Round-Up on WSIS
December 03

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World Summit on the Information Society - Report back + discussion (jan 30th)

12-01-2004 11:59

WSIS - World Summit on the Information Society - Who Seized?

An evening to report back from the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva and the We Seize initiative - and to discuss further participation / interventions / activities in the field of communication rights.

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Polymedia Lab Closing Dinner - Dec 12

15-12-2003 21:18

The Polymedia Lab ended on Saturday, Dec 13, at 2am after a dignified Yomango Dinner/Party.

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Re: PHONY DEbatecleaned UP! Post incls. NEW oil,oaths,womenVote remarks + link

14-12-2003 17:04

Applause for Dennis at events the day after,the remarks broke into public AWAREness in a dramatic Way , a powerful impression simply seeking to imperatively broaden debate,-from Democracy NOW interview where executive top down decision called it mudanely?the exec. said the protests were unfair and UNfortunate,Trickle-Down Reality Control, we SAY Bubble up Truth,People of the Web---Close the Wisdom Gap!

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WSIS Collected Reports: Friday 12th

13-12-2003 20:12

Collected reports from wsis geneva03 Final main day - friday 12th december 03

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Summary of WSIS reports - Thursday 11th Dec 2003

12-12-2003 21:00

mermaid fuck ip projection on wipo building
Collection of WSIS reports - Thursday 11th december 2003 posted on WSIS Polymedia Lab / Geneva03 / We Seize!

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WSIS: Press Release on Civil Society Plenary Condemning Rights Violations

12-12-2003 20:09

Press Release about Civil Society Plenary condemning violation of the right to assemble and freedom of expression between Dec 9th and Dec 12th: closure of Polymedia Lab, confiscation of printed documents at Palexpo, dispersal, identification and temporary detainment of demonstrators.

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Collected reports from WSIS - wed 10th Dec

11-12-2003 00:58

collected reports from WSIS in Geneva for Geneva 03 / We Seize Platform

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WSIS: Security and privacy risks

10-12-2003 16:27

A photo of the access control system
An international group of independent researchers attending the Word Summit
on the Information Society (WSIS) has revealed important technical and legal
flaws, relating to data protection and privacy, in the security system used
to control access to the UN Summit.

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WSIS news + background coverage (2 items)

09-12-2003 20:45

couple of references:

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WSIS: Todays Performance At The Geneva Polymedia Lab

09-12-2003 14:15

polymedia lab venue raided and shut down
Polymedia Lab: Live Performance Earlier Today

By now you have missed the Special State Funded Live Performance at the Polymedia Lab!

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wsis - Polymedia Lab Raid

09-12-2003 13:14

police are shutting down indy-media initiative counter to WSIS

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Police raid 'We Seize!' Polimedia Lab

09-12-2003 12:02

Early reports from this week's World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva suggest that local police have raided the Polimedia Lab which is part of the counter-Summit activities collectively known as 'We Seize!'.

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WSIS Polymedia Lab Closed by Riot Police

09-12-2003 11:57

The WE SEIZE! Polimedia Lab which was planned as a temporary media and communications laboratory in Geneva was closed by police this morning.

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Polimedia Lab homeless?

09-12-2003 10:32

Geneva, Tuesday, 9th of december. At around 10 am, 15 media activists at the Polimedia Lab were surprised by a visit of the owner of the Mamco building, where the Lab is located. The owner was seemingly not aware that the activists had permission of the tenant to use the building during the We Seize!-event.

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WSIS Report From Geneva - Wednesday 8th Dec

08-12-2003 21:09

Reports from Monday 8th December
wsis in geneva

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!!! we seize mutant ninja direct action !!!

05-12-2003 14:54

'we seize!' logo on the town hall
Yesterday evening a crack team of mutant ninja media subversives stormed Sheffield City Centre to highlight next week's United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and, in particular, the counter-summit actions collectively known as 'We Seize!'.

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"We Seize" - Press Release #1

04-12-2003 16:24

On Thu Dec 4, the geneva 03 collective wrote a press release explaining their "We Seize" project during the WSIS - UN World Summit of the Information Society.

