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IMC video bod | 20.01.2006 06:21 | G8 2005 | Education | Indymedia | Technology | London | World

While ever cheaper consumer electronics and increased internet bandwidth have made it easier than ever to make and distribute independent video, the number being made still appears to be disproportionately low compared to the number of people filming at events. Various projects have been initiated to empower more people to get involved with radical video production and screening. They include online distribution, archives, screening databases and training sessions (see IVDN, IndyPeer, IndyTorrents and Clearer Channel.

In London during January there was a video activism gathering consisting of skill sharing workshops, presentations, discussions such as the role of cameras on demos (how video can be used to get protesters both nicked and set free), along with feedback from the G8 video indymedia experience. Modeled on similar national gatherings in previous years, this one was organised by and took place at the rampART social centre.

The event ended with a public screening with films from Real2Reel, Revolt Video, Camcorder Gorillas and many others. There was also a premiere of Cine Rebeldes 'Latitude 36' and two films made during the gathering 'Justice For Dad' & 'The Demo Demo'.

Related links: UPDATE - The gathering generated a number of proposals to indymedia and have already resulted in support for uploads of 3GP and M4V formats for mobile phones and ipods etc. Further follow-up workshops will be taking place, join the list if interested. In Manchester next month there's a gathering to look at how groups currently work with each other, what resources are available for screenings and campaign work and how best to make them accessible.

Indymedia Video Activism
Indymedia Video Activism

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It's true the are hardly any videos in the newswire

20.01.2006 15:59

You see loads of people with cameras filming everyones faces at demos at then nothing, no video ever appears and no body comes forward with footage when you need it for your defence. Are all those people undercover cops or whot?


Filming Events

20.01.2006 21:29

Speaking as someone who is not a filmer but goes on a lot of actions - I really welcome this event! It is essential that people have the skills required to published the results of their filming... At some actions I've been on there have been 3 clusters - activists, police and filmers! And yet so little of the filmers work sees daylight... So if you're one of those who stands behind a camera, get to this event, get the skills together and share the joys of your work with the world.



Newswire Cuts: More often than not it's a question of resources

20.01.2006 23:51

ok point taken - there are hordes of videographers at protests and to some extent they act as a buffer between them and us. The cops seem to show a little more 'restraint' when confronted by a camera at protests and at some protests videographers are sometimes targetted by them.

Just wanted to point out that although people film a lot of stuff it's mostly a question of resources when it comes to translating this into edited film for the newswire. Editing in DV requires a lot of storage and more often than not most video-istas seem to fill up their hard drives pretty quickly. It's also time consuming trying to encode these films too and that takes up more space. It's sometimes more cost effective to team up with a group and share the costs of resources like a DV camera and storage plus repairs. And there's also the problem of privacy - that's slowed me down plenty of times.

And the limit for video uploads on this site is a paltry 20Mb which aint much when you think about it. There are alternatives you can link to with considerably higher upload limits like IVDN.

Hey and guess what - some people just aint that confident about their work either :)


A little secret....

21.01.2006 01:28

If you don't have time to edit footage you've taken yourself, you could also pass it on to a video collective to use.

Or, if you are in London, the rampART has an editing suite (both windows and linux) for those without resources and are surprisingly sympathetic and helpful on this kind of thing ;-)

Also, new consumer technology offers new possibilities for getting video clips online - ie. video phones

Finally, the 20 Mb limit isn't really a limit, at least not if you upload your videos using the FTP interface (which is a bloody good idea if you don't want to time out and completely waste your time).


Double edged sword.

27.01.2006 19:49

It is easy to shoot video, it is a skill that can be learned quite quickly. To edit that footage is harder but can be picked up in a few days (the basics) , but to make a film that communicates, that can persuade, that can truly support a cause is a huge skill.

Get it wrong and you will likely undermine the cause you want to support.

Video is a very powerfull and persuasive medium.

People on the left are also likely to be very suspicious of anyone who wields a camera and are likely to be hostile in my expirience (yes this sentiment predates 'zaskargate'.).

My advice is dont bother, usually. The exceptions apply only if you can truly respect and do justice to the power of the medium, get a mentor and learn otherwise.

- Homepage:

Documentary editor

30.01.2006 00:04

As a professional film editor with over a decade of broadcast documentary experience, I’m always on the look out for interesting footage and the possibility of explosive projects.

I am very interested in material which would not usually be broadcast.

With the internet and bit torrent as a delivery mechanism, we live in a new era of film making and distribution which is incredibly powerful.

Long form film documentaries are always a possibility too.

So if you have filmed anything with genuine social value and need help, advice or just want a chat, contact me.

mail e-mail:

found this quote and think it is great

06.02.2006 20:20

Peter lanbourn Wilson (AKAHakim Bey) said in a recent interview "Where did we cross that line where we forgot that making a documentary about howeveryone would like to have a food co-op is not the same as having afood co-op? "



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