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Day 3: Private Airports Blockaded

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At 7am two independent groups of campaigners from the Camp for Climate Action stopped carbon-intensive private jets fom operating at two airports in the south east. Executive flights at Biggin Hill and Farnborough airports have been brought to a standstill by climate activists concerned at the huge growth in the use of private jets by business people. At Biggin Hill Airport the activists D-locked themselves to the gates of the airports. 10 people were then arrested. The blockade lasted for just under 4 hours.

24 people took part in the blockade at Farnborough Airport with 9 people locked onto lock-on devices across the access road. After an hour the aiport staff opened up an emergancy crash exit to allow the gathered business people in. Meanwhile protesters handed out leaflets to staff, passengers and locals. Jets were delayed and after 2 hours a second emergency exit was opened. By this point the police warned people they would be arrested and it was decided to return to the camp. Although no one was arrested, the police did seize lock-on devices.

Audio: Audio Interview with Biggin Hill Airport Blockader

Video: Video of blockade at Farnborough Airport

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Police protecting BA
Police protecting BA


imc uk


Press Release from Climate Camp

12.08.2007 11:04

Camp for Climate Action pitches its tents on the site of the proposed third runway

12 August 2007
For immediate release


The Camp for Climate Action is being set up 800 metres from BAA's head office. Last night 150 people converged on the site, which is located on the proposed path of the third runway.

Campers are now busy building a temporary ecovillage in preparation for the opening of the camp on Tuesday morning.

Up to two thousand people are expected throughout the week, who will take part in the 100 workshops on offer (1), experience sustainable living in action, and build a lasting community of resistance to airport expansion and climate change.

‘BAA haven’t scared us off - we're camping in their back yard. The camp is not covered by the injunction, and everyone is free to come along. We are calling for everyone who knows that governments and corporations will not solve the problem of climate change to come to the camp, to put a stop to the third runway when it’s clear that no one else will, and to help build just, lasting solutions to climate change,’ said Julie Anderson from the site.

From the camp there will be a day of mass direct action starting at midday on Sunday 19th August. The form this action will take will be decided by camp participants during planning meetings taking place throughout the week.

Camper Sam Thompson said: ‘Everyone’s desperate to know what will happen on the day of action. What we do know is that one of the key aims of the camp, and the day of action, is to confront the aviation industry that is driving airport expansion – which is criminal in a time of climate crisis.’

People are now advised to travel to the campsite via Hayes and Harlington railway station (2). Journalists are invited to tour the site at 11 AM daily, from Tuesday 14th – Friday 17th inclusive (3). There will be a press conference at 1:30 PM on Sunday 12th August in front of the site.


Print and broadcast quality footage is available upon request.

0777 286 1099 or 0785 817 7178,

Notes for editors

1. The full workshops programme for the Camp is available at
2. The site is located on Sipson Lane, between the villages of Sipson and Harlington.
3. Please read important information for journalists wishing to cover the camp at

Climate Camp press folk
- Homepage:

Fit team distracted from camp by local grannies, kids

12.08.2007 22:48

Silly, silly policeman
Silly, silly policeman

This is a photo of a particularly aggressive FIT team photographer (how big is your lens, baby?) taking photos of local women and children in a community art project; meanwhile the Climate Camp was being set up a mile away.

Not so fit


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