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Auntie goes WSIS...

04-12-2003 00:17

The bloated and swollen BBC machine has lumbered into action as things start to heat up for next week's first ever World Summit on the Information Society held at the United Nations in Geneva.

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WSIS Strategic Conference

02-12-2003 12:42

Part of the "WSIS? WE SEIZE!" events and actions taking place around the World Summit on Information Society , S-CONF is two days of open discussions involving local Genevans, WSIS delegates, NGO members, info-activists and diverse net participants. The conference is intended to allow exploration of the key issues involved in information
politics - including those excluded or removed from the official WSIS agenda.

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ESF - Open Source or ownership of information

16-11-2003 15:44

Stopping the ownership of ideas, Open Source, a new mode of production, not just for computer software? Under threat? Report from a session at the ESF.

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WSIS@dmz, london

15-11-2003 14:52

dmz-arty-techie-event in Limehouse Townhall, London this friday and saturday.
Very nice setting, along the lines of previous events like the ntk/mute festival of inappropriate technology. Limehouse Townhall is decorated with an eye for detail - the colour-bar of the dmz wiki is repeated on banners and window-transparencies, even the banisters are wrapped in coloured ribbons.
The main hall is a buzzing forum of exhibits, screens, mingling people, strange music. Hidden in an upstairs backroom a coffee launge, just the right space to escape from the activity elsewhere. Turkish mint tea, peace and quiet, some snacks. The programme - a photocopied A4 page with very few entries. These discussions and presentations happen in a rather small side-room with almost no air-circulation. The windows are taped off with black paper, so that the projected images would be visible - one has to set priorities sometimes!
An essay about the background of this type of events in London is printed on the backside of the dmz-poster, definitely worth reading!
There was a small workshop about the We Seize events around the World Summit of the Information Society. Check the We Seize Twiki for the presentation and details about a range of activities.
"We Seize" and the implications of the World Summit of Information Society were also mentioned during a panel discussion on Wireless Networks. The main part of this panel was about exciting wireless gadgets and their potential community use. It seems that Wireless is moving on from the geeky phase into a phase of wider appropriation, both from a business and a community standpoint. Everybody seemed to agree that the political framework that allows for unlimited wireless use is worth defending. It was also clear that it would be rather easy for governments to start licencing the frequences that are used for wireless technology.

The "We seize" gathering (December 8-13) in Geneva and many online places will be a space to discuss ways to defend or extend what we have and what we need for the buzzing, creative, forwardpushing, playful activities that were displayed during the dmz event.

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WSIS video project

10-11-2003 12:28

WSIS? We seize is an initiative for tactical, grassroots, activist and community media actions and discussions in and around the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva, Dec 10-12. The High Noon project is calling for videoclips to include in their stream.

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Is Capital taking over Linux?

04-11-2003 22:35

The latest version of Red Hat Linux will be out this week and it will be called Fedora 1 not Red Hat 10, also SuSE Linux has just been bought by Novell and this has been bankrolled by IBM. What is happening here and what does it mean for the world's most popular versions of the free GNU/Linux computer operating system?

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Action against software patents

25-10-2003 11:44

The dangers of software patents are highlighted tomorrow by the president of the free software foundation ( tommorrow, in London.

Talk in Sheffield going as this post is typed.
A must for anyone interested in technology and want to take action. There is lot to be done.

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16-10-2003 22:27

In December, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will take place in Geneva. The call: "Wsis? We seize!" adresses artists, grassroots, media and community groups to create a platform for actions and debates. Preparations are well under way.

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Why the ''Free Market'' despises Open Source software

12-10-2003 20:31

The Microsoft's assualt on open source is like the WTO "free trade" conflict -- a massively subsidised, genetically modified, machinery and chemical-warfare wielding colossus at war with a tiny malnourished day labourer armed with a mattock.

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Sheffield Public Meeting: Free as in Freedom

07-10-2003 14:49

On Saturday the 25th of October at 12 p.m. Richard Stallman will give a lecture about Software Patents in the Stoddart Building at Sheffield Hallam University.
